Elementary Recap – Hacker Conspiracy Theories: Season 3 Episode 18 “One Watson, One Holmes”

Elementary Recap - Hacker Conspiracy Theories: Season 3 Episode 18 "One Watson, One Holmes"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday April 9, season 3 episode 18 called, “One Watson, One Holmes,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller] and Watson [Lucy Liu] get caught in the middle of a digital war being fought on the Internet when a member of Everyone, the anonymous hacker group they periodically work with, is murdered.

On the last episode, Holmes and Watson investigated a murder that initially looked like a road rage incident, but took a new direction when they learn the victim was flash-frozen at the time of death. Also, when Watson’s mother finds out Joan’s brother was cheating on his wife, she put Joan in the awkward position of confronting him about the affair. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson find themselves in the middle of a civil war being fought on the Internet when a member of Everyone, the anonymous hacker group they periodically work with, is murdered”

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#Elementary starts with Sherlock lying on a bed with leads attached to his chest. It sounds like he flatlined. There’s a pounding on the door and his heart restarts. A guy comes to the door and asks to come in – Sherlock lets him in but says he can’t chew gum in his house. The guy spits it out. He asks if he’s sick based on the leads and EKG but Sherlock says he’s in training. They guy says he’s Sucking Chest Wound from hacker group Everyone. He says he’s the one that made Sherlock go to the Twilight convention.

SCW says Everyone is having a civil war for control. He leads one half and says they’re more about pranks while the other side follows Species, a guy who wants to make them political. SCW says he wants to find out more about Species so his side can win. Joan calls out that she’s leaving but Sherlock asks her to wait. He then tells SCW he can’t help because this is not interesting at all. He and Joan go to help their neighbor Connie deal with her daughter Emanuelle’s online bully.

She shows Sherlock the posts and Joan says she thinks that the girls is sending the messages herself to get attention from her parents. They came to the library where they think she’s sending them from. Sherlock asks Joan how she is and says he’s just making small talk. Joan finds Sherlock in the stacks reading up on metallurgy. She says she’s going to go talk to Emanuelle and will get him in a few. Sherlock takes a call from Marcus about a murder.

He says he thinks the guy has a connection to him. Marcus says the victim is Errol White and has a photo of Sherlock in a dress as his wallpaper. He thinks Errol was killed by a samurai sword. Marcus says the guy has the online name Species. Sherlock tells him he’s part of Everyone and he gets help from them sometimes in exchange for humiliating public acts. He says that’s why the wallpaper of him in a frock.

Sherlock searches the body and finds a red hair. He says they have a suspect and says he needs to find Sucking Chest Wound. Sherlock watches security footage from outside his house to find SCW so he can send it to the cops. Joan asks why SCW would kill the guy right after he saw Sherlock. She sees some guys bringing a python into their house and Sherlock says it’s gone now. She gets a text and tells him it’s about a bachelerotte party from a friend from school Marny.

They spot SCW then see that he tossed his gum wrapper in the trash. Sherlock goes to get the trash bin looking for the gum. He says the hair had no DNA match in CODIS but if they can match it to the gum, it will give a link. The paper the gum was on has a list of songs on it. Joan finds Sherlock in the basement listening to music. He tells her the notes are volume knobs from a sound board and thinks he works as a sound engineer at a club. He found one from a club in Williamsburg.

He called the club and got the name Petros Franken. Sherlock gets a text and says he was taken into custody. Petros says he never met the guy and didn’t even know who he was until they told him. Joan gets more party texts and sighs. She’s not enjoying the process. Sherlock and Joan watch the interrogation. Petros insists he didn’t do it then asks for time of death. He says he was with Mockingbird – aka Rachel Carter – and says they were hanging out last night and says they hooked up.

He says she works on Wall Street and tells Marcus to go see her. Rachel denies she’s having sex with Petros and says she wasn’t with him last night. She says they exchanged a few flirty messages. Sherlock asks why an investment banker is a member of Everyone. He asks if her employers would be unhappy about her being in this group and Sherlock says investment bankers aren’t known for telling the truth. They also found blood in Petros’ car that’s a match for Species.

Joan meets with her friends to plan the bachelorette party. She gets a text and says it’s from Sherlock about a case. She asks if they can excuse her and takes off. She goes home and tells Sherlock she ducked out. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Rachel the banker. Sherlock says he wasn’t satisfied with her denial so he dug and found out she’s known as Rachel Eddings and is married. Joan asks if she didn’t alibi Petros because of her husband.

Rachel says she lied and panicked but can’t let Petros rot in prison. She says she left his place around 7:30. Joan says that clears Petros and Sherlock says he must have been framed. Sherlock goes to see Petros and says they can’t let him go because there is still physical evidence. He asks who might have framed him. Petros says he’s helped hack some dangerous people like the KKK and CIA. Sherlock says Species is dead, not him so Species was the target.

Sherlock asks who had motive to kill Species. He says the first is to look at a woman. Petros says most of them never get any. He then asks who could benefit from Species’ death. Petros says Species mentioned he had a stash of data that he had collected over the years – credit card numbers, passwords, social security. Petros says that would sell for eight figures. Sherlock puts together a list of Everyone’s inner sanctum that might have killed Species.

He’s ruling out some of them that are too far away or physically unable. Another is far too rich. That leaves eight unidentified members. Joan looks at Monkey vs Shark who changes his profile photos three times a day. Joan sees a motorcycle that says mine and wonders if the guy treated him. She calls Marcus. They then go see Caleb Hill who just had an accident on his brand new Ducati. Joan mentions Species stash and his face reacts but then he lies.

Marcus says they know he spent a large amount of money in the last few days. Sherlock says they know he’s chatting online and that he’s Monkey versus Shark. Caleb says he didn’t kill Species and says that was the CIA or something. Joan tells him that he has to be careful with his rehab if he wants to walk again and Marcus says that won’t be possible at Rykers. Caleb says he broke into Species’ place and stole his laptop and memory sticks. He says that was three weeks ago.

Sherlock asks if he didn’t, who did it and asks for his theories. He says Species stash was more than credit card numbers and says he had records of all his online chats and hacks. Caleb offers to give it all to them if they let him walk. Joan and Sherlock get a delivery of stacks and stacks of boxes of print outs. They had to print on paper because of all the viruses embedded in the data. Sherlock says there are more than 100,000 sheets of paper.

Joan says they should get started and Sherlock asks shouldn’t she be with the party planning committee. He says her behavior has been strangely anti-social lately. He says her dedication is admirable but she is withdrawing and moody. He says this doesn’t work for him. Sherlock says they need one Holmes and one Watson. He says if she turns into him, it won’t work. He says it’s not good for their partnership. Joan says she’s just working through things and that’s the way it is.

Joan wake to Sherlock keying Morse code. He says he’s messaging Wake Up Watson. He says he found something in the inner sanctum chats. He says a fist is a term that identifies the telegraph operator by their idiosyncrasies. Sherlock says Species has two fists. Joan looks at them and sees the differences in how often he hits send. Half the day he has one fist and half the day, the other. Sherlock says Species was a sort of hall monitor but it was too much of a job.

Sherlock says Tessee is the other fist and is never online when Species is. Joan says she remembers Tessee being on the chat room after Species died. She says Tessee is pushing Operation Right Nut and the group getting more political to avenge him. Joan says he thinks Species killed Species. They go see Petros to talk about Tessee and their theory. Petros says Tessee has always been edgy and says he doesn’t even know if she’s a girl. He says she said she was 16 and from Canada.

They ask about Right Nut and he says it’s about a think tank named Atherton that’s very conservative. He says Species didn’t want to do it. Sherlock and Joan go talk to the Atherton chaps. Sherlock says he hates them and their ilk but are there to warn them about a potential hack. The representative thanks them and says they can go but he’s unconcerned. He says they can handle a mob. Sherlock asks about why their people seem to be both fit and armed but the guy asks them to leave.

Sherlock says he talked to McNally at the NSA who refused to discuss Atherton. Sherlock says he’s sure now they have government ties. He then tells Joan that he’s sorry for pushing her based on his needs. He says what he wanted to say is that he’s learned friendship from her and says it’s two people moving toward the best of one another and of mutual gain and benefit. Sherlock says his isolationist tendencies are one of his worst traits.

He says she should not move in his direction because it’s not healthy and should do the opposite. She agrees to think about it after they wrap the case. Joan says they need to make Tessee come to them and says she found a test phrase AOR – it’s a battlecry of Thundarr the Barbarian. She says Tessee also collects memorabilia. She found someone on a memorabilia board and says she’s obsessed with this particular lunchbox.

Joan says she’s going to post how she found the lunchbox while she was cleaning her closet and says she will give it to the first person that asks her. She says she’ll tell each one that she already gave it away but her brother may have his. She’ll collect their contact info and photos of them. Sherlock considers all the photos of suspects. One is Brady who works as a freelance programmer that is heavily anti-social.

They head to Brady’s house. He denies being Tessee and tells them to leave him alone. He refuses to speak to them and Sherlock asks why he killed Errol. Joan says maybe Errol intimidated him so he got physical and grabbed the sword. He says he was chatting with his GF from Manitoba. He says he doesn’t have a sword and doesn’t know who they’re talking about. A woman from the FBI pulls up and takes Brady. She says he’s a CI. Sherlock says her pet rat just killed a man.

Joan says he died Thursday night but the agent says Brady was with her at the time Species died. Turns out Brady texted her when they showed up. Sherlock tells Gregson he thinks Agent Branch lied so she doesn’t lose her CI. Gregson says that’s tricky and says he needs solid evidence and probable cause. Joan asks why would an FBI agent let them hack into a government front agency. Sherlock says Branch must want Right Nut to proceed but wonders why.

Joan finds Briggs, a forensic accountant, is at their place looking into Atherton. Much of the money came from Wayne Vachs and he set up a federal office DSAC that coordinates FBI and Homeland Security Operations. Joan agrees it sounds sinister. Atherton funded DSAC but now the money is flowing the other way. Sherlock says if Everyone hacks Atherton, the group will be prosecuted under RICO and Branch will look like a hero.

Sherlock says they can’t tie Brady to the murder unless she does it for them. Briggs is now digging into Branch’s personal finances. Sherlock finds the agent outside the Federal building and says they need to talk about Everyone. She says it must be frustrating knowing he can’t prove anything. Sherlock says his main concern is bringing Brady to justice. He says when she gives him the murder weapon, he can do it. She says he’s dreaming.

Sherlock tells her he won’t tell the FBI about her Tibetan nanny if she hands it over. He says he had a forensic accountant look into her and found out she’s got an undocumented worker in her home. Sherlock says she can give an anonymous tip for the weapon and says she won’t look bad. He says he also warned Everyone not to hack Atherton so they won’t get in trouble. She caves and we see a news story about Brady being arrested for Errol’s murder.

Joan asks what Brady said. Sherlock says they had a confrontation and Brady said he was acting in self-defense. Joan says Branch just walks but Sherlock says the woman now will be the target of Everyone which is a punishment of its own. Joan is dressed to go out and tells Sherlock she needs to connect with her fellow humans. He tells her to have a good night.