Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Lauren Boles Says Goodbye to DOOL – Welcome Vivian Jovanni as Ciara!

Days of Our Lives spoilers report that Lauren Boles is out of DOOL and Vivian Jovanni has replaced Lauren as Ciara. Lauren Boles posted to Instagram that September 30 was her last appearance on the show. Lauren told her fans that she hoped they saw her final episode. She seemed genuinely sad about her departure.

Lauren posted, “Bye Days of Our Lives! My last episode airing was on 9/30./2015 Even though I merely played the role of Ciara, there will always be a bit of her in me. I will miss you and hope to visit soon!”

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Lauren Boles Says Goodbye to DOOL - Welcome Vivian Jovanni as Ciara!

The role of Ciara will be portrayed by Vivian Jovanni. She will appear on October 30 – SORAS to a full-fledged teenager. A couple of months ago, CDL reported that Vivian landed a role on “DAYS.” At the time, fans speculated that the show was getting ready to SORAS Ciara in time for Bo Brady’s return to Salem. In most cases, when actors are cast in a blind role, it is usually a recast.

Vivian has big shoes to fill replacing Lauren Boles. Lauren was a fan favorite, made the role her own, and a talented actress who seems almost irreplaceable. Many fans are not sure how they feel about her departure; however, they will embrace Vivian in the role. “Days” fans, how do you feel about Lauren Boles exit and Vivian Jovanni entering the role of Ciara Brady? Don’t forget to check back later for more juicy “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, and updates!


6 responses to “Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Lauren Boles Says Goodbye to DOOL – Welcome Vivian Jovanni as Ciara!”

  1. dibbee says:

    I truly loved Lauren Boles as she grew to be a wonderful actress. She fit the part of Ciara perfectly and was a chip off the old block of Hope for sure. I am equally happy they grew her up to a teenager because now she will have more to do in the story. Lauren was just on a few times a year. Vivian is gorgeous and I hope she will do justice to the part. Good luck Vivian. I can also say that I watched Julie as a teen, watched Hope as a teen and now Ciara. Amazing.

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  3. Tammy Meyer says:

    OMG I have
    watched DOOL since I was 8 years old I am now 45. This Ciara is awful. She cannot act and she DOES look mixed so I am like WHAT? How could they have a mixed girl play the part of Bo and Hope’s child. She also comes across to tough like from the street which is not how she was raised. I will forward through her. She may be great in other roles? but not for Ciara Brady

  4. Amber S says:

    I hate hate hate Vivian as Ciara!!!!! It’s soooo bad. Once in awhile they cast someone that is bad and make up for it later. Been watching for 28 years and I think she’s one of the worst actresses they’ve casted. I think all the new teens are bad. Claire might be the only exception. Joeys actor is also awful and so rigid. I seriously think my 12 year old daughter would do better than Vivian. Her teeth drive me NUTS.

  5. Murdoch says:

    I agree, she is not a good actress at all

  6. Ontariogirly says:

    She has not improved, time to replace her and get rid of Chase too.