Hart Of Dixie Recap – “61 Candles”: Season 4 Episode 8

Hart Of Dixie Recap - "61 Candles": Season 4 Episode 8

Hart Of Dixie returns to the CW tonight with an all new Friday March 6, Season 4 episode 8 called “61 Candles,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Zoe [Rachel Bilson] and Wade [Wilson Bethel] seek an heirloom for their child.

On the last episode, Zoe caught Wade flirting with some women and asked him to rein in his overly charming behavior, so he turned to Lavon for guidance. Meanwhile, Lemon was caught off guard by someone from her past; and George and Annabeth struggled to find a new experience. Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Zoe and Wade seek an heirloom for their child. Meanwhile, Brick’s birthday gets forgotten, so Lavon and Wade try to make it up to him by inviting him on a fishing trip; and George’s parents are surprised by the big changes in his life.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!


On #HartOfDixie Zoe is trying to get a diaper genie off the shelf and calls for Frank. She knocks it down with a plunger and then sees Lemon at the store. She asks about Scarlett and says she’s adorable and she’s enjoying her. Lemon says the diaper genie was reserved by her two days ago for Tom and Wanda. Zoe tells Frank she could go into labor if she has to drive to Mobile to buy them a gift. Lemon is annoyed and Frank offers her a giant one eyed teddy bear.

George asks AB for dinner and she says breakfast too but then Reverend Mayfair is there and he recommends a new restaurant. George gets a text about Meatball and says he got him a meeting with a record label. Meatball goes to hug him but George says he has to go. He kisses AB and runs off. Wade and Zoe visit with Tom and Wanda who have a newborn and they say they’ve had no sleep. They want Zoe to look at her and Zoe asks Wade to pass the baby to her but he’s nervous because he’s never held a baby. He cuddles her then passes her over to Zoe.

Lavon runs into Lemon with the one eyed teddy bear that now has an eye patch. They make small talk then she goes to talk to AB. She tells Lemon that Lavon is waiting on her to make a move. The reverend agrees but Lemon says it needs to be like the perfect movie moment. Zoe tells the new parents their little girl is perfect. Zoe loves the rocking chair and Wanda says it’s a family heirloom. Zoe gets teary. Brick comes in and Shelby asks if he can watch the baby.

He asks Magnolia to help but she’s off with Scarlett for a manicure. Brick tells Ethel that no one has mentioned his birthday and he wonders if there’s a surprise party being planned. He gets a text about a town meeting and thinks that’s his surprise party. He says they need to go get ready. At the town meeting, Lavon says they’re going to all pitch in and help Tom and Wanda since they are exhausted and broke. Brick is surprised that it’s really a town meeting.

Lavon draws some of Tom’s jobs from a jar and AB gets Tom’s job as George’s legal assistant. She’s thrilled. Zoe tells Wade she’s sad that their baby will have no heirloom. Wade says he’ll try to find something. Brick is told he has to fill in as a clown at a kid’s birthday party tomorrow. Lavon says barn duty goes to Zoe. She says she can’t be near animal feces and Lavon says she can have the library duty while Lemon has to go to the barn. She curses Zoe and goes to the barn in horror.

She’s horrified to hear the barn flooded then slides into mud and poop. Lavon is there and they pet a llama. He tells her she makes mud look good. They almost have a moment then she tells him that she was waiting on a perfect moment but says she can’t wait anymore and tells him she loves him. They kiss and everyone applauds. Aww… Wade and Zoe head back to Lavon’s and they wonder where’s breakfast. They wonder if Lavon had an emergency mayor thing.

Wade says he’ll make her breakfast. He tells her he went to Earl’s and he had a neon beer sign he used to hang over Wade’s bed. Lavon comes in wearing PJs and with a box of pastries. He says he had a big night and Zoe screams when she sees Lemon also in PJs. Zoe tries to hide her disdain. Lemon makes Zoe move her feet then takes her buttermilk muffin. She tells Zoe not to play the pregnant card with her. Zoe says it’s Lavon’s house and she’s thrilled for them both.

Then Zoe grabs the muffin, licks and runs out screaming – all’s fair in love and pastry. Lavon and Wade are not loving the dynamic. Shelby tells Brick she and Ethel have to do a baby class. Magnolia says she has to help at the Dixie Stop. He asks if they have anything else to say to him. Shelby says to remember to get the clown costume for the kid’s birthday party. They leave and Brick says – they frigging forgot my birthday.

AB is at George’s law office filling in for Tom. She unbuttons her blouse and he says she’s so much better at this than Tom then Harold and Cora come in and his mother is horrified. They are thrilled. Ab is glad they’re thrilled but needs to get her blouse buttoned. Zoe tells Wade that Lemon drives her insane. Lavon tells Lemon that Zoe is his best friend. They each talk to their lady about finding a way to get along. They both agree to get along.

Lemon says to tell her dad about them so he doesn’t hear about it on the blog and then demands a kiss. Brick is in the clown costume and is upset because the kids threw cookies at him because he could only make two balloon animals. He has to get out of Blue-Ber taxi because the guy wants to go to the bookie. That leaves him walking in his clown outfit on the side of the road. Zoe and Lemon try to be nice to each other at The Butter Stick. Zoe invites her on a girl date and says Lemon can pick the place.

Lemon says they can go the restaurant supply store. Zoe says no then invites her to a lecture on kidney stones. She says no. Then a guy hands out a flier for a mobile spa and they agree to meet there in an hour. Wade goes to see Zoe’s Aunt Winnie about an heirloom for Zoe and asks about something of Harley’s. Winnie says they gave his stuff to charity because they didn’t know he had a kid. Winnie says she thinks he had a couple of Norman Rockwell prints at he office. She tells him to ask Brick where they got to.

Lavon comes to see Tom and Wanda. Then Tom says they’re all booberheads. He says thanks to everyone’s generosity his personal reputation is going to crap. He tells him everyone is doing a bad job at all his jobs. Tom says to tell Wanda that he’ll be back and says he’s going to go provide for his family. George and AB are with his parents and he doesn’t want AB to tell them about him managing Meatball and the Truitts. He says he has to go to the record label meeting. They make dinner plans with them.

Zoe and Lemon are at the portable spa. Zoe brought a magazine to break the ice and Lemon brought a list of demands. She thought it was a sit down like a mafia negotiation. Zoe asks what’s on it. Lemon says she wants breakfast alone with Lavon three days a week. Lemon wants Sunday dinners but Zoe says that’s when they watch So You Think You Can Dance. Brick is unhappy to run into George’s parents at the Rammer Jammer. He sits at the bar drinking whiskey in his outfit.

The Truitts overhear that George’s parents are in the RJ and go to introduce them. AB is in The Butter Stick and hides from George’s parents. They tell her they just met the Truitts. She eats some cruller so she doesn’t have to talk. Lavon asks how Brick is doing and he says he’s in a clown suit drinking his lunch. Lavon asks to take him fishing and Wade asks to go along. Brick thinks this is about his birthday and agrees to go with them.

Lemon and Zoe argue over Lavon. Zoe says she doesn’t want anything to change and says Lavon is the closest thing she has to family in Bluebell. She says she never knew Harley and thinks about him every day and how she blew him off at graduation. She says she doesn’t have a single thing of his to pass down and nothing to tell him about his grandfather. She starts to cry and stomps off. Brick thinks they’re taking him to a party and Wade and Lavon wonder why he’s in a suit under his fishing vest.

They get to the fishing hole and Brick is disappointed that they’re actually fishing. Lavon asks Brick if he’s okay. He tells them to shut up and fish. They’re mystified. Tom chews out his replacement driver and takes over the car but the poor guy is too tired. George and Meatball meet with the rep for Big Machine Records. She tells Meatball that she’s hoping to offer a record deal and says she’ll be in touch. She leaves and they jump around. Then AB comes in with his parents.

Harold says he does look a bit like a Meatball. Meatball says everyone says that. Shelby is over at Wanda’s offering lots of baby clothes for her. Shelby starts doing her star chart. Zoe rants to Frank about Lemon monopolizing her best friend. Frank says they are lovers. Zoe says to not use that word while she’s eating ice cream. Brick is annoyed with the bugs. Lavon and Wade sit on either side of him. Lavon says Brick is smart and wise. Wade says he’s all that and wants to name a drink after him at the RJ.

Brick likes that idea and Wade says Brick brought him into this world and it’s the least he can do. Wade asks about the Norman Rockwell prints. Brick says he sold them at a charity auction and they went for a mint. Wade says Lavon is a great guy and any lady would be lucky to have him. Brick asks what’s going on. Lavon says he’s dating Lemon and loves her. Brick asks which daughter and he says Lemon. Then Brick says he wants his blessing and Wade wants some painting. Brick calls them nitwits.

He says this is all about them and says today is about everyone else. Wade asks what’s going on and he says today is his birthday. He calls them horse puckeys and leaves. Shelby thought today was the 15th and realizes when she does the star chart that she missed Brick’s birthday. She texts Magnolia who’s with Ethel. Zoe sees Tom asleep at the wheel of his VW headed for the portable spa. He runs right into it and tips it over. Zoe drops her ice cream and races over.

Zoe calls out for Lemon. Lemon runs up. They were both in a panic when they thought the other one was hurt. They call for Zoe to look at Tom but he’s just asleep, not hurt. Harold asks George if music management is his hobby. Then he asks what AB thinks. AB says he’s full of it. She says what he’s doing is damned impressive. She says he took four country bumpkins and made them into musicians. She says he’s good at this and hasn’t seem him this passionate about anything.

George says he’s passionate about her. Harold asks why he didn’t tell him and George says he didn’t want him to be mad. Harold says he came to tell him some news. He says he was forced into early retirement at his firm after all his years of hard work. Harold says he’s proud of George and Cora agrees. Zoe tells Tom he has to get some sleep. Lemon says they will take care of anything else. Zoe and Lemon agree to reorganize his jobs so they’re done better.

Zoe says she’ll give up Mondays. Lemon says Zoe can have breakfast every day. Lemon gets a text and mock curses. She says they all forgot Brick’s birthday. Zoe says she’s never going to get a raise at this rate. Brick says everyone forgot his birthday. Wade says people do crazy things for love and says they need to go to Fancies. Brick says he doesn’t want to go and pretend to be surprised at some crappy last minute party. Lavon says he has to or his girls will feel even worse.

Brick practices his surprised face and they tell him to take it down a notch. Brick does a good surprise face at his party. Shelby says she’s so sorry. Magnolia says she’d be steaming. Brick says they’ve all been busy. He tells Magnolia she has a new little sister and says Lemon has been falling in love. Brick says he appreciates the lovely party. George has Meatball there for entertainment. Lemon gives a thumbs up and Brick say she loves Meatball.

Zoe and Lemon tell Wade and Lavon about the mobile spa and how they were each worried about each other. Lavon and Wade smile at this evolution. Harold and Cora are grooving to Meatball. George asks if AB really meant what she said about his music managing. She says she’s super proud of him and George says he’s falling for her. She returns the sentiment. Lavon brings Brick a glass of wine and Brick says he approves of him and Lemon and asks how they ended up an item out of nowhere.

Wade dances with baby Ethel and Lemon tells Zoe that Harley was a really nice guy and says she can talk to her about him any time. Zoe says it’s sweet and then Lemon hands her a little wooden toy duck. She says Harley made it for her when she was a little girl. She says she doesn’t want it cluttering up her apartment and thought Zoe might like it. Zoe hugs her and Lemon even hugs her back.