Mad Men Recap – Ken Gets His Revenge: Season 7 Episode 11 “Time & Life”

Mad Men Recap - Ken Gets His Revenge: Season 7 Episode 11 "Time & Life"

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new Sunday April 26, season 7 episode 11 called, “Time & Life,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Don [Jon Hamm] comes up with a big idea; Roger [John Slattery asks Joan [Christina Hendricks] for help with a clerical error.

On last week’s episode Roger pawned off a project onto Don; Joan went on a business trip; Peggy and Pete clashed over how to deal with an account emergency. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the AMC synopsis “Don comes up with a big idea; Roger asks Joan for help with a clerical error; Peggy has a hard time with casting for a commercial.”

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#MadMen starts with Pete and Ken out to dinner waiting on Don. Ken is excited about the wine and Pete says he was talking about Ziploc and they might be in the running. Ken says he’s still deciding. Pete reminds him how successful they’ve been for them in the past. Ken critiques some work and Pete offers to redo some. Don shows up late and apologizes then gets sarcastic about Ken’s criticism. Don says he picked the right strategy and tells him not to have second thoughts. Ken says okay. Pete is shocked.

The service says Diana called twice and then sees a note saying she wasn’t supposed to leave a message and he asks if she left a number. He says he’ll pick up his own calls tonight. Roger yells for Caroline and he says to get who’s responsible for paying their lease. She says it’s Dawn Chambers. Then he screams for Joan too. She comes in and tells him not to yell and says she’ll take care of this and takes the lease letter. Pete takes a call from Trudy who is freaking out. He asks what he did and he says it’s Tammy. He says she was wait-listed and then didn’t get in.

Pete freaks and says his whole family went there. She says they know they’re divorced and asks him to come to a meeting with the head master. He agrees and hangs up. Joan brings in Caroline, Shirley and Dawn. Roger says they’re all fired but Joan says someone at McCann gave notice on their lease. Joan tells the women not to talk about this or start any rumors. Roger says to get Ferg on the line. Peggy is trying to conduct a focus group of kids to test products.

The kids are acting weird and Peggy suggests taking away several of the toys so the kids will have to deal with scarcity. Stan goes to play with the kids and encourages one to throw a toy. Burke takes the call from Roger about the lease. Ferg says the lease is not a mistake. He says he needs to talk to Jim. Joan listens in. Ferg says they’re going to move their office into their building at the end of the month. He says they have plenty of space.

Ferg says they’re bringing them home but Roger is angry. He asks if they’re dissolving them and Ferg says he’ll call a meeting for tomorrow and Roger asks if he was planning this all along but Ferg insists it will be great. Roger hangs up on him. Joan lays her head on his shoulder and Roger asks what he should do. He goes to see Don and tells him they pulled one over on him. Joan brings in Pete and Ted and says he has to tell them all. Roger does.

Don says that can’t be all it is and says they’re being swallowed up. Roger says this means they won’t exist anymore. Don pours a drink and Joan says she’ll take one. Pete says he’s not going and says he didn’t agree but Don says when they sold the company they did. Roger says he hates Jim Cutler but Ted says he likes it over there. Pete calls him a sheep. Roger says they have a meeting with Jim Hobart. Don says they waited so long, he thought they were safe.

Pete watches a kid hug Peggy from the focus group and asks to talk to her. She asks if it can wait but he says it can’t so she goes into his office. He leans against the door looking defeated and she asks what’s wrong. Pete sits and she does too. He says he’s telling her this in confidence and no one else will. He says they’re being absorbed by McCann. She asks if she’s being fired but he says no, they’ll need her for awhile, maybe forever. He says he wanted to give her a leg up on the rats leaving the ship.

She asks if he’s going and he says he has to because he’s never worked anywhere else. Peggy tells him he’ll do great and he tells her to get back to work. He says it’s for her ears only. She nods and goes. Joan makes a call to Richard and says she got bad news from work. He says they can talk about it when he’s there tomorrow and he shouts for his secretary to get him on the red eye. She sniffles, glad that he’s coming to comfort her.

The receptionist tells Don that Melanie has two apartments to show him and a Mohawk meeting but he says to cancel it all. She takes a call on his line and says it’s Lou Avery from California. He curses and gets off the sofa to take it. Lou says they need to talk and he says he told Dee not to say anything because he’s moving next week. He says he doesn’t care if it’s Tokyo. Don is confused and asks what he’s talking about. Lou says they’re making Scout’s Honor into a cartoon.

He says he got a $15k advance and tells Don his mind is made up. He tells him sayonara and tells Don to enjoy the rest of his miserable life then hangs up on him. Don lies back down on his couch and sighs. He calls out for Meredith then pulls everyone into the conference room. He tells them Lou is moving to Tokyo which means Sterling Cooper West is available. He says McCann will lose a lot of clients because of conflicts. He says Sunkist and Burger Chef are just two.

Pete says they have 1,485 square feet out there. Don says they should all go and says McCann couldn’t fire them since they would be making them money. They say they can take Dow and Joan says she can take Avon. Ken says he doesn’t want to go and Don says they’ll like Ken at McCann. They all agree to scramble and land three accounts in 24 hours. Don says they’ve done it before. Peggy meets with a head hunter about a new job. She asks who wants him.

He says McCann is the best offer but she doesn’t want to go there. He says he gets that but says he’s foregoing a commission to help her build a career. He says sooner or later, she’ll have to go through a firm like them but not stay longer than three years. He says there’s plenty out there but it’s a lot more money and cachet and says if she does that, in three or four years, she can quadruple her salary. He says to think carefully before taking meetings because word gets out and McCann is vindictive.

Ken comes to see Roger and Pete. They tell him about McCann swallowing them and he says he won’t go. Roger says they’re proposing they retain independence in the California office and Ken asks who else will go and he says Sunkist and Burger Chef. Ken says he’s the new guy and can’t make a bold decision. Pete says they know the account and have Don Draper which is why he stayed. Roger says he knows they can do this and Ken says he fantasized one day to be in this position.

He tells Pete he’s no innocent bystander either. Ken says he’s toyed with them long enough and says no then walks out. Don and Ted are in the conference room and Don says he needs to describe California in a way that won’t make them jealous. Ted says to tell them his ex-wife lives there. Then he tells Don he met a great woman – an ex from college – and says she can’t leave New York and he can’t leave her. Joan comes in and says Ken says no so they lost Dow. Don says they can work on pulling some smaller accounts and Joan goes to get the files.

Pete and Trudy meet with the headmaster and tell him they think it’s a mistake that Tammy isn’t there. The man says Pete didn’t go there and says the decision is final. The guy says their daughter scored low on the draw a man test. He says kids have to draw a man and the detail matters. He say Tammy drew a head, mustache and neck tie. Pete asks about the mustache. He says Trudy was arrogant not to submit applications to other schools and calls her careless. Pete demands he apologize.

Turns out the headmaster is holding on to a 300 year old grudge from Scotland. Pete punches him in the face. Peggy and Stan tell a girl the auditions are done but she says her mom left her there because she’s picking up her brother from another audition. Harry is cursing on the phone and they walk the girl away. Trudy brings Pete home and offers to ice his hand. He asks why she only applied to one school. She says the head of admissions was fresh with her at another school.

She says she should have stayed in the city but he says the city is in the toilet. She says she has no friends out here. She says the husbands won’t leave her alone and says in 10 years, everyone will leave her alone. He says she’s ageless. She says she’s feeling sorry for herself. He says to tell Tammy he loves her and then he asks to use the phone before he leaves. Pete shows up at the office and says he got Secor Laxatives to join them. Don jokes that they must have been difficult to move.

The kid actor is playing on the phone while Stan and Peggy talk casting. She doesn’t like one that had a lisp and a unibrow. She tells him he can decide then says he can’t tell anyone and he asks what it is. She tells him McCann is taking over the agency. The girls screams when she staples her thumb. Her mom shows up and asks to see her finger. She says they’re going to the ER. The mom says she let her child play with dangerous things and Peggy says you can’t leave a kid at an office building.

The mom blows up at her and Stan asks how that turned into that. Peggy tells him to get back to work. McCann and Ferg come to the meeting surprise to see Don and the crew are there early. Don says they’re there to show what they can add to McCann. Don says their agencies compliment each other but they’ll lose business due to conflict. Don says they’ll lose four major clients they could service from the West Coast office then show them a sign that says Sterling Cooper West, a division of McCann.

Jim asks Ferg to step out and he does. Don says it’s $275k in profit they’ll get for no cost. He asks Don to sit and he does. McCann says he doesn’t like the way this was handled but says it wasn’t capricious. He says they’re rolling out the red carpet for them. Don says they’re attached to their name and clients. McCann says it’s done, they passed the test. He says they are getting five of the most coveted jobs in advertising and all the resources that go with it.

McCann says he shouldn’t have to sell them on this and says they’re dying and going to advertising heaven. He says they’re getting Buick, Nabisco, Ortho Pharmaceuticals then whispers “Coca-Cola.” He tells them to stop struggling and says – you won. He tells them to take the rest of the day off and pop some champagne. He leaves them sitting in the conference room. They’re all stunned. They head to a bar for drinks. Roger says they should toast and Joan asks – again.

They drink to their dead comrade. Joan says she has to go and says she has plans. Roger asks her to come back after and Pete says he’ll drop her off. She hugs Ted, Don and Roger. Roger goes to get them another round and Ted says he has a date. Don says it’s okay that Ted is happy about this. He says he’s relieved. Roger toasts Lou Avery and says the Japs are going to eat him alive. Joan tells Pete this is a disaster. She says Hobart listed off accounts for everyone but her.

She says he shouldn’t count on anything he said. Pete says he feels like this is supposed to happen and Joan says that’s nice. He doesn’t like that she’s not being optimistic and she says no one will take her seriously over there. Peggy and Stan are still working and she says she can’t do any work. He says he appreciates the warning but Peggy says she’s thinking about that woman and her daughter. She says that woman shouldn’t have talked to her that way.

He says that woman shouldn’t have kids. Peggy says she doesn’t dislike kids. Stan says Peggy shouldn’t be angry that she didn’t get to have kids. She asks if his career is thanks to him not having kids and he jokes “not that he knows of.” She tells him he doesn’t understand women and rants about women who make mistakes with kids should be able to move on like men do and not wallow in it. Stan is confused and says she’s right.

Peggy says you do what you think is the best thing. He asks what she did and Peggy says she’s there and he’s with a family somewhere. She says she doesn’t know but it’s not because she doesn’t care. She says you’re not supposed to know or you can’t go on with your life. Stan says he’s sorry and didn’t know. She says he doesn’t know lots of things about lots of people and that’s the point. Stan says it’s not the point but Peggy says she’s fine and has work to do.

Roger says he made a deal with God if this worked out, he’d stop smoking. Don lights Roger’s cigarette and he says no more Sterling Cooper and no more Sterlings since he’s only got a daughter (he still doesn’t know about Kevin!!!). Don and Roger talk about each other. Roger says he envied that Don was always reaching and Don says he envied that Roger didn’t have to. He says in another lifetime he’d be Roger’s chauffeur and Roger jokes that he’d be screwing his grandmother.

Roger says he has to go and says he’s got a GF and says it’s Marie Calvet. He says they didn’t tell anyone until they were sure it’s going to stick. They both discuss marrying their secretaries. Roger kisses Don on the cheek and leaves after Don wishes him well. Don heads to Diana’s place and knocks. There’s a dude there. He says he was looking for someone else and there’s another dude there – it’s a gay couple. They tell him Diana left her furniture and just up and went.

The secretaries are all abuzz about who is going to get to go to the new location. Meredith wants to know what they’re talking about then goes to confront Don and says there are rumors everywhere. She asks if they’re going to McCann and if she’s going along. He calls her sweetheart and she says not to call her that and says he’s not going to have an apartment or an office. He says if she wants to go with him, she can. He asks for an Alka Seltzer.

Peggy’s phone rings and her secretary doesn’t get it. She answers and it’s Stan who says he’s day drinking in his office. He asks what she’s going to do and she says McCann and he can too if he wants. He asks if he should and she says everything will be fine. He says he’s so dumb he believes her. She tells him to stay on the phone while she works. Don calls the office together. He says they’re proud to announce their move over to McCann. Then he says Roger has a word to say.

Roger says the transition will be smooth and there’s room for them. The employees all grumble loudly. Roger says it’s good news then says they didn’t do this. It breaks out in chaos and Don tries to talk to them – he says it’s the beginning of something, not the end but everyone walks away upset leaving the five core standing there staring at the emptiness.