Miles Brock and Amber Hunter Fake ‘LHHH’ Relationship: Milan Christopher Says They’re Cousins – Erica Mena Speaks Out

Miles Brock and Amber Hunter Fake ‘LHHH' Relationship: Milan Christopher Says They're Cousins - Erica Mena Speaks Out

It turns out that Miles Brock and his ex-girlfriend Amber Hunter might actually be faking their storyline on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” It was recently revealed that Miles and Amber might actually be family, as in cousins! Now we know that not all reality TV is really real, but cousins?

The whole family business came about in a shocking Instagram post from none other than Erica Mena’s little brother Erick. Although the original post has been deleted, screenshots have been taken and Brock has already been busted.

Erick posted a picture of Amber on Instagram and went all in on the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” rookie. Erick claimed, “For years you and @siirbrock ran together and you indeed knew he was gay because you for months try to hook me up with him.”

Then Erick claimed he had proof that the storyline was fake and that Amber knew all along that Brock Miles was gay or at least bisexual. In the now deleted post, Erick also claimed that Amber introduced Brock as her cousin and never mentioned having any romantic relationship with him.

As if that isn’t crazy enough, Erica Mena was sure to jump into the drama. Erica is rumored to want back on the show but if so, she may be going about it the wrong way. Mena was quick to back up her brother’s Instagram post. Erica commented, “Truth Is” and then followed that up with a crying and then a laughing and crying emoji.

Then Erica decided to make sure she got a few licks in at the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” love triangle. On Twitter, Erica Mena wrote, “I guess anyone who’s been on reality tv can now call them self an actor. That’s just what it is now. Lots of acting.”

In the meantime, Miles’ very disgruntled ex-boyfriend Milan Christopher has continued to attack Brock on social media. Naturally, Milan jumped right on the Erica Mena bandwagon and outed Miles Brock and Amber Hunter for faking their story for the VH1 show.

Milan Christopher tweeted this message, “Crazy how a person could lie, cheat an fraud for everything. 1day your going to have to work for it. Can’t lie & use everybody! #ImDone.” That just makes us wonder how much he was making up though? Milan had to know that Amber knew about Miles all along right?

The whole “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” saga of Miles Brock and Milan Christopher is just getting weirder by the day. Now that we’re hearing Amber Hunter might actually be related to Miles Brock and never actually had a relationship with him?

And Erica Mena’s brother is the one who busted them? It’s too bad there probably won’t be a round two of this love triangle gone wrong. We can’t imagine that VH1 would bring the group back for another season after some of the things Milan has been saying about the network on social media.

Milan tweeted again on Saturday to say, “@LoveHipHopVH1 eryday has been nothn but talk about me, mystory & my presence! Never again will i entertain leaches.” He posted again immediately after and said, “These Fake ass hoes, thirsty cast members, & Show is getting Crickets from this point – real Gs move in silence like Lasagne anyway. #IMDONE.”

While it had to be pretty satisfying to see Miles Brock and Amber Hunter get busted like that, any bets that Milan Christopher isn’t really done yet?