Elementary Recap – Sherlock Investigates People-Sicles: Season 3 Episode 17 “T-Bone and the Iceman”

Elementary Recap - Sherlock Investigates People-Sicles: Season 3 Episode 17 "T-Bone and the Iceman"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday March 12, season 3 episode 17 called, “T-Bone and the Iceman,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller] and Watson [Lucy Liu] investigate a murder in which the victim was flash-frozen at the time of death. Meanwhile, Watson’s mother learns that Joan’s brother is cheating on his wife and puts her daughter in the awkward position of confronting him about it.

On the last episode, Holmes was implicated in the murder of a woman who was killed during the height of his drug addiction. Sherlock investigated to find the connection between himself and the victim, but the evidence began to shake his confidence in his own character. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson investigate a murder that initially looks like a road rage incident, but takes a new direction when they learn the victim was flash-frozen at the time of death. Also, when Watson’s mother finds out Joan’s brother is cheating on his wife, she puts Joan in the awkward position of confronting him about the affair.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan and Sherlock discussing his latest project – a Xenon arc lamp – that has failed. Now they are without power and she’s looking for a scarf. He says he used it as a poultice and then threw it out. She says it was a present from her mother and she was going to wear it. He asks why she and her mother Mary are lunching before their usual third week.

A girl named Allie is lost and is checking her phone for directions. She looks down at her phone’s GPS and hits a van. There are tanks in the back of the van and one is leaking gas. She runs to check on the van and sees the gas and is struck in the head. She falls over dead. Marcus is surprised to see Joan and Sherlock there so early but Sherlock says life without electricity has them up early.

Marcus says it looks like road rage and there was a white van. Sherlock says it looks like Marcus has it in hand and doesn’t really rate his interest. Marcus asks him to look at the body. Sherlock looks and tells Joan that she wasn’t just murdered she was mummifying. The ME tells them they won’t believe what caused this. Both Joan and Sherlock already guessed it was refrigerant. He says it was R22. Joan says the good news is she was dead already.

The ME says it was a head blow from a tire iron that killed her. Sherlock says tracing the R22 may help. Joan says she can’t help because she has to lunch with her mother. She leaves. Joan shows up late and Mary says she couldn’t move her hair appointment. Joan says she has a new case. Mary says it’s just as well and she should just get right to it. She tells Joan she needs to talk to her brother.

Mary says he’s having an affair just six months after the wedding. Joan asks how she knows this and Mary says he and Gabrielle seemed happy but she saw Oren kissing a blonde woman in the driveway. Joan asks what he said and she says she can’t mention it to him. She says he hardly spoke to her after their father’s affair. Joan says her getting into this can’t make it better but Mary says he may listen to her and not ruin his life.

Marcus tells Gregson they’re working the R22 angle and Sherlock says the EPA is trying to phase it out. Sherlock says this has all led to a booming black market. Marcus says many manufacturers are selling off the books and there have also been thefts. Marcus is headed to a fish market and Sherlock to an ice rink. Joan meets him there and asks where the guy is. He says she’s not usually so impatient then asks about her lunch with her mother.

Joan says Oren is having an affair and her mother wants her to fix it. Sherlock says that’s the wisdom of keeping an ocean between he and his family. Joan says she loves her family. He says she’s vexed that that their shared DNA makes his affair her problem. He says family is a noose that chokes us and says she can cut the cord. Mr Weissman finally shows up – he’s the facility manager.

Sherlock says they think the thief that stole his R22 may have murdered a young woman. They ask to see the site of the theft. He takes them downstairs and says a couple of months ago he came down to put up Christmas decorations and found it gone. Sherlock says Weissman stole it and filed an insurance report to take advantage. Sherlock says that lock can’t be bumped and it was a charade.

Joan asks if they’re going to find $4k in his bank account from where he sold the R22. Sherlock says Kimmy, his receptionist, saw a white van parked outside. Weissman says it was a cash deal and he never got the guy’s name. He says he was tall, white and a little older than him. He says he came to him and asked to buy it. He says he has the address they guy gave him because he wanted it delivered but then Weissman wanted it picked up instead.

They go to the Bronx to the address and find a pristine van. Sherlock says it’s a hasty replacement for the one that Allie crashed into last night. Joan says she can call in for a warrant. Sherlock says it’s 12 degrees and says he hears an unattended baby inside. She says there’s no reason not to do this right. She has bad cell reception and goes to get a better one. Sherlock already went inside the building to look around.

He sees a large mostly empty space then pushes a large door aside and goes into a room with plastic partitions. Joan follows him and Sherlock says he’s not easily surprised but wasn’t expecting this. There’s a row of about 10 plastic wrapped bodies laid out side by side on the floor of the chilly room. They meet Marcus at Cryo NYC. Mr Misraki says these are all clients. Sherlock asks if the contracts he signs with customers reveals that they’ll end up on the floor of a meat locker.

Misraki says they meet all promises. Sherlock says it wasn’t minus 192 degrees C. The man says they oversold their current facility and are raising capital to grow and catch up to demand. Sherlock says so when a new client dies, he throws another in the meat locker. He says they keep them at the threshold core temperature. Misraki says they invest all their money back into the business. Marcus asks about buying stolen coolant from ice rinks.

Misraki says he’s a bargain hunter not a criminal. Sherlock says they’re not here about R22 or storage of the bodies of dead nutters but Allie. Misraki says they would never kill anyone. He says two nights ago they were robbed and someone took that van. Marcus asks if they filed a police report. Misraki says it’s complicated but tells them they can talk to his employees.

He takes them to talk to Scott Resnick who says they park the van at an off site facility. Scott says there was a break in. He says he came in early to take readings and noticed the office door had been kicked in then realized Mr Sullivan was missing. Joan asks why they didn’t report a dead body missing. He says there was a chance he was just misplaced so they wanted to check the other facilities.

Marcus says he was trying to avoid a police investigation. Sherlock tells Marcus to take Misraki to the station while they work with Resnick to look at the site of the alleged robbery. Back at the PD, Sherlock comes back and Joan says everything Misraki told them checked out. She says Cryo NYC kept pretty good records and had no movements scheduled around the time of the crash.

Joan says she doesn’t think the van was there on company business. Sherlock says they should figure out who strangled Jim Sullivan. He was choked to death several months ago. He was their only homicide victim in storage. Joan says someone got away with murder and Sherlock says maybe the criminal was worried about residual evidence on the body.

Sherlock says solving that murder is the best lead. Sherlock tells Joan and Marcus the man was a psychiatrist. The killer had size 11 boots. Sherlock says Vance Ford, a patient, was an initial suspect. He says he came upon the murder and tried to chase down the perpetrator. He described a man whose sketch looks like a cowboy of some sort. Sherlock says he has no motive.

Joan says she feels like she recognizes the man and Sherlock asks if it’s a former lover. She says it’s more like she went to high school with the guy or something. Sherlock says they need to chat with Vance Ford. They go to his place and he asks if Vance has been in a car accident lately. Joan says it will get better once the radiation is done. He says he has leukaemia that’s recurred.

Sherlock says he doesn’t seem physically capable of the murder of Sullivan in this shape but could have back then. Vance says his oncologist said he should talk to someone about his cancer. He says he had an appointment and says Sullivan must have not kept his calendar current. Sherlock asks him to describe what he saw again. Vance says he came up the street as the man was walking out the front door. He says the man ran away when he saw him.

Sherlock shows him the sketch and asks if he would add or change a thing. Vance says it’s a perfect sketch. Joan calls Oren who’s angry and asks Joan if she’s high. He says there was nothing to see and says he’s still in the doghouse with their mom for him siding with his dad over the affair. He says he has to go and says Gabrielle is calling and tells her never to tell his wife this.

Sherlock plays the recording of Vance’s statement and he says there’s an 81% chance that Vance is lying. He says the man is using almost identical statements with no variance. Joan asks why the truth would change. Sherlock says counting unique words is an exceptional lie detection techniques. He says a study showed that liars use the same phrases because they’re not working from memory but from rote.

Sherlock says counting singular words may be the best way to root out liars as a police tool. He asks why she’s so bored. She says she’s distracted from her talk with Oren who denied the affair and is angry. She says he was ready to curse out their mother. Sherlock asks if Joan believes him and she says her brother is not the affair having type. Sherlock says he thinks her mother is getting forgetful.

He mentions two phone calls from her mother that were very strange. Joan says her mom is 68 and it’s early for dementia or Alzheimer’s. Sherlock says she’s a sharp woman but she might have transposed Oren into the memory of someone else kissing a blonde woman.

Marcus calls and asks about them talking to Vance today. Sherlock says there were some suspicious things and Marcus says the same perp may have struck again and says Vance was strangled and it looks just like Jim Sullivan’s murder. Marcus shows Gregson the info and says there are a lot of similarities. There’s no forced entry and they may have known the killer. Sherlock says it may be two different killers. Marcus gets a call and says they have a 10-24 at Cryo NYC.

Someone knocked an employee unconscious and they called 911. Resnick tells Marcus that Ryan Lee is okay. Sherlock asks what’s up and Resnick says the lawyers cleared it. He says he and Ryan came in early then they heard a noise behind the tank – the one that used to house Jim Sullivan. He says the guy his Ryan with a wrench. He says he shoved him and the guy swung at him, missed and hit the tank and ran. Resnick says he’s a white guy, late 30s, wispy brown beard and had a weird hat.

He mentions a scar over his eye. They show him a sketch of the killer that Vance saw and Resnick says that’s him. Joan meets with Mary and tells her that Oren denied the affair. Mary says that’s frustrating. Joan asks if she’s sure she saw Oren. Mary thanks her for trying. Joan asks her mom what she ordered last time. Mary says she’s testing her and thinks she’s confused. Mary says she’s not confused and is not her patient. Joan says Mary should see a doctor for some basic tests.

Joan says she called her dad and he confirmed she’s forgetting things. Mary says her husband has more senior moments than she does. Mary gets angry and says she won’t sit here and be ambushed. Joan tries to stop her but she goes. Sherlock and Joan stare at the sketch of the man. Sherlock says he can’t find a record on a man with this description. Joan says the face is striking her.

She looks at it without the beard but can’t figure it out. He asks how it went with her mother and she says not well. He asks if her step-father could talk him into her getting help but she says no. Sherlock says Vance’s autopsy is ready. They head to see the ME. He tells them that Vance didn’t kill Allie. He says he was about to die from his leukemia. He says his white blood cell count was 312.

Sherlock looks at his feet and says that’s strange. He says the man was a liar and a killer after all. Joan and Sherlock tell Gregson that Vance killed Sullivan then used Sullivan’s shoes to make footprints then made like he discovered the body. Joan says Vance squeezed into smaller loafers when he met with police. Sherlock says they have uncovered a motive.

Sullivan is a matching bone marrow donor for Vance – they were estranged cousins. Then Vance found out that Sullivan was stored at Cryo and he was looking for someone to help extract the marrow. Sherlock says the man in the hat doesn’t exist. The two guys from Cryo NYC harvested the marrow for him and used the description. Joan says he knows who the man in the hat is and says he can help them.

They have Resnick at the police department and they show him a picture of the man that they described. He says it’s definitely him and then Joan says he just IDd an actor from a movie still shot. She says Manos is one of the worst movies ever with a cult following. She says his friend Vance loved cult movies too. Joan says Vance picked a face he knew well to describe.

Marcus says this discussion is enough to get a warrant and they’ll find the marrow or the money. Joan says the first person to testify will get a deal. Joan asks if his friend Ryan will stick to the script or save himself. Marcus tells him to chew on that and says they’ll be back. Resnick says he has plenty to tell them and tells them to leave the camera on.

Joan meets Sherlock and she says she was shopping for a make up present for her mother. Sherlock says she’s on the way here and says she has someone else who can help. Sherlock says he likes Mary. He tells her to act naturally while he takes them to see a neurologist. Sherlock says he convinced her that she forgot Joan’s birthday and says it took some doing but he was able to convince her and then talked her into talking to the doctor. Aww… Sherlock’s being a good friend.