Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap – Kris Ponders Her Mortality: Season 10 Episode 3 “The Carfather”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap - Kris Ponders Her Mortality: Season 10 Episode 3 "The Carfather"

Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues tonight an all new Sunday, March 29 season 10 episode 3 called “The Carafather” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the family pull back the curtain on Scott Disick’s man-of-mystery persona in order to make sense of some suspicious activity and vague business dealings.

On the last episode, the girls had a hard time dealing with Kris getting back into the dating scene after 25 years with Bruce; Khloé ended up in hot water over a controversial Instagram post; and Kim got a lesson in manners when she attempted to recruit Kourtney for her video game. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis  “The family pull back the curtain on Scott’s man-of-mystery persona in order to make sense of some suspicious activity and vague business dealings; Kris fears it was a mistake putting Kourtney in charge of her living will; and Kim tries to stop Bruce from spending all of his money.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK?

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#KUWTK starts at Kris’s house. Courtney sends Scott upstairs to get a baby gift and Kris freaks and says he scared the shit out of her. Scott says she was half naked and went nuts. Kris says she has no privacy and says people need to look out before they come up into her living space. She shows off her bra and Scott says it looks like a harness. Kourt brings a stack of kids clothes for Khloe to look at. Khloe sneezes and says she pees when she sneezes.

Khloe looks through a stack of license plates and asks Kourtney why she isn’t curious why Scott has so many and what he’s up to. Khloe says Scott seems to have all these side deals going all the time. She says he’s been more sheisty than usual. Kourt says she doesn’t ask Khloe all these questions but Khloe says she does. Kourt says she has to pee. Brandon checks out Bruce’s new ATV. Bruce says it’s nice to have his own checkbook now.

Bruce says it’s the first time in 25 years he’s been in charge of his own finances and says he always had to ask Kris for everything. He says it’s a good feeling. He and Brandon go for a ride in his new toy. Kris asks Kim about her sinuses and brings her a Neti pot. Kris shows her how to use it but Kim says it’s disgusting. He asks Kim to drive her to the doctor in the morning but Kim says Kanye is out of town and she doesn’t have childcare that early.

Kim says she has chronic neck pain and she gets epidurals. She complains that none of the kids can help. Kim says if she wakes Nori up that early, she’ll be crying. Kim tells her to call Bruce. Kris admits she would take Bruce if he asked and agrees to call him. She asks if he can take her and he says he’ll be there at 6 to take her. Kris tells Scott and Kourt that she wants to get her Rolls down black. He tells her to get a wrap so she can change the color if she wants.

Scott takes a call about moving money around Kris says that’s a lot of money and asks what it is. He won’t tell her and Kris says Kourtney needs to ask what it is. Kourt says she’s doing her own thing. Kris thinks Kourtney sweeps things under the rug and doesn’t want to know what he’s doing. Kris says none of them know what he does for a living. Bruce shows up early the next morning to pick up Kris and Kim tells Bruce to be quiet since Nori is sleeping.

He has coffee for her but she says she can’t drink it because they’re putting her to sleep. Bruce says he didn’t realize it was that serious. They head out and he asks about her jacket. It’s the Yeezus Tour and Bruce jokes and says it’s not Jesus. At the doctor’s office, Kris is getting ready and Bruce snaps a pic to send to Kendall. He says he’s getting good at this and asks if she’s nervous. Kris says being put under always makes her nervous.

They go over the list of risks with her and tell her the things she can’t do and ask about her advanced directives. She says she does and says Kourtney Kardashian is the contact. Kris says Bruce was always the executor of her living well but she changed it to Kourtney. Bruce asks why and she says since they’re divorced, he shouldn’t be the one to decide to take her off life support. Bruce says nothing will go wrong anyway. Kris says making changes in your life is hard but has to happen even if it’s sad.

Bruce watches through a window as she has her procedure. Kourtney, Kim, Scott and Khloe are out shopping at an antique store. Scott gets a strange business call then says he has to go. Khloe says Scott is a pathological liar and if what he was doing was okay, he would just tell them. Khloe thanks he’s being shady. Kim asks Khloe if she likes her window cleaner and she says he reminds her of Papa Harry. They ask Kourt what Scott is up to today.

Kourt says he’s wheeling and dealing and they ask what he does. She says he’s brokering deals and they ask where he gets the money to buy them. Kourt says she doesn’t know. Kim says they know he has income but don’t understand how he makes what he does. Kourt has no answers for them and Kim suspects he’s doing something wrong. Kris comes out of her procedure and is still sedated. He jokes that he thought Kris wasn’t going to come out of it so he called Kourtney who said to unplug her.

They leave and Kris thanks Bruce for taking her. He asks if Kourtney would have ever helped her that much and says Kourt can figure out what kind of wallpaper she wants in her house much less decisions about Kris’ life. Kris says she can’t talk about this while she’s sedated. She thanks him and he says he’d pull her plug then calls her baby. Kim tells Bruce he needs new jeans and says she’ll help him. Bruce tells Kim that Kourt is the executor of her estate and of her advanced directive.

Kim says Kourtney is stubborn, not the best decision maker and isn’t as smart as she thought she was. Bruce says it should be him but Kim says she’s the most level headed of them and Bruce says he agrees. They high five. Kylie comes to see her dad at the beach house and she asks to take a photo. Bruce is happy since she’s so busy she doesn’t always have a lot of time for him. She says she just signed her hair deal. She says her hair just came out and he teases her.

Kylie says it’s a hair extension line and you can get 11 shades. She says she wants a new purse because all hers are black. He asks if Kim could find one for her. Bruce is excited to go buy her a purse. Khloe tells Kris that she saves everything. Kris asks Khloe why she’s sitting in the freezer and she says she’s hot. Khloe tells them about all the license plates she found and Kris tells them about the wire transfer thing she heard. They wonder what if Scott is selling stolen cars.

At Khloe’s, Kris shows up and Khloe mocks her and says her table isn’t centered under the lamp and they talk OCD. Kris says she has a big decision to make and says she needs one person to decide whether to pull the plug. Khoe says she thought it was Kourt but Kris says she’s too indecisive. Khloe says Kourt does her due diligence. Kris says Kim has a big heart and Khloe says her sisters are polar opposites. She says if Kim has an off day, she might unplug her.

Khloe asks why not her and Kris says she had such a hard time when she lost her dad and wouldn’t want to put that on her. Khloe says to think hard about it and says none of them may be good for this. Khloe says Kim would pay a lot of attention to detail. Kim meets Bruce to shop for Kylie. She asks his budget and he says $5k then Kim says that’s too much. She thinks he’s spending like crazy and he says gifts for everyone. Kim is happy that Bruce has financial freedom but doesn’t want him overspending.

At Kourtney’s, Scott is telling Kourt about a friend who opened a salon that comes to service you at your house and asks if she wants to try anything. He says he’ll hook her up. She says she is going out with her sisters tonight and he says he has a meeting but won’t tell her where or with who. Kourt is getting suspicious and asks again. Kim tells them that Kanye went crazy on her trainer when she told her that she couldn’t lose what she wanted.

Khloe has the strange painting Bruce bought for her – it’s murdered Sharon Tate. Kim says Bruce’s spending is out of control and it’s no wonder that her mom controlled his money. Kim worries he will literally grow broke. Kris calls Kim and asks her a question. She asks if she should save these flowers since they’re a little wilted. Kris says it’s a beautiful vase of flowers that’s a little tired but has some life left. She asks if she should throw them out. Kim says they’re not like her flowers.

Kris asks if she’ll throw out something that’s on its last leg. Kim tosses the flowers and Kris says that’s what she has to look forward to. Scott looks around the house and says there’s a lot of people there. He doesn’t like the new painting of naked people she has hung up. Scott says it’s not appropriate for a home with kids. Khloe comes in and says there’s a big truck out front unloading a car. Scott looks around nervously. They go outside and Scott says these are supposed to go to the dealership.

Scott looks and sees the guy has four cars. He says they are supposed to go to the store. The guy loads them up. Kim asks if those are his cars and he says they’re not. She asks if they’re stolen. Kim shows up to Bruce’s house and says something smells and then says maybe it’s his cheese. He asks why she’s there. She says she wanted to say hi and see his place. She also says she wants to help him with his finances. He says his finances are good but she says he keeps spending.

She says he’s buying cars, motorcycles and other stuff. He tells her they should go outside and talk. Kim says she wants to school a bit and keep him out of debt like he was before when he was single. Kim asks if he’s saving money. He says yes. She says he’s been spending a lot. Bruce says he splurged a little. Kim says he doesn’t need to do this since they all have plenty of stuff. Bruce says he likes buying stuff for their kids. Kim says he shouldn’t feel like he has to.

Bruce says he gets where Kim is coming from and says he appreciates it. He says he’s doing okay. Kris goes to meet Kourtney and Khloe for lunch. She asks if she can text Lamar and tell him happy birthday but Khloe says his phone has been off for almost a month. Khloe says she also wanted to tell him happy birthday but she can’t find him. Kris says Khloe has the most amazing inner strength. She says she thinks Khloe is the most compassionate.

Bruce meets Kim, Khloe and Kourt for lunch. They talk about the kids and chat happily. Kim asks Bruce if he’s going to buy them lunch and he says they each owe $16. Khloe says she’ll pick up the check and he says she’s doing good. Kris uses the loudspeaker to call Khloe and Kourtney to her office. She says she found Scott as the President of Calabassas Luxury Motor Cars. They wonder why Scott didn’t tell them he has a business.

That night, Kourt asks Scott to move some stuff around and it’s too heavy. She says he needs to go to the gym. He says he’s busy and Kourt asks if that’s because of the car dealership. She says her mom and Khloe keep asking about what he does. He says they shouldn’t be digging into his business. Kourt calls him shady and he says not to say shit like that. She asks if he’s a car salesman and he says he owns the business but doesn’t sell cars.

She asks why he doesn’t talk about it but he says he doesn’t like talking to work and says they keep it exciting by not oversharing all day long. He says he’s the international man of mystery and she should be excited about it. She says Scott thinks he’s a Lord or something but is glad he’s not doing anything illegal. He says he’ll call her later and asks if her number is still 911 then imitates Ace Ventura. She says it’s 411 because she has all the info.

Kris comes to see Khloe who tells her that one of her friends is buying her a miniature pony. She says she’s getting two to nibble her back grass. She asks why Kris is there. She says she wants Khloe to be the executor of her will. She says she will make her medical decisions. Khloe says get out of town. Kris says Khloe is the most nurturing and can handle it. They hug. Kris tells her she’s her favorite.