Castle Recap 4/27/15: Season 7 Episode 21 “In Plane Sight”

Castle Recap 4/27/15: Season 7 Episode 21 "In Plane Sight"

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday April 20, season 7 episode 21 called “In Plane Sight” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Castle flies to London with Alexis, but the trip goes awry when an air marshal is found killed. The father and daughter then seek Beckett’s assistance on the ground to identify the murderer, who’s about to move on to the next phase of a dangerous plan.

On the last episode, a mysterious recurring dream drove Castle and Beckett to seek answers about the two-month period when he went missing. But their search for the truth had deadly consequences. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “as Castle and Alexis travel to London, their routine flight turns deadly when the plane’s Air Marshal is found murdered. With the help of Beckett on the ground, Castle and Alexis race against time to find the killer before he carries out his fateful plan.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #Castle, we see that Castle is on an airplane. It’s an oceanic air flight (isn’t that the airline from Lost?) He gives an autograph to a stewardess and then a guy complains about his seat. Alexis is with her dad. They hit turbulence and he starts to freak but Alexis reassures him. She says if the flight crew is smiling, it’s okay. They hit more and he says they don’t look happy. She tells him to focus on something else. Castle says he’ll ignore the grim specter of death and looks at their itinerary.

They are headed to the Sherlock Holmes Society to speak but Alexis says she’s meeting friends at a pub. He’s kind of whiny but she says she’s heard him speak 1,000 times then rattles off a bunch of his usual lines. She says she’s not 12 anymore. The plane hits more turbulence and then he gets a call from Kate on his tablet. She says they solved a case and the race car driver did it. She sees the turbulence and is worried then the screen freezes.

She’s worried and Ryan and Javi reassure her. Castle is worried and goes to talk to the worried looking flight crew. He asks why they’re not smiling and why the captain is out there. The stewardess says maybe Castle can help. The captain says Kyle Ford, the air marshal on the flight, sent a text an hour ago about a security issue. She says then he went missing. Castle asks how could he go missing and asks if they searched.

The captain says she’s been told to lock herself in the cabin and proceed to Heathrow and says Castle is the closest they have to law enforcement and asks for his help. He says Ford is on the plane somewhere. He gives Alexis a reassuring smile and thumbs up. Then he goes off with a flight attendant to search. She says she doesn’t know Ford well and says he flies with them about twice a month. They go down into a cargo area and she says he has access to the entire plane. She says they didn’t pull out the luggage but looked around. He sees a snake and says there’s a place on the mother-flying plane.

She says there were pitbulls last week. Castle notices three sloppily packed bags and says someone may have take clothes out of another bag. He spots a steamer sized trunk and opens it. Sure enough, there’s Ford and he’s dead stuffed into the trunk. Castle calls Kate and tells her the air marshal is dead from blunt force trauma and his gun is missing. He speculates what the killer’s agenda is. He says only the air marshals, flight attendant, FBI and captain knows. He tells her Alexis is with him.

Kate says she’ll search the passenger list and says he can solve this. She says she’ll work the case from the ground with him. She says she has faith in him. Alexis comes down and asks what’s going on and why he’s down there. He ends the call with Kate. Javi and Ryan come in and Kate tells them what happened. Castle tells Alexis about what he knows and says she needs to keep this to herself and go back upstairs. She says the killer is upstairs and says she can help.

She reminds him she interned with Lanie and says she can check the body for clues. She tells him to go talk to the flight crew while she checks the body. The flight attendants ask Castle what to do. He says they need to figure out where Ford was and who he talked to before he died. One says he saw Ford at the back of the plane during meal service. He asks if it was aisle one or two. One says aisle one blocks the cart. He was seen at around 11.

Castle asks if Ford was with someone. One suggests asking passengers but Castle doesn’t want to alert anyone. He sees a couple that’s been snapping selfies and says Ford may be on their screen. The two guys are giggling and Castle offers to take a photo of them. He acts like he’s focusing but flips through their photos then asks how they met. He asks how they met and keeps browsing while they chat. Alexis calls Lanie and shows her the head wound on the video call.

Lanie says to move the hair back and then says maybe a pipe. Alexis says it’s not the body she’s worried about, it’s the killer with the gun. Lanie says she can tell her something. Alexis reports back to her dad about what Lanie says and the killer is likely left handed. Castle says that rules out most of the plane. He says he emailed the gay couples’ selfies to himself to look for Ford in their pics. She says there’s a video and they watch it. They see Ford in an overhead compartment.

They play it again and notice he’s looking at someone and isn’t really looking in the bin. Alexis points out who he’s looking at and they look at the name of the guy in the seat. They call Kate. She says he has no record but doesn’t match the man he described. She says that’s not really him and he’s on a stolen passport. Castle says he thinks they found their killer. The guy looks around but Alexis and Castle are out of sight behind a curtain.

Castle tells the flight attendants which guy is the suspect. The flight attendants tell him they’ve been trained to take down suspects. Castle says if he’s not the guy, they’ll alert the real killer who could pull out the gun. Castle says they need to identify who the guy really is and tells them to serve another drink service. The flight attendant collects cups and gets the suspect to hand over his empty cup. She pulls it out with a rubber glove and hands it to Castle. He tells her well-played.

Castle crushes up graphite from a pencil to make fingerprint powder and says he saw it on MacGyver. He gets a print and Alexis snaps a pic. Kate says she got a hit and it’s Aiman Haddad, a legal Israeli. He’s on the no fly list because he’s affiliated with Isis. Javi says he talked to the guy’s roommate who told him he’s become super-religious lately and just sold off all his stuff saying he wouldn’t need it anymore. Castle tells Alexis to go back to first class and stay there. She tells him to be careful.

Castle tells the others that the guy is on the no fly list. He says they need to assume the worst. The flight attendants discuss how to proceed. Castle says they need to keep him from realizing they’re taking him down. Haddad hears them and runs and locks himself in the bathroom. He makes a call and speaks in a foreign language. Castle kicks the door in and hauls him out. A flight attendant translates that he said “they know and it will all be over soon.”

Javi says he called Homeland and says Haddad was calling a Syrian mobile account. They take Haddad down into the cargo area out of sight of the other passengers. He says he has rights and they’re making a mistake. They search him, his seat and luggage and didn’t find the gun. Kate says he has to interrogate Haddad. Ryan says Haddad has a checked bag on the flight and he needs to find it and search it. Alexis says she’ll go help find the bag while another attendant goes to calm the passengers.

Castle asks what his name is and he lies. Then Castle says he knows his name is Haddad and that he has ties to Isis. He says he knows what he said and Haddad says he won’t believe him so he has no reason to answer. Alexis and a fight attendant go through the luggage and Alexis makes small talk with her about crazy flying incidences. They find the guy’s bag and gently lift it. They unzip it carefully. Castle says he’s not a cop or air marshal but will find out what he’s up to.

Castle says his daughter is on the plane and he won’t let anything happen to him. Haddad says his idiot cousin joined Isis and that’s why he ended up on the no fly list. He says his mother has pancreatic cancer and he needs to go home. He says he petitioned the TSA and went through the proper channels but they wouldn’t let him. Castle shows him the video of the air marshal watching him and Haddad says he just noticed him looking nervous.

Castle points out the body of the air marshal. He says the air marshal got a bunch of texts then rushed off. Castle says they have his phone and there’s only one but Haddad says he got at least five texts. Alexis calls her dad to the back and says there’s nothing in Haddad’s bag to indicate guilt. Kate says state can’t confirm the story of the sick mother. They also tell Castle the air marshal had a second phone and Castle says he needs it. He says Ford must have been on the plane’s wifi.

He asks Tori to find the phone and make it beep. He tells them to stand by and has the flight attendants all around to watch and see who reaches for their phones. He tells them to ping it. They all look and listen and then Castle hears the noise. He and Alexis go digging and he thinks it’s in with the snake but it’s just nearby. Unfortunately, there’s a password on it. Alexis says maybe it’s a fingerprint and they use his dead hand to unlock it.

They read the texts and Haddad shouts out that he told them. They see it’s sexy texts asking him to meet at the back of the plane then threatening him. The last text says they’ll take down the plane. He calls Kate back and Tori says the texts are from a prepaid cell that’s been turned off. Tori goes to try and trace the purchase. Castle says the person must have known Ford to have his number. She says she has Ryan and Javi on it. He tells her to hurry and call when she has something.

Alexis says there must be something they can do. Castle says they need to narrow it by left hands. The flight attendant suggests handing out customs forms. Kate watches the flight’s progress on a screen and sees it’s still over the ocean. Tori says it was picked up just before the flight in the airport. She says it’s a woman who’s on the plane named Marilyn Singer. She was a former Oceanic executive who was fired and blackballed. She sued and the ruling came out against her this week.

Castle asks what seat she’s in and Alexis and Castle see she’s in disguise and is left handed. He tells Alexis to go sit because he’s going to try something stupid. He asks for a glass of red wine and walks to the back of the plane. He pours it on her accidentally. The flight attendant says she has detergent wipes but the woman freaks. Castle sees the gun and knocks her down. He pulls her wig off and they tank her into the back. She says the gun isn’t hers. He says he knows about the lawsuit and texts she sent.

She says it’s not her phone but he says it’s paid for with her credit card. She thinks Ford put them up to it and says Ford is her BF and demands to talk to him. Castle says he’s dead and she’s shocked. She asks how and Castle says his gun was in her purse. She says someone must have put it in there when she was in the bathroom. He asks why the disguise and she says she thought Kyle was cheating on her so she followed him. She says he took someone’s place on the flight and was acting strange.

She says she wouldn’t hurt Kyle and begs him to believe her. Castle says Jim needs to secure her down below. They take her away. Alexis asks her dad what’s wrong and he says she seemed shocked. Castle says it all fits and says the whole thing is too convenient. He says he thinks she was set up as the perfect suspect so they wouldn’t look for the truth. He says he thinks something else is going on there. They video chat with Kate to fill her in and he insists there’s more going on and says it’s not over.

Javi says Ford wasn’t filling in and asked to be on that flight and they found that he had a lump sum wired to him right before take off. He says a German guy named Viktor wired it to him. They wonder if Ford was paid to be on the flight. They go to bring Viktor in and he says he doesn’t know Ford and says the wire must be a banking error. Kate says it’s not and Viktor says it was a gift and they ask why he paid Ford. The guy goes to leave and Kate says he’s a material witness to Ford’s murder.

He’s stunned and Kate demands to know what the money was for. He says it was security. He says he hired him to escort a piece that was being transported on the plane. He says it was a $13 million watch. He says an apprentice is wearing it and Ford was supposed to watch it. Kate says it’s a common practice to avoid paying import taxes. Viktor says the courier stopped replying to his texts after take off. They go see Aaron Rich who has fallen asleep and checks the watch.

Castle says the watch is a fake and says it’s a heist. He says the guy drugged him and stole the watch. Alexis says they lured Ford out of first class to get to the courier. Alexis says the person had access to seat assignments, passenger manifests and customer credit cards. They see it was the main flight attendant Debbie. She has the gun and they ask why. She tells them 30 years she worked there loyally and she was ready to retire and they eliminated their pensions.

She tells Castle she’s tired of that kid bragging about how much money he had strapped to his wrist when she has nothing. Alexis steps closer and Debbie says she heard about the watch and says nobody was supposed to get hurt. She says she just needed Ford to step away but then he knew when he saw Aaron was sleeping and tracked her down in the cargo hold. Alexis tells her this is not who she is nad begs her not to make this worse. She takes the gun from her gently and Debbie lets her.

They secure her in the cargo hold and they free Ford’s GF and Haddad. Castle says he’ll be detained for traveling on a stolen passport but says he made some calls and if his story checks out, he’ll be allowed to see his mother before he faces charges. Haddad thanks him. Then Castle tells Alexis he’s so proud of her and says he’s so proud of her. Alexis says she’ll cancel her pub date because she wants to be with him. They hug. He grabs a handful of tiny liquor bottles and follows Alexis up the stairs. Kate watches online as the flight touches down safely. She sighs in relief.