Love & Hip Hop Recap 1/5/15: Season 5 Episode 3 “A Lie for a Lie”

Love & Hip Hop Recap 1/5/15: Season 5 Episode 3 "A Lie for a Lie"

Tonight on VH1 their new series Love & Hip continues with an all new Monday January 5, season 5 episode 3 called “A Lie for a Lie” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, infidelities wreak havoc on Erica and Cyn’s relationship; Peter lies about a business trip.

On the last episode, Diamond and Cisco tried to overcome issues with lying and trust within their relationship. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Suspected infidelity sorely tests Erica and Cyn’s relationship. Meanwhile, Peter deceives Amina about a trip; Yandy and Mendeecees set a wedding date; and Cisco explores his past as he tries to win back Diamond.”

It sounds like the 5th season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood tonight at 8PM!

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Amina and Peter are at it again on tonight’s all new episode of “Love & Hip Hop”. Apparently, he had forgotten about meeting up with his wife for lunch and chose to go hangout with Tara and their children instead. So when Amina found them all together playing one big happy family – saying she got upset would be an understatement.

Because what looked like a simple lunch actually meant more than that and that goes for everyone involved. Most especially Amina!

Amina is always going to worry about Peter and Tara getting back together but aat this point she’s getting kind of tired of waiting for the axe to fall. So she talked to Tara and she told the other woman to just take him if she wants him. Sadly, that’s how tired of the situation Amina has become.

And speaking of getting tired of someone, Erica is gearing up for confrontation with her girlfriend Cyn. It seems she’s had enough of her girlfriend’s infamous temper. The last time that happened, Cyn had gone off on her after she had heard Erica had cheated. However that’s not what Erica wants to talk about.

One of Erica’s friends mentioned that he recently saw Cyn and some guy driving around in Cyn’s car. And this guy was also the one driving so now Erica feels like the reason Cyn has been so harsh with her is that she must have been on the defensive this whole time.

But, as Erica walks into trouble, Rich is on the other side of town surprisingly handing out relationship advice. His good friend Cisco approached him when he wanted to figure out what to do about his girlfriend of two years, Diamond. In case you missed it, Diamond had failed to mention she had a daughter on the west coast. Yet, for his part, Cisco also forgot to bring up his six month old. The very same child he had with baby mama while he was in a relationship with Diamond. So Rich told him to take a step back and think about things. And if Cisco ends up choosing Diamond then it’s for the best that he remains open with her!

Later, Erica quickly went on the attack with Cyn but maybe if she simply talked to her in a way Rich advised Cisco to do then maybe there wouldn’t have been a public altercation.

Erica and Cyn had barely sat down when accusations were thrown and then out of nowhere hands were up in the air swinging. Erica had gotten her hands on Cyn and that it seems to be the final nail in their coffin. Because after she did that, Cyn didn’t want to move on and Erica felt like Cyn didn’t know who she was messing with.

So that relationship is over. And seeing as they’ve been giving each other a wide berth since their fight that means Erica then had to plan Amina’s baby shower all by herself. Though, truthfully, Amina hasn’t really been in the mood to celebrate.

From the look of things, Amina might soon be pushed into ending her marriage to Peter. And to understand that you have to know the full situation.

Lately, all the stress has been getting to her and it’s even starting to affect her pregnant. The doctor had told her baby had stopped growing and to monitor her progress the doctor has asked that she come in to the doctor’s office twice a week. And so Amina instinctively wants to lean on her husband during this time but if Peter still thinks he can go on a trip with Tara and their boys even though her pregnancy has now caused her doctor to be concerned – then their marriage will be over.

Unfortunately, Peter is planning on a family vacation where he takes only Tara and their boys to some romantic Barbados beach resort rather than you know Disney world. So basically everyone else can see how wrong this “vacation” is except for Peter and Tara. Tara told Yandy that they’re just doing it for the kids but Yandy wasn’t stupid.

She told Tara that in order for them to cooperate their kids then there needs to be some boundaries in place. Plus, she knows Tara and Tara has even admitted to her that’s she’s not fully over Peter. Hence Yandy knows Tara is asking for trouble with this vacation.

Though, Yandy hasn’t had it easy herself now that Mendeecees is out. Like, yeah, she’s happy to be a family again but then there’s the other part to him being out and that’s the jealousy. It seems that people have been whispering into his ear and they’ve been telling Yandy has been living it up and flashing everything she has in inappropriate outfits.

And Yandy denies it all. She says that none of that had ever happened. Admittedly, she did get some work done yet her fiancée knew all about that from the very beginning. So she doesn’t get why he’s so upset about her new boobs now.

But, elsewhere Cisco ended up doing something much worse than merely getting jealous.

Cisco came clean with Diamond and in order to do that he had to tell her literally everything. So he admitted to cheating on her and fathering baby. But then he told her the woman he had knocked up was also the mother of his older daughter.

And let’s face it no one likes baby mama drama!