Dominion Recap 9/10/15 Season 2 Episode 10 “House of Sacrifice”

Dominion Recap 9/10/15 Season 2 Episode 10 "House of Sacrifice"

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with an all new Thursday September 10 season 2 episode 10 called, “House of Sacrifice.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Michael (Tom Wisdom) gambles with his life as he faces the repercussions of his time in Mallory; Alex (Christopher Egan) and Gates (Nic Bishop) spearhead a mission to save Vega from destroying itself.

On last week’s episode Alex, Noma and Michael hit an unexpected roadblock in their trek home; Claire made a judgment call that threatened the security of a war-torn Vega; Julian changed tactics in an attempt to break Gabriel; Arika and Gates wrestled with the cost of survival. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Michael gambles with his life as he faces the repercussions of his time in Mallory; Alex and Gates spearhead a mission to save Vega from destroying itself; at the same time, Gabriel prepares to unleash an unspeakable evil on the city; and David makes amends with his past.”

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#Dominion starts with Michael in the little town in Alabama dressed differently. He hears singing and heads into the church. The last thing he recalls was passing out in Noma’s arms. He’s now in human duds. He goes down to the altar and the stranger is there. He tells him welcome back. Michael asks who he is and what’s happening. The man asks doesn’t he know. He asks if he’s the one who protects the town – the one they call the prophet.

The prophet plays solitaire and says there are rules to games and he finds that calming. He asks how he got back to Mallory and the prophet says he brought him back and says the system in Mallory worked beautifully until Michael came along. He asks what the man wants and he says he wants him dead. He says he promised to sacrifice himself for the town. He says he’s there to make sure he keeps his word. Alex and Noma wonder that Michael has been out for two hours and wonder what’s going on.

Gates is told the communications are off line. Alex shows up and says Michael is out of commission. Gates doesn’t like Alex being there. Claire introduces them and tells Gates to fill Alex in. He blathers out a bunch of scientific info about the nuclear plant. Alex says he’ll go in and take back control. Gates says bullets in the nuclear reactor is not wise. Alex says the army of New Delphi is coming and they need to take it back. Gates wants to focus on communications.

Claire takes Gates’ side and says to be ready with a team while Gates works on restoring communications. Reisen’s eyes glow and Clementien asks what’s the matter. He says he feels off balance and she says he’s just adjusting. He says Julian told him being a dyad would be harmony but it doesn’t feel that way. She says she knows it was a hard choice to give Julian the amphora to save them both. She says they’re safe now.

Then Pete shows up and says the boss wants to see him. Reisen goes to see a triumphant Gabriel and Reisen is surprised it’s him, not Julian that’s in charge. Gates says Ramirez, a V-2, will only talk to Claire. Alex says he used to be angel corps. Ramirez says he’s calling the shots and Claire says not to listen to David. Alex interrupts and calls him an asshole. Ramirez laughs and Alex says they need to work it out so no one goes boom.

An alarm goes off and Gates says that means a leak and they could go boom. He says two hours is all they have. Alex says the alarm means the core is leaking. Ramirez says maybe Vega needs a fresh start. Alex agrees they need change but says if the reactor blows, the angels win. Ramirez says they already lost and shoots the cameras. Gates says he needs to go inside to fix the leak and Alex says he’ll take him in. Arika and her pal are still in the cell. Claire comes to see them.

She tells her that the rebels want to blow up the reactor and her prison cell is in the blast radius. Claire says they searched her apartment twice and found the radio that David was contacting her on. Claire says to get David back to her so they can end this. Arika asks dead or alive and Claire says either way and hands her the radio. David is with William at the bar. His son gets a burger and tells his dad to relax. David says they need to go but William says the people need him there.

He says he’s the chosen one. David says to say anything but then they have to go. William asks where else he wants to be. David says Claire will hang him – hang them both. He says they have to leave Vega. William says no and says God chose him to cleanse the world of evil one heart at a time and says he knows of no dirtier heart than him. He says his work begins with him. David has to sit because of the people threatening him.

Arika radios Kat who reports she found David at a bar behind Circus Circus. Arika tells her to kill him. Reisen asks Gabriel where the amphora is and says it will wipe out angels and humans. Gabriel points that he has it in a cage. He says it’s one of two parting gifts Julian left including his army. He tells Reisen he could lead the army and Reisen says no. He says he wants his brother and heard that he’s back in Vega.

Reisen grabs a sword and goes for him. Gabriel tells him becoming a dyad was risky. He says one spirit is always dominant. He says Julian was a dyad for a long time and Lyrae easily controlled him. He asks Reisen if he’s strong enough to stay human. Gabriel tells his people to put Reisen and his woman outside the city and let them go. Gabriel says it’s a great victory for Reisen to be one of them and says becoming an angel was the ultimate surrender.

Claire tells Gates that Arika is their best chance to get David and he says Arika poisoned him. He says not to take anything from her and be careful. She says he’s going into danger and says mini Rambo will keep her safe. She tells him that Alex is the chosen one and he laughs. She says she saw the markings transfer herself. Gates says that kid is not him even if the prophecy is true. She says to save the human race including Alex. He says he’ll be back and they flirt and kiss a bit then he goes.

Alex tells Noma to stay put and help Michael. She has a pain on her back but says she’s okay and he needs to go. She says sometimes it feels like they’re being torn off again. She says it’s crazy how a part of you can hurt even after it’s gone then asks about Claire. He says they lost the baby. She hugs him and says she’s sorry and she means it. He says he has to go and takes off. In Mallory, Michael touches the blade that the prophet gave him and nicks his finger.

Noma sees blood on Michael’s fingertip. He asks the Prophet why he protected Noma and Alex. He slams him against the wall and asks what he wants with Alex. Michael says it’s not god protecting Michael and asks why he didn’t extinguish the fire when he cheated. The prophet says he’s a special case but then says if he doesn’t sacrifice himself, he’ll put out the fire and the people of Mallory will all die including Laurel.

Gates and Alex, with some other guards, move towards the reactor. Alex tells them no stray bullets and says they need to get “precious cargo” in there. That’s Gates’ code name and he doesn’t like it. Gates make it clear he’s with Claire now as they move inside. William tells his dad that he atoned in the desert and he was born out of that suffering. He asks if David has changed and says he heard he’s been busy – sleeping with eight balls, turned a rebellion into a civil war and more.

David says taking him out of the city was the only way to save him from Claire. David says he won’t leave him again. William says so many have suffered at David’s hands. Kat is in the bar and creeping closer to get a shot at him. Clementine asks Reisen why he’s letting them go. He kills the guard escorting them and takes his blade. He tells Clem he can’t run and says they have to take the amphora with them. He tells her to go to a nearby town and wait for him. He kisses her and says to go.

Alex tells Gates that Vega is at war because of people like him sitting up in their tower. Ramirez’s men start firing on them. Gates says to tell them to stop shooting and Alex has to pull him out of harm’s way. Gates says the core is melting and says to come this way and he and Alex take off up some stairs. Noma takes care of the still sleeping Michael. The prophet tells Michael the chosen one will find his way without him.

Michael challenges the prophet to a game of cards for his life. He says his body is asleep and he won’t wake. Michael says his body can sleep indefinitely. He says one game of Texas Hold ‘Em for his life. He’ll kill himself there if he loses or he’s released back to his body. The prophet tells Michael to shuffle. David tries to talk reason to William and says they can leave the city and he’ll repent once they’re away. William says he’s a coward and hasn’t changed. David says he lost everything including him.

Kat comes for David and William’s men grab her. He tells her to never come back there again but then David grabs a fork and stabs her then slices her open. She bleeds out almost instantly. David asks if they can go now. The prophet cuts the deck and Michael asks how he knows he won’t cheat. He says he always keeps his word. They deal the hand. Michael asks what he wants with the chosen one. Michael asks who he represents. The prophet asks about Alex.

The prophet says Alex can be an agent of good or evil. Michael says Alex is of pure heart. The play their hand. The prophet wins the hand. Noma tries to wake Michael and then her back aches again. She touches it and gasps in pain. She starts to cry then stops herself. Alex moves to the control room shooting rebels. He calls all clear and Gates comes in and gets to work. Gates says they have a problem. Ramirez bursts in and Gates says he thought it was all clear.

He asks them who wants to die first. Alex says if he’s going to die, he needs to take care of this first and punches Gates. They struggle and Alex whispers to get him near the gun. He does and Alex grabs it and takes out Ramirez. Reisen goes for the amphora but Gabriel has Clementine. He says he knew he’d come back for it. Gabriel sas he needs a key for it. He says dyads are rare and says it’s rare for a human to remain in control.

Gabriel puts a knife to Clem’s throat and says his love for her is keeping the human in control. He says once he kills her the human half will have nothing to live for. He slices her throat and Reisen runs to her screaming and throws down the amphora. He tells Reisen to be his soldier. She chokes out her life as she bleeds and Reisen’s eyes go all glowy as the angel takes over. Gabriel asks who he is and he says Duma, the soldier of Gabriel. He takes the amphora back from him.

Kat’s body is dragged away and William says Judas takes another life. David says they have to go. The bartender whispers to William and says he needs to get somewhere safer. David says he had no choice but William says there’s always a choice. David says he cut him off when his mother died and then he abandoned him again in the desert and doesn’t want to do it a third time. He begs William to come with him. He holds out his hand. William looks at him and says goodbye then offers him a hug.

David hugs him tight and cries. He sobs into his son’s shoulder. He pulls David’s hood up over his head and lets him go. David goes outside to find Claire and her soldiers there. She says hello and says they’re taking back the nuclear plant and it’s over. David congratulates her and says her father would be proud. He’s cuffed and led away. William puts on his scarf and tells the bartender that he’s going to go watch his father be executed and says to thank his brothers and sisters for the warning.

We see that the notes about the soldiers being outside is written on a coaster. Gates works on getting the reactor back to stable and complains that Alex broke his rib. He says the rods have to go back into the core or the city will be destroyed. Gates says he has to go in and lower them manually. He tells Alex he’ll talk him through what to do out there. Gates heads inside. Gates tells him there’s nothing to do and says he won’t survive the radiation and tells him he’s dead already.

Alex says to get out and Gates says he barricaded it from the inside. He says there can only be one martyred today and he goes to work. Gates says keeping the power on in Vega has always been his job. He pushes the rods in and tells Alex the rods won’t last much longer. He says Vega will only last a few more years and says Alex needs to get them to a new home. The prophet tells Michael there’s only a king left and says it’s slim odds that it will be a king.

The prophet says they can stop now and spare his life but Mallory will die. Michael says his fate lies with the chosen one. The card flips and it’s a king. Michael wins. He tells the prophet they had a deal. He grabs Michael’s arm and it glows. The prophet says this is not over until he brings the chosen on to him. Michael wakes in Vega and says the constellation, the stars. He says he needs to see Alex. Gates calls Claire and says he wanted to hear her voice. She asks what’s wrong.

He says the reactor is overheating and he has just a few minutes left. He says either he goes or they all do. She says he’s too smart for that and says there must be another way. He says he would love to see her face right now and says if he could get back to her, he would. She cries and says she hates dancing – back to their earlier flirty conversation. She says she likes broccoli. He laughs. Gates looks bad – the radiation is killing him. She says she doesn’t want him to go. He says – me either.

He says he hasn’t been this tired since he helped build the walls around Vega. She cries and says his name. He says he hopes he’s wrong about the chosen one and says Vega needs a reason to keep going like he needed her. He thanks her as he pushes the last rod into the core and the system starts back up. He collapses and Claire says his name but it’s silence. She cries and collapses. Later she sits alone in her quarters crying.

Alex comes in and says Gates wanted to hear her voice before he died. He hands her something that Gates gave him to give to her. She takes it. She thanks him for being there with Gates. He starts to leave and she thanks him for coming home. He walks out. Claire talks to the city about the walls. David is in the cell next to Arika. He tells her to stop smiling and says she’ll be next. She says maybe, maybe not. David is led to his death.

Gabriel lands with the amphora. Reisen walks to wake the army. Claire says she’s abolishing the V system. Michael flies to see Alex and says to show him the constellation on his arm. He says he got it on the way to Vega. Michael says it means Lucifer is alive. Noma is stunned. Gabriel unlocks the amphora and drops it. It starts to spew black smoke inside Vega.