Elementary Recap 12/17/15: Season 4 Fall Finale “The Cost of Doing Business”

Elementary Recap 12/17/15: Season 4 Fall Finale "The Cost of Doing Business"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday December 17, season 4 fall finale called, “The Cost of Doing Business,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Morland (John Noble) offers to act as one of Sherlock’s “Irregular” consultants to help his son and Joan (Lucy Liu) solve a case.

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson investigated the murder of an archaeologist they believe was killed for what he discovered during his last dig in a local landfill. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s relationship with his former sobriety sponsor hit a rough patch. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Morland offers to act as one of his son’s “Irregular” consultants so that he can lend Sherlock and Joan his considerable resources to help them solve a case.”

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#Elementary starts with a guy walking down the street with ear buds in. People run past him in a panic but he doesn’t know why. He pulls out his earbuds and is shot dead. A sniper takes out several people. Sherlock is talking to Everyone collective and doing Masonic chants.

His dad comes to the door to complain about Sherlock not returning his calls. He shows him the news about the shooting with four dead and many wounded. Morland says the shooter is a French guy named Gagnier who was Special Forces.

Marcus is at the shooter’s perch – it’s in a law office that was shut down. Gregson is there too. Joan says the gun is the only trace they have – she’s with building security. She checked the tapes and didn’t see anyone and Gregson says find Sherlock ASAP.

Morland says he knows about Gagnier when he was consulting in India and he was mentioned to him as a solution. He says know then says Reponce, a French mercenary firm, replaced him as the consultant. Sherlock asks why he thinks this is Gagnier too.

Morland tells him to look for cell phone footage of the incident – there are head shots and leg shots – just like the Mumbia, India incident. The true target is not easily discernable. Morland says he can’t tell the NYPD about this because he knows from a confidential informant.

Sherlock says he will confirm Gagnier’s involvement independently so the guy isn’t implicated. Morland says maybe Sherlock can use some of his irregulars and offers to put him in touch with someone who may help. Turns out this will benefit Morland as well.

However, he says he’s here because people are dead and says Gagnier will be out of the US within just a few hours. Sherlock goes to see Bill Wellstone with Morland and they make small tack. Sherlock tells them cut to it.

They ask about Ethan Parris, one of the victims that worked in their law office. Sherlock says this was an assassination and he may have been the target of the shooting. Bill says he didn’t now Parris and he was heading a Peru thing on a dam project.

They tell them that Parris was headed to a meeting at Zyckner Williams firm – that’s the firm where Gagnier set up his perch on an unused floor. They want to see deal memos on the Peru thing and the firm says they can’t do that.

Morland threatens to get them kicked off the Peru project and they will lose billions. Bill says that was a hell of a threat and agrees to cooperate. Joan comes home looking for Sherlock. She gets voice mail and says he’s annoying her.

She asks him to call her ASAP. Morland and Sherlock next meet with another lawyer and they imply that he was involved in Parris’ shooting due to workplace conflict. Morland says he knows that the firm keeps black bag operatives on payroll.

Sherlock offers him immunity for turning over the name of the senior firm member that ordered it. Sherlock tosses emails to them he got from the other firm. He says he was kicking Parris’ ass on the deal. They hit back hard at him.

The guy says he can prove he wasn’t involved. He points out a tower and says Ethan worked there and points out that building. He says they always came out of the same entrance and into it. He says if he was going to have Parris killed, he would have done it at another entrance.

Sherlock is trying to unlock his phone – Everyone locked it. He finally gets it – he calls Marcus and asks about the sniper attack. Sherlock ends the call and tells his father Frank Bova ate lunch in the park daily and was shot first. But he’s just a plumber.

Sherlock tells his father he’s going on without him since the victim was a plumber but his dad sends the cab away. Morland calls in a chopper and they fly to talk to Frank’s wife. The wife says Frank never did anything to make someone want to kill him.

Sherlock says the method suggests someone powerful wanted him dead and made this look like a random attack. She says he did some jobs on Wall Street. Sherlock asks if he saw something he shouldn’t have.

The wife says she didn’t know of anything and starts crying. She says they didn’t talk as much as they should. Sherlock asks to look along. She says the personal effects the police gave back are in the kitchen. Sherlock says he found a hidden tracking program on Bova’s phone.

That allowed them to decide the spot to kill him. Sherlock asks Morland if he has low T, a hormone imbalance. He thinks that’s why his father is changing. Sherlock finds where the program was uploaded. It’s somewhere the guy took off his pants.

They go to a spa and ask the bath house manager if he recognized Bova or Gagnier. The guy they talk to denies knowing them. The guy says they need a warrant and Sherlock says he will get the health department shut down.

He says no way and then Morland offers him $10k for the security tapes and the guy agrees. Joan says she knows he was with his dad all day when Sherlock comes home. She rants because he never called her back.

He says he knew she was better helping the police with the search. Sherlock says Gagnier used the same credit card at the Turkish bath and a cheap hotel. Joan asks why he’s not more unsettled by being with his dad. He admits his father was helpful.

They check security and see Gagnier walk into the law offices building. He doesn’t have the rifle. Someone else brought it in for him. Gregson has SWAT at the hotel to take down Gagnier. They ehad inside.

They spot a pinhole camera then Gagnier shoots at them. They see the window is open. Marcus sees Gagnier and he’s already down and dead. He checks his pulse and they wonder who shot him. Was it one of the SWAT or someone else?

Marcus says he was grazed and fell off the fire escape and died from the fall. Sherlock says he wishes they could have talked to him before he died. Joan confirms the gun shot residue on the guy is consistent with the sniper shooting.

He had confirmed a flight to Managua for tonight. Sherlock and Joan go through Gagnier’s luggage. Joan says he traveled light. Sherlock is checking his clothing. He comments that Joan dislikes his father. He asks if it’s because his dad bribed the DA to get him off the charges for Oscar.

Sherlock says he made peace with it because it was better than jail. She asks why his father told him about the bribe and he says he didn’t but Sherlock figured it out. He says he’s been poisoning Joan’s opinion of Morland for years and she should decide for herself.

Joan shows him a Sudoku that’s filled out wrong. She wonders if it’s code. Sherlock writes out the numbers and says it seems like a Swiss bank account number. Joan says those accounts are secret. Sherlock says his dad might be able to get some info.

Morland talks to an Interpol contact. The guy sent a heavily redacted report from the bank and says YJN Incorporated sent him $750k on two occasions. Morland thanks Agent Muller who then says he looked into YJN which is a shell.

He says it’s owned by Dynastic Energy. Morland thanks him again. That’s the company that they started at before they were pointed to the other firm. Marcus brings in Joel Fitzgerald to the NYPD. He demands to know what this is.

Marcus says it’s the end of the line. Sherlock says they now know the target of the attack. He says he knows that Frank Bova was the target. Joan says his motive is jealousy. They found the tracking software that led them to the shooting location.

Marcus says they see Bova heading to a hotel to meet his wife in Westchester. Bova renovated the bathroom at his house. Joel says the guy worked at his house but they are slandering his wife. He threatens them with a lawsuit.

Marcus says that only applies to untrue statements and they show photos of his wife with Bova checking into a hotel. Joel says he’s going to kill the bitch. Joan and Sherlock wonder if he’s faking his outrage as a fresh emotion.

Sherlock says his father can pressure Dynastic into opening the books. Morland goes back to see Bill Wellstone and tells him they found the paper trail between the sniper and the corporation tied to Dynastic and says they think Joel did it because his wife was sleeping with the plumber.

Morland says if he hands over the paperwork, they will make sure the company doesn’t go down in a PR disaster. Wellstone says he can’t ruin the guy’s family. Morland threatens to 86 his dam deal and the guy gets nasty and says try it.

Morland says Joel didn’t do this – Wellstone did and says that’s why he won’t turn over the books. He says he knows he makes a sport of pursuing his employees’ wives. Wellstone asks what he wants and calls it a shakedown since he doesn’t have proof.

He asks if he wants a piece of their business or what. Morland tells Joan and Sherlock about Wellstone and they think that Wellstone was also sleeping with Joel Fitzgerald’s wife. They wonder if Wellstone was jealous of her shagging the studly plumber.

Joan comes down later and finds Sherlock still working. Sherlock is looking at the videotape trying to find who brought the gun into the building. Sherlock spots a blade of grass that interests him on a crime scene photo.

He says that type of grass is common on golf courses. They spot Wellstone bringing in golf clubs. They have him at the NYPD and his lawyer is being short with them. Gregson says that’s Wellstone bringing a sniper rifle into the building.

Sherlock says it’s conspiracy and aiding and abetting. Gregson says he took the gun up to Gagnier and gave him what he needed. Adler, the lawyer, says don’t say anything. Sherlock says Zyckner Williams helped them assist and says they turned over the golf bag.

Joan says there’s gun oil inside the bad. Adler says the other firm could have put gun oil in it. Joan says Sarah Fitzgerald is also testifying about the affair with him and the plumber since her hubby Joel left her. Morland meets with Lucas for lunch.

He asks why he came all this way. Lucas says he wants five million Euros. He says he knows Morland is not in NYC to help Sherlock. He says pay me or I’ll tell Sherlock what you’re doing and that he’s in danger. Morland says he had a man before him.

He says Jasper de Clerq was his name and then that man threatened him. Lucas is shocked and says Jasper’s children found him. Morland says they were meant to then asks about Lucas’ daughters. Morland says go back to Paris and both can forget this talk.

Lucas apologizes twice and then Morland says – call me Mr Holmes and disallows him first name rights.