Grey’s Anatomy Recap ‘Time Stops’: Season 11 Episode 23

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 'Time Stops': Season 11 Episode 23

Tonight on ABC Grey’s Anatomy returns with a great all new Thursday May 7, season 11 episode 23 titled “Time Stops.” On tonight’s episode, a disaster unfolds and demands the doctors’ attention, forcing them to put their grieving aside for a time.

On the last episode, we saw how Meredith and the doctors coped after they learn the news of Derek’s death. Meanwhile, April made a shocking decision that Jackson could not understand, and Bailey and Ben argued over their future. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “the doctors of Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital are forced to put their emotions aside when a catastrophic event occurs.”

This episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11 episode 23 at 9 PM EST!

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Things change. It’s a fact that’s also kind of an inevitable part of life. So why is someone like Meredith taking so long to catch up?

Meredith prides herself on being tough and in all honesty she’s had her fair share of upheaval and heartbreak before. But apparently time stopped for her when Derek died. And now she’s slowly struggling to find her way.

However the hospital isn’t the same place she left. It’s not her “safe place” anymore. And everywhere she looks there are new invaders. There are new surgical interns coming in and it seems like everyone that Meredith had left have in turned moved on with their lives. So Meredith is wondering where she fits.

And though she’s still unsure about what’s next, for both herself and for her family, the doctor in Meredith was allowed to get back to work.

A massive piled up happened at the nearby tunnel. Hence the hospital is on high alert. They have to keep an easy rotation in the emergency room and a couple of the doctors were chosen to go out to the scene. Meredith being one of them.

But Richard didn’t pick her to go because she was ready for that sort of thing. He actually picked her out of pity. And when Bailey attempted to call him on that – he told her that Meredith, more than anyone else, deserved to do.

Nevermind that she hadn’t been cleared for duty. Richard felt she should go so she went. And Richard didn’t think Catherine should come to help, especially on their wedding day, yet she showed.

Catherine knew that all available hands were needed. And that’s why they chose to get help from another doctor that was seen helping at the scene. Even though this doctor hadn’t been vetted and Owen basically told him to just put on a robe.

And, unfortunately, that’s not the first questionable decision that Owen would go on to make!

A patient came in that desperately needed surgery. However all the rooms were booked and so the doctors had to make a quick decision in order to save him. Now Jackson believed they should have stayed with the traditional methods but Owen and eventually people that backed Owen overruled Jackson.

Owen had heard about suspended animation from earlier experimentations and thus he was able to convince others into believing that was the best possibly alternative. Yet he failed to mention that experiments he was referring to, in which such an operation worked, weren’t done on humans. Meaning Owen was using a teenage patient as guinea pig and he was going to get away with it if Jo hadn’t caught him in the act.

The teenager they had been working on was in town checking out colleges with his friends. It seems they’re nerds so their parents trusted them out on their own. And later when these same self-described nerds heard what was happening – they did a quick internet search and found out that Owen was killing their friend in hopes of bringing him back to life.

And those kids didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Nor that matter did Catherine. Because Catherin tried to stop Owen from carrying out the surgery but once he had the interim Chief given him the go ahead then there was nothing either Catherine or Jackson could do. You know other than take it out on the Chief/Catherine’s fiancée.

And that was simply another thing the hospital couldn’t deal with.

At the start of the day, Catherine was excited about getting married and even when the wedding had to be postponed – she was fine with it. She donated their wedding brunch to the hospital as a special treat. And she showed up for work.

Then Richard overruled her and now she wants to look at other alternatives for a permanent Chief.

And as for Meredith, she did return from being out by the accident. Yet she came back only to get into a fight with Amelia. Apparently, when Amelia saw how Meredith was able to walk away from a patient she couldn’t help – it reminded her of what happened to Derek. And as Derek’s sister, she still has some unresolved issues with the way Meredith just pulled the plug without consulting her.

But Owen’s plan did at least work. He saved a patient’s life with his risky surgery and it proved that such surgery could work. However that doctor that he “allowed” to work on a patient was actually another intern. An intern that was late for work by the way.

So there is that.

In addition, Jo is seriously considering in enlisting in the military and she tried to get Alex to join her. But Alex said he had roots in Seattle. Meredith is back and he wants everything to go back to normal. Even if that means Jo had to live without him.

Thus there is a lot going on going on with the doctors and yet they still have to come together to work on possibly one of their toughest case. There’s a patient that was trapped in the car and his pregnant girlfriend had recently given birth. So the doctors want to help but initially Meredith didn’t think they could.

April, though, found a way. She literally got a tow truck to bring him to the hospital without extracting him from the crushed vehicle.

So, can they save this man’s life?