Kate Middleton Done With Work and Pregnancy After Second Child Born: Tells Queen Elizabeth ‘No More’

Kate Middleton Done With Work and Pregnancy After Second Child Born: Tells Queen Elizabeth 'No More'

Kate Middleton has had it with being used for producing heirs and spares as well a being the royal PR distraction from the terrible Prince Andrew scandal. Kate is upset and she intends to let Queen Elizabeth know that any future children Prince William wants can be adopted and any future scandal caused by her degenerate son can be dealt with by a PR firm! Despite the fact that she’s now in her third trimester and mere weeks away from giving birth to her second child, Kate Middleton is still being paraded around as though she’s the royals’ prize show horse. For one, her baby bump and her pregnancy have been invaluable in distracting the media and public from the royals’ ever-growing list of scandals, and as such, she’s become the royals’ #1 PR tool. But does she get a say in all this? Please.

Of course Kate Middleton has no say in how she’s being used by the royals. If this was pre-royal wedding and pre-Prince William marriage, then sure, she might have had some leverage over how she’s being used. But once you sign a deal with the devil, the deal stays signed – and Kate Middleton unofficially signed her life away when she agreed to marry Prince William and enter into the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge knew she’d be expected to produce an heir and spare ASAP but she didn’t expect to have to work when 7 months pregnant. Of course once you marry a future King of England you’re life is not your own… just look at what happened to Princess Diana.

Why do you think Cressida Bonas ran the minute things started getting serious with Prince Harry? Why do you think Cressida’s half-sister, Isabella Calthorpe, refused to marry Prince William despite being in a serious relationship with him? Neither Cressida nor Isabella had much to gain, and everything to lose, by joining the royal family. Kate, on the other hand, comes from a ‘commoner’ family [by relative standards], and had already spent half her adult life trying to snag Prince William. What, she was going to give that up? Not a chance in hell.

However, we are hearing that things are getting too strained, even for Kate Middleton’s usually iron disposition. She’s more or less being forced into working non-stop when most other expectant mothers at her stage would be at home, resting. And for all intents and purposes, Kate’s going to continue working until mid-March, which could be less than a month away from her due date!

So really, is it a big surprise to hear that Kate is thinking of telling Queen Elizabeth that she refuses to have anymore children – that’s right, no more babies for The Duchess? Plus Kate demands a massive break after giving birth. She’s reportedly planning to stay away from the public spotlight for a good long time after giving birth to the spare to the heir – hence, the move to Anmer Hall and away from Kensington Palace. What do you guys think? Is Kate spoiled and lazy? Should she gladly help the royal family and do their bidding, after all Kate Middleton is now one of the most famous people on the planet! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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58 responses to “Kate Middleton Done With Work and Pregnancy After Second Child Born: Tells Queen Elizabeth ‘No More’”

  1. Dewymist says:

    … find hard to believe, kate made a stand with the Queen. Remmy the last time at Xmas church in Sandringham, kate didnt do curtsey to Queen as she left in the car :::whoosh:::: kate with smirk on her face.. Ill bring on the popcorn…

  2. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Ridiculous nonsense. Their in no Duke of York scandal and their is no PR plan.

  3. cookie says:

    Most women work right up to giving birth. “Resting at home” a couple months before the due date is a thing of the past.

    • Elia says:

      I’m not defending Duchess Lazy, but at 7 months with my first pregnancy I was so tired I was in tears. So I quit a job I had. I was married and just didn’t go back to working for other people and had a second child a few years later. I did some independent work instead. I really see Waity as a waster and a fake, even though I know pregnancy can really drain you. She’s been so lazy all her life it’s hard to give her sympathy, and it’s easy to say yeah, she’s using it as an excuse {and I think it is an excuse in her case}.

  4. Sherri Monroe says:

    didn’t curtsy to the Queen? who in the world does not curtsey to the Queen–except that witless butt flasher kate middleton. Done working?? She NEVER worked. Maybe her and bill should move back to middleton manor and let harry take the throne–he’s better suited than the lazy duo

    • Elia says:

      The majority would approve of that too. I’m sure – you get a real sense of things reading all the opinions online and they aren’t good opinions of Waity Dolittle and Willy ManChild.

  5. Elia says:

    Are they really expecting anyone to believe that Waity “works nonstop” ? LOL. Hilarious. She hasn’t worked in any career or job for any length of time in her entire life. She avoids charity and other public duties as much as possible.

    I agree that she was the one to marry Willy Child because she had the most to gain {in her mind, anyway}, and his other, far more aristocratic girlfriends were less impressed because they didn’t need to social climb like Waity did.

    I’m sure Waity’s ready to throw in the towel, but only because she’s lazy ! I highly doubt she told the queen any of this though. But I’m sure the palace knows how to spy a Dolittle when they see one, after all, Willy Child is also a “Dolittle”.

    • Dewymist says:

      Once two housekeeper and gardeners leaving, waity calls ma midds for move in to help out, lol.

      • Elia says:

        Trouble in Waityland.

        • Dewymist says:

          Truly, I think waityland is going to be deep drenched muddy nothing except pesky seagull and those flies..Courtsey of the irated Queen..

          • Elia says:

            I hope that the queen still has the energy to lay down some authority. I wonder though, I really do. Willy and Waity get away with a lot, so it makes me wonder about the queen’s mental state and her age, is she able to deal with those two or not ?

  6. Elia says:

    So what’s going on with Andrew and the underage sex slave thing ? The royals are a real train wreck.

    • Dewymist says:

      I really want to vent out about not just royals but most of stinkin evil and thick knuckled skull elites that has done nothing but damage against the moral laws for the humanity’s: life, family, living,well beings, etc.. They have no regards. I mean they have ZERO. NIL. All they do indulges hearing childrens’ scream of terror!They laugh at poor starving people.They destroy families lives by living low incomes. What do evil elites need is being shove back to hell where they belongs for xyzillion years and not to come back ever. Sorry for off topics, rants over. I’m with you, manures filled carloads in the train wreck, hows that?

      • Elia says:

        I’m glad to hear it because I agree SO MUCH.
        The stinking royals are illuminati/New World Order and they really do not CARE about anyone. It’s all satanic and is getting worse, it’s so blatant. They’re part of the global plan to bring everyone else down –
        the USA is having a bad time too, with the idiot, sell-out-puppet we have in office.

  7. Dewymist says:

    This. And Angelina announced that she is adopting a boy from war torn country-Syria.

    • Elia says:

      She needs to realize she can’t save them all though — I hope her marriage can take all the kids, you know ? Brad’s a great person too, but wow. Those countries probably need good orphanages too.

  8. Dewymist says:

    2. Correct. Kate did mention that she (kate) wants three children before the age of 36.

  9. Annette Smith says:

    WOW! You are all really haters. Does anyone remember DIANA? William and Kate should be given EVERYDAY CHANCE to have a somewhat normal, cough, life. The Firm…pushed, ignored and berate Diana. All the while the truth came out.
    Let William and Kate have a family and enjoy. Their time will come.

    • Elia says:

      Oh shut up !!!!!!! Don’t even mention Diana with Waity !!!!!! No one hated Diana, you fool. She set the bar. Diana in fact, is mainly why people are down on Waity Fake. Diana was hard-working and very much loved. Compare the useless bimbo Waity Fake to Diana and bang – you will have the reason why everyone can see what a lazy trick Waity Fake is.

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  11. Elia says:

    It’s “funny” how you think you know about “people writing on this site” too. How do you know what they do or don’t do ?!

    But now with WAITY, what she does gets publicized….so, we DO KNOW.

    Yes little Waity had a couple short-lived jobs, or so were told. Nothing that she stuck to for very long !!!

    Even the queen asked “why doesn’t she have a job” ?! SO I THINK YOU NEED TO SHUT UP NOW.

  12. Elia says:

    I finally took another look, yes the palace PR machine is already discrediting the girl. I think most of the public knows though, Andrew is a real perv. But yes how rotten , they are busy burying it.

  13. Elia says:

    I agree. The PR machine of the royals is used to working overtime because they’re so pathetic they have to.

  14. Elia says:

    I agree.

  15. Elia says:

    oh really ? Often the truth leaks out, all or in part, just like this.

  16. Elia says:

    Yes, very big losers !

  17. Elia says:

    It’s actually rather transparent what Waity Fake “thinks” because it connects to what she does {or rather, DOESN’T do}, and truth comes out.

  18. Elia says:

    I ‘m betting she’ll go back to showing her bare ass after she has the next spawn.

  19. Dewymist says:

    Will you stop whining, dilbo. I find you so disrespectful for even 99% without bothering to read the current news. You obiviously never do read any updates .. I refuse to kiss your pseudo 1% ass! face it, youre not 1%!!!!

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  21. jbird669 says:

    TownTart, 4 comments on Kate Middleton in the past 5 days. Why do you care so much? Has she wronged you in some way?

  22. Dewymist says:

    Lol! True that! And three middleton kids will never be a full Windsor. It was implanted by somewhere..

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  24. Elia says:

    Oh for sure ! That bimbo is a real case alright.

  25. Elia says:

    Wow that is the truth ! “Hilary” is trying hard for some royal damage control.

  26. Elia says:

    Wow. I certainly hope the FBI cracks the whip on Andrew and his scummy friends.
    Yes, Cosby, !!!, what a piece of #$^#, I’m glad the women are coming forward.

  27. Elia says:

    I can really see why so many people there want a Republic !

  28. Elia says:

    Good question !!!!!! Carole is a royal butt kisser, oh you know she wishes she was Queen Carole !

  29. Elia says:

    Yes. It’s the truth. On the surface it sounds outlandish, but anyone can go research the NWO, Rothschilds,the globalists agenda. People like Alex Jones are info sources, youtube has a lot of videos on the NWO/illuminati/royals.

  30. Elia says:

    Idiot. Naturally the royals are expected to care. They are supported by the public….and thanks to the NWO/royals/bankers the public is struggling. The royals claim they do charity. They are patrons too, like Willy is patron of AGE UK but the elderly still freeze to death in their homes.

  31. Elia says:

    LOL, ! True.

  32. Elia says:

    I hope “Elizabeth Anne” is joking !

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  35. Elia says:

    Yeah,Duchess of Slag.

  36. Elia says:

    It’s a soap opera, LOL

  37. Elia says:


  38. Elia says:

    Wow – ! Ought to lose her job you’d think.

  39. Elia says:

    Shut up anyway —

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