Masterchef Junior Recap – Ninja Sushi Nightmare: Season 3 Episode 4 “Raw Talent”

Masterchef Junior Recap - Ninja Sushi Nightmare: Season 3 Episode 4 "Raw Talent"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with a new Tuesday January 27, season 3 episode 4 called “Raw Talent” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, a pantry hunt pits the winners from the previous challenge against one another to match the most ingredients in the time allotted. Later, the 10 remaining contestants team up in pairs to complete an elaborate sushi dish.

On the last episode, the remaining 12 junior home cooks faced a giant mystery box challenge that delivered the shock of the season. The pint-sized cooks had to prepare restaurant-quality dishes using ingredients that got better with age, and the winner of the challenge will have a significant advantage in the next round. Later in the elimination challenge, the contestants came face-to-face with the most dangerous protein in the history. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Fox synopsis, “before the next elimination challenge, the winners from the previous challenge will face off in a MASTERCHEF JUNIOR pantry hunt. The junior home cook who correctly matches the most ingredients in the allotted time will win a significant advantage in the next challenge. Later, the remaining 10 junior home cooks will compete in a fishy tag team pair challenge, during which each pair must successfully complete an elaborate sushi dish.”

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#MasterChefJunior starts now and the top 10 stream into the kitchen. Andrew does a dance then Graham. Cory, Jenna and Nathan made the best dishes last time and are told to step forward. The others step to the side. Graham says every chef needs to master knowledge of ingredients. They tell them there are 500 ingredients in the pantry. They say each will get a list of 20 random ingredients and will have two minutes to get as many of them as they can. Winner gets a huge advantage.

Gordon says they took the labels off of everything in the pantry. They tell them to run and off they go and the other kids run to watch. Nathan says it looks hard. They count down and then have to leave the pantry. Andrew says it looks like Nathan got the most but they could all be wrong. Cory is first. He ended up with seven out of 20. Next up is Nathan. He got eight of 20. Jenna goes last and she has no idea how many she got. She got 10 out of 20 to win it.

Gordon tells Jenna she gets to pick five teams of two for the next event. She chooses Kayla for herself. She puts Andrew with Riley. Ryan Kate with Nathan. Jack with Cory. Ayla with Jimmy. That’s the #MCJTeams. Gordon says this is a special team challenge because it’s tag team. The losing team will both have to go home. Graham says they’re making sushi. Jack says it’s his favorite food and is worried that Cory won’t be able to pull it off.

They have one hour to pull off a tag team sushi miracle. The time starts and Jack tells Cory exactly what to do. Riley coaches Andrew on his. Jimmy tells Ayla how to cut better and Gordon says the slicing is important. There are 15 seconds before it’s #TagTeamSushi. Little Riley takes over. Jack tells Cory he miscut the sashimi and it has to be redone and Cory says he’s going to get them eliminated. Gordon comes over to talk to them and tells Cory that he needs to encourage Jack.

Ayla tells Joe that she and Jimmy are doing well and she’s confident. Kayla and Jenna are doing well and communicating. They are halfway through and about to switch again. Riley puts too much rice on one and then throws some on Graham accidentally and says he can keep it. Graham tells the others that Riley is cheerleading. They say Andrew is like a head chef and Riley like his little sous chef. They’re surprised that Jenna and Kayla are falling apart.

They get ready to make another switch. Jack complains again to Cory that something is cut unevenly. Jenna says the tempura is too thin but Kayla says it’s fine. It’s time for the next switch. Gordon goes to talk to Riley and he says he thinks they can win it. He says Andrew is fast and is giving good guidance. They high five. Joe checks with Jack and Cory and tells them to keep it up. They are about to make the final switch and are down to the last 10 minutes.

Joe talks about Andrew coaching Riley into making a perfect tempura. Jenna yells out that Kayla is ignoring her. Andrew tells Riley he’s doing killer. Jenna says it’s like talking to a brick wall with her. Andrew coaches Riley to tweak their platter. Graham tells the kids to be ninjas and does a karate kick. Jenna is full-on screaming at Kayla. They count down and it’s hands off. Jack and Cory seem to be reconciled.

Gordon calls down the little and large pairing of Andrew and Riley. Andrew says Riley was great to work with. Gordon says they worked really well together and Andrew says Riley was amazing. Riley says nothing was really hard. Gordon says it looks great and could be from a top LA sushi place. Gordon asks who fried the shrimp and they say Riley. He tastes and says it’s good. Andrew made the California roll and Gordon tastes and says wow.

He says it’s sliced beautifully and commends them both for working so well together. Graham asks Andrew if he eats a lot sushi in Jersey and he says no. Graham tells Riley his cook on the tempura is perfect. He tells Andrew that the knife work on one piece of fish is a little off but otherwise, it’s great. Next up is Kayla and Jenna. Gordon asks what happened with them. Kayla says she couldn’t figure out how to plate the shrimp and Jenna says her feelings were hurt because Kayla wouldn’t listen to her.

Gordon starts with the California roll that Jenna made and he says it was well made. He says their salmon is mismatched and their tuna cut is off. He looks at the shrimp which broke in the fryer. He shows them all the grease that’s coming off of it. He says they’re a disaster and are overcooked and full of grease. Both girls are crying and Jenna says she really doesn’t want to go home. Gordon says he doesn’t want them to go home either and knows they can do better,

Joe tells the girls that the roll looks good and takes a bite. He says it’s been a competitive day and says life is full of events like this. He says fried shrimp is a technical thing. He tells them chin up. Ryan Kate and Nathan are next. She says she doesn’t eat sushi a lot. Graham says the California roll is gorgeous. He tells them the knife work is good. Graham tries the shrimp tempura and says it’s a little greasy but the cook on the shrimp is good.

Jack and Cory are next. Graham says the California roll looks good and says the salmon is sliced too thick. He says the tuna is ragged and looks like the cat has had a bite. Gordon tells Cory he should have blotted the shrimp rather than letting them sit in a pool of grease. He says he can’t even eat it because it’s way too greasy. They leave disappointed. Last up is Ayla and Jimmy. Joe tastes and asks if they both like sushi. Jimmy says he’s had it before.

Joe says the knife work is beautiful and the portion in the rice is good. He takes a bite and says it’s really amazing. Joe says he thinks it’s the best sushi they’ve had in the MC Kitchen, even including the adults. Gordon tells the kids well done and says it’s the first time they did sushi and tag team much less together for MC Junior. Graham says Jimmy and Ayla won the challenge. Joe calls down Kayla and Jenna and Jack and Cory as the two worst teams of the day.

Graham says whoever goes home should go home proud. They choose Cory and Jack as the bottom team that will go home. Gordon tells the boys they are inspirations. Poor little Cory is just crying and wiping tears away. They call the boys up and give them hugs. The other kids come to give them hugs and send them off properly. Jack is really sad too and is barely holding his tears in check. He say he’ll never tag team cook again.