General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Does Sonny Survive Shooting and Marry Carly – New Writers Amp Up the Romance in Port Charles

General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Does Sonny Survive Shooting and Marry Carly – New Writers Amp Up the Romance in Port Charles

Recent ‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate we’re going to get more romance, intimacy and relationships now that new co-head writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are at the helm of the ABC soap. Sure we love the catfights and mob intrigue in Port Charles, but we watch GH for the love. The biggest formally romantic question is: will Sonny survive being shot rescuing TJ and live to marry Carly? For that answer you’ll need to check back in with CDL tomorrow when we’ll have details of where and when Sonny and Carly will manage to wed.

Ousted writer Ron Carlivati put a heavy emphasis on the mob violence – and violence in general – as well as some of the most tired devices in the soaps – twinning, amnesia, resurrections, etc. For a while, this strategy did boost ratings, but then it began to turn off viewers and thankfully the worm has turned!

The new writers have promised us lots more of the smoochy sexy stuff – starting now. Here’s a look at some of the plot lines that Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are working on for the coming weeks…

#1 Lulu and Dante
Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] and Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] have lots of love for each other, but they also seem to have love for old and new flames. Lulu has been eyeballing Dillon Quartermaine [Robert Palmer Watkins] and Dante already did the deed with Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi], so does this mean Lulu and Dante are dunzo?

What we’re likely looking at is an exploration of Valerie’s feelings for Dante, a possible pregnancy and Lulu getting involved with Dillon’s film and perhaps her sexy director. This crazy love quadrilateral will be fun to explore but, since Lulu and Dante are fan favorites, it’s likely they will end up back together. It won’t be a smooth road, but they will come out stronger for it.

#2 Liz and Jake
Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] has Jake Doe’s [Billy Miller] ring on her finger, but she knows (and so do we) that this won’t last. Jake will recover some memories as he spends more time with little Jake Spencer [James Nigbor] plus Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] will recover her memory of Jake’s identity soon and will spill the beans to Jake.

Rumor has it Jake won’t tell Liz he knows she’s been lying to him and will test her. Liz will fail miserably. Thing is, she really does love Jason and he does love her. Also, even though he’s married to Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco], he has no feelings for Sam. We’ll see Jake struggle with the betrayal and feel torn between love for Liz and Sam’s love for him.

#3 Sam and Patrick
Sam adores Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] and the feeling is mutual. Their love story will be complicated by Jake’s identity reveal, but Jake has no feelings for Sam thanks to his amnesia. This means Sam’s heart may be broken in an all new way. Patrick will be there for her and he fears that Sam will do to him what he did to Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo] when Robin came back.

This is another love quadrilateral that will be fascinating to watch. Since Patrick and Liz are also close, they may talk about how to salvage the relationship they want to be in – but the targets of their affection may not like this. There’s also a potential for Patrick and Liz to hook up if Jake and Sam settle on each other rather than sticking with the current coupling.

#4 Sabrina and Michael + Julian and Alexis
Sabrina and Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] will continue to heat up. Castillo is pregnant in real life, but so far they’re covering up the pregnancy on the show. However, there’s still time for them to write in an unexpected pregnancy for the two young lovers (but hopefully not). They will continue to grow closer and deepen their romance as they work on ELQ and the clinic project.

Julian Jerome [William deVry] and Alexis Quartermaine [Nancy Lee Grahn] will also amp up their relationship. Alexis is determined to believe in her man and keeps looking past the lies – and the obvious clues that he’s keeping things from her. Likely she’s distracted by that stunningly hot body of his and is willing to take what she can get. Could a wedding be in store for these two?

#5 All the Young’uns
While the new co-headwriters have said they are going to dramatically cut back on storylines featuring the kids (the under-teens like Nicolas, Emma, Josslyn, etc) but will expand romantic plots for the older teens and young 20s in Port Charles. Look for lots of drama to come between Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] and Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] who will be single and ready to mingle soon.

And now that Kristina Corinthos-Davis [Lexi Ainsworth] is back, the mob princess will be pursuing all sorts of hot guys – including TJ Ashford [Tequan Richmond] – who will be living under the same roof with the vixen at Chez Corinthos. Molly Lansing Davis [Haley Pullos] won’t like that and we can expect some steamy love triangle action there.

Don’t miss a moment of General Hospital – Carlivati’s last scripted days are winding down and, beginning in September, we’ll finally start seeing scenes written by Passanante and Altman. Can’t wait! Lots more romance, a big plot that involves all the legacy families together, Jake’s reveal coming and Morgan’s spiral into mental illness is building. Be sure to come back to CDL so you don’t miss any ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, gossip or news.