Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Refuse Kim Kardashian as Legal Assistant on Armenian Genocide Case?

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Refuse Kim Kardashian as Legal Assistant on Armenian Genocide Case?

Amal Alamuddin has Kim Kardashian begging to be her legal assistant but George Clooney forbids it according to a new report. Kim Kardashian is a D-list reality star without a proper education, and the only reason she became famous is because of a well-timed sex tape. So pardon us if we burst out laughing with this latest report from the National Enquirer, which claims that Kim wants to become Amal Alamuddin’s legal assistant. Um… ok.

Apparently, since Amal Alamuddin is currently working on a case related to the Armenian genocide, Kim wants to get involved since she’s so ‘outspoken about her Armenian heritage.’

The Enquirer’s source adds, “Kim has been calling George’s [Clooney] handlers, pleading for an introduction to Amal. Kim also emailed Amal’s London law office hoping to track her down. Despite that Kim doesn’t have a law degree or even a college degree, she wants Amal to hire her as a consultant on the Armenia case.”

I’m all for bashing Kim Kardashian and her ridiculous attempts to make herself a legitimate celebrity, but even I don’t think she’d be stupid or clueless enough to do this. I can see Kim chasing down agents, managers, and even writers in trying to land a movie career, but she’s not so entirely idiotic that she would actually believe that she had any shot at working for someone of Amal’s stature. Plus, if Amal needed a legal assistant, I doubt Kim Kardashian is anywhere near making her list of candidates. And even in addition to all that, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin probably treat Kim as though she’s kryptonite – as in, not to be touched with a ten foot pole.

What do you guys think about Kim wanting to become Amal’s legal assistant? Do you think it’s ridiculous, or does it fall in line with Kim’s excessively high aspirations for her future? Maybe Kim Kardashian herself leaked this story to associate her name with Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney, knowing that it would get her publicity. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Refuse Kim Kardashian as Legal Assistant on Armenian Genocide Case?

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  • Maureen kilburn

    This cant be true. At all. And if it is…then good for george clooney forbiding it. There is at least one sane person in this bunch of cuckoos. I dont believe a word of this story. Ugh

  • zbossofu

    Shame that you are so desperate to STEAL stories and re post.
    Unless you have a backup source with name and link, why would you bother wasting your time on such nonsense?! Kim’s only interest is herself and selfies, thus leaving her zero time for any extra curricular activities. Please find other things to gossip about, this is pure garbage and makes your website lower than ROL.

  • Candace

    With Amal’s intelligence, I don’t think that having Kim as her legal assistant is true at all.

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  • R

    Honestly, if Kim TRULY appreciated her Armenian roots, she wouldn’t have her face carved and filled to look more, well…European.
    Kim K. is a deadly cancer destroying the collective self-esteem of women in the western world.

  • Vogue

    UGLY AMAL ALAMUDDIN IS VOMIT INDUCING OFFENSIVE TO LOOK AT. One of those typical ugly Islamic stinking Arabs who wears expensive designer or drives flash cars to make up for their physical deformity.

    • Avram Cohen

      She would probably throw up looking at your face lol

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  • Avram Cohen

    Dude, your a troll! Your a little late with your BS, the world knows the truth in how barbaric the Turks were murdering not only the Armenians but another million or Assyrians and Greeks..

  • Avram Cohen

    There are millions of archives on the brutal deaths of not only 2 million Christian Armenians, but also a million Assyrians and Greeks! Why would the victims have to prove to the Islamic Turkish ISIS perpetrators you disgusting paid troll.. The world already has the proof and knows the truth!