Major Crimes Recap 12/14/15: Season 4 Episode 17 “#FindKaylaWeber”

Major Crimes Recap 12/14/15: Season 4 Episode 17 "#FindKaylaWeber"

Tonight on TNT Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday December 14, season 4 episode 17 called “#FindKaylaWeber,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a professional baseball player’s daughter vanishes. Meanwhile, Slider approaches the final phase of his trial as Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) is put in an awkward position.

Major Crimes follows the departure of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson from the Los Angeles Police Department, Captain Sharon Raydor(McDonnell) is selected as the new head of its Major Crimes Division.

On the last episode, with Flynn on desk duty as he recovered from injuries, Sharon and the team investigated the murder of a fugitive diamond thief whose body was found by his bail bondsmen. Rusty was put in a tight spot when his relationship with Slider was discovered by Marianna’s brother. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “a professional baseball pitcher’s daughter goes missing, and the Major Crimes team’s investigation leads them to the very limits of the justice system. Rusty is put in an extremely awkward position as Slider approaches the last phase of his trial.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 4 episode 17.

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#MajorCrimes is told that Kayla Webber is missing – her dad is a pro ball pitcher. The force of the LAPD is out. Lori Webber, her mother, reported her missing about 6:15 in the morning. She says she went to check and see if she was up and she was gone.

She says the house was locked. Looks like the window was pried open. Jim Webber was traveling the night his daughter went missing. His bodyguard says he doesn’t know where he went. He says Jim didn’t tell him.

The bodyguard says he stays in the pool house. He says he checked the property, checked the gates and doors. He texted Kayla that he was back in the pool house and it was good. Kayla says she had a glass of wine and fell asleep.

The bodyguard says Jim told him not to set the alarm because of a bunch of false alarms. They’re just renting while he negotiates to move to a new team. Provenza wonders if it was triggered to make them stop using it.

They have canine units out as well and start pulling residential security footage. The Chief says Jim Webber is on the way. Andy tells Rusty that Slider’s lawyer will try to make the jury think that Slider was mentally deficient to get a lesser sentence.

Andy leaves Rusty with his shrink who is supporting him in this effort. Rusty says he doesn’t know if he supports the death penalty. Jim comes to talk to Andy and Sharon. He says he flew downtown. He says traffic is thick and the helicopter is better.

He says he worked out then spent the night at the Canyon Spa. Sharon asks if he was alone. The Chief says please cooperate for your daughter’s sake. Jim says he and his wife have a good relationship. Jim says he could have taken Kayla and says he sometimes does.

They ask Jim for photos of Kayla on his phone. Sharon asks him to sign a consent form to use his phone to print out the photos. It’s a consent to search form. He hesitates then signs it. Sharon asks if any new people have been around – deliveries or visitors.

Jim says no one knew and Jim says the staff are with the landlords and Curtis the bodyguard is more of a friend. He admits he’s mad at Curtis. Sharon asks if he knows about angry fans that don’t like his free agent status. Jim says that’s him.

Andy says according to Jim’s phone, he was at a luxury high rise all night, not at the gym. He lied about where he was the night his daughter went missing. The shrink talks about Slider’s rage and calls it a violent inferiority complex and he blames others.

He says Slider has shown no remorse. Slider’s lawyer asks about a phenomena called performance impact. The shrink says Slider got angry and intentionally killed and thinks he should get away with it. He refuses to agree with the lawyer’s theory.

Tao says they’re trying to find out who lives in the building he was. Sharon says they can’t let Jim put up attorneys. Tao lets Buzz take over. He says the house backs up to park land. He found one car driving by and shows it in the state park.

Andy says that lead them to other footage. Provenza says trust Tao on the description of the Chrysler 300. He wants it broadcasted. Amy comes in and says they checked the Webber’s social media. It’s a little bunny blanket and Jim was tagged.

Lori says her daughter sleeps with it and the ear is chewed so they know it’s hers. Curtis is there and Jim is short with him. Sharon asks Jim to share the truth about where he was last night. Andy says they know he was in a high rise on Wilshire.

Andy says they’re looking for his daughter and he’s lying. Curtis speaks up and Jim tells him to shut his damned mouth then physically threatens him. Jim tells them he will tell them but they can’t tell anyone. He says he was seeing a doctor.

He says he didn’t want it to impact his free agent status. He says he needed surgery and shows the bandages for the procedure. He says it takes six weeks to heal. He says that’s a 100 million dollar arm but he would cut it off to get his daughter back.

The Instagram poster was WeberFan7 and they don’t have a lot of info. Tao says the location service is off and he’s going to try some other techniques. He says they have the IP account used to create the account.

They trace it and see it was near Compton near Holmes and Douglas. Provenza tells Tao to get down there discreetly and comb the neighborhood for the car. Julio spots it – he’s in street clothes so he blends.

Amy is there and says the car belongs to Ike Gibson, a known dealer. They head upstairs. She knocks and says, Ike I need you to move your car. He asks who she is. They see the baby blanket inside. They knock in the door and break the guy’s nose.

They search the place while the guy is down. They spot drugs, beer and no kid. Stuff is out of the refrigerator and so are the shelves. They open it and find a large box. They slide it out. a trash bag in a box. They open it and see hair and a hand. Julio says – we found her.

Gus takes the stand and talks about how Slider drowned his sister and threw her in the trash like she was nothing. He says Slider killed her without a second thought. The defense lawyer passes on asking questions to Gus.

Dr Morales is annoyed that they’re pushing him for autopsy results. They tell him they haven’t told her parents yet. He says there are no signs of abuse or molestation and says he doesn’t know time of death since she was in the refrigerator.

Amy says Ike’s lawyer showed up and she says the lawyer showed up and she asks how he knew since the guy hasn’t called anyone and no one has made an announcement. The lawyer starts talking about how they came into the place without a warrant.

The lawyer says the landlord had a key. Julio says Ike never noticed the body in the refrigerator. The lawyer says they had no warrant and wants this shut down. Someone snapped a pic of them taking Ike and put it on social media.

Morales calls with cause of death. Tao says this is not good – it’s a cocaine overdose. It was administered orally likely in food. Andy says the time of death is 9:30 while Ike didn’t take her until the wee hours of the morning.

Sharon tells Ike he’s under arrest. They take him out and then back around. He says he wants his lawyer back when they bring him back into the room without his lawyer. Provenza says just listen. Julio says they have his car on video.

Provenza says they will let him revoke his rights to tell them who overdosed Kayla with cocaine. Ike looks askance and Provenza says sit there like a dumbass. Julio says a drug dealer with a five year old girl in his refrigerator is a problem.

They tell him county jail won’t go easy on a child killer. He says he never thought of that. He says they called him and Curtis gave him Kayla’s body in a box. He says he told him it was an accident. He says he told him Kayla swallowed all of Lori’s cocaine.

Tao says that can’t be right. Sharon says Kayla’s death is not a murder. Rusty is on the stand next and the lawyer asks about the video blog. The lawyer asks what he found out about Greg aka Slider. Rusty says he had a troubled childhood.

He says his father was largely absent and killed his mother in front of him then he went into foster care and seems to have a learning disability. He says then he started drugs at 12 which fueled his criminal activities.

Rusty says he was on the streets for a while and so was Mariana but neither of them killed anyone. The lawyer calls him a victim and Rusty says he thinks of Mariana as the victim not Slider. Andrea passes on any more questions.

Slider is upset but Gus seems satisfied. The Chief show Jim and Lori a photo of Ike Gibson. He says he used to know Ike and cut him off when he started dealing. Jim asks how they’re connected. The Chief says they have bad news.

Andy says they found Kayla’s body in Ike’s refrigerator. Both of them have strong reactions. Jim says she can’t be dead then asks what Ike did to her. Sharon says Kayla died of a cocaine overdose and went missing earlier. He asks if Ike gave her cocaine.

He starts to go nuts and Sharon says she has to know – do you have cocaine in your home. He asks why she would ask. Andy says Ike has an alibi for her time of death. Sharon asks again if there is ever cocaine in their home.

Jim says he went to the trouble to have surgery and would never risk his career or daughter’s life to have cocaine near them. The Chief says they can hold off until tomorrow for questions. He says they can go and maybe Curtis can help them.

Lori collapses. They pull Curtis out of the room. Amy reads him his rights. Amy says Ike told them some things and says they need to know how she was abducted. They tell Curtis they know Kayla was taken after she was dead.

Julio says they know he, Ike and Jim grew up together. Julio says Ike’s attorney showed up out of the blue. Sharon says they sent the Webbers home. Andrea says there’s no murder – just drug possession and illegal disposal of a body.

Julio threatens to charge him with killing Kayla. He says he loved her and would never hurt her. Curtis says it was awful seeing her like that. He says he was the one who was there and took Kayla to school, not Jim or Lori.

He says she was his little girl too and says – screw them. He says Lori called him screaming for help. He says she swallowed all of Lori’s coke but she didn’t notice because she was drunk and drugged out. He says Lori found Kayla dead in her bed.

Sharon says let’s hear the whole thing. He says he thought kidnapping would look better than what happened. He says he gave her to Ike to help with the social media posting. He says Lori was serious with Kayla about staying out of her cocaine.

He says Jim didn’t know and Lori told Kayla it was mama’s special sugar. Andrea says she can file on negligence and look for other charges. Curtis says he told Lori after the first incident to move the coke out of Kayla’s closet.

He says she kept it there out of Kayla’s reach so Jim wouldn’t find it. He says Kayla put it on her cereal and the team doctor pumped her stomach. Provenza goes to find the doctor. Curtis cries and says he wishes it was him instead of Kayla.

Slider takes the stand to speak before his sentencing takes place. He says he’s sorry about what happened to Alice, or Mariana. He says he followed her into the house, robbed it and was high on drugs. He says this lady that Alice worked for was rich so he thought this was okay.

The lawyer tries to reel him back in. He says if Mariana hadn’t died, he wouldn’t be here. He says her dying was the worst thing that could happen to him. He says he’s sorry for Gus too. The lawyer looks like there’s nothing more he can do.

Andrea asks Slider if he has remorse for her murder, for killing Mariana. He says he can’t be sorry for what he didn’t do. Andrea is done after that. The judge says he can step down. The judge says they need to deliberate on sentencing.

Provenza tells Sharon that the doctor confirmed Curtis’ story. Sharon says arrest Lori for manslaughter and search their house. Rusty goes to sit by Gus who says he’s sorry for losing his temper the other day. He says he checked the vlog online and says he gets it.

He says there were other feelings mixed up in that and calls it crossed signals. Rusty says he doesn’t really know him and he’d be better off not caring about him so much. Gus says he does care. He says that’s the problem. He says it’s his problem, not Rusty’s.

He says he’ll be gone soon and Rusty won’t see him again. He thanks Rusty for being nice about it. He walks away. Jim answers the door and Provenza shows him the warrant. Jim is holding his daughter’s doll. They see his stitches from surgery are bleeding.

Provenza says they need to talk to Lori. He says she has nothing to say to them. Amy says they’re ready to arrest his wife. Provenza asks how his stitches came loose then asks where Lori is. He says she’s in the backyard. They go look. Tao stays with Jim and says let’s sit down.

Jim says he’s really tired. Buzz videos as they run out back. They find Lori’s body by the pool. Provenza says keep filming. Julio says it’s fairly recent and Amy says dead less than an hour maybe. Provenza says now it’s a murder.