Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Dating Relationship Sparking Up Again: Hailey Baldwin Tweets ‘I Just Cannot Compete’ – Love Triangle Grows Vicious!

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Dating Relationship Sparking Up Again: Hailey Baldwin Tweets 'I Just Cannot Compete' - Love Triangle Grows Vicious!

Selena Gomez seemed happy and carefree recently after being spotted holding hands and spending time with DJ Zedd, giving fans the impression that she may finally be over Justin Bieber for good – right at the time he cooled his relationship with Hailey Baldwin. Up to this point, Selena played plenty of games, pretending to have moved on, but really just plotting to win back on-and-off ex Justin Bieber. This time actually seemed different, however, and many believed that Selena finally woke up and realized that she just couldn’t make things work with Justin, especially after seeing him spending time with model Hailey Baldwin.

But just as Selena felt confident in moving on, Justin began cooling things off with Hailey. And after Hailey’s recent post, we may be learning even more about the demise of her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Hailey’s Twitter makes it pretty clear that while she thought Selena was no competition for her in the battle for Justin Bieber, she is finding that she was very wrong, complaining, “I just cannot compete.” Justin is more upset about the fact that Selena moved on with a mutual friend than the fact that she is over him. Justin is over Selena, but he’s not about to let the world believe that another man won her heart over him, and he’d rather destroy Selena emotionally so that she cannot easily move on than to wish her happiness now that he’s over her.

Justin is worried that Selena is making him look bad by seeing someone else, especially someone they were both friends with.  Justin even collaborated on Beauty and the Beat with Zedd a couple years ago, so to have his friend and ex-girlfriend together as a new couple is driving him crazy. Crazy enough to try to win Selena back…but not because he loves and misses her. He wants to win her back to for the sake of winning, especially beating out Zedd for the role of Selena’s boyfriend.

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