Kate Middleton Refuses to Become Princess Diana: Gets Control of Prince William – Fights Royal Isolation?

Kate Middleton Refuses to Become Princess Diana: Gets Control of Prince William - Fights Royal Isolation?

Kate Middleton may be a commoner in the eyes of Queen Elizabeth, but the Duchess of Cambridge has regained control of Prince William as she fights royal isolation, refusing to become Princess Diana. In the months following the birth of Princess Charlotte, Princess Kate became reclusive.

Kate emerged from her 4-month long hiatus looking rather unhappy after Queen Elizabeth intervened. The tables have turned and the Duchess is regaining power.

Carole Middleton has essentially been banished from Kate and Prince William’s lives. The matriarch of the Middleton family was cut off from the Duke and Duchess along with influencing Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Carole had been orchestrating a royal revolution with Kate, breaking royal protocol and changing royal traditions. It clearly impacted Kate, whose first appearance after her mysterious extended break revealed an unhappy woman hiding her depression.

Over the past month, Kate has seemingly transformed back into the Duchess with a support system. Royals may have tried to isolate Kate, pulling another Princess Diana by isolating her from supportive and influential ideas that break with royal standards.

However, Princess Kate has sent very clear messages she does not fear the royal backlash. In fact, Kate Middleton made one her very rare public speeches in which she underlined her wonderful and loving upbringing which was a subtle dig at the stuff royal traditions of nannies bringing up the children.

Kate’s control of Prince William is also evident again. The Duke hasn’t been out of her sight and Kate is smart enough to insist they attend royal engagements together. The highlight of this will be their upcoming trip to India.

There, the royal couple plans on visiting the spot where Diana sat alone, depicting her isolation at the hands of Prince Charles. Their unity on the trip will be displayed and the memory of Princess Diana has undoubtedly infuriated the Queen.

While the Duchess has loosened her grip on Prince William, she is still in control. Kate still has the upper hand in his schedule and even who he spends his free time with. Where Prince Charles constantly left Diana to attend to royal duties on her own and spend her time secluded to staff and her children, Kate has a support system that may have been limited, but are still present.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s control over Prince William? Is the Duchess of Cambridge simply fighting royal isolation, refusing to become Princess Diana, or is Princess Kate insistent on keeping her power? Keep your eye on CDL for more royal news, gossip, and updates!

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