Major Crimes Recap 6/22/15: Season 4 Episode 3 “Open Line”

Major Crimes Recap 6/22/15: Season 4 Episode 3 "Open Line"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with their all new Monday June 22, season 4 episode 3 called “Open Line.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the team investigates the slaying of a supermodel who was closely connected to an arrogant celebrity photographer. Elsewhere, Raydor [Mary McDonnell] and Rusty [Graham Patrick Martin] are both served subpoenas due to their ties to a murder case.

On the last episode a dead body popped out of a trunk at the end of a car chase, leading the team to investigate tangled connections involving a celebrity chef, a pediatric psychiatrist and his wife, and a bankruptcy lawyer. Meanwhile, Rusty tried to identify a murder victim. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “Major Crimes investigates the murder of a super model with close ties to a pompous celebrity photographer (Jamie Bamber) with boundary issues. Meanwhile, Raydor and Rusty give Assistant Chief Taylor a headache when they are both served subpoenas for their entanglement in the Alice murder case.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.



On #MajorCrimes, a woman’s dog barks as the doorbell rings. She’s assaulted and runs to her room and closes the door but the man chases her and assaults her violently. It looks like her web cam is catching it all. He beats her head into the floor then leaves while she’s still twitching. The dog comes over as she’s gasping for life. She gets her phone and dials 911. She goes limp as the 911 operator answers.

The team is there and find Christa Cook dead on the floor. Provenza says she’s some sort of model and Sykes says she’s a supermodel who works a lot. Provenza says there are so many dogs and Andy asks why he hates dogs. Buzz says Sharon is there with company. We see she has Rusty in tow and he offers to get an Uber. Provenza asks if Rusty can dog sit and he hands over the dog and says to scoop her poop.

He also tells Rusty to see if he can get some scoop from his media peers. They tell Sharon it doesn’t look like robbery then Tao shows photos of Christa with a guy and they’re recent. Sykes says she saw that guy at a red carpet even with her on Google. Andy says Christa is the only one on the lease and there are no men’s clothes in the closet. Tao says he needs a warrant for her social media and Provenza says to get a warrant for the dating sites too.

Sykes says The BF is Felix Koster who is a mixed martial arts fighter. Sharon looks at some photos of him. Sykes sends Andy and Sykes to find the guy. Sharon wants to go with Christa’s body and asks Buzz to take Rusty with him. ME Morales tells Sharon that the Chief moved Christa to the front of the autopsy line. He says he got her xrays back. Sharon asks about weapons but the guy says it looks like hand and feet and shows her that her face was bashed into the floor and a broken rib impaled her lung.

Sanchez is there and says that’s why she couldn’t talk on the 911 call. Julio says he saw him in the ring and Morales says it’s hard to thing he would give that up to go a few rounds with his GF. Morales says to look for bruises on Koster because Christa fought back. Julio says Koster is known as “hammerhead.” Koster is at the gym sparring and Andy says with that fight, they won’t know if he’s bruised because of Christa. Andy flashes a badge and asks Koster where he was.

Koster’s trainer says he was there and saw Koster when he got there. The trainer says he’s going to call a lawyer and Sykes says Christa was beaten to death by someone with their bare hands. Koster gets upset and asks who would do that. He thought they were there because he hadn’t turned in her parking permit. The trainer gets obstinate – he’s Felix’s brother. Sykes asks how long they dated and his brother says about a year. Tao confirms for Sharon that there’s radio silence between Christa and Felix since the split.

Andy says the guy looked small but Julio explains MMA is not about being big. Sharon asks what about other men in her life and Tao says he saw no digital flirting and Buzz hasn’t found her on dating sites. Provenza asks if social media showed her out last night. Tao says she was online on Facebook and Twitter last night about midnight. Andrea has subpoenas for Rusty and Sharon. He says he’s not part of Slider’s murder case but she says he became one when he visited him in jail.

Sharon asks if his attorney is implying that Sharon had him ask questions. Tao freaks out when a virus hits the computers and says to shut down Sharon’s too. Buzz runs in and unplugs it. Tao says Christa’s laptop had spyware and he may have let it into the department’s computers. Tao calls for a shut down of the LAPD intranet. Chief Taylor talks to Rusty who says he doesn’t understand why talking to Slider was such a big deal. Sharon says it was an innocent mistake.

Taylor says family members of the LAPD can’t interact with defendants once they ask for an attorney. Andrea says the judge wants to hear about their conversations. Rusty says Slider insisted that first he listen to his account of the murder. Rusty says the press has rights too. Taylor says he won’t debate this with him and tells Andrea he will email for video of the visit. Rusty says he has video of it but Sharon and Taylor freak and say they can’t see it.

Andrea says she’s the only one who can see it. She wants Rusty’s phone but he doesn’t want to hand it over and asks if she needs a warrant. Sharon gives Rusty a look and says they don’t if he’ll just hand it over. Provenza tells the group that all data services have been shut down and Tao says the malware was likely limited but there could have been a more complicated virus. Sharon asks if they can trace it back to who put it there.

Tao says he put the drive into an air gap computer to try and analyze it. Sharon asks what’s the likelihood her ex used the spyware to check up on her. Sykes says Hammerhead doesn’t strike her as a hacker. Buzz says you can download software for $40. Tao finds the email that sent the malware. He says it came from Melissa Zara at a management company she owns. Sharon says they can bring Melissa in and Buzz has a camera set up off the network.

Provenza asks if she was Christa’s agent and says when she switched from modeling to management she was one of her first clients. She says she got Christa out of a bad family situation and made her a professional success. They ask about the email saying she was making a huge mistake. She says Christa wanted to take her savings and go to college and quit modeling. Provenza tells them about the malware that was with the photo.

Julio asks if she was watching her through spyware. She says she forwarded the photo then says it’s Malcolm Rich. She says he’s a great photographer and an awful human being. Melissa says he knew that Christa broke up with her BF and asked her out but she said no. Melissa says Malcolm likely took his interest in her too far. We see Malcolm doing a wedding shoot and he’s yelling at the models. He touches them and positions them and says to have fun and touch each other.

He’s being kind of pervy. Andy shows up with Sykes to the studio. They tell his assistant to stand aside and ask to talk to Malcolm. He tells Sykes she has a great face and figure then tells Heather to give them the name and number of his lawyer. Andy steps in between him and the girls and says they have a warrant to take all his computer equipment. He says he’s in the middle of an important photo shoot but Sykes says he’s at the end and they take him to the car.

On the way out, he tells Heather to call his lawyer. He laughs strangely and tells Sykes he loves her. At home, Rusty brings out all his Alice research and asks why the judge wants to see it. She says it goes to his journalistic intent. Rusty says he wasn’t trying to see Slider behind her back but was taking initiative as a reporter. Sharon says it was a mistake but he didn’t do anything wrong. He asks if she can come with him and she says she’s glad he asked but can’t.

Sharon tells him to stand up for himself and Alice and says Andrea will be with him. Malcolm’s lawyer rants at them holding Malcolm overnight but Tao says he has no alibi and displayed inappropriate behavior with Christa. Sharon asks him about stripping to his underwear and pushing her against a wall. He says he was getting the emotions he wanted. Andy says this creep probably did it to other models. Tao asks about Rosario Moore, an ex that he was rough with.

He says she was a coke head and the lawyer says it was civil charges that were dismissed. Tao asks about the spyware he emailed to Christa so he could access her web camera. Tao says he traced the spyware to the point of origin – Malcolm’s computer. Sharon says he was cyberstalking then beat her to death. Malcolm says he’s not a killer. Sharon arrests him for spying on Christa. Malcolm panics when they say they will make it public.

He says he’s a witness and watched it happen. His lawyer says he won’t tell them anything more without agreeing for the charges to be dropped. Malcolm says the guy was wearing sweats like her ex used to wear. He says he pummeled her into the floor brutally. Sykes is sickened that he didn’t call 911. He says the computer fell sideways on the floor then Tao picked it up and says he recorded everything she did for the last three months.

His lawyer says no charges for the spyware. Sharon asks how many models did he send spyware too. Tao tells him to make a list and Sharon says it better be complete or the deal is off. The lawyer nods at him. Andrea is disgusted and says he should be prosecuted since he’s spying on 42 women. Andrea says the Malcolm pervert is the only witness. Provenza tells Buzz to use the phone and his shoes and says they are the best tools a cop has.

Sharon tells them that Dylan, the brother, is holding a coffee cup and they agree to see if he was there. Andrea has to cave on the deal and that gets them access to the Christa files. Provenza says they can take care of the dirtbag later. They open the file of the murder. They watch her go to the door and asking what he’s doing there. They watch her murder. Tao says they can’t see his face. Taylor says they can only tell it’s a guy. Rusty is there watching all this.

Rusty is queasy from the violence and Andrea says on to her next video crisis and takes Rusty with her. Rusty asks Sharon how a guy illegally recording 42 people is okay and him recording one guy who asked him too leaves him in trouble. Sharon says she needs to listen to Christa’s other conversations and says they have three months to check out for more clues.

Rusty sits with the judge who asks how many murder trials he plans to participate in. Rusty says he had no idea it would interfere. He says they told him Rusty was acting as an agent of the police. Rusty says he’s a journalist and has his own vlog called Identity and his first story was to learn the Jane Doe’s name. He asks if Andrea encouraged him. She says far from it since opening up the victim’s past could make her less sympathetic. The judge says to not post anything else on this case.

Rusty says he posts daily then the judge yells it at him and Andrea says they understand and will conform. The judge asks the name of the vlog then tells them to come back tomorrow. Sykes tells Sharon says that the brothers said they started training at 7 am but says the video she found lies. AT 725 at a coffee shop in Santa Monica, we see Felix’s brother Dillon is in line buying coffee not at the gym like he said. They bring him in and he insists his brother was in the car.

Sykes asks why he didn’t buy him coffee and he says Felix doesn’t drink it. He says he can’t leave Felix alone at the gym because people want to challenge him. Andrea says the judge and Rusty are irritated. She watches the interview. Buzz moved an audio track from her screaming at Felix to get out to the attack video. Sykes and Andy tell Dillon that if he keeps up the fake alibi he’ll be charged as an accomplice. Dillon says he just lost his temper.

He says Felix got a weird text in the middle of the night that made him furious. He says Felix told him he just shoved her and says he’s working out now. Tao says Christa didn’t send him a text. They head to the gym and send the other people out so it’s just them. They approach him guns out and Sykes says he’s under arrest for Christa’s murder. He puts his hands up and they tell him to stay put until the cuffs are on. He hits a cop and takes his gun and Julio tells him he’ll shoot him.

Felix screams and says he loved her and it was an accident. He goes for the gun again after Julio tackles him and points it at them and Tao has to shoot him. It doesn’t look good. The kid is dead. Buzz says the LAPD network is back online. The others are happy but Tao is upset. Julio asks if he’s been to see the shrink yet. He says he has a session tomorrow. Tao tells them the text that Felix was talking about was sent from a burner phone Malcolm bought.

Andrea says Malcolm sent the photo to provoke Felix into attacking his ex. The lawyer says they have a deal and Andrea says the lie invalidated the deal. Tao says he’s not a girl and his computer was infected. Sharon says he infected the entire LAPD but left them off the list. Andrea says spying on a police station violates the Patriot Act and he’ll spend a decade in prison. The lawyer asks what’s the alternative. Sharon says he needs to admit texting that photo to trigger Felix.

Andrea says she can try Malcolm for murder and it will end up at manslaughter. She says she’ll take eight years and that means six for good behavior. Malcolm says these can’t be the choices but Tao says two people died because of him and he had to kill one of them. He tells Malcolm he’s going to jail, the only choice is where and for how long. His lawyer says if he sent the text, it’s not good. She says manslaughter is better than terrorism.

He says he didn’t know this would happen. The lawyer says they’ll take the manslaughter. Tao smirks at him. Slider’s video is all about him saying Bug killed Alice and the police railroaded him and talked him out of an attorney. The judge watches this on the phone. He says it’s just another suspect saying he didn’t do it and says it’s no cause of sanction but says Rusty did cause them to waste time. He asks if Rusty can change stories but Rusty says Alice needs him and he can’t let her be cremated anonymously. Sharon says he’ll coordinate all his research from now on.

Rusty asks if he can post Slider’s video and the judge says it’s fine. He asks Sharon to stay behind and says Rusty is a smart kid and says she’s got her hands full. She says her heart too. He says that she’s letting him hang out at the PD so she can keep an eye on him. Sharon says his vlog is professional. The judge advises her not to watch the vlog and says – stay out of it mama. The judge says bottom line, she knows who the girl is and Sharon says – the victim.