Hawaii Five-0 Recap – Art, Seafood and a Shooting: Season 5 Episode 11 “Ua ‘aihue (Stolen)”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - Art, Seafood and a Shooting: Season 5 Episode 11 "Ua 'aihue (Stolen)"

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday January 9, season 5 episode 11 called, “Ua ‘aihue (Stolen)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when a tourist is killed after unknowingly transporting a stolen Van Gogh, an undercover Kono [Grace Park] and Chin [Daniel Dae Kim]  enter the world of black market priceless art and are taken hostage.

On the last episode, Five-0 enlisted the help of an old-school private detective to solve the murder of a young woman who was secretly working as an escort. William Forsythe guest starred as the old-school private detective. Doug Savant and Eric Roberts also guest starred. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a tourist is killed after unknowingly transporting a stolen Van Gogh, an undercover Kono and Chin enter the world of black market priceless art and are taken hostage. Also, McGarrett asks Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto to help train Kamekona to beat Chef Sam Choy in a shrimp cook-off.”

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It’s a beautiful day in Hawaii. We see the usual tourist stuff, hula girls, surfing and gorgeous beaches. A family gets to their hotel room and are awestruck at the view. Bryan tells his wife the trip was a long time coming. The kids start bugging them for candy and pay per view. Bryan tells his wife to take the kids downstairs for lunch then they’ll go for a swim. His wife says he’s dad of the year and they head downstairs. They leave and there’s a knock on the door.

He answers it and is shot. A guy enters the room and takes one of their suitcases then walks out. At Kamekona’s food truck, the cousins are arguing. Kamekona says Flippa has entered them in a shrimp cook off. He says it will explode their Yelp rating. The problem is, they’re up against Sam Chiny and Kamekona says it could destroy them. He’s outraged but Steve tells him to calm down and says he knows someone who can help. He says he’ll make a call.

Lou is clearing a path to allow the EMTs to take Bryan to the ambulance. Lou tells Chin they just arrived and it looks like a robbery. She says she didn’t pack her husband’s bag and it’s the only one missing. Chin wonders what was in the guy’s bag. The attacker ignored a bunch of other valuables in the room so it’s clear he just wanted the suitcase. Kono is there now and she heads to talk to Officer Kai about security cam footage.

He’s scrolling through security footage and tells her he’s in an exclusive relationship and is off the market in case she’s interested. (She’s clearly not) He spots the suitcase and they look at the tags and confirm that’s the guy. They pull out to try and get a look at the shooter. Lou tells Chin it’s touch and go with Bryan since the bullet is lodged near his heart. Chin has an xray scan of the bag from security. There is clothes, toiletries but nothing suspicious. They wonder if it was a straight hit on Wallace and the bag is a red herring.

Steve takes Kamekona to meet a local celebrity chef Morimoto. He tells the chef about his shrimp cook off and the iron chef tells him he’s not running a cooking school. Kamekona says it’s okay and goes to leave but then the iron chef hears them talking about Sam Chiny and says he will train him to decimate the guy. Steve leaves them to it and takes off. He gets a call from Lou who says the victim lost his job a few months ago and has no money for a vacation.

They talk to his wife and she has no clue that he lost his job. She says he promised the kids the trip. She says they’ve been talking about coming to Hawaii since they saw it on TV and last Christmas, he promised them. She says if he had told her about losing his job, she would have told him to cancel. Lou says the most important thing is that their husband get through this. They promise they’ll find out who did it. She says she’s going to go check with the doctors.

Steve asks Lou why a husband would keep his wife in the dark like that. Lou says it’s scary to think about not being able to take care of your family and might lead you to do something stupid. Steve wonders what else Bryan Wallace is hiding. Kono and Kai can’t get a look at the shooter’s face – he seemed to know where the cameras are. She sees that a kid had his phone out and wonders if he caught a shot of the guy. She goes to find the kid.

She finds the kid out by the pool and asks to see his phone. He says he wasn’t looking at dirty websites but she says she doesn’t care about that and only wants the lobby photos. He says he’ll trade for a photo of the two of them together. She agrees but says if she sees it online, he’s spending the rest of his puberty in jail. Kono calls and says they have a high end shooter called Jansen. The guy was supposedly smuggling art work but they didn’t find it on him.

Steve and Lou says Jansen must have slipped his smuggled items into Bryan’s bag and then shot him to get it back once he cleared security. Steve and Lou head to the airport to meet Nicole Booth – she was the one that tipped TSA about Lucas Jansen. She hands over her card – she’s an insurance agent and she asks to see Jansen now. They tell her they don’t have Jansen and that he hid the smuggled art in someone else’s bag then shot the guy to get it back.

Nicole says it’s worth $55 million – a Van Gogh painting of a vase of irises. Chin says Jansen was never charged with the theft but was investigated. She says Jansen is there to sell the piece. She says unloading it is the hardest part of art theft. There is a big art event going on this week and Nicole says there is a black market that goes along side with high profile art events. She says they have to find the middle man that’s brokering the deal.

Nicole says the guy they want is Gerard Hirsch, a respected art appraiser who’s actually a black market facilitator and a notorious perv. Steve says they need bait and looks at Kono who says, oh no. They dress her up sexy and send her off. She catches Gerard’s eye (guest star Willie Garson from White Collar and Sex in the City). They flirt and she says she has something to show him. Jerry shows up to make a scene and Steve has to cut him off before he speaks to Kono and blows her cover.

They introduce Jerry to Nicole and he says he’s there working a case too. Kono heads off with Gerard. Kamekona is with the iron chef working on his shrimp. Morimoto tells him he has to cook from his heart and says he needs to rediscover his passion. He spits out his shrimp and asks who his food inspiration was and he says Trigger Mike – the cook at the jail where he was. He says he learned to cook in prison on a hot plate run off a car battery. The chef tells Kamekona to show him that.

Kamekona brings in a car battery and a hot plate and cooks up some shrimp old school prison style. He’s cooking in a cut down can on a grim hot plate and sautes up some shrimp. He plates it and Morimoto tastes. He says that’s how he’ll beat Chin. He says they just need to refine his technique. Kono shows Gerard a painting she picked up and he says you can tell more by looking at the back and the frame. He looks over it and tells her it’s a good forgery, but a forgery.

She says she spent $80k of her company’s money on it and he says she can go after the seller, but if it was a cash deal, he’s long gone. She says her boss is going to fire her if he doesn’t kill her first. Gerard says he may have a solution and Kono says she’ll do anything. Gerard offers to vouch for the authenticity so you can sell it at auction and it becomes someone else’s problem. The cops bust in and Chin says they have him on fraud conspiracy.

Gerard says they need to look at Tom Emery, a private collector and Chins says his place is where you go to unload stolen art. Gerard is taking Chin and Kono with him. Steve and Lou will coordinate with SWAT and says they need to notify them when they see Jansen. Jerry calls Steve and asks him to meet him in the hallway. Jerry says he looked into Nicole and says she’s not who she says she is. He shows Steve a file.

Steve confronts Nicole and says he knows she’s a bounty hunter and that there are warrants out for her. She says it’s not just a payday, she’s returning things to their rightful owners. Steve says he’s trying to catch an attempted murderer and she’s after a payday. He tells her if they get Jansen, she can have the Van Gogh and her bounty as long as she is transparent and helps. She pledges her help and says she’ll tell them whatever she learns. They have her working with Jerry in the surveillance van.

She’s grossed out by being stuck in a van with him and he shows her the pee jar in case she needs to go. Lou tells him that’s disgusting and to put it away. They’re outside Emery’s place waiting to raid the party and get Jansen. Kono is there with Gerard and Chin is there too wearing glasses that are showing them what’s going on. Gerard gets them in with no problem and they clear security. Chin is looking around but hasn’t seen Jansen yet. Nicole scrolls the art work they see and says none are coming up as stolen.

Emery comes over and Gerard introduces Chin and Kono to him. Chin mentions he lost out on a $7 million bid today and says he would like to spend it today. Emery offers to show him the good stuff and takes him into a smaller private area. Nicole rattles off where each was stolen from and Emery says it’s human nature to want what you can’t have. A guy comes in and whispers to Emery who says he has business to attend to. Chin tells them that Jansen is there and SWAT rolls in.

Chin and Kono tell them they’re about to lose the eyes on Jansen and Emery. They lose signal and Jerry says he also lost cell service and someone is using a jammer. Metal plates drop down around party goers and then armed men shoot to scare the party guests. Jansen holds his gun on Emery and says it should be obvious, but this is a robbery. Lou tells Steve that every point of entry to the house is blocked. Nicole says Jansen is trading up and is stealing Emery’s whole pilfered collection.

Lou asks how Jansen got the armed men in and Jerry says how are they getting out. He says it’s as impenetrable as the Dreadfort but none of them get the Game of Thrones reference. Nicole offers to reach down to her contacts at security companies to see how they can override the metal doors. Hey are also worried that Kono and Chin would be the first shot if Jansen finds out they’re cops. Jerry goes to work trying to shut down the signal jammer.

Jansen’s men are taking paintings off the wall. Jansen tells one of his henchmen that the HPD was there faster than they should have been and wonders how they knew ahead of time. Jerry gets the jammer down and they talk to Chin who looks around to give them a view of all the shooters. Lou preps swat and Nicole says she got the schematics. She shows them the office and says it’s also a panic room. She says there’s an escape tunnel under it.

Steve says Jansen and his men must have come in through the tunnel and will go out that way. Jansen is told that the jammer is down and that there is a radio signal coming from inside the house. Jansen says they have cops in there and they start looking for the radio that’s in the room. Jerry tells Lou they have a problem and says the guy has a signal finder. They hone in on Chin and Kono and Jansen tells them to hand over their ear pieces. They do. He crushes them.

Jansen’s guy says there’s still a signal and he lifts off Chin’s glasses. He looks into it and says if anyone comes in there, the cops die first. Then he crushes the glasses too. They’ve got SWAT, cops and emergency personnel on site and are ready to nab the hostiles at the tunnel. Jansen and his crew have all the artwork packed up and they head into the office to escape through the tunnel. As soon as they’re gone, everyone backs away from a bag the guys left.

Steve says Jansen has been three steps ahead of them the whole way and wonders if he won’t be coming out of the tunnel since he knew about them. Jerry rewatches Jansen threaten to kill them first and he points out to Nicole that the shooters are all wearing patent leather shoes. Jerry says Jansen is coming out the front door. They pull out and head back to Emery’s mansion. The robbers all pull off their disguises and they are now dressed as waiters.

Jansen has his men turn off the security shut down. The bag in the private room starts to give off smoke and everyone scrambles for the door. The robbers mingle in with them and the cops have to hold their fire. They cuff Emery and let Gerard go and then realize the robbers have headed for an ambulance. Jansen’s men open fire and the cops return it. The ambulance takes off but is stopped by Jerry in the surveillance van. They drag Jansen out and Jerry says he caught the bad guy.

Nicole is there and watches them cart off the art thieves and would-be killers. Later, Nicole is leaving with the painting and thanks Steve for keeping his word and letting her return it to its owners. She heads off and he says she’s lucky that cops can’t get rewards. She asks about Bryan and he says he’s going to get a full recovery. She says she hopes his luck changes soon and Steve says he’ll tell him. Her private jet takes off as Steve gets a call.

Chin says the paintings were all decoys and the real ones are still in a vault in his house. Nicole didn’t tell them about the vault. Steve watches her plane take off and says there’s only one reason she’d do that. He goes into the vault and finds the Van Gogh. She says to see the reward gets to someone deserving and says she took the others to give back to their rightful owners. Bryan Wallace gets a $1.5 million reward check for the painting he was shot for and Steve says someone thought he was due for some good luck.

At Shrimpapalooza, the crew is there and they think Jerry for driving into Jansen’s ambulance. Steve says he’ll buy him lunch and Jerry reminds him it’s free. Jerry has his own bib and tells Lou he’s going to wish he had some. Sam Choy is there and greets Morimoto – turns out Choy took a restaurant location the iron chef wanted. Morimoto tells Kamekona he must crush him. He’s not sure but the iron chef tells him he can. We hear Eye of the Tiger play as the cooking begins.

The judges taste Kamekona and Flippa’s shrimp and then taste Choy’s. The winner of the cook off is announced as Kamekona and the crowd goes wild. Choy is shamefaced. The cops all high five his victory. Steve thanks Morimoto and he says he used his secret ingredient – sansho – a spicy pepper he dropped into Choy’s dish. He says cooking is combat and I don’t lose.