Kate Middleton Baby Birth Becomes Carole Middleton’s Business Opportunity – Queen Elizabeth Disgusted With Mercenary Commoners

Kate Middleton Baby Birth Becomes Carole Middleton's Business Opportunity - Queen Elizabeth Disgusted With Mercenary Commoners

Carole Middleton has taken advantage of Kate Middleton’s looming baby birth to profit once again off of royal connections! Just when we think that the Middletons have developed a modicum of classy behavior, they go and do something like this. In what is an insanely perfect coincidence [or really, not a coincidence at all], Carole Middleton has decided to promote her party firm’s baby shower goodies and gifts days before Kate Middleton’s due date.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Carole had emailed her Party Pieces firm’s customers yesterday, ‘recommending the Chevron Divine table wear range for new parents’. She reportedly wrote, “I love a range that fits so many different gatherings. Chevron Divine is just that, and it’s great for a baby shower.” Really, could she be any more transparent?

She also adds, “It teams blue and pink together – perfect if you don’t know what sex the baby is.” We see what you did there, Carole. Even though they all know that royal baby #2 will be a girl, they’re fronting like they don’t know – and this little snippet supports the whole ‘don’t know the gender yet’ thing.

Plus, this whole baby shower range is insanely expensive, isn’t it? Apparently, the cheapest item is a £2.79 set of party cups. I mean, Carole’s party goods have already been criticized for being ‘tacky merchandise’, and this definitely isn’t going to help that image.

Then again, of course Carole Middleton is going to take advantage of her daughter’s upcoming birth to shill her party line. Really, is it any wonder that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are so consistently disgusted and disenfranchised by the Middleton family? More often than not, the Middletons – especially Carole – prove how gauche and ‘commoner’ they are, especially when Carole is famewhoring her own daughter’s birth to gain leverage for her company.

What do you guys think about Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Charles’ reactions to Carole Middleton unofficially pimping Kate Middleton’s upcoming birth? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.