Dakota Johnson Dating Welsh Rock Star Matthew Hitt – Living ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ at Home?

Dakota Johnson Dating Welsh Rock Star Matthew Hitt - Living 'Fifty Shades of Grey' at Home?

Dakota Johnson is dating Welsh rock star Matthew Hitt – the question everyone wants ansewred is are they living the Fifty Shades of Grey lifestyle? Fifty Shades of Grey opened to an astounding $85 million box office for the three-day weekend, which means that Jamie Dornan’s and Dakota Johnson’s lives will change forever. Much like the Twilight stars before them, Jamie and Dakota have become instant media and sex symbols, and that means increased media attention, scrutiny, and speculation surrounding their love lives.

We already know that Jamie Dornan is happily married to Amelia Warner, but Dakota was asked about her love life at the UK premiere of the film. She replied, “I don’t have a boyfriend.” Now, studios always try to pair their leading man and leading woman in a transparent PR ploy whenever the film contains a romance, i.e. Twilight. However, Jamie Dornan is married, which puts a slight thorn in that plan. But alas, they may have convinced Dakota to play along, telling her that men will come see the movie if they assume that she’s single and thus, ‘attainable’. Hey, it’s called Hollyweird for a reason, guys.

Believe it or not, studio execs and marketing experts believe that promoting a certain actor or actress as single will get them more fans, largely because these fans can then fantasize about dating aforementioned actor or actress. But alas, even if Dakota Johnson is pretending to be single, several sources are suggesting that she’s lying. According to reports, Dakota Johnson has actually been dating Welsh rock star Matthew Hitt for a while. 25-year-old Dakota and 26-year-old Matthew reportedly met in 2014 in NYC, and the two were spotted at JFK carrying a bouquet of roses. A dead give-away that they’re dating, if you ask me.

The Sun’s sources explained, “Dakota didn’t want pressure on Matt to be compared to her on-screen lover Christian Grey. She’s really happy.” She might be happy, but she’s deluded if she thinks the press won’t jump on her boyfriend like a pack of hungry wolves. Dakota Johnson can’t expect to be in a movie like Fifty Shades of Grey and not have her love life picked apart in minute detail, especially since the movie is now an unqualified commercial success.

Dakota Johnson, Matthew Hitt by FameFlynet