MasterChef Recap – Heads Up Challenge: Season 6 Episode 14 “Getting A-Head in the Competition”

MasterChef Recap - Heads Up Challenge: Season 6 Episode 14 "Getting A-Head in the Competition"

Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday August 12, Season 6 Episode 14 called, “Getting A-Head in the Competition.”  We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode vegetarian meals are prepared for guests of the show’s restaurant, and the winning team is safe from elimination, while the losing group faces the next pressure test of creating dishes from various cuts of animal head.

On the last episode, in the next mystery box challenge, the remaining home cooks had to prepare a flambé. The winner of the challenge would only be safe from the next elimination challenge, but would also determine which Southern dish the contestants had to make. The winner also received two other significant advantages. Find out whose cooking went go south and who went continue in the competition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis “in the next team challenge, the remaining home cooks will split into teams to prepare vegetarian meals for guests of the MASTERCHEF restaurant. Teams will have access to any ingredients that they choose in the MASTERCHEF pantry, as long as the dishes are vegetarian. The winning team will be safe from elimination, while the losing team must cook in the next pressure test and create delicious well-composed meals using various cuts from an animal head. Find out who will move on in the competition and who will leave the kitchen for good.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 8:00pm when MasterChef Season Six on Fox airs. While you wait for the recap, let us know how you like the sixth season of MasterChef and who are you rooting to win tonight.

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#MasterChef starts with the judges welcoming the top eight home cooks. They have to prepare a dish with the fresh foods in some crates behind them. They have to make about 50 dishes for the MasterChef restaurant that is fully booked. It’s all VIPs coming and Graham says each team has to create an elegant entree and the VIPs will judge.

Tommy and Hetal are the team captains. Tommy chooses Stephen who is so angry that he picked him and asks what he did wrong in this life that he picked him. Hetal picks Derrick for his beautiful plating. He is annoyed and says she is a vegetarian with no leadership skills. Tommy picks Katrina. Hetal takes Olivia. Tommy takes Nick and sends Claudia to Hetal. Tommy is happy with his choices.

He says he just hopes his team listens to him. They now get to see what’s inside the crates. Stephen says the veggies look like his backyard. He says if Tommy irritates him to death, they can bury him in the crate. Next they open the meat crate and see nothing. Hetal is thrilled that there is no meat. She says this is the perfect challenge for her. Nick says he doesn’t see eye to eye with that.

Gordon says the diners tonight are the who’s who of the vegetarian world. It’s the #MCVeggie challenge. They have just 60 minutes to prep for 30 minutes of restaurant service. Hetal says they are going Indian. She wants to make a curry with rice and tomato gravy. Claudia says none of them know those spices but Hetal says she’ll walk them through it.

Claudia suggest butternut squash and says no rice. Tommy says these people always want to be captain. He keeps suggesting things and they keep denying him. They finally settle on the menu and move on. The judges talk about how many restaurants are now going vegetarian. Christine says Tommy has a good team if they can communicate. Gordon wonders if they will trod all over him.

Katrina starts yelling at Tommy to go faster. Gordon says he expects a lot from Hetal. Gordon asks for her dish and she explains the curry and the rice. He asks if she’s delegating and says the team needs to be in her head. He asks if Derrick is happy and he says he’s not comfortable with these elements but is following the captain. Gordon tells her to move her ass.

Gordon says Hetal’s team is all over the place. Claudia is frustrated since no one but Hetal knows how to cook these dishes and says nothing is getting done. Christine says this is unbelievable. They ask her for better directions. Hetal is frustrated with them and says she’s showed everyone what to do. Derrick says it’s a mess. Hetal tries to get them on track. They finally seem to be pulling together.

Gordon goes to check on Tommy who says they are making a mushroom and butternut squash. Gordon yells at them for cooking the goat cheese poorly and he says he’s shocked. He says they are slicing butternut squash and it won’t be ready. He says they’re falling apart. Tommy says no one is listening to him and they’re bickering.

Christine checks with Hetal’s team and they see the rice is jacked up. She asks if they can make it into rice porridge and say they can resolve and make it creative. Christine tells the other judges the rice is watery and they want to just throw it out. Tommy isn’t happy and says his team overrode him and says he doesn’t want to take possession of this at this point. Graham yells that the service begins in six.

Tommy is trying to plate and Katrina keeps nagging at him and annoying him and telling him faster and he’s ready to kill her. He is so tired of all of them saying his name and nagging and he finally tells them all to shut up. He’s happy when Katrina actually shut up and they start being nicer to him. They start service. Everyone is now working in better harmony.

The red team is working like a cohesive unit – his shut up worked. Hetal is happy with her dish. She thinks the vegetarian VIPs will appreciate where she’s coming from. Graham goes to get feedback. Hetal’s team gets good feedback and then another one says their dish has too much in spices. Another one says the red team has savory sauce and it’s gorgeous.

Another says the red dish didn’t need the lentils. The blue team gets compliments on the rice they were worried about and the red team gets feedback on the squash and the earthy textures. Gordon then tells them all the plates went out and it’s a good job and it’s done. The diner tuck either red or blue cards into their diner check books. The judges come out to greet the VIP guests.

Gordon introduces the teams. Christine says it was an incredible night and Graham says they tallied the votes. Gordon says the winner won by 13 votes, a huge margin, and says it was Tommy. Man – the vegetarian lost a veggie challenge. Tommy is thrilled that he won as team captain. Gordon congratulates them and sends them up to the balcony and tells the blue team to head to the pressure test.

Hetal feels guilty that her vision failed. Derrick says none of them besides Hetal deserves to be there since they did what she wanted them to do. Graham says they have boxes at their stations and each are different. Gordon says to randomly select a station. Hetal opens hers first. We can’t see what it is but everyone gasps.

It’s an animal head – a lamb’s head still dropping blood and she’s grossed out. Derrick has a fish head – a halibut specifically. Claudia has a pig’s head. Hetal is getting ill. Claudia is fine since they roast whole pigs where she is from. Olivia gets a cow’s head. This looks like a scene from Hannibal. Christine says great chefs can use all parts of an animals. They have 60 minutes for the #MCHeads challenge.

They get a limited pantry and have to use at least one part of the head. Christine asks the other judges what they think and Gordon says this is a nightmare for Hetal. Christine says Derrick has the easiest protein and Gordon says halibut is easy to overcook. Graham says he’s concerned with Olivia and the 100 pound cow head. Gordon says Claudia will shine tonight.

Gordon asks Hetal what she’s making. She’s making shredded tongue and cheek on rice. Olivia tells Graham she’s making barbecue beef cheek and she says Derrick has a lot of time to overthink. She tells Graham to stop talking to her and screwing her up. Derrick tells Christine he’s making tandoori halibut and mango balls and Tommy and Stephen start giggling and saying balls.

Claudia tells Gordon she feels great. She says pork is important to Mexican and is making braised pork cheek tostadas. Graham says he’s worried that Olivia has underspiced her meat. Olivia says the winning team is laughing at Derrick and they want him out. She says they’re getting to him. Derrick is panicking and Stephen is hanging over the balcony laughing and says this is making him so happy.

Derrick messes up the torch and almost sets his arm on fire. He drops it on the floor and the safety people have to come take it away from him. Stephen applauds him and says good job. Graham says Stephen is getting under his skin. Derrick is annoyed and says Stephen is being so vocal. Gordon says Olivia is a big concern and they know Hetal is a problem since she can’t taste her food.

Katrina encourages Olivia as she’s plating. They are down to the last 10 seconds and everyone is running as Gordon counts. They all make it and it’s hands in the air. They tell them the dishes look amazing. Gordon starts with Hetal. She says it smells amazing but since she can’t taste she has no idea. She made lamb tongue and cheek with jasmine rice. Gordon tastes and says it’s confusing. He says the lamb is good but there is too much rice that’s slightly undercooked.

He says she messed up the vegetarian part and says she frustrates him. Graham goes to taste Derrick’s dish. He made tandoori halibut cheeks with cauliflower puree and smoke mango balls. Graham says it’s the prettiest plate he’s put out but says the flavors seem confusing. He tastes and says the fish is perfect and has great flavor. He says he has a tendency to over-complicate things.

Graham says he needs to be able to rein it in sometimes. Christine goes to Claudia who made a pig ear and cheek tostada stack with crispy pig ear. Christine says it’s rustic yet vibrant and beautiful. She says she loves it. She says it’s so bright and the crunch is great and there’s acidity and says it’s a really good job. Gordon then goes to Olivia. She made barbecue beef cheek.

Gordon says it has rustic charm. He tastes and says she likes her things sweet. He says he likes the grits and says it’s hard to tell it’s beef cheek because the sauce is so strong. He says he wanted to taste the beef and can’t tell and says it could be any protein. He says she forgot the hero – the beef. She looks crushed. Olivia is annoyed that Hetal again made Indian food.

Graham says one dish they all loved and it was remarkable and congratulate Claudia. Claudia is thrilled to be in the balcony since she says she didn’t deserve to be in the pressure test. Gordon calls forward Hetal and Derrick. He says it’s hard and says they’re both safe. Katrina is so upset that Olivia is going home. Hetal hugs Olivia. Gordon says her dish didn’t taste of what it should have.

That’s it, Olivia is gone and she was right when she said Hetal should have been out the door! Olivia says Katrina is going to win it.