Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 11/23/15: Season 2 Finale

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap 11/23/15: Season 2 Finale

Tonight on VH1 their series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues with an all new Monday November 23, season 2 finale and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Nikki Mudarris decides Rich Dollar deserves to know that his girlfriend has feelings for another man.

On the last episode, Teairra stunned Nikki and Princess at the fashion show; and Moniece made a big confession to Fizz. Later, Ray J tried to get Princess back. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Nikki decides Rich deserves to know that his girlfriend has feelings for another man. At a Fashion Week party, Nikki sits Rich down and tells the hip-hop producer about the conversation between Moniece and Fizz.”

It sounds like the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will end full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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After confessing her feelings to Drew, Moniece says in confessional she doesn’t know what she was thinking and that she realized she needs to stop being hung up on a man she used to be in love with and focus on the one she is in love with.  And after getting Rich to relocate and meet with both her mother and son’s father, Moniece decides she has another demand she wants to make. She tells him that they need to get fitted and start looking for wedding bands.Rich says in confessional that he actually does want to settle down, but with all the demands Moniece is making he can see that she will be a Bridezilla. However, he still agrees to go along with it.

Miles tells his friends that he has known he was gay for two years. One of his friends asks him about his rap career, and he says he is just going to be honest. They tell him they will be his friends no matter what.

Ray J has decided to go all out to get Princess back. He takes her to a house that he reveals he bought for the two of them.
However, Princess says they talked about starting slow and as friends. She says if she says yes to this he can’t party or have any strippers. He says he’s done with that stuff and just wants to come home and be with her. She tells him that a big issue they had at the other place was that she didn’t feel secure. She says for herself to feel 100 percent comfortable, the house needs to be in her name. Ray J agrees, saying he’s already working on that but he didn’t want to wait until then because if he didn’t step up to the plate he was going to lose her. Princess agrees to move into the house.

Nikki spots Rich at fashion week and decides she needs to tell him that Moniece confessed her love to Fizz. She says in confessional that it bothered her because she has been dating Fizz for a little while and it’s shady to tell one man you love him while seeing another. Nikki reveals to Rich that Moniece was in Fizz’s new video, and that Fizz told her that Moniece told him she was still in love with him. Rich says he just wants her to keep it 100 and that she has him out here picking rings. Nikki asks him if he is in love with her, and he says absolutely, and if he feels played, and he says absolutely again.
Nikki wishes him luck in figuring it out, and he says it’s already figured out before he leaves.

Apryl says in confessional that she could not be more supportive of Omarion because he’s the hardest working person she knows, but at the same time she can’t help but feel like she is watching him live his dreams while hers are put on the backburner.

Miles says in confessinal that coming out has felt like a 100 pound weight has been lifted from his shoulders. However, not everyone took it in the best way. Now, his family is meeting Milan. He tells them it means so much to them that they are accompanying him on this roller coaster ride, and apologizes for the way they had to find out. They tell him he is a good person and they just want the best for him. Miles breaks down in tears, saying it’s hard and he just doesn’t want to disappoint them. They tell him they are not disappointed in him and love him no matter what. Milan rings the doorbell. He sits down at the couch and introduces himself as Miles’ boyfriend. He says he’s been wanting to meet them because he felt it was time to come out to his family the way he did to his. They ask him if Miles has met his family, and he says no because they live in Chicago.

Miles’ mother asks what his ambitions in life are other than stripping. Milan says that he knows there are salacious photos of him out there. Miles’ mother tells him that you shouldn’t give up your morals and values to succeed. Milan says he doesn’t want them to think someone who is confident in their body lacks a moral compass, but he sees where they are coming from. Milan tells him his own mother disowned him for being gay. Miles’ sister says maybe she disowned him because of his career choices, but he says that she didn’t know about that and disowned him because he was in love with a man. Miles’ sister says that all they care about is if he is with Miles, saying if he is then they roll with him too.

Rich stares at Moniece as she records in the studio.  After she gets out of the booth, she starts talking to him about rings. But Rich changes the subject, saying she had him do all of these things for her and he stopped being who he was. He says he thought he changed, and all this has been is an exercise in why he should stay who he is. He says when he comes here and bends over backwards for a relationship, and he has to find out from Nikki in a club that she told her son’s father that she was still in love with him.

Moniece says that’s not what she said at all, and he doesn’t believe her, saying everything has to be on her time. He says here he is wanting to tell her he loves her and wants to be with her forever and she is telling her baby daddy she loves him.
Rich screams at her to tell Fizz to get her a ring before storming out of the room. Moniece says in confessional that thanks to her impulsive decision to tell Drew she loves him she has ruined the relationship with the man she loves. She says she doesn’t know if she will ever forgive Nikki for ruining that for her. “I think Nikki has a death wish,” Moniece says to herself.

Milan has been working on his music and he has hot new tracks which his manager is going to check out. His manager asks him how he is doing, and he tells her that he met with Miles’ family and they brought up his nude photos. He wonders aloud if there is a double standard making it so that women can take such photos but he can’t. He also says that after Miles, he wants to help other people come out with his music. He talks about his brother who supported him and showed him what true love was, but passed away. He says he wants his message to the world to be that they should be themselves. His manager tells him that she thinks his vision is in the right place.

Omarion and Apryl have spent countless days on his tour bus. Omarion asks her how she feels on the tour, and she says she just wants to do something herself. She says she feels like it’s not going to happen unless she makes it happen. Omarion asks her how far away she thinks it is, and she says within the next five years. He asks her if she really thinks it’s going to take that long, and she says she needs to bounce back. Omarion tells her that she is doing the best thing she can by supporting him right now. Apryl says she just wants to get back to her, what she enjoys and what she likes before Omarion cuts her off and has the driver stop the bus. They get off the bus, and Omarion shows them the sign of the music studio they have stopped at.

Fizz holds his video premiere for “Good Lotion” and gives a dedication to Moniece, who is in the audience. However, Moniece has come to confront Nikki. After the premiere, she asks Nikki if she was present for her conversation with Drew. Nikki says yes. Moniece then asks if she then heard anything she said, and Nikki says no.  Moniece then tells her that she then ran into her man and told him that, something that gets people fucked up on the daily. The two of them are physically separated, yet Nikki hops up on the railing and throws a drink at Moniece, but it hits Fizz. Then Moniece herself goes to jump over it and is held back. Fizz is disappointed at Moniece popping off at his event, and scolds her right there.  “Bye baby,” Nikki says as Moniece storms out.