Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap – Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Season 10 Episode 13 “In the Blink of an Eye…”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap - Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Season 10 Episode 13 "In the Blink of an Eye..."

Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues tonight with an all new Sunday, May 31 season 10 episode 13, called “In the Blink of an Eye…” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Bruce Jenner prepares to transition into a woman and receives support from his kids upon their return from Montana.

On the last episode, Kim tried to keep traditions alive by planning a family ski trip to Montana, but there was no mistaking that this year’s vacation had a different vibe. On the slopes, Khloé risked life and limb to bond with Kylie. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis “Bruce prepares to transition into a woman and receives support from his kids upon their return from Montana; at the same time, Kris travels with Kendall to Paris; and Kim pursues one last hope of getting pregnant.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK?

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#KUWTK begins with the gang still in Montana. Scott is going crazy over a near-miss accident. Kourtney says Scott has been doing better so she hopes this was just a bad moment and he’ll go back to good. Kim’s BFF Jonathan agrees it was insane. Scott says that drive hit a switch with him and he flipped out. Jonathan says his face turned really red. Jonathan jokes that Scott spit on him in his rage.

Khloe goes looking for Kim who is lying in bed. Kim says the altitude is making her short of breath. Khloe says she doesn’t want to fight with her and Kim says she doesn’t think she’s better than her. Khleo says she knows Kim is stressed out trying to get pregnant and doing fertility treatments. Khloe says it’s petty and they can stop. Kim insults Khloe’s sweat suit and she says Rob gave it to her.

Penelope is running around and Kourtney tells the kids they’re going to go skiing. Kim laughs when Penelope calls her mommy. Kim says she likes seeing all the kids playing together like they did when they were little. Mason runs around too. Kim says she wants a sibling for North and really wants a second baby. In London, Kris is on the red carpet. She’s presenting an award and runs into Mel B.

Kris says she’s going to Paris to see Kendall who’s working the fashion week. Kris says she knows her kids are going through a tough time with Bruce and is happy to be going to see Kendall and comfort her. Kris takes the stage at the awards show. She hands out an award to the show Celebrity Justice. Kris says the big crowd makes her wonder what the reaction would be to Bruce’s change.

Kris says she hopes everyone will be kind. A comedian tells Kris he has a sketch show and his mum plays her on the show. She takes it well. Back in Montana, Kim heads to a medical clinic. She says she’s done everything she can do to try and get pregnant. She says she’s had to check her ovulation and hormone levels and had to see a doctor out there. Kim is considering giving up on her baby issue.

Back at the house, Mason is building a snowman with Scott. He says he hasn’t lost control of his anger in a while and thinks it may be bottled up but he’s enjoying the family trip. He says he hopes this carried on back to life in LA so he can appreciate his life before it’s gone. Kim tells Jonathan that she confuses the words angel and angle when she spells them. She talks about playing Pictionary with the Jacksons and looking like an idiot.

Khloe and Kourtney are playing gym and they wonder if they should ask Scott. Jonathan says he’s been good except for the rage. Kourtney says he brought it up and said he felt bad about it but was just panicked because it would have killed everyone in the back of the car. Kourtney says she hopes he sticks with the anger management. She says she has seen a lot of positive changes in his behavior.

Kourtney says the car thing was just scary. She gins and beats her siblings and Jonathan. In Paris, Kris touches down and talks about Kendall meeting her there tomorrow. They spot Kendall in an ad on a billboard. Kris says Paris is more beautiful than everything and then she saw her daughter on the side of a building in an ad and says she’s so proud of her.

Next day, Kris meets Kendall for lunch. Kendall is tired and has a hat on. Kris asks about the Chanel show and says she brought the gloves they gave her to wear. Kris wants to be there for Kendall and Kylie. Back in LA, we see Bruce’s new house. He’s got boxes everywhere and is unpacking. He says he’s made a lot of decisions he’s excited about but is nervous.

Bruce says he’s bought his first home – he says his wives always bought houses but this is all his and he loves it. We see his closet of dresses. He talks about the paparazzi and says being stalked all day long is difficult. His new house is on a private road so he’s hoping for privacy. In Montana, Khloe is taking pics of Kylie in the snow. She’s posing with Jonathan.

Khloe says they are all adjusting to their family dynamic. Scott says he loves the country and is happy to be out of the city. Khloe toasts to the crazy year with Kris and Bruce and says they need to keep their family close and stick to their traditions. Kim says she thinks this trip was good for the kids to get together and take their kids along to keep up traditions. She says they’re all okay.

Khloe says the vacay wouldn’t have happened without Kim and Scott says – or their careers. They all toast KKW. Back in Paris, Kendall meets Kris and talk about Kendall’s work projects. Kris says she doesn’t know what’s going on with Kendall but knows everyone must be on edge. She asks if she knows who Twiggy is and says she’s 65 and just got a L’oreal campaign.

Kris says she’s excited about fashion week and Kendall asks why she’s following her and says it’s her time to get away from home. Kendall says it’s weird and annoying that Kris wants to be there. Kris says maybe she’ll go to London and do business there and won’t talk to her. Kendall just wants her to let her do her own thing and live a little. Kendall says work and travel keeps her mind off the drama.

Kendall says the time when she’s away is good. Kris says Kendall is doing better than she expected which is hard because she doesn’t need her right now and is doing okay. Kris says maybe this is for her too. Kendall says to let her miss her by going home and says her mom is way to f-ing needy and obsessed with her. In Montana, Scott says he wants to move there and breathe the crisp air.

Kim calls John Edward, the psychic, he’s a friend of hers. She says she trusts his opinion and talks to him about her pregnancy. Kim says she’s having uterus problems and is doing IVF but it didn’t work. She says she can do it again but do a biopsy. She asks him what she should do. John says she needs to do the biopsy for health reasons then says he’s not seeing her conceiving. He says it’s a hard time.

Kim says her heart sank because she was hoping for a positive answer. Kim says the infertility stuff is exhausting.

John tells Kim that she can’t dwell on fertility and needs to visualize walking with a child and North playing with another child. He says to think about when it’s the right time for her body. He says it has to be the right time for the baby to come to them. Kim is frustrated and says she needs to relax and they agree to talk soon.

In Paris, Kris is with Michael Coste and Nicholas Trouquet for dinner. She tells her friends she’s just there for Kendall to walk Chanel. She says Kim and Kanye just moved out after living with her for two years. She says it was like Downton Abbey and now it’s just Kylie there and she’s moving in two months. Kris says she wonders what to do with the rest of her life. They tell her to come to Paris.

Kris says she feels completely blessed that all the kids are doing great and says her life is changing but it’s good. They offer to set Kris up with a French lover. Back in Montana, Kim and North go get in the car. Khloe and Kylie are coming. Kim has an appointment back in LA so she has to hurry and is annoyed that everyone is an hour behind schedule. She honks the horn repeatedly.

Kim says if she misses the appointment it will set her back another month. She yells at them all and Khloe says this bitch is crazy. Khloe says she’s ruining the trip by yelling at them all. Khloe decides to take Kim on to the airport. They leave Big Sky for the airport. Kylie says that Bruce is building a stable and says they can buy horses and keep them there.

Khloe is driving and the car starts to slide. The car goes skidding and Kim is in a panic. Kim freaks and says they shouldn’t be driving like this. Khloe says snow plows got snow on them and then an 18 wheeler jolted them onto black ice.

They ended up in a ditch and Kim is freaking because she wasn’t wearing her seat belt. Kim calls Kanye in tears and says she thought she was going to die and their car is stuck in a ditch. She says a car was coming for them. Khloe calls Kourtney to tell her. Khloe says things like that put life into perspective for you. She says they had angels surrounding them today. Scott says those conditions are treacherous. They all make it to the plane and head off after saying a quick prayer.

In LA, Kim finds Kris in the kitchen and she just made brownies. Kris asks what happened in Montana. Kim says it was a great trip and then Kris asks about the accident. Kim says they all could have died but Khloe saved them. Kris says they’re so lucky and blessed and you have to appreciate what you have. Kim says so many scary things have happened and it makes you thankful that you’re okay and healthy.

Kim goes to her doctor appointment and Kris tags along. Dr Huang greets them and says they looked inside her uterus and says they need to look at her uterus at the cellular level and says it may be crampy. He says they need to figure out what changed between her pregnancy with North and now. Kim does the biopsy to figure out why the IVF didn’t work. She curses when he goes to take the sample from her uterus. Kim says she doesn’t know how much longer she can do this.

At Kourtney and Scott’s house, Khloe shows up and says Kourtney told a story about someone offering to breastfeed someone else’s baby. Scott thinks it’s weird. Kourtney says the baby wasn’t even hungry. Kim shows up blonde. Kourtney says she heard Bruce is having a surgery this week. Khloe says this is all happening fast – this is facial feminization surgery. She wants to get a photo of him before he looks like someone else and not the person who she grew up with.

Kim goes to another doctor about her infertility. This is Dr Rosen. She’s there to check on whether she’s ovulating. He shows her the ovaries and says she’ll ovulate in about four days and they discuss what to do next – do they want to harvest her eggs or do a trigger shot. Kim says she’s exhausted and over it. She says she feels like she’ done. At Bruce’s new place, Khloe shows up to look around. She says she wants a last visual of him before he makes all these physical changes.

They sit on some beach chairs and look at the ocean and he says there are only five homes on the road. Khloe says she will always worry about Bruce but will always love him. Bruce says he took some sunrise photos and says you can see whales from there. He says you have to sit and wait but they’re out there. Kylie shows up and she’s got her two little dogs with her. Kylie says her dad is making a lot of changes but knows his exterior doesn’t matter – she says their souls are connected.

Bruce asks if Kris went on the Montana trip and they tell him no. Kylie calls Kendall who just got back home. She says she’ll be home for a week and her dad asks her to come see the new place. They make plans. Bruce thanks them for stopping by to see his new house. Bruce says he loves to share moments at his new home and says it represents a new chapter in his life he wants to share with his family.

Note: in the preview for next week’s show Kim Kardashian says she is pregnant!