Elementary Recap 4/30/15: season 3 Episode 22 “The Best Way Out Is Always Through”

Elementary Recap 4/30/15: season 3 Episode 22 "The Best Way Out Is Always Through"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday April 30, season 3 episode 22 called, “The Best Way Out Is Always Through,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller] and Watson [Lucy Liu] embark on an interstate search for an escaped convict who may have murdered a judge. Meanwhile, Bell’s new relationship hits a rough patch when Sherlock applies his deductive reasoning to it.

On the last episode, when two New York City paramedics were killed during a kidnapping, Holmes and Watson joined the manhunt to find the murderer and the woman he abducted. Also, Holmes learned important information about his recovery sponsor, Alfredo (Ato Essandoh), that strained their relationship. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a judge is murdered, Holmes and Watson become involved in the interstate search to find the prime suspect, an escaped convict from a privatized prison. Also, when Holmes applies his deductive reasoning to Detective Bell’s new relationship, the romance hits a rough patch.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan finding the Stanley Cup trophy in her shower. He says he found it on a dark web auction. He says he wasn’t sure of the provenance so he bought it to test it. He says the original is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Joan wonders if he’s into hockey and he says he’s into the concept of crime solving. He says if it’s a fake, Clyde can have it as a new watering bowl. He takes it out of her shower. Two teens are in a subway discussing their recent profits from theft and the big screen TV they want. They approach a man to take his wallet but he keels over – he has a knife stuck in him. One insists they call 911 to try and save him. They call it in.

Marcus is on a date with Seana and he says he doesn’t get the angry band they just saw. She invites him over to her place but then her phone rings and she says it’s work. She tells him she’s got work and he says that’s fine. She kisses him then grabs a cab and leaves. She tells him she may be able to see him tonight but then his phone rings and he’s called in to the subway crime scene. Sherlock asks why people in New York like to combine urination and transportation in the subway. Marcus says the guy is a judge from New Jersey who was stabbed with a screwdriver.

Seana shows up and says the judge was in town for a fundraiser. Seana says they have prints and says two kids called them in. Sherlock says he thinks the prints are female and she asks how he can tell that from the pic. Marcus says yes. The judge isn’t married and Sherlock says the man had sex and likely at the Waldorf Astoria. Sherlock says it was a passionate death at the hands of a woman. He says the screwdriver doesn’t align with the theory but the other evidence did. They bring in one of the governor’s staffers, Ms Nichols, who was shagging the judge.

She says she and Dennis have been seeing each other for years. Joan asks if he was a professor at her law school. She says he always insisted they keep it a secret to protect his professional reputation. She says she went for drinks with a friend at a bar around the corner. She says her friend’s name is Andrea. Marcus calls them out and says they got a hit on the prints – Nikki Moreno – that the judge sent to prison and she escaped a few days ago. Sherlock, Joan and Marcus head to the prison. The guard tells them she was a bad apple. Marcus asks how she got out.

The guy says they didn’t realize it for awhile and they’re still looking for video. Sherlock says he wants to check the perimeter. Sherlock says true prison breaks are rare and those by women are even rarer. The guy signs off on their search and says it doesn’t surprise them since they’re understaffed and some of the cameras are on the fritz. The prison is privatized and they don’t keep it up. Sherlock says the privatization is all about profit and bodies in beds.

Marcus and Joan go to check Nikki’s cell while Sherlock looks around outside. They see her cell had already been tossed but they look around anyway. Joan says Seana seems nice and says she saw their matching hand stamps. He says they’re trying to keep it low profile until they decide it if it’s serious. Joan finds a Robert Frost poetry book that looks new and isn’t from the prison library. There’s an inscription from Jeff that says to start with page 10 and think about the apple trees. There were no Jeffs on her visitor log. Later, Joan tells Sherlock there’s an attorney who gives seminars at the prison.

He works for an advocacy group that helps prisoners. She says they need to see Jeff tomorrow to find out if there’s more to him and Nikki. Sherlock is testing the Stanley Cup again and says he’s testing it by flavor of food and says some metals change the taste of food. He has Seana’s files and Joan asks what she thinks of her. He says she’s detail oriented and it’s a good report. She asks if he likes her and he says Seana is leading a double life and says she’s working for IA. Joan is shocked and Sherlock says she’s a field associate. Joan asks if she’s a spy and asks how he knows.

Sherlock says he’s been surveilling IA after their review last year. She tells him Marcus and Seana are seeing each other and he says that’s a surprise. Joan is freaking out and doesn’t think Marcus knows. Sherlock says they’re not cops and says IA is necessary. He says he was watching IA not because he thinks they’re evil, but because he thinks they may not like their methods. Joan worries that Marcus could end up in trouble from dating her. Joan says she’s going to tell Marcus and if he doesn’t know already, he can decide what to do.

Deputy McCann’s wife Gwen gets a text from Nikki about pizza that says to come to the parking lot. We see there’s a pizza and the warden dead beside it. Gregson shows Joan and Sherlock photos of her phone and the text exchange. Marcus says it seems like Nikki has a hit list and Sherlock says women usually aren’t spree killers. Joan thinks he’s being sexist and he asks if she’s upset that women aren’t better criminals. Joan says they’re going to see Jeff Harper, the legal advocate. Marcus says even if Jeff isn’t helping her, he may have some insight.

Sherlock says he wants to check the crime scene while Joan and Marcus see Jeff. Marcus reads from the poetry book that Jeff gave Nikki and Joan asks if he helped her mistake. He says they weren’t close but says it was just a flirtation. He says the poetry book may have been ill-advised. He says she wanted his help on getting out of prison legally. He says he’s even more shocked than anyone. He says he knew she hated McCann but she never spoke out against the judge. Jeff says that prison is rife for abuse and says McCann put women in solitary for fun. He says for profit prisons put human decency aside.

Jeff says he wants prison reform, not anarchy. He says he had just filed a motion to get Nikki’s sentence reduced and says he thought they had a good shot at winning. He says why would he do that and help her escape. Marcus believes the guy then Joan tells him about Seana. Later, Marcus meets Seana for lunch and she’s not happy about eating at a cop bar. She asks what’s up and Marcus asks if she works for IA. She says that’s not a simple question but says she does. He asks if she was forced to.

Seana says she was approached at the academy and says she’s worked there for eight years. He asks if they know about him and says she’s a resource, not in anyone’s pocket. She says she sheds light to help good cops stay out of trouble. He calls IA the rat squad and she says he’s in a glass house. She says his boss DeSilva was sent up because of work Marcus did. He says that’s totally different and she asks how. He says he worked for DeSilva in good faith then reported something he saw that was wrong. Marcus says she hides in the shadows and takes shots. He says he could never do that.

Seana says she’d like to think he knows her by now and he says he never knew her for a second. Sherlock has built a scale model of the prison and Joan says it must kill him that an unremarkable woman broke out of prison when he can’t figure it out. Sherlock says he knows how he’d escape and says he found 11 different ways but she didn’t use any of those. Joan asks why he has her bra and he says he needed the underwire. He says he also used her toothbrush.

He asks about Jeff and she says he had an alibi and he filed a brief that could have gotten her out. Joan says Jeff told them that Nikki was being abused and it may have been the last straw. She tells him
[2015-04-30, 11:29:20 PM] Rachel Rowan: Nikki was used to work in a computer recycling shop and she was forced to work there which exposed her to toxic chemicals. Sherlock says according to McCann’s records, she asked for the job change. They go to the prison and Sherlock says she was scheduled there to work alone because she asked for overtime.

Sherlock says this is not what they think and says materials go into bins and says hazardous materials are sealed in bins. Marcus asks if he thinks she escaped in one. Sherlock says no, there’s no pick up for two days. He says he doesn’t think Nikki left the prison. He opens a bin and there’s her dead body. Joan says she didn’t escape, she was murdered in prison and didn’t kill either of them. Sherlock says he thinks McCann killed Nikki.

Marcus tells Gregson that it looks like McCann used a garotte to kill Nikki. But he couldn’t have killed the judge since he was on duty. Joan says they think that McCann was paid to get Nikki’s fingerprints on the screwdriver. Sherlock says criminal judges have countless enemies. Joan says whoever hired McCann knew him. Marcus says his last gig was at another prison where he was fired after just eight months. They wonder if he knew criminals there.

Joan says she’ll look into threats against Vaughn while Marcus and Sherlock check the other prison. They go talk to the warden and asks why he fired McCann. The warden says he can’t help them. He says McCann was terminated for cause but the rest is confidential. Marcus says they have three murders to solve. He says he’s legally obligated to put the company first. He says if they come back with a subpoena, he can tell them.

Sherlock says this might not play out well with their shareholders and threatens to go to the media about them stonewalling an investigation. Marcus says he can help them on the down low. The warden agrees to let them see the files on McCann but says nothing in writing can leave the prison. Marcus finds a fan about the Zelesky criminals that McCann was doing favors for. Sherlock says the official line was that he was fired for excessive absences.

Marcus texts Joan about the Zeleskies. Sherlock asks if Joan talked to him about Seana. He tells Marcus he’s sorry. He says he knew for awhile she was IA. Sherlock says he can bend others to his point of view unintentionally. He says he can magnetize people around him. He says Joan has been showing signs for social isolation. He says Gregson is as well. Then he says Marcus found someone and is now alone. Marcus tells Sherlock he’s not a magnet.

Sherlock says he has Joan but Marcus doesn’t have anyone and deserves more. Marcus says she’s IA. Sherlock says the great love of his life is a homicidal maniac and says no one is perfect. Joan didn’t find any links to the Zeleskies and the judge. Sherlock wonders if the news story was made to embarrass the governor of New Jersey and says it’s worth big money to political cronies. Joan says Cortland Hughes is the biggest opponent and Andrea is his campaign manager.

That’s the woman that was Ms Nichols’ alibi. They go to see Ms Nichols and tell her what they think was afoot. She says Andrea tried to recruit her to the other campaign but she never took it seriously. Ms Nichols tells them to go to the governor about his. She says she encouraged him to cut ties with Reform Enterprises. She says they were going to turn another prison over to Reform Enterprises but can’t now. Sherlock asks what other company was in the running to get the prison contract.

Gregson, Joan, Marcus and Sherlock go to see the head of the other private correctional firm. Marcus says he knows his bonus is tied to new business. He tries to play it down and Joan says a new prison is worth about $25 million a year and Sherlock asks if that’s why he resorted to murder. Joan says the staged prison break, murder of the judge and deputy were all to create a scandal. The man asks them to leave. Sherlock shows him a photo from the fundraiser.

Gregson says they know he used McCann to kill Nikki. They tell him they had a warrant to find his tuxedo from the fundraiser they think has the judge’s blood on it. They arrest him for all three murders. Marcus waits for Seana outside of work. He tells her he’s sorry for his reaction and asks if she was ever going to tell him. She says she doesn’t know. Marcus says he was angry and wants to take back everything he said. He says the last few months have been good for them. He says the other stuff shouldn’t have to do with them. She asks what if his coworkers at the 11th knew she was IA.

Seana says she’s leaving the 12th and is transferring to IA full time so she’s out of the shadows like he said. She says this is a big change for her and says she needs time. She says if he wants to look her up after the dust settles, he’ll know where to find her. She walks away. Marcus comes to see Sherlock at home and asks to talk. They toss playing cards into the Stanley cup. He asks Sherlock if it’s the real thing and he says he’s positive.

He says he notified the NHL and they’re coming to get it tomorrow. He asks if Sherlock really thinks he’s lonelier than him. Sherlock says by a factor of 10. He tells Marcus he’s the most dedicated detective he knows and says he needs balance. Sherlock says he’s having sex in an hour and offers to have one of his lady friends find a friend for Marcus but he says not tonight.