CSI: Cyber Recap 3/25/15: Season 1 Episode 4 “Fire Code”

CSI: Cyber Recap 3/25/15: Season 1 Episode 4 "Fire Code"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Cyber returns with an all new Wednesday March 25, season 1 episode 4 called, “Fire Code” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a cyber threat that allows arsonists a less traceable method of starting fires in homes is investigated. Meanwhile, Elijah’s ex-wife informs him she is starting a new job out of town and wants to take their daughter with her.

On the last episode, the cyber team investigated when a car service company’s dispatch software was hacked in order to target certain passengers. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Avery and her team investigate a new cyber threat that allows arsonists a less traceable method of starting fires in homes. Meanwhile, Elijah’s ex-wife informs him she’s starting a new job out of town and wants to take their daughter with her.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Cyber at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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On #CSICyber, in Louisville, KY, inside a house appliances turn on. The TV, the coffee maker, an aarm clock. A woman comes downstairs and turns off the TV but it comes back on. Then the stereo comes on too. She’s freaking out then it all stops. Then she hears a clatter and runs to get a knife. She sees a light under the garage door. She opens the door and the flames explode inward knocking her back.

Elijah chases Rusty, a blackhat informant, down busy streets. Avery shows up just as Elijah nabs the guy. He asks why Rusty hasn’t been in touch and Rusty says it wasn’t him. Elijah starts to take his devices and Rusty says he was just about to call them. He says he came across something they may like and hands them a flash drive. He says it’s a hot new piece of code and says – be careful where you stick it.

Daniel plugs it in and they run it. Simon and the whole crew watch. He unpacks it and installs it. The printer starts working and Daniel says it’s going. The printer smokes and catches on fire. Daniel gets the fire extinguisher and puts it out. He says it’s awesome. He says it disengaged a driver that kept the heat out of the printer. Code sent from a computer started the fire. Avery says someone figured out how to set a fire through the internet.

Elijah asks who gave him the code and says he knows Rusty can’t code at that level. Avery comes in and says it’s very sophisticated and is a zero-day vulnerability. Rusty says he was going to try and sell it to the printer company. Avery threatens him and Rusty says he’s just trying to earn a living. He says he traded for it and they ask the deep web user name where he got it. They aren’t happy with him and it scares him.

Raven calls them out and says she searched electrical fires and shows the one in Kentucky that says a power surge set her printer on fire. Elijah tells Daniel they’re rolling out. His ex shows up and he says he’ll call her from the car but she says it’s important. She got a job in San Diego and wants to take their daughter Michelle with her but he says she can’t move there. She says joint custody doesn’t mean that their daughter spends all her dad time with her grandfather.

He shuts her down and leaves. They head to the house in Kentucky and he sees a fried laptop and tons of other burn damage. He pops on gloves and starts to look around. He pulls a chip out of the burned printer. He plugs it in and it loads to send to Daniel. Kate and Stacy tell Avery they are going to sue the landlord. Stacy says right before the fire, all the appliances came to life. Avery asks about their WiFi password and how secure it is.

She says it was likely a cyber intrusion onto their router. Avery says to provide a list of anyone they know with tech skills and she tells them this was arson. We see a definition for zero-day – it reads “a flaw in software on our personal devices that is unknown so they can be hacked.” In Baltimore, Brody rants at Paul and Craig, two black hats he finds gaming. He tells them he’s been in DC working. They ask him what work is and he tells them they need to get jobs.

He says once they get busted they’ll be working a tech support job like him. He asks about Meta but they tell him he’s not around and things have changed. He says he’s going to the bathroom but goes into a bedroom and starts tossing it. He finds a hidden flash drive. Simon is on the phone talking about how the printers should be recalled. He ends the call as Daniel comes in to show him the firmware upgrade. He says the one that started the printer fire at Stacy’s place didn’t match the one from Rusty.

Daniel says he found who hacked the girls’ router. He says it’s Donald O’Hare. Simon says they got their guy. Simon asks what’s bothering him and Daniel says it seems strange like a bank robber showing a teller your driver’s license. They have Elijah and Avery pick up O’Hare for a chat. He tries to run from them. They catch him and place him under arrest. They tell him they found a video feed into Stacy’s bedroom on his computer.

Avery says she thinks he’s a pyro who gets off on fire but is afraid to do it in person. He says the video proves nothing. She says he lives close to Stacy and installed a Trojan to access the cameras in the house. Avery asks why he set off the coffee maker and asks if it was just to scare her. Then Avery asks if he wanted to get caught and mentions his IP address was embedded. Avery asks who gave him the code. He says he doesn’t know but met them on a fire prevention forum.

He gives her a handle that spells out Justice with letters and numbers. Avery calls Simon and says all the printers are targets so long as they’re plugged in. Brody tells Avery that he’s there because he knows who wrote the code. He says he did. She closes her office door so they can talk. He says after he got busted from the stock exchange hack and says when they took all his stuff, they missed the flash drive. He says the printer hack was part of it and says he called it Ghost Print.

Avery asks if it’s his code. He says he compared it to the code from the CI. He says he only wrote the code that allowed the intrusion not the fire itself. He says he shared it a long time ago in a few forums. They see a disturbance and go to see what it is. A community college in Atlanta has a computer lab on fire from their printers. O’Hare is in jail so this is someone else. At the scene, Elijah says a janitor was trapped and died but everyone else got out. There were four printers and four fires.

Avery says this doesn’t fit the arson profile and Elijah says it’s just a selfish bastard doing this to have fun. Daniel says he doesn’t think he can get chips out of the burned printers but they tell him to try. Avery tells Elijah if he needs to go back to DC he should go. He says Michelle isn’t going anywhere – he won’t let her and Avery says Devon is and he should go back. Daniel finds an unburned printer. It didn’t set on fire because there was no paper in it.

He shows Avery a new and different IP address embedded in the same spot. Avery says that’s no mistake. Avery and Elijah go to see a guy they think started the community college fires. He was fired as an IT professor there. He tries to say they’re looking for a guy named Dave but they tell him not to try it. Avery says the guy that gave him the code set him up. Elijah slaps cuffs on him. At a skate park, Brody is looking around at the skaters.

He approaches a guy who just wiped out – who goes by the name Meta. He says he heard Brody got three years probation with no devices. Meta says that’s worse than the electric chair. Meta tells him thanks for taking all the heat on the stock exchange thing. Brody says he needs to know something and is looking for Justice. Meta says names all blend. Brody says the guy pissed his boss off and he needs him. They trade friendly insults and Brody leaves.

Avery fills Simon in on the case and says the MO is the same. He’s hand picking people to set up. Simon says the printer company won’t spread the word to shut them down. Raven gets them and says PE got a message from Justice. It says he’s just warming up. Simon says they had nine of those printers in their offices. They watch the video from him saying they can see what he can do. He says PE will lose millions on the bad press and damages.

He demands $10 million or he’ll continue and post the code online. He says the printers aren’t the only device that can burn and says to pay in two hours or PE will set the world on fire. Avery says he set these people up so that they would get caught to raise awareness of the crime so they would know his threats are viable. Simon says PE wants to pay. Elijah says no and Avery says it’s arson for profit. She says if they do pay, it will give him incentive to do it again.

Brody come sin and Raven finds his flash drive and hands it to him. She says he should leave it at home if he doesn’t want the FBI to know it. Avery tells them to find which PE devices can burn. Elijah says PE was sent five different offshore accounts to send $2 million each to. She tells Elijah when it comes to family he should be selfish. Daniel works feverishly with Brody on the devices with the code. They have all sorts of appliances and electronics that PE makes and test them.

They start a fire on a laptop. Brody says he started with the laptop since he read about heat issues in laptops a while back. He says lithium ion batteries can manipulate the heat. Avery says she’ll call PE then says PE paid Justice 10 minute ago but says they’re going to show him the real meaning of the word. They’re monitoring the accounts. Brody goes to his computer. He does some stuff then leaves.

Avery finds a message from Brody to Justice saying the feds are on to him and to meet him in an hour at their spot. Elijah and Avery go busting into Brody’s old place in Baltimore with a team. They startle the two gamers. They think they’re being swatted. Avery says Brody isn’t there and she asks the guys where Justice is. Brody waits at the skate park and Justice meets him (it’s Meta).

He says he recognized a piece of his code and knew it was his. Brody says this was just a side project and Meta says they got paid. Brody says when he moves the money, they will be on him. He says he just showed the weakness and didn’t set the fires but Brody says he’s the bad guy because someone died. Avery realizes Brody didn’t want to hide the message, he just wanted a head start. Meta says he’s got a guy on the deep web who can launder it and tells Brody he can have the two million in Belize.

Elijah thinks Brody may be doing what Tobin did but Avery says she’s not wrong about Brody. Elijah says they all trusted Tobin and they betrayed him. Brody tries to talk Meta down and he says he’s not down with this white hat hacker thing. Brody says he’s sorry for this then punches him. Meta says his hacker rep is ruined and he will make sure everyone knows he’s working for the Feds. Meta tries to run but Brody chases and knocs him down.

They brawl and Meta gets away. He turns his phone on. Avery says they need to move now. Brody tells them to stop and Avery asks if he’s with them. He says the guy was a friend of his and he wanted to give him a chance but the guy is just bad. He says he knew the guy would steal his flash drive so he put a hacking chip in it and says Meta stole it as expected. Brody says he’ll kill the signal once he figures it out so they move out.

Brody asks Avery to forgive him and she says they’re a team but they all just need to know what play is being called. He agrees. He says – let’s go get this guy. They pick up Meta who glares at Brody in his FBI jacket. Avery smiles widely at Brody. Elijah gives him an appreciative glance. Elijah goes to see Devon and she says she gets that this is not ideal. He says he wants them to start over again as a couple. He says he means it and doesn’t want her or Michelle to go. He says he wants them to be us again and says he can do better. He asks her please not to go. He leans close and she lets him kiss her.