MasterChef Recap – Corn Corn Everywhere: Season 6 Episode 4 “Clawing to Victory”

MasterChef Recap - Corn Corn Everywhere: Season 6 Episode 4 "Clawing to Victory"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday June 10, Season 6 Episode 4 called, “Clawing to Victory.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the cooks prepare crab dishes for the judges. Later, the contestants make sweet or savory creations using corn as the common ingredient.

On the last episode, after the apple pie elimination test, the remaining 20 home cooks faced their first team challenge of the season at an amusement park. Once teams were decided, each team were tasked with creating its version of an amusement park burger and fish and chips dish for thousands of amusement park guests. The winning team was safe from elimination, while the losing team had to face the first pressure test of the season, during which the home cooks would make 12 cinnamon rolls. Find out which home cooks continued to ride in the competition and who would leave the MASTERCHEF kitchen for good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis “in the next mystery box challenge, the home cooks will have to come out of their shells when they must prepare unique crab dishes for the judges. The home cook who prepares the best crab dish will receive a significant advantage before the next elimination challenge. Then the remaining home cooks will create their versions of sweet or savory dishes, using the same surprise ingredient of corn.”

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#MasterChef begins with the home cooks streaming into the MC kitchen for another day of challenges. Gordon, Graham and Christina are all there for the next mystery box challenge. Gordon tells them to lift the boxes carefully and watch their fingers because it’s alive! They lift and see wiggly crabs. Olivia is grossed out – she sees them as giant alien bugs. Graham says to treat them with respect.

Gordon says the advantage to the winner is a game changer so they need to win. They have 60 minutes to make a delectable crab dish. Gordon says he would go for the Dungeness since it has the most meat. Hatel was raised a vegetarian so has no clue how to cook it but has chosen blue crab with curry. Claudia is making a traditional Dungeness and rock crab soup.

Olivia asks Gordon an instructional question about how to stun it before throwing it into the pot and where to get the meat out. He helps her out and she moves on. Hatel tells her to just do it and Olivia apologizes as she puts it in the boiling water. Amanda says she has an advantage being from Seattle where seafood is common.

Charlie tells Christina that back in New Orleans, he cooks this several times a week. He says he’s making pan seared crab and a crab cake. They are down to 20 minutes. Jesse tells Graham that he’s from Louisiana and he’s made crab many times. He’s making a fish stock soup and some dumplings. They are down to less than 10 minutes and everyone is scrambling.

The judges talk about how good everything smells and Graham jokes that Jesse “came out of his shell.” Christina says she’s worried about Olivia since she has no clue but Gordon says her dish sounds delicious and he’s not concerned. Everyone is down to the plating. Gordon counts down from 10 and it’s hands in the air.

Gordon decides that the first dish they’ll sample is plated magically and calls down Amanda. The Seattle social worker is thrilled and brings down her dish. She’s made crab cakes with mango salad and avocado cream sauce. She used Dungeness crab because they have it in Seattle and says you get the most meat from it. Gordon slices her cakes and says it’s beautiful. He tastes and says it’s delicious.

He says it’s moist not dry and says he would add a bit more Granny Smith apple to perfect it. Graham slices and says delicious as well. He says maybe a little heat but says the cook and preparation are perfect. Christina says the avocado cream is very nice and it’s all very delicious and it’s a really great job.

Graham calls down the second dish – he says it’s a smart twist on a classic preparation and says this cook has had some issues. He calls down Olivia. She says all her dishes have been ugly so she’s happy with this one. Graham says it’s one of the prettiest plates. She made a crabcake benedict with a poached egg. He pierces the egg and it oozes perfectly. Graham says well done.

He tastes and says it takes a lot of skill to have that many things going on and it’s cohesive. He says the asparagus needs some salt, but otherwise it’s good. Gordon says it’s delicious and shows great finesse and style. He says it shows her confidence is growing. The other home cooks applaud as she goes back to her station.

Christina calls down the final dish – she says this one is put together someone who knows their crab and calls down Jesse. Charlie is disappointed it’s not him but is glad it’s another Louisiana boy. He made a crab dumping soup served with a mango salad. Christina tastes and asks if there is sausae in the broth and he says peppercorn bacon.

She says that was a smart choice for a Southern dish. She says the soup could have stood on its own even without the slaw. Gordon asks how much he loves crab and he says on a scale of one to 10, it’s a 100. Then Gordon asks about his girlfriend and makes him blush. He says it’s all delicious and says he should cook more like this every time. He also gets applause.

The judges discuss who should win the advantage. They end up giving it to Jesse and they tell him he doesn’t get to go to the pantry. He says the advantage will come there and Gordon says everyone’s fate is in Jesse’s hands. Graham tells him he can choose who to send out right now. Jesse chooses Stephen. Graham says that could happen depending on how he uses it.

Christina says Jesse doesn’t have to cook in the elimination challenge. Graham says they will cook something that no other country holds in more respect. There’s a box with an awe-inspiring ingredient in it – a gift form mother nature. Graham opens it and we see a glow. Derrick wonders what it is and says it’s like a scene from Pulp Fiction. Gordon asks Stephen what it is and he says – my destiny.

Christina says they won’t know what it is until they go into the pantry. Jesse will decide who cooks a savory dish or a sweet dish. Gordon says to use that ingredient as a dessert could mean game over. Gordon tells them to come collect their baskets. It’s #SweetOrSavory. Jesse says there’s not point trying to sabotage Derrick since he’s so good so he gives him a savory basket.

Veronica gets a sweet basket. Jesse says he’s giving the stronger chefs the savory basket. Stephen tells him he better give him the basket he wants or else and demands savory. Jesse gives it to him. He says the weaker contestants will get the sweet baskets so he can weed out the runts right now. Justin says he’ll prove Jesse wrong. Gordon says good job and to go up to the balcony to watch.

In the pantry, they see that it’s corn as the special ingredient. They all grab bushels of corn. Stephen is thrilled and says he loves corn. Veronica says her brain says dessert and corn don’t go together. Gordon tells them all to hurry and Graham says they’ll also get a limited pantry of other ingredients. They have just 60 minutes to make a perfect corn dish.

They all go scrambling. Gordon asks Christina what dessert should be made with corn. Gordon says savory can also be a challenge. Veronica is excited about her corn crème brulee. Claudia is making sweet corn tamales. She says Mexicans eat corn everything and Jesse doesn’t realize he did her a favor. Justin is making a corn crème puff with candy corn drizzle. Graham doesn’t get it.

Christina advises him to add salt and he says he did. She says that was her most polite way of telling him to add more salt because it needs it. Graham asks Justin if this is his last day and tells them he knows what he’s doing. Charlie is making corn grits with BBQ shrimp. He says he doesn’t really care for corn himself.

Tommy is making sweet corn panna cotta with caramel candy corn. He says this will show he’s still a contender no matter what Jesse thinks. Gordon talks to Shelly and she’s making five space shrimp taco with roasted corn. Veronica watches her oven. Stephen says he’s making a corn tamale. Christina tastes and likes it. He says viva La Mexico. He and Graham high five.

They are down to two minutes and everyone is scrambling. Gordon says Claudia make dessert tamales and they love Shelly’s tacos that are looking good. They count down from 10 and it’s done and hands in the air. Gordon says great job and says it’s time to find out how Jesse’s choices worked out. Stephen is first and says he demanded the savory basket. He made corn tamale with corn salsa and red chile.

Gordon tastes and tells Stephen not to tell him how to make his bite. He says the tamale was a nice idea and he put together a good corn energy to use it four times. He says he thinks it’s his best effort so far. Graham tastes and says he would mow it down and it’s like refined street food. He says it’s one of the best dishes they’ve had.

Next up is a sweet dish and they call down Veronica. She made corn crème brulee with caramel corn on the side. Christina says the most important thing is the crack on the top crust. She taps it and says the crack is perfect. She digs in and says it’s not well done. She says too much fat and it was cooked too high and too fast so it’s a fail for the technique. She says it doesn’t taste like it celebrates corn.

She says the caramelized sugar was good but other than that, she’s not sold. Veronica says she feels like she’s been flogged and is worried that she’s going home. Shelly is next with her savory dish. She says she cooks corn all the time. Gordon says it looks amazing. She made shrimp taco with roasted corn guacamole. He tastes and says the shrimp are cooked perfectly. He says it’s one of her best.

Next up is a sweet dish from Claudia. She made sweet corn tamale with plantain puree and Mexican chocolate sauce. Graham says the only thing he doesn’t like is the density of the tamale but says otherwise it’s awesome. Justine has profiteroles with sweet creamed corn and candy corn drizzle. Gordon tastes and says the pastry is undercooked and it’s too sweet.

Gordon then slams him for using canned corn when they had a pantry full of fresh corn. Tommy brings down corn panna cotta with vanilla bean. Christina says she wishes there was a little more corn flavor but is very impressed otherwise. Last is Charlie’s savory corn dish. He made BBQ shrimp and corn grits. Charlie says he’s pretty confident. Gordon says the grits give him the sh*ts.

Charlie says he wants to learn and Gordon says he needs to taste more of his heart. Gordon says time is not Charlie’s friend and says he expected more. Charlie says he feels like dirt and hopes they see something that says he has potential and he should stay to get the chance to be a Master Chef. The judges then talk about who they will send home and what was best.

Graham says there were two stand out dishes tonight and says Shelly and Stephen were the tops. He says they’ll be team captains in an upcoming challenge. Christina says they will now identify the three worst dishes. She calls out Veronica. Graham calls out Charlie. Gordon calls out Justin. That’s the bottom three and one of them will be sent home.

Christina tells Charlie they expected him to know that dish but says there were two worse dishes so he’s safe. Charlie says he made it by the skin of his teeth. He says if he goes lower, he’s out the door. Gordon tells Veronica and Justin that they have the oldest and youngest and Jesse predicted they would struggle. Gordon asks Jesse who should go home.

Jesse says he’s shocked Justin would use canned corn and says that should send him home. Gordon agrees and says corn was the hero and that means Justin is going home. He sends Veronica back to her station. Gordon says Justin put up the weakest dish and sends him packing. Justin says he’s only 18 and is proud of how far he got in the challenge. He says it was a dream. The others hug him as he leaves.