Hawaii Five-0 Recap 11/20/15: Season 6 Episode 9 “Hana Keaka”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap 11/20/15: Season 6 Episode 9 "Hana Keaka"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday November 20, season 6 episode 9 called, “Hana Keaka.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Five-0 goes back to school when a college professor is killed.

On the last episode, Five-0 worked with a charming con man to find a killer, after his female partner was murdered on the job. Meanwhile, San Francisco police inspector Abby Dunn helped Chin investigate the murders of five Chinese arm dealers. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Five-0 goes back to school when a college professor is killed and Danny goes undercover as his replacement.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#H50 starts with in an economics class at an Oahu college. Danny writes Professor Jeffries on the board and says he’s the new teacher. Eric comes in late playing at being a dumb college kid and Danny chews him out for his tardiness. A student asks what happened to Professor Thomas and if he’s coming back. He says he doesn’t think so. We see the day before, a woman goes to check on her pigs and asks what they’re eating and why they’re so riled up.

She goes in the pen and then gasps. It’s a dead guy. Steve tells Lou that he has techs wiping the servers and says HPD sent this and shows Lou a photo of Hank dead in the prison yard and they wonder if Gabriel found out they know about the virus. Danny says they just lost their best shot at nailing Gabriel. At the beach, Kamekona is doing a brisk business and sees a guy getting rude with Nahele. The man tells him to think about what he said and walks off.

Kamekona asks who’s the loser and Nahele says it’s his dad. Steve and Danny meet Kono who says the DA offered Adam 24 months for the two kills and says he may take the deal instead of fighting it. Chin is there and says the pigs ate a lot of him. Danny says this is an old organized crime trick since pigs will eat a whole body including bone. Max says the guy died between 10 pm and midnight. He spots a thumb and that means they can get a print. He wipes it off and scans it.

Max gets a hit and says the man is Elliot Thomas, a local professor. Kono says she’s off bacon now. Lou and Steve are at the university talking to Dean Letoa who says they found Thomas’ car which had been there overnight and some of his belongings are spilled on the ground so they think he was taken there. He says there are no cameras there due to upgrades and says Thomas had a lecture at 8 pm. They see that someone keyed his car and Letoa says a number of people had issues with Thomas.

Chin shows Abby and the team that student reviews ranked Thomas the lowest. They rate him at 8% and call him a dictator who’s worse than the guy from Whiplash. Kono shows up and says she talked to Duke and Thomas’s house had been vandalized. A brick was thrown through the window that says – die. There’s a print but they didn’t get a match. Steve says there’s a new personnel opening at the college and Danny has a minor in business.

Danny says no and that no one will buy him as a stuffy economics professor and Lou says Danny seems like a curmudgeon. They then come up with the idea to use Eric as an undercover college student. He’s thrilled since it’s a known party college. He says he’s going all in and they tell him not to be stupid. He buys some idiot Millennial clothes and looks like a moron. He’s got a backwards hat and makes a fake student ID in the HPD lab and heads to the campus.

Danny says Eric’s college idiot disguise is perfect. Danny is getting dressed for his professor role. Kono tells Eric to focus on memorizing names and pics of the students so he knows who to get in with. Eric spots a chick Tiffany and says even if she killed him, he’s still marry her. Now, when the students hear that Thomas is not coming back, they cheer but then Danny has a pop quiz and says after that they can go home.

Steve goes to see Nahele and asks about his dad who wants custody of him. Steve says this is just a hearing but Nahele says he’d rather live on the streets than with his dad. Danny collects the quizzes and Tiffany asks if he’ll keep the same offices hours then says she can use some “one on one” help. Danny says his door is open for class-related talks. Eric comes down last and says he bombed the quiz but is murdering the undercover thing. He tells him all the stuff he’s doing and Danny says don’t be too eager.

Danny seals the quizzes in a bag and calls Eric ‘Jumpstreet’ then says focus on the keg party since the drunkenness will get tongues wagging. Eric says great class then takes off. Max introduces himself to Abby when she and Steve come into the lab. He put the remains back together best he could and says he found a single gunshot wound to the chest, likely the heart which was eaten which means the pigs at the bullet. Abby says they need the pig poop.

Max says pigs eat their own poop so they have to be watched. Steve calls Jerry who tells Chin and Abby that this is real cop work. He says he’ll call CSU as soon as he sees the magic bullet. He sits and watches the pigs root around. Chin opens the car door for Abby who laughs and says no one has opened a door for her ever, not even on a date. Chin says he was raised to be a gentleman and she says it’s a good thing and her dad was always chivalrous.

Kono gets a call from Danny and she says they are half done with the prints and asks her to run Brandon Akino. He says Brandon ran out of the assembly when he heard that the professor is dead. Kono says they have a match. Lou and Steve head to the locker room and find Brandon Aquino ranting at the coach and Brandon says the coach killed Thomas. Steve tells Brandon they found his prints on the note thrown through the professor’s window. He says he’s mad but wouldn’t kill him.

He says Coach Diggs blew up when he found out he was failing and told him he would take care of Thomas. Diggs tells Lou he talked to Thomas about cutting the kid some slack then he talked to the Board of Trustees about getting rid of Thomas so Brandon could play. He says this was supposed to be his last semester so Diggs had no reason to kill him. Tiffany tells Danny she’s broken up about Thomas’s death then says you have to make the most of the time you have.

She flirts heavily and sits on his desk. He gets a call and walks her out as he answers the phone. Steve says Brandon and the coach both have an alibi and Danny says he wants out of this. Steve says tons of people hate him and Steve calls him Professor Plum and tells him to go get them. Eric is playing Frisbee in the quad. Danny gives another lecture. He talks to other professors and meets with students during office hours. Kono shows Lou that Thomas bought a nail salon three months ago.

He refinanced his house to do it. She says he paid off the mortgage and got $3500 a week. He says the prior owner was foreclosed on so it’s odd. Danny tells Steve he’s talked to most of campus and this plan is not working. Steve asks about Eric and Danny says he’s having fun and at a keg party. A student tells Danny it was a great lecture. Steve says he’ll make them miserable soon. Steve goes to see Nahele’s dad Kaili. He says he heard Steve has been looking out for Nahele and thanks him.

Steve says he wants to talk about Nahele and says the custody case isn’t the right thing but Kaili says that’s his son. Steve says the kid doesn’t want to be with him. Kaili says Nahele was young when he went away and he wants to be with him. Steve says coming at him too hard won’t work. Kaili says he’s already missed eight years with him and he’s different now and wants to prove it to him since Nahele is all the family he’s got. Jerry reads Charlotte’s Web to the pigs while he waits.

He tells them to go ahead and defecate. He sees one pooping and says good job. He goes to check out the pile and flags the bullet for CSU. Steve meets Chin and Abby at the office and Chin asks about Nahele’s dad. He says the guy is saying all the right things but thinks Nahele is holding something back. They tell him the nail salon is a ghost town but it’s a front for something. They show him that Alfie Tucker, one of his students, worked there according to payroll records.

Steve goes to scoop up the kid from the kegger where Eric is full-on partying. Tiffany chats up Eric and he asks about Thomas. She says thank god he died and maybe now they can pass. Another girl says Danny is so hot and Eric says he’s old. Danny calls and Eric steps away to take the call. Danny sends him a photo and asks if he knows him he says it’s One Buck Tuck, the campus pot dealer. Danny says the guy and Thomas were working together and maybe were drug partners.

Lou and Steve go to Tuck’s dorm room and he’s not there. His roommate lets them search the place and he heads out scared. Lou says dorm life is so sketchy. Steve spots a poster on the ceiling and they pull it back and find a big bag of weed and a grow lamp – they wonder if the nail salon is the grow space. They head to the nail salon and hear a noise. They go in guns out and find Tuck preparing to torch the plants. They arrest him.

Tuck sees Danny and calls him Professor Jeffries. Tuck says the weed wasn’t his and he was burning it for a friend. Danny says they don’t care about the weed but want to know why he killed Thomas. He says he didn’t do that and says he was burning the pot so he wasn’t next. He says he only sold to friends then Thomas saw him and he thought he was going to expel him but then Thomas partnered with him since he was getting fired and this was his retirement plan.

He says some competitors didn’t like it. Danny asks for a name but Tuck says no way. Steve says the competition will kill him anyway. Tuck says he needs protection. They run in a guy who says kush is about to be legal and the whole island is a garden. Abby says the guy’s crew said the same thing. Steve says he doesn’t think this is their guy. Kono says the gun that shot Thomas was from a range. The range guy says the gun has been there the whole time and he goes to get a list of who used it.

They look at pics on the wall and see Tuck’s photo there. They go back to talk to him and Tuck says he took the gun by accident. Steve says that gun killed the professor and he was killed when he had the gun in his possession. Steve says he didn’t want to split the take with Thomas anymore. Danny shows him the bullet and says pigs can’t digest metal including lead bullets. Tuck hangs his head. Danny calls Eric and says the guy confessed. He tells Eric the fun is over and get back to work.

Danny says good job and he’s proud of him. He says get your ass back here. Eric sees Tiffany and makes a sad face. He says he has something to tell her. Abby is in the office when Chin comes in and asks why she’s still there. She says she’s doing a daily report and he offers her the use of his office. She says mahalo and then asks if she said it wrong. He says she nailed it. He smiles and leaves her there working in his spot.

The judge in Nahele’s case says she has looked over everything and says Nahele will go home with Kaili. Nahele walks out of the court. Steve follows to talk to him. Nahele says he doesn’t care what the judge said – they can’t make me live with him but Steve says they can. He asks what Nahele isn’t telling him. Nahele thinks back to his dad leaving him in the car while he and a friend get out of the car. They are near a forest. He hears a gunshot then his dad comes back alone.

He tells his son to put on his seat belt and promises him shaved ice. Now, the cops go to where they were and find the skeleton of a gunshot victim. Steve tells Kono to send Duke to pick up Nahele’s dad.