Mad Men Recap – Don’s Off the Deep End: Season 7 Episode 12 “Lost Horizon”

Mad Men Recap - Don's Off the Deep End: Season 7 Episode 12 "Lost Horizon"

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new Sunday May 3, season 7 episode 12 called, “Lost Horizon,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Don [Jon Hamm] receives a reward for his work.

On last week’s episode, Don came up with a big idea; Roger asked Joan for help with a clerical error; Peggy had a hard time with casting for a commercial. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the AMC synopsis “Don receives a reward for his work; Joan butts heads with a coworker on an account; Roger dodges a big decision.”

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On #MadMen, Don gets onto the elevator with a crowd of others. He’s at McCann and his assistant waits for him so he won’t get lost today. She says his new apartment will be done next week if he’ll just pick some paint colors. She shows him something she found while packing – it’s cash and a diamond ring and she asks about furniture for his new place. She reminds him that he’s taking Sally back to school tomorrow and tells him Jim Hobart is back today so no napping.

Don hears a wind whistling and pushes against his window to check for leaks. Harry is at the old offices moving the computer out. Sterling is there and says he came to hand over keys. Harry is pleased to be moving and sasses Sterling. Dawn tells Sterling she took a new job at Travelers and he says he hates Caroline too. She says advertising is not a comfortable place for everyone. She thanks him and says he’s very amusing. He says a fat lot of good it did him.

Libby and Karen come to say hi to Joan – they’re copywriters. They tell Joan if it’s in or near lady parts, they’re on it. She asks if they just came in to get on her business. Karen says if she wants them to let her know. Joan says Peggy handles all those accounts and Libby says they’d love to share the crumbs with her. Then they invite Joan out for a lady’s night with them and Joan says once she’s settled. Peggy shows up back at the old office with her box since her office at McCann isn’t ready.

She has to work from there for now. Don comes to see Jim and he politely asks about his vacation. Don says Ferg has been a good tour guide. Jim says Ferg is a good impressionist and he asks him to do one of Don. It sound like Nixon. Jim tells him they bought an agency to get Miller Beer for Don. He says Don is the white whale he’s wanted for a long time and says he expects Don to bring things up around here. Don says he’ll try his best. They tell him to drop their name to get dinner reservations or out of parking tickets.

They tell him that Miller is coming tomorrow and ask him to introduce himself. Jim is thrilled when Don says he’s Don Draper from McCann Erickson. Joan calls Avon and this guy Dennis interrupts her call with stupid chit chat. Joan rolls her eyes and ends the call with Barry. Joan tells Dennis that Barry is in a wheelchair and she told him that and says he shouldn’t have asked him to play golf. Joan chews him out about all his mistakes. She says she can’t believe him.

Joan is furious and says she stayed up all night on the briefs and he doesn’t seem to care about keeping those accounts. Dennis asks her who told her she got to get pissed off. Joan takes a deep breath and says to read the brief before their next call. Dennis says to do it herself and says he thought she was going to be fun. He stomps out. There’s a knock on Peggy’s door – it’s Marsha and she has flowers for her. She says the flowers are McCann and there were sent for all the new secretaries.

Peggy is upset and asks if Marsha told Don. She says she took care of it and Peggy asks what happened to her things. Marsha says Peggy can work in the pool for now. Peggy refuses and says she won’t step foot in the office until she has an office. She says she’ll be at SC&P. Marsha says she’ll let them know. Joan runs for the elevator and Don holds it for her. He calls her stranger and she says she’s homesick. He says it will take some time to settle in and asks her to come by for a drink.

Joan asks when she’d have time to do that and says they don’t share any accounts because he’s too important. She says it’s been a little bumpy. He says he can still interfere but Joan says she’ll figure it out. She asks for a lunch date and he says soon. Don’s assistant shows him a layout for his apartment and he points out a design and says she’s his decorator now and he’ll pay cash but she says she’s happy to do it.

Pete and Ferg are heading into a Sears briefing when Joan comes looking for Ferg. He says he has time to see her now. She says Avon doesn’t like Dennis and he says he’ll take care of it. Peggy heads back to SC&P and she sees her boxes there. She asks if he’s been making long distance calls all day. He says Stan called and left a message then shows her a sketch for Dow. She tells Ed that he could end up working for Ken, Dow or her. The lights flicker out.

She asks Ed why he didn’t do the one thing she asked him to and he says he quits then takes his stuff and walks out. He tells her when she gets settled in at McCann to give him a call. She promises and he leaves. Don is shown to the Miller Beer meeting. It’s huge and Ted says this is only half the creative directors at the agency. Don is stunned. The guy from research says the diet beer is an opportunity to stimulate their imaginations.

He says to imagine a man who lives in middle America, the Beer Belt. Don looks at all the corporate drones moving together. He says the guy used to play sports. He cracks a mild joke. Don looks out the window at the Empire State building and a plan flying by. The guy talks about how you get this guy to open his mind. Don stands, take his box lunch and walks out of the meeting. Ted watches him go. The guy drones on about diet beer.

Ferg shows up to Joan’s office and says he has news. He asks if it’s too early for a drink and she agrees. He says he spoke to Dennis and says she needs to see it from Dennis’ side and says he has a wife and three kids and can’t work for a woman. Ferg says he didn’t come down to upset her and says she needs to keep her status on her accounts and says it’s just the two of them now. They toast. He says first thing they need to do is pay Barry from Avon a visit and apologize.

Joan says she doesn’t want to put him out but Joan says it’s too much. Ferg mentions he’s looking for a good time and about getting to know her. He says she can call Charles Butler on her won. Ferg takes her hand and says from now on, nothing comes between him and her business. He says she can’t lose the accounts or else what would she do?

Betty is reading when Don shows up. He asks why Sally left without him. She says she told Sally to call and says they can’t get mad at Sally for being independent. He asks if she’s okay and she says she threw out her neck carrying $100 of text books at registration. He says she’s getting old and she reminds him that she’s always be younger than him. He rubs her neck for a minute and asks when the boys are getting home. She says 6:30 – they’re both at activities.

She tells Don she’s always wanted to go back to school and he tells her to knock them dead. He leaves. Peggy is alone at the old office trying to make instant coffee. She burns herself and curses. She spills the coffee, shrugs and leaves it. Don drives down the road looking strange. He turns on his signal and heads off the PA/NJ exit. Joan lies in bed with Richard and complains about work. She says she asked the wrong person for help. She says she’s not walking away from the half million they owe her.

Richard says there’s two ways he deals with disagreeable people – take them to court and cost them some money. He says the second way is to call “a guy.” She asks what a guy does and he says the right guy just has to show up. She asks if he’s really done that and he says yes and she says he’s disturbed then kisses him. Don drives and listens to the radio. He’s in Cleveland. Dead Burt is in the car talking to him and Don says he must be tired. Burt asks where he’s going.

Don says he’s headed to Racine Wisconsin and Burt asks if he’s going to see a waitress who doesn’t care about him. Don asks if he’s read On the Road. Burt says he’s in a shiny car on the road with a ghost. Next day, Peggy is at the old office when the phone rings. She goes looking for the ringing phone and answers it. It’s Marsha calling on the payphone. She asks what Marsha wants and she says she has her new office. Peggy says she can come now and Marsha asks if a drafting table is okay for now.

Peggy hears organ music and asks if someone is there. She goes to look around and hears more organ music. She follows the sound of the music and startles Roger. She scares him and he reminds her he has a heart condition. She says creepy organ music is scary too. He says he went to a bar yesterday and she says they screwed up her office. He wants her to go get him booze and she asks if he’d drink vermouth. He says he’s afraid he would.

Joan gets chocolates from Ferg and is annoyed – the card says “pick a weekend.” Jim Hobart comes ranting to Meredith about Don missing meetings. He asks if Don is on a bender and she says he went to take his daughter to school and says she’s not concerned, but she is. Don is on the side of the road stretching his legs. He goes off to take a pee in the woods. Roger looks through his things while Peggy sits on an upside down trash can. He tells her to make McCann wait but she says this is not fun.

He hands her a picture and he says it’s an octopus pleasuring a lady that was in Cooper’s office. She says she wants people to take her seriously. He says he gave her something and says she should sit and keep him company. Peggy says this is the most attention she’s ever gotten from him. He says the floor he’s on is like a nursing home. She says he sold them out and was supposed to watch out for them. He says this is the business and you can’t get attached to walls.

Peggy says she hopes to have that problem someday. He pours them more booze and Peggy says she knows it will be challenging but that’s good for them. He talks to her about the war in the Pacific. He says one hot day, they dropped anchor to take a swim. He says it was a two story drop off the cruiser and says he was scared and needed a push, but he did it. He calls their business a hell of a boat. They toast and drink. Peggy says it looks good now but says it was miserable when he ran it.

Roger asks if that’s how she’ll remember this place and she says no. He pours them more and she says this is one for the road. He asks if she’s going to show up drunk at 4 on her first day and she laughs. Don shows up at a house looking for Mrs Baur. He says he from Conley Research and says they represent companies including Miller Beer. He hands over the research guy’s business card and says her out of 900 entries, she was chosen to win a refrigerator full of Miller Beer.

She says that sounds wonderful and says she’s Laura, not Diana. He says he’s supposed to speak to Diana and asks if that’s her mother. She says he really should speak to her husband and says that’s his ex-wife. He says he can wait in his car but she caves and invites and him inside. She offers Don some iced tea and says it’s no bother. A young girl lurks nearby and asks if he’s looking for her mother. She says if her mother won something, she should get it. Don says that makes sense.

She walks away. Don looks confused. Joan comes to talk to Jim Hobart who says he hopes she finds things satisfactory. Joan says she doesn’t think her accounts are getting the right kind of attention. She says as a partner at SC&P, she had a certain amount of status. He tells her to speak freely and she says Ferg is not a good match. He says she’s lucky Ferg has taken an interest. Joan says she’s been handling her accounts on her own. He says her status has changed. Joan says he must not need her accounts.

Jim says he doesn’t care about her SC&P partnership. He says maybe someone left it to her in their will Joan says she’s happy to take her half million and be on her way. Jim says people must tell her she’s the kind of gal who doesn’t take no for an answer. He says to find a way to get along or expect a letter from her lawyer. She says she wonders how many women there would like to talk to a lawyer. He says women love it there and says she’ll be all alone.

Joan says she’ll have Betty Friedan in her office and the ACLU in her office. Jim says McCann buys tons of space at the New York Times and says he can get them to print Mein Kampf if he wants to. He offers her 50 cents on the dollar to go away. Joan says she’s not negotiating. Jim takes a deep breath and tells her to get out of his office immediately. He tells her to go on and says he’d rather give the money to a lawyer. Joan walks out.

Laura chats with Don until her husband comes home. She introduces him and says Diana won some kind of prize. Don says there’s been some confusion since Diana Baur entered the contest and is nowhere to be found. He says Diana never entered any contest. He says his wife doesn’t know any better and demands to know who Don is. He threatens to call the cops. Don sighs and says he’s right and says he’s sorry for the ruse and says he works for a collection agency.

He says he needs to know her whereabouts. Her ex says she’s in New York last he heard and says that’s all he’s got. They kick Don out. He goes to the car and he says he can tell he’s no collection agent. Don insists he is and the guy says he’s not the first to come looking for Diana and says she’s left a trail of broken bodies behind her. Don says he’s sorry and says he was worried about her. He says she seemed so lost. The ex says he lost his daughter to God and his wife to the devil.
[2015-05-04, 12:22:54 AM] Rachel Rowan: He tells Don that he can’t save Diana, only Jesus can. He tells Don that Jesus can help him too but says not to come back. Roger and Peggy are drunk at the old office. He smokes and plays the organ and she roller skates around. Don drives again and smokes. Roger comes to see Jim and says he had a lot of stuff to move. Jim asks where Don is and says he walked out on Wednesday and hasn’t come out. Roger says Don did it and Jim says he’s canning Joan and doesn’t want to hear her name again.

Peggy comes to McCann with the octopus sex picture smoking a cigarette. She looks bad ass! Joan finds Roger in her office and she says she’s there and doing her job. He asks her to close the door. She does. He says Jim isn’t afraid of her and he says he came to say he can’t help her. She thanks him. He says she won’t do better than 50 cents on the dollar and she says it’s not about the money. Roger says he knows it’s all his fault but she started something that could leave her with nothing.

He says Jim is good for the money. Joan sighs and takes the photo of her son and her Rolodex and says to tell Jim he has a deal. She walks out. Roger isn’t happy. Don dives on past a tractor. He sees a hitchhiker and pulls over. The guy says he’s going to St Paul and Don says he can go that way and tells the guy to get in. The hippy says he doesn’t want to take Don out of his way but he insists it’s not problem. The episode closes with David Bowie’s Space Oddity.