Graceland Season 3 Finale Recap: Sarkissians Shuts Down But Jakes Off the Rails

Graceland Season 3 Finale Recap: Sarkissians Shuts Down But Jakes Off the Rails

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with an all new Thursday September 17 season 3 finale called, “No Old Tigers.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode in the Season 3 finale, the agents struggle in the aftermath of the gang war; and Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) tracks down a loose end in order to bring Ari Adamian to justice.

On the last episode as the feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang escalated to uncharted heights, Briggs’ (Daniel Sunjata) motives were finally revealed, and Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) hunt for the Sarin gas held hundreds of lives in the balance. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “while the agents of Graceland struggle in the aftermath of the gang war, Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) must track down the final loose end he needs to bring Ari Adamian (guest star Rhys Coiro) to justice.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great premiere and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EDT! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight.

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The season finale of #Graceland starts with Jakes putting the cash back in the bag while Courtney kisses him. Briggs delivers a report to Logan who says it’s fabricated. Briggs says that’s not true. He reads off facts from the report and confirms them. Logan says Briggs set up the series of events that occurred but Briggs says no. He says he let Ari burn him and asks how he thinks he would sign off on this BS.

He throws the report at Briggs. Briggs says if he doesn’t put that file through, Martun will walk away – one of the world’s biggest arms dealers. Briggs reminds Logan that he offered him a simplification and said to bring down a big fish or go to jail. Briggs says they’re in this together now. Logan glares and says Mike has to sign off on the report. Mike reads the report and says no, it’s perjury.

Briggs says this is about keeping Martun off the streets. He asks Briggs if he thinks he’s an idiot and Briggs says he bought the canister at a Hollywood prop store. He says Gusti will be sent to Gitmo if he signs this. Briggs reads off a list of the crimes the crew committed including Mike’s addiction and the murder at Graceland they cleaned up. Briggs asks Mike if he wants to burn the whole house.

Briggs goes to Ari’s bar where techs are working the scene but they tell him no evidence yet on where Ari might be hiding. Soto Street has a van parked out front casing the place also looking for signs of Air. ]Charlie greets Jakes and Paige and Johnny are there too. He says Courtney thinks she’s a money launderer out of Miami. Charlie asks how that happened. He says it just happened that way and Paige asks who those are and he says they need to pretend to be his criminal associates.

Jakes asks them not to screw this up for him. He points her out and Johnny says damn. Courtney tells them a crazy story about a naked guy running around the hotel and climbing on a Jag and calling for Toby. She says he kicked in the windshield. Courtney asks them about drugs and their business. Jakes orders Charlie a birthday cake and drink and Paige and Johnny apologize for forgetting. They toast and tease her about her age. Later they tell him that Courtney seems cool.

They ask Jakes where it will go from here and he says he’ll figure things out. They load bags into the car – they notice he has one really heavy bag. He says he brought some extra stuff home. He takes the bag to Briggs and says it’s $9 mill. Briggs says it’s a big ask. Jakes says he’s tired of Briggs asking too much and says there are no more favors ever. He says he used to like and respect him and tells Briggs that’s done now too. Briggs gets a call but Jakes is already walking out.

It’s the agents and they tell him they found Ari and ask about calling the FBI. Briggs says he’ll take care of it personally. Back at the house, Paige tells the others her dad never let them have a Christmas tree and Johnny says she needs a real Christmas. Mike comes in and asks where Brigg is. He says he’s not signing off on the report. He says manufacturing events is not okay. Jakes says he’s done with Briggs’ lying ass and Johnny says Briggs did it for good reason. Mike reminds them about Colby and Gusti.

He asks Mike if he’s going to report it and Mike says everything and says they should all get lawyers. Charlie asks what he means. Jakes says he can burn Briggs if he wants to but needs to leave them out. Jakes says he’s not going to prison and calls him an idiot. Mike says he should be mad at Briggs not him. Jakes says he’s lost his mind and stomps off. Charlie tells Mike he’s out of line but Paige sides with Mike. She says they all act like they’re above the law. Johnny says they’re the good guys.

Paige says they’re acting like criminals. Jakes comes in with the bag of money and says if Briggs wants to go, let him go. He says six years ago he moved to LA to follow his kid and mom but says she didn’t want him there. He says he hung around to keep them safe. He says he checked out the neighborhood and found out they were living next door to a convicted sex offender. We see the sex perv hanging out near his son and says he couldn’t sleep or eat.

He says he was drinking heavily then one night went to pay the guy a visit. He says he put the fear of God into him. Then we see him holding a gun on the guy but then the guy denied it all. He says he wasn’t trying to change he was just waiting until he could take advantage of his son. He says he took away the option. We see Jakes pistol whip the guy to death. He says he called Briggs and he showed up to help him clean up the mess. He says he went home and let Briggs deal with it.

He says he doesn’t even know what he did with the body. He says Briggs kept him out of prison and now he owes him the same. They ask where he got the cash and Jakes says it’s $9 million from the money laundering. Charlie says they are not running off with ATF money or going to jail. They break into a major argument. Paige says this is what they’ve become and tells Mike she understands no matter what he decides. Jakes says he’s not going to prison and storms out. Charlie tries to talk reason to Jakes.

Later, Briggs goes to where Ari is holed up. Ari has a gun out and asks what the hell he’s doing there. Jakes is in the bathroom looking in the mirror. He gets the scissors and cuts off all his dreads. He’s sniffling. Next he shaves his head. Courtney is there and says she told him it would look good. They cuddle and he asks what’s important to her. He says order is important to him but says order doesn’t last and says it’s like skywriting. She asks what he’s talking about.

He asks what’s important to her? Money? Truth? Justice? She says it’s not money. She says it’s nice but isn’t happiness and says it’s maybe less inconvenience or less unhappiness. She says someone who makes her smile is important. He sits up and asks if she wants to do something really stupid. Ari asks how Briggs found him and he says a junkie spotted the car. He says he has a place where he can lie low. He says the FBI raided his crib and he got shoot and is lucky that’s all it was.

Ari says everything was fine until Briggs shows up but he tells him they still have options. Ari says his family is gone, no money, Martun is locked up and Soto Street is gunning for him. Briggs says man up and rewrite the playbook. Ari says that’s the shit talk that got him into this in the first place and calls Briggs a whispering snake. Briggs says they need to go. Soto Street pulls up in two vans and takes shots at them. They run. Ari is out of ammo. Ari tells Briggs to follow him and he limps along.

Ari is shot just as Briggs runs out of ammo. They grab guns from the guys that are down and keep firing back even though both are now injured. The fire fight rages on. Briggs takes a shot to the arm. They are backed into a literal corner. They shoot anyone who comes close and Ari says he was never shot before and it stings. They slide to the floor and check ammo. Briggs says he’s got five and Ari says this is not good. Ari asks what’s the plan. He says to wait.

Mike goes to the FBI and hands over a signed report. Logan says he didn’t think he’d make the right decision and Mike says that’s just another in a long line of wrong decisions. Mike says when this started, Logan told him he was responsible for too many deaths so he set out to change it. Then he lists off all the recent deaths. Logan says fights have collateral damage. Mike says all of those people would be alive if not for Logan and if there was justice in the world, he’d pay but instead Logan comes out looking good.

Mike says he has demands. He goes to talk to Gusti who says he wanted the money and didn’t know what he was doing. Then he says Mike lied to him. Gusti says maybe he did something terrible in another life. Mike asks how he can still believe in karma. He says this was all Briggs. Gusti says Mike was a better person when he believed in something. Mike says he’s putting him on a bus to LAX. He says he’s free and leaves the door ajar. He sees that Mike left him a bag with a passport and cash.

Mike sees a flock of red birds fling away as he leaves the FBI. Ari and Briggs are hanging in there but it’s not pretty. Ari says he needs to get right and says he’s not dying there. He says at some point the Soto Street guys have to eat and sleep then they’ll make their move. Briggs says when he was a kid he went to the zoo and they saw the oldest tiger in captivity. He says it was 22 and it’s a lot of years for a tiger. He says his knees and eyes were bad and they fed him by hand. Briggs says it was sad that they took that beautiful animal out of the jungle and put it there to watch it wither.

Briggs says maybe this is best because tigers aren’t meant to get old. Ari says he can be fatal if he wants, but he’s going to live to fight another day. They hear shouting and shots. It’s Charlie and the crew. They came to save his ass. They call out to Briggs. He and Ari walk out of the room. Johnny is decorating a Christmas tree when Jakes comes in. He says it’s for Charlie’s party. He laughs at Jake’s shaved head and says he looks like a Mexican like him now. He says he and Charlie talked and tells Johnny to move.

Johnny says it’s not his money and tells Jakes to look at him. He says they will come for him – all the agencies including them. Jakes says to let them come. Jakes says he hasn’t been happy in years and says he has no life and can’t even see his kid. Jakes says this house is full of backstabbers and liars and they’re going to prison. Johnny says Mike will sign off on the report but Jakes says he just wants Courtney. Johnny says she doesn’t know him and says he’s been there.

He says you can’t start a life on a lie. Jakes says he’ll walk out the door and Johnny says he can’t let him do it. They grapple and Jakes punches him. Then Johnny hits back. They knock the tree over and Jakes gets the best of Johnny. He tells Jakes not to do this. Jakes says he loves him and always will but he grabs the bag of cash and leaves. Paige and Charlie have the Soto Street guys at gun point. They tell him they pinged his phone. Ari comes out and shoots the Soto Street guys.

He comes at them and Charlie shoots Ari in the leg. They tell him they have to get Briggs to the hospital. Paige says they can’t bring Ari in because it will blow the report to shreds. Charlie says they can’t bury another body and reminds them they’re FBI. Briggs tells Charlie to just go downstairs. Ari is in pain and whimpering but also angry. Jakes waits outside Courtney’s hotel room door and she looks at him then he says – let’s go. The women go downstairs and Briggs tells Ari to sit up.

Ari curses at him but drags himself upright. He says he knew from the moment he met him something was wrong. He says he treated Briggs like family and says they’re the same. Briggs says he understands Ari but says they are not the same. He tells Ari that he’s a psychopath. Ari reminds Briggs he has a lot of blood on his hands. Briggs says this is called karma and says Ari put himself in this position. Ari says this is BS and says he was born into this life but Briggs chose it and calls him a pretender.

He says he feels sorry for him and Briggs says someone has to clean up after guys like him. Ari spits in his face and calls him a bad actor. He pulls out a pack of smokes and lights one up. He throws the match at Briggs then inhales deeply. Briggs aims the gun at him and Ari tells him he was right about one thing. No old tigers. Briggs shoots. Downstairs, Charlie flinches and then Briggs limps back downstairs. Ari is dead and there’s a mess of Soto Street guys all around him.

Later, the three of them go home and find Mike and Johnny sitting on the floor in the wreckage of the tree. Mike glares at Briggs who hobbles away from his scrutiny. Charlie hugs Johnny while Briggs sets the tree back upright. Mike stares out the window. Paige stares off the other way looking shell shocked. Briggs sits at the fireplace in pain from his wounds. They are all apart from each other except Charlie and Johnny who comfort each other.