MasterChef Recap – Hurricane Katrina: Season 6 Episode 15 “A Storm’s a Brewing”

MasterChef Recap - Hurricane Katrina: Season 6 Episode 15 "A Storm's a Brewing"Tonight on FOX Masterchef returns with an all new Wednesday August 19, Season 6 Episode 15 called, “A Storm’s a Brewing.”  We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode coffee is a main ingredient when the remaining cooks compete in the next mystery box challenge.

On the last episode, in the next team challenge, the remaining home cooks split into teams to prepare vegetarian meals for guests of the MASTERCHEF restaurant. Teams had access to any ingredients that they chose in the MASTERCHEF pantry, as long as the dishes were vegetarian. The winning team was safe from elimination, while the losing team had to cook in the next pressure test and created delicious well-composed meals using various cuts from an animal head. Find out who moved on in the competition and who will leave the kitchen for good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis “coffee is a main ingredient when the remaining cooks compete in the next mystery box challenge. Later, the contestants pair up for a pressure test to create an elaborate party platter.”

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#MasterChef begins with a mystery box challenge for the top seven. They are told they have to use what’s under the box to make an MC worthy dish. Gordon says it’s very hot. They lift and see a cup of coffee. Christine says not many people know how to cook with coffee. They will also have a limited pantry with coffee, proteins, fresh fruits and veg. They have an hour to make a coffee-inspired dish. They run for the pantry.

Stephen says he drinks it but that’s about it. Gordon says few chefs know how to cook with it. Graham says it can go sweet or savory but usually sweet. Claudia talks about how much she loves coffee. She’s making coffee liqueer flan. Stephen is making chili and espresso filet. Nick is making vanilla coffee cake with mocha chocolate drizzle. He says he hasn’t won an #MCMysteryBox yet and wants to win it. Derrick is making panna cotta. Hetal is making chocolate and coffee cake with mint chocolate ganache.

Tommy is making a coffee beignet with a chickory element. Christine is happy to hear this. Gordon says Nick’s dessert looks incredible. They are down to their last two minutes and everyone is plating feverishly. The judges go take last looks to decide the top three to taste. Gordon chooses Derrick’s dish to taste first. He made a caramel latte panna cotta with coffee dust, spun sugar and raspberry. Gordon says it’s delicious and coffee is the hero and says he would change nothing about it.

Graham tastes and says it’s remarkable and asks if he thinks he’s as strong in sweet as savory. Derrick says he makes sweet dishes at home. Christine tastes and says it’s elegant and would like it to be a little more tart. She says overall it’s wonderful. Graham then calls down Hetal. She made a dense coffee chocolate cake with ganache on top and some coffee whipped cream. She says she’s stronger in baking and started in college with her chemistry major.

Graham says it’s not quite as coffee flavored as he would like. Gordon tastes and says it’s delicious and says it’s a solid effort and he wants more. The final plate is called down by Christine and says it has a lot of finesse. She calls Nick. He made a vanilla coffee cake with coffee marscapone. Christine cuts it and then tastes and says it did exactly what he said it would and says the flavors of the coffee build. She says she’s incredibly impressed and it’s delicious.

Gordon tastes and says it looks beautiful and says it’s light, elegant and has coffee in every layer. He calls it brilliant. The judges talk then announce that the winner of the challenge is Nick. Christine then calls everyone else down front as well. Gordon says things will go differently tonight and the judges says they already decided what to cook. Christine says they’re having a party in the MC kitchen with a summer party platter.

Gordon says the tray has to look exactly like this and says it’s an impossible task to pull off alone. They will do it in teams of two and Nick gets to choose teams. Nick also doesn’t have to cook. Christine also says this will be a tag team challenge. Stephen is not happy and says he doesn’t like to be at someone else’s will. Nick pairs off Stephen with Derrick. He says he doesn’t think Stephen can reign it in and Stephen is annoyed that he thinks Derrick will be mouthing off.

Nick chooses Katrina and says she gets easily rattled then pairs her with Tommy since they have butted heads before. That leaves Hetal with Claudia. No drama there really. Gordon says they’ll shout “switch” and the teams will swap places with the other member. They send Nick upstairs who is thrilled to watch this. The ingredients are on the table and the #MCTagTeam starts now. Gordon says chips are first so the dough can rest then the burgers. Then he says the chicken wings should be blanched.

Graham says onions and mushrooms have to cook down. Then Gordon says marinate the shrimp. Katrina tells Tommy to start working on the chips. Katrina yells at Tommy for something with the chips. Christine says Katrina will lose her patience. She and Tommy argue over the chicken batter. Graham says Stephen and Derrick are oil and water. Hetal and Claudia are being very reasonable. Gordon tells Katrina and Tommy to get the shrimp off the grill. Gordon says they’re disorganized. Gordon tells Tommy to see a doctor and Tommy loses it with her yelling.

They make the switch. Claudia tells Hetal to channel her inner Mexican. Christine comes to check on them and Claudia tells her they’re where they want to be. Christine tells her to taste everything that Hetal cannot. Stephen is trying to hold in his control freakishness. Stephen asks Derrick to do some cleaning up but doesn’t like what he wants to clean. They switch again. Katrina yells at Tommy who says he knows how to cook wings.

Gordon checks on Derrick and Stephen. Gordon says neither of them have tasted and Derrick realizes it could be an issue. Graham checks on Katrina and Tommy. She’s yelling out instructions. Tommy says to talk to him, don’t scream at him. She says she wouldn’t if he would just listen. Claudia tells Hetal what to do next when they switch and then they do. Derrick doesn’t use the basket in the fryer which is crazy and Katrina hates Tommy’s chicken.

Katrina asks Tommy to go faster and Gordon says they are in disarray and he’s nervous for them. Hetal and Claudia are organized and fine. Gordon says Derrick and Stephen are working against each other. It’s down to the final switch. They are down to the final four minute and have to start assembling. Gordon yells at Katrina for putting raw cheese on the burgers. Claudia tells Hetal to speed up. Stephen calls out instructions – he’s screaming about the burgers.

Everyone is yelling and freaking out. They are done. Nick is upstairs laughing. Derrick and Stephen’s platter is up first. Gordon says they were out of control at times but says visually it looks good. Gordon says the chicken is spot on. The shrimp is cooked beautifully and tastes good. Gordon says they are very different but pulled off a great dish. Derrick says they respect each other a lot and Stephen says all that mattered was the dish and they worked together.

Graham says the burger has a great cook and says it’s delicious and says the chips are great, thin and crispy. He says it’s an awesome job. Derrick says Nick’s plan was a bust and it was a crazy recipe for success. They high five each other. Next is Claudia and Hetal and Claudia thinks it could go in the trash. She’s upset. Christine says it looks like someone else has already eaten it and Claudia says time management got the best of them.

Christine tastes the burger and says it tastes like burnt mushrooms. The shrimp is undercooked and they can’t eat it. Christine says this is not a party platter and it could be their funeral platter. Gordon says it looks dreadful and says the guacamole is bland and says he’s shocked with their performance. He says they should be embarrassed. Tommy and Katrina are up next and Tommy thinks theirs looks like a hot mess, not something he would present.

Gordon says they looked fragmented. He says they could have each done better on their own. He looks at the chicken and says the breading is too thick. Gordon says no egg wash next time. Katrina throws Tommy under the bus. Gordon says the salsa is nice. The burgers have burnt onions and a block of cheddar cheese. He tastes and says the cook is good but they have a foot out the door. Graham asks what happened and Katrina says Tommy wasn’t listening.

Tommy says Katrina can dish it and can’t take it. He says he feels bad that she’s crying and she says she’s crying thinking they could have done better. Graham says this is disgusting and says the tortilla chips are soggy and limp. He says the burgers are okay and that’s all they have going for them. He says not to invite him next time they throw a party. Graham says Derrick and Stephen won it and sends them upstairs. They hassle Nick for trying to mess them up.

Christine says Hetal and Claudia did just enough to stay safe. Gordon then says of Tommy and Katrina, one of them made more effort. He saves Katrina and sends Tommy home. Tommy wishes everyone else luck and goes to give the judges hugs. Christine says she will miss him and Gordon asks who he thinks will win it. Tommy says Derrick will win it because of his vision. Tommy says he’s blessed to have been there.