Kate Plus 8 Recap Premiere: Season 3 Episode 1 “New England Adventures”

Kate Plus 8 Recap Premiere: Season 3 Episode 1 "New England Adventures"

Tonight on TLC Kate Plus 8 returns with an all new Tuesday January 13, season 3 premiere called, “New England Adventures” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Kate Gosselin and the kids head north for one last summer adventure.  Meanwhile, if you want to find out how far Kate gets on The Celebrity Apprentice, check out our nifty spoiler, right here.

On the last season 2 finale, Kate and her eight kids made unforgettable memories over the past seven years of filming. As the show came to a close, the Gosselins said goodbye to the fans and reminisced about their favorite memories. We also heard from family friends about their experiences. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Kate and the kids are back and head north for one last summer adventure. There are fun things planned along the way like a stop at Plimoth Plantation, lobster filled lunches, arts and crafts, and outdoor excursions.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Kate Plus 8 drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about Kate Plus 8 being back for another season.

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It’s #KatePlus8. Kate and the kids are getting ready to go on summer vacation in Maine. They have never been to New England and so she decided to go there. They’re starting in Massachusetts at Plymouth then are driving up to Maine to spend a week there. Kate says goodbye to her bird Zorro who bites her. She’s trying to get kids and pets packed. She has all their bags laid out but wants the kids to pack for themselves.

Leah, Alexis and Hannah are going through their toiletries but Kate says to pack not unpack. Kate says packing is much more stressful now. We see her packing when the kids were little and it was easier because she did it all. She says the kids care about what they wear and have to be involved. The kids are arguing over all their clothing with their mom. Hannah says she hated when their mom used to put them all in matching clothes.

She moves on to Aaden, Collin and Joel and they don’t care too much. They are much easier. The girls says the boys have more clothes but they’re junky. Kate says the clothes are fine for the beach. She won’t tell them where they’re going but give a lot of hints that the kids aren’t picking up on them. She says the “main” thing is – trying to be obvious none of them get it. Kate says it was a struggle to get them packed. She says it took half a day of her life she’ll never get back.

Kate says it took so much time, her groceries didn’t get used so she’s trying to freeze stuff so she doesn’t have to throw it out. Mady comes over and gives her sass. She wants her phone back. Kate says she has it taken away more than she has it. She says Mady butters her up to get it back and acts all nice. She asks Mady about laundry and asks about the pool. Mady says Kate just takes it away to show her power and to be all cool.

Mady stomps off mad. Kate says they are all packed and are ready to take off at the crack of dawn. At 5:30, the kids get up and Kate says she didn’t even sleep and no one wanted to get up that early. Kate says she’ll consider giving Mady the phone back on the plane. They are bringing Marley along, a friend of Cara and Mady’s. She hustles them all onto airport shuttle and they’re off. They get onto the plane and she says the kids are all excited about hearing it’s Maine.

Kate says the kids just like to travel and don’t care. She says all the kids have electronics which makes flying much better. We see flashbacks to them being monsters on planes when they were kids. They touch down in Boston and Kate has rented a van just like the one they have at home. They load in and she says it was the same arrangement and she yells out – same seats. Kate says she’s all about vacations with education mixed in. They head off to Plymouth.

The boys talk about the pilgrims and the Mayflower. Kate takes them to a pilgrim experience place. They have to get into costumes including long stockings on them all. Kate says they’re all so adorable. They all look cute. The kids tell the producers there are a lot of layers and the kids are horrified to hear all this was summer clothes for pilgrims. Kate gets dressed last and they cinch her into a corset thing so tight she can’t bend over.

Kate says she doesn’t think she would have liked to wear all those layers and thinks t shirt and shorts are much better. They all hobble out to the village in their uncomfortable shoes. Kate says they are unbendable and says they are crazy stiff. They are greeted by a woman who acts just like she’s right out of the 17th century. Mady says her accent was hilarious.

They take them to feed some animals and make the kids carry baskets to fill with grass and hay. The kids complain that the clothes are so hot and Kate says it was interesting for the kids to see how the pilgrims had to do everything. Mady says it was so hot and sweaty and says she would cry every day if she was a pilgrim. The kids love the goats. They then go to the sheep that are making crazy noises. Kate says the sheep are talking back.

Next they go to make dinner. Kate says the replica village is incredible. There’s a big fire pit in each corner and the kids say the places need air conditioning. The woman instructs them on how to cook the meal. They cook mussels over the fire. Kate goes to check out the bed while the kids cook. Kate takes a photo of them while they all look like this. She says they’ll never look like this again. She says it was a long exhausting day.

They head to Maine the next day for the beach house vacation. It was a long drive and she says the kids were in rare form. They stop in Bath, Maine to eat. Kate says long car trips are hard and Hannah says it feels like they were in the car for a million hours. Kate says it was all about electronic devices, restroom and stretching stops. She tells the kids to pick out stuff from the menu. Mady wants a lobster and it’s the first time she had it.

Kate says she doesn’t care for lobster and doesn’t know how to deal with them. She corrects the kids’ table manners and the producers ask the kids what her rules are. They all rattle them off. Mady freaks out when she sees her food has nose tentacles. The waitress explains to her how to pull it apart. Kate is grossed out about it. Mady names it Larry and makes the tentacles wave at Kate. She tells her mom she just ordered it to make her mad.

Mady says it’s not as good as crab. Someone else asks for a lobster and Kate says it was funny that she named him but then it gets worse. Mady says his butt detached and she pulls it off. She tells Larry she’s sorry and the kids all say goodbye as his carcass is taken away. They leave Bath then finally make it to the beach house in the middle of nowhere. She says she knew there wouldn’t be sand but is pleased there’s a yard.

The kids say it really wasn’t a beach house. Hey are upset that the WiFi isn’t great. Kate takes the kids upstairs to assign beds. Alexis is pitching a fit because she wants a top bunk. It’s a full on meltdown. Kate says they just have minds of their own and she just surrenders. Leah says Alexis gets what she wants. Kate leaves them to figure it out on their own. Kate says it’s been a long day and it will be better tomorrow.

Next day, they wake and there’s no sun. It’s cloudy and rainy. Kate tells them to turn off the TV. They eat breakfast and Kate says the teenagers wants to sleep half the day while the rest are going crazy. She tells the younger kids they’re going to the beach. Kate says she got canvases and oil paints but Mady says none of them can paint. They put on ponchos and head to the beach to explore. It’s cold and there’s no sand, but giant boulders and rocks at the shore.

Kate tells the kids to be careful and then Kate screams when the kids hold up crabs in their buckets up in her face. Kate encourages them to grab them but screams and runs from them herself. They get a bunch of crabs and then Kate says let’s go. Kate says it was like a miniature crab fest but wishes they were bigger so she could eat them dipped in butter. They head back to the house and Kate breaks out the paints and canvas.

She has easels for them and everything. They each get an easel and paints and Kate says the hush that fell when they all started painting was great. Collin does a whale and Kate says he’s the best artist of them all. Alexis does a crab but tells the producer to stop being sneaky to try and see it. Kate is painting too and says it’s therapeutic. Kate says she had to think fast on her feet when the beach turned out to be a rainy day. She says now they all have painted memories to recall the day.

Mady painted water shoes. Hannah did a view of the beach with the rocks. A lot of the kids did their crabs. Cara did she and Marley on a rock. Kate cleans them all up and says the next day they can run off their extra energy from being stuck inside. Next day, Kate takes them all to a ropes course with a zip line. They load the kids into harnesses and get them tightened down. Alexis says she likes climbing. None of them are really afraid of heights which is good.

They start with the beginner’s course where you can touch the ground. Kate says the kids acted like they were born doing it but she was clueless. She says it made her feel stupid in a way because she couldn’t figure it out. She says she’s not ropes course material. The kids are locking and unlocking themselves like pros. Alexis says it’s awesome. Kate tries to go up but then is scared and says she just can’t do it.

The kids say she’s a scaredy cat. She has severe height issues. The kids all make fun of her. She says she did jump off the tower in New Zealand and says that was supposed to fix her fear but just made it worse. We see a flashback to that and she says she still has nightmares about it. She heads back down and says her legs are just locking up. She says she’d rather watch the kids do it. She calls the kids show offs. Leah does a big swing and whoops while she falls.

Kate says she thinks they enjoyed the zip line the most. They had two side by side so they could compete. Kate says she was sad the kids didn’t have more time since they went in the afternoon. She says it was hours past dinner but the kids didn’t want to stop. Kate says she loaded them up and they were all hungry so she hauled them out. She says the trip is off to a great start. She says they still have half their week left.