Chris Brown Desperately Trying To Win Back Karrueche Tran: Baby-Mama Drama Feuding With Nia Gonzalez Over Child Support

Chris Brown Desperately Trying To Win Back Karrueche Tran: Baby-Mama Drama Feuding With Nia Gonzalez Over Child Support

Chris Brown is up to his eyeballs in baby-mama drama right now, a bombshell report hit the internet last week revealing that the singer had a 9 month old baby girl named Royalty with 31 year old model Nia Gonzalez. Naturally Chris’s on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran broke up with him as soon as she learned she was a step-mommy, from the internet of all places. Chris reportedly had no idea he even had a daughter until last month – and he sat down hashed out a pretty sweet deal with his baby-mama Nia Gonzalez.

According to our friends at The Gossip Table, Chris Brown agreed to pay Nia Gonzalez a pretty penny every month to keep his secret daughter a secret – and it’s clear she had a tough time following those simple stipulations. Chris Brown is not a happy camper that Nia and her friends leaked his baby-mama story all over the internet, before he even got a chance to come clean to his girlfriend Karrueche Tran about his love child. Now, Chris is rescinding the money he promised Nia Gonzalez and is taking her to court! The Gossip Table’s Hollywood insiders revealed that Chris wants to pay Nia the legal bare minimum in child support – and he thinks a judge’s ruling from family court will be much less than he originally agreed to when he hashed out the deal with his baby-mama, and she promised to keep quiet.

It’s safe to say Chris Brown isn’t upset that the world knows he has a baby girl, he is upset that it cost him his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Karrueche has been flooding Instagram with sexy pictures to remind Chris of what he is missing out on, and out partying and enjoying the single life with her BFF Christina Milian. She is reportedly ignoring Chris Brown, and hasn’t spoken to him or taken his calls since the story about his baby-mama broke. The R&B singer has been blowing up Karrueche’s Instagram since she cut him off – but so far she is staying strong and not getting sucked back in by Brown.

If you had a famous baby-daddy would you keep it a secret if he paid you enough? Is Chris Brown being heartless by taking Nia Gonzalez to court and letting a judge determine how much he should pay in child support, or should she have just kept her mouth shut? Will Karrueche Tran forgive Chris (again), or is this really the end for the tumultuous couple? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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9 responses to “Chris Brown Desperately Trying To Win Back Karrueche Tran: Baby-Mama Drama Feuding With Nia Gonzalez Over Child Support”

  1. Marietta Warren says:

    I say he should have practice what he speak , (these girls ain’t loyal)) well if he knew that why is he in the predicament he’s in now! EXACTLY !!!!!!!! , IT just BLOWS ME how all these nigxxxxx
    run around degrading SISTAH’S , BUT THERE ASXXXX ALWAYS get screwed by snow queen and latin princess, there such IDIOTS!!!!!!!

    • blonder says:

      Chris please leave thatKarreuche woman alone. Don’t you see thru all of this what she is all about. She is only looking out for herself and herself alone. let her go and you will see you will be better off.

    • Kelly Carter says:

      I so agree but you know what let them… that’s what they want right? They don’t like sistas, they think we complain too much and we are too confrontational… #WRONG don’t be mad because we speak our minds and we are intelligent enough to call you out on your shit…#FACTS

    • local dow. says:

      people hav a right to date and sleep with whoever they want, and how do u know that his life is screwed. i thought having a daughter in his life is a blessing for him

  2. unique says:

    I said the same thing who is she and if she ride that much y she tripping about the baby could of got full custody.

  3. someone who cares says:

    Fan of Chris brown, I have your back karrueche Tran needs to still be there even more because everyone makes mistakes Chris is only human just like any other male she been with him thought worst shit then this I known a woman can only take so much but if you really love someone very strongly you would be by that person side no matter what the problem is I’ve been in the same situation she’s in now but I’ve have forgiven him, now Kay Tran as a big fan of Chris Brown get back with him and be there for him I like it when the two of you’d are together help him with his baby girl don’t listen what no one else said really follow your own heart you known that you still love him your going to hurt for awhile but you will get over it I have follow your heart baby girl don’t let Chris b
    eg the both of you’d make a excellent couple I really believe that . Travelle Walker Jacksonville fl.

  4. ohmya says:

    Chris Brown thought he could fuck the most smutty Thot and get away with it lol she’s so nasty not even lying. She sucked an old nigga off for some tits

  5. blonder says:

    Why should Chris stay with Karreuche? The first sign of trouble she goes to do an interview with OWN network. Karreuche is only out for herself. Chris do not need no one like that with him and his baby. That girl had everyone fool about herself but in the last few weeks we say the right Karreuche with those instragams pictures and so on.Chris will soon learn thst he never really loved karreuche just enjoyed her comfort.