Major Crimes Recap – Matrimony and Murder: Season 4 Episode 4 “Turn Down”

Major Crimes Recap - Matrimony and Murder: Season 4 Episode 4 "Turn Down"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday June 29, season 4 episode 4 called “Turn Down.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Buzz Watson [Phillip P. Keene] discovers a body during his first drive-along as a reserve officer. The discovery not only jeopardizes a big-bucks wedding, but also Flynn [Tony Denison] and Provenza’s [G.W. Bailey]  plans to take the squad to a Fourth of July baseball game.

On the last episode Major Crimes investigated the murder of a super model with close tied to a pompous celebrity photographer (Jamie Bamber) with boundary issues. Meanwhile, Raydor and Rusty gave Assistant Chief Taylor a headache when they were both served subpoenas for their entanglement in the Alice murder case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TLC synopsis “during his first drive-along as a Reserve Officer, Buzz Watson discovers a dead body in a hotel room bathtub, not only threatening an extremely expensive wedding, but also Flynn and Provenza’s plans to take the division to a Fourth of July Dodger’s game.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.



#MajorCrimes begins with a man walking down the hall of the Major Crimes division in full uniform. It’s Buzz. They ignore his new uniform to tease him but then Sharon wheels out a cake with sparklers on it and they all cheer him. Sharon asks how it feels and he says he’s nervous. He’s now a reserve officers and they take some selfies with him in uniform. Andy is in uniform too and is taking him on his first ride along. Sharon tells Andy not to tease Buzz too much. He says he won’t.

Then he calls Buzz the future Chief of Police and they head out. Provenza show sup in uniform too and says Buzz isn’t taking his first ride along with Andy. Buzz says he thought he didn’t want to. Provenza says of course he doesn’t but would. Buzz has to ride in the back because Provenza and Andy are up front and Provenza can’t figure out how to use the fancy new car and sets off the siren. He lets Andy drive. They get a beeping sound and Provenza is clueless how to answer it. He sets off the siren again.

Then Andy shuts the car down accidentally. They let Buzz move up front and Provenza says he’ll rate him based on his mood. Buzz says they have a domestic at the Morris Grand. Provenza says it’s near Morris Deli and Andy says a critical part of patrolling is deciding where to eat dinner. Provenza tells the valet to get the van out of the police spot but the guy says the driver took off with the keys. Buzz says LAPD policy requires them to be polite but Andy and Provenza tell him to stick it.

Upstairs they hear arguing and pound on the door. Buzz tries to calmly defuse the situation. He asks them to step apart form each other. They guy says his name is Stu and the psychotic bitch is his wife Janet. Provenza calls them ugly spoiled brats and asks if they care about the other guests at this crappy hotel. Stu says these rooms cost $400. Andy then calls them lowlifes and asks if they hit each other. Provenza says to shut up or he’ll haul them both off to jail.

Andy says they can be just as helpful to each other in a whisper. Provenza calls them jerks and then Buzz offers them a card with information on domestic conflict resolution. Outside, Provenza tells Buzz that if you get the couple to focus on hating you so they don’t hate each other. Buzz says they’re supposed to find out how the argument started. Andy says it started out with I do and then they tell him a bunch of fight starters.

They find a maid on the ground and Buzz wants to call an ambulance. They tell him not to because it’s paperwork. Then the maid tells him in Spanish there’s a body in the bathtub. They head inside and find a bunch of bottle of booze and a guy floating underwater. There’s a suicide note too. Andy reads it off and Provenza and Andy joke. Buzz calls it in and says they find a body under suspicious circumstances. Provenza and Andy tell him not to do that.

Buzz rattles off a lot of evidence plus a card with the same name as the screaming couple down the hall. Provenza says they’re supposed to go to the Dodgers game. Sharon tells Buzz the note doesn’t read like a suicide note. Provenza tells Sharon that Buzz overreacted but he says his response was based on observations. Sharon says it was the right call and Andy says the victim is Danny Egan who has a string of DUIs, one suicide attempt and several rehab attempts.

Provenza says the guy had been circling the drain for a while. Then Amy finds a broken ukelele. Julio says the room is reserved for a wedding party. Sharon asks what the couple were fighting about and Buzz says he tried to find out. Tao calls them in and says he found packets of Epsom salts. He turns on black lights and says there was a struggle. Tao says the hair dryer didn’t get the job done and says the liquor bottles were wiped clean of prints. He says the scene is staged.

Sharon says to treat it an accident and try to clear it up before the Dodger game. Provenza is furious at Buzz who is unrepentant because he knows he did the right thing. At their apartment, Sharon is on the phone and Rusty on his computer. She complains to the phone company to pull records on the cell phone of the victim. Rusty says he may have found Alice’s cell number and asks if her messages would still be there. Sharon says maybe. He asks if he would need her pass code.

Rusty says if they have the phone and it opens with a thumbprint. Then he says Slider destroyed the phone but she tells Rusty to meet her at the morgue and runs out. Rusty calls Alice’s number for her cleaning services. He hears the mailbox is full and not accepting messages. Morales tells Sharon there’s no alcohol in Danny’s stomach and the alcohol was poured in his mouth after the fact. Morales says there’s lots of caffeine in his system and says the blister on his left is from the hair dryer.

Buzz comes in with Danny’s phone and Sharon wants to try his thumbprint. Tao says it requires the thumbprint and some electricity. Buzz suggest the defibrillator and Tao says the corpse isn’t getting any deader. Morales agrees but says no one can tweet about it. He shocks the body and Tao says holy crap, it worked. He says the groom called and left a message – he asks why he pulled that. Dana sister of the bride says he ruined everything.

Then Lisa the bride left several messages where she’s crying and raving. She asks what is she supposed to do and says it’s too late. Sharon says they have to tell the guests it’s an accident inquest. Sharon tells Andy they my clear it before the game. Andy calls Buzz an idiot who says it’s not his fault someone was murdered. Janet is shocked and Stu says Danny was a jerk and isn’t surprised. Provenza talks to the groom and Tao talks to sister of the bride and she says she had negative feelings about Danny.

She says Danny invited her up and she thought they were going to have sex but he just wanted to talk about how Lisa shouldn’t marry Brad. Janet says her daughter is so nice and is a caretaker. Brad says they all grew up after college except for Danny. Stu rants about the expense of the wedding and Janet says the marriage is like a corporate manager. Dana says he sang a crazy song at the rehearsal dinner. They watch the video of it. They see Lisa crying while he plays his strange song.

Danny obviously had a thing for Lisa. The groom doesn’t look happy. Then he breaks into a crazy wailing chorus and goes down to one knee. He’s playing the ukelele. Lisa grabs the instrument, bashes it and runs off. Provenza says it’s holiday fireworks. Sharon says to bring the bride in and get search warrants for all the hotel rooms. Provenza threatens to give Buzz a poor score on his ride along. Sharon tells Buzz he did the right thing by speaking up but says she hates to miss the game.

Buzz rushes out. At the hotel, Janet tells them her daughter won’t open the door. Stu says not to break it down since he’ll have to pay for it and hands over the key card. They go inside and see the wedding dress lying there but no bride. Provenza says it looks like a runaway bride. Rusty comes in and asks what the team is going. He says he needs some tech advice and Tao asks what. He says he needs to break into a dead person’s cellular voice mail.

Tao says most use four digits so it will take him about six months to crack. Rusty is frustrated. Tao says after three wrong tries you get locked out. He says most people use something common like 1234 or 1111. He says sometimes people reuse passwords. Sharon gets a call from Amy who says the Sloans are going crazy. She says the bride is gone and is in her wedding dress. Sharon says she’ll check her credit cards and says she’ll send Mike and Julio to do a block to block search for her.

Provenza snaps and yells at the parents and asks where would their daughter have gone. Janet calls her cell phone but Andy says it’s not a good idea. Then they hear her phone ringing and Dana runs for it. Buzz says it’s in the mini bar. Stu opens it and screams and says the bottles are all gone and it’s $200. They hear Dana screaming at the maid who says she stole her prescriptions. Buzz says she has never stolen anything and says if she wanted to clean up after murderers she’d move back to South America. Dana freaks because all her mental meds are missing. She says her sister never took them without asking. Buzz proposed that maybe someone tried to drug Danny. Provenza calls Morales.

Andy says they need to search the trash for the prescription bottles. Provenza tells Andy he’s dragging them all along because he’s scared to ask Sharon out alone. Brad the groom is there and says Lisa called him to break it off. Stu rants about the budget and Brad says he doesn’t want Lisa to run off with Dana’s drug stash. Brad wipes his face and they see he wiped make up off and has a black eye. They take him downtown to talk to Sharon.

He says he won’t tell them who hit him and says he takes the fifth. He says it wasn’t Danny then revokes his rights. He says Lisa hit him and says she almost never hits him and hasn’t done it in the head before. He says she hasn’t eaten anything but breath mints the last three days. Julio knocks and pulls Sharon out to tell her they found the bride at a deli and says they had to make concessions to get her to come in – she brought half the deli foods with her and eats a giant sandwich while Tao watches.

Andrea says it sounds like she has hypoglycemic rage. Provenza says he was married five times and it never occurred to him to run. Julio says maybe his wives thought about it. Buzz talks about how it looks like a python swallowing a wildebeest. Sharon goes in to chat with the runaway bride. Rusty tried to guess the pass code and ends up getting locked out. He’s messaging with an online buddy about the problem. He asks about the security question on the account. They guy asks to meet him tomorrow.

Rusty agrees. Lisa tells them she killed Danny and will never forgive herself. Andy says they may make the game. Lisa says Danny loved being high. She says he must have had his own drugs to kill himself with if she wouldn’t run off with him. She says Danny went to rehab and got clean to rescue her on her wedding day then killed himself and says it was romantic. Tao tells her Danny was murdered then asks why she ran away. She says she was starving then says maybe Brad did it.

She says Brad told her she couldn’t run away with Danny and she punched him then he cried like a baby. Sharon says they need to reunite the bride and groom. Andy tells Brad he can still save the wedding and Stu tells him to make up with her. Andy holds up the privacy sign and tells him to shut the hell up. Andy pulls out Mike and Julio and says they need to let them talk without anyone listening in and says they need privacy. Julio wishes them luck.

Brad tells her it’s been a rough 24 hours then asks if they can just be themselves. He says he knows when her blood sugar dips, she gets emotional. Then they talk about waxing – she had herself done and he had his back done. He says being married means no secrets then says they should be completely truthful to see if it will work. Lisa says she’s sorry but at their last year in college she slept with Danny. Brad says he slept with him too then talks about an experimental phase in college.

Lisa is shocked then Brad talks about the corporate merger. He says dead Danny can’t stop them from fulfilling their destiny. Lisa says that’s what her dad said last night. Brad asks what she means. She says she told her dad that she had to run off with Danny. She says her dad came in yelling about her destroying a merger. He says it’s an awful way for him to treat the only child in the world he can count on. Sharon wonders how Stu got in without knocking. He has all the room keys.

Lisa tells Brad that he says what she needs to hear. Stu says he should let them go since they’re happy. He explains he has a room key to each room. Sharon says Danny was murdered and his daughter is responsible. He says Danny killed himself but Provenza says no and talks about the details of the murder. Janet says Lisa doesn’t have enough strength to drown a guy. Then they turn off the lights and turn on a black light and see that Stu’s watch is glowing with Epsom salts. Stu killed Danny. Amy comes in and says they found the prescriptions in the hotel trash.

Sharon asks whose prints will they find. Stu rants and says they have guests coming. He says he worked his whole life to give his daughter the wedding of his dreams and he’s out $400k. He says he had to deal with caterers, florists and that drug addict and might have made some mistakes. Andrea asks Tao if they really have the medicine bottles. Stu says not to punish the lovebirds and says he’ll confess after the wedding reception.

Sharon asks if he went into Danny’s room intending to kill him. Stu says of course not. He says he slipped some drugs into Red Bull and he was going to drive him away from the wedding so he’d sleep through the ceremony. Buzz tells Sharon there was a van waiting and Sharon says maybe there was no premeditation. Stu says he just got carried away then admits to throwing the hair dryer in the tub and holding him under.

Andrea says Stu can go to the wedding and have a first dance with his daughter as long as he will write it all down afterwards with a police escort. Dana asks if there’s any of her valium left. Sharon tells Buzz he’s had a productive first day. He says everyone is mad about missing the game but Sharon says they won’t miss it. They all watch the game in Sharon’s place glumly. Rusty hears from his source that the security question was Alice’s sister’s name and the answer was Paloma.

Julio asks why Provenza has his uniform and he says he sent Patrice a pic of him in it and she was turned on. Julio is grossed out. They all run up to the roof to see the fireworks. Rusty says the password is too long and asks Buzz what it means in Spanish. He says dove. Provenza tells Buzz he gave him a 93 on his ride along and says it will be higher than anyone else in the class. Provenza tells Buzz he doesn’t mind him at all and Buzz reciprocates.

Provenza says you just have to learn how to prioritize police work with the Dodgers home game schedule. They walk out chatting . Rusty translates dove to numbers to try Alice’s voice mail. It works! He hears there are 24 new messages and six saved messages. He starts listening to them as the fireworks go off.