Nurse Jackie Recap 6/21/15: Season 7 Episode 11 “Vigilante Jones”

Nurse Jackie Recap 6/21/15: Season 7 Episode 11 "Vigilante Jones"

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with an all new Sunday June 21 season 7 episode 11 called, “Vigilante Jones” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Jackie [Edie Falco] is forced to perform a procedure on her own when Dr. Prince puts a patient’s life at risk.

On last week’s episode Jackie learned that her nursing license hearing had been moved up to today. As the hearing approaches, Jackie had final confrontations with Zoey and Akalitus. At the hearing, Akalitus attacks Jackie in front of the licensing board, which caused Jackie’s lawyer to bring out the big guns. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the Showtime synopsis “Jackie is forced to perform a procedure on her own when Dr. Prince puts a patient’s life at risk. Meanwhile, Zoey is shocked by Carrie’s secret; and Eddie gets in hot water at his job, which jeopardizes Jackie’s position at All Saints.”

Tonight’s premiere episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek of tonight’s season finale below.



#NurseJackie begins with headed back to work all smiles in her blue nurse’s scrubs. Eddie asks how it feels and she says like herself again. Eddie says he’d like to come get some doctor signatures, pad his samples and take her to lunch. She asks him not to bring the mess back into the hospital and he grudgingly agrees. She watch some street performers dancing around while Eddie gets them coffee then she heads into the ER and gets to work with patients.

She pops a pill of her own to celebrate. Zoey tells her she’s in her chair but Jackie says it’s not her chair. She asks Jackie how it feels to be back and she says better than she remembers. Gloria calls Zoey and says she has the flu and will be out all week. Jackie asks who it was and she says Gloria called out sick for the whole week with the flu. Zoey says Jackie is the flu and Jackie says she didn’t know her lawyer would take it that far and says she’ll call Gloria to talk.

Bernie shows up smiling and says he’s happy to see them both there. Zoey says he’s too upbeat for her sometimes and asks what he’s selling. Jackie says he just loves life. She heads to the pharmacy to get Tylenol and asks Bernie if he’s okay. He says he can’t think of the name of the headache medication. She says Fiorecet and he asks for 10 milligrams of it. Jackie asks if he’s in pain and he says it’s for a patient. She says to let her know if he needs anything.

He says he just wants to be working. She says it’s good to be touching everything again. He takes the pill and heads back to work. Jackie talks to a patient who doesn’t speak English. The woman is in pain and gasping for breath. Jackie gets a translation service on the phone. The woman starts talking and they try to translate. The woman says it must be Indo-Iranian and says she doesn’t know. Jackie sends Zoey out to a local Indian cafe for help.

Jackie shows her a drawing and asks her to show if she’s in pain. The woman draws a suitcase. Thor has it and Jackie opens it. Jackie says they’re medical records. Bernie does an ultrasound and says she has chronic liver disease. They figured out she must have come straight from JFK to the hospital. He says she has excess fluid in the abdomen and says she needs to go into the OR for the fluid to be removed and checked for cancer. Jackie says there’s a 12 hour wait.

Bernie says they need to keep her in the ER for now. Zoey almost runs into the Norwegian Carlson and he asks if she thinks Carrie will like the flowers he brought. He says they are having a fling. She says that’s not how they say it then he says it’s a sexual affair. Zoey says that’s not true and the man says he thought she knew. He says he thought they talked about things like on Sex and the City over brunch. Zoey walks away. Jackie calls Gloria and gets voice mail. She leaves a message.

A superhero comes into the ER after he tried to climb up the building. He says his name is Vigilante Jones and says he changed his names for tax purposes. Carrie and Jackie check him out and Carrie says if he keeps climbing tall buildings, he’s going to blow out his kneecaps. He says he has intricate padding and Jackie asks him to take off his fanny pack. He says it’s his utility belt. Carrie says to give him a cortisone shot but he says he doesn’t feel pain.

Jackie tells him he can’t help anyone if he doesn’t work. Zoey comes back with Indian food and a possible translator. Zoey introduces herself to the Vigilante and asks if he’s a good guy. He says yesterday he thwarted a mugging and saved four bikes from theft. Zoey says Carrie likes bad guys then says she knows she’s having sex with Carlson the jerk who’s closing down their hospital. Jackie comes in with the translator and finds Bernie doing a procedure on the Indian woman.

He says f-kt eh OR and says he can do it but then his vision starts to go. He tells Jackie his vision is f-d up and Jackie calls for a surgeon to come down for an emergency. Jackie tells Bernie to step away from the patient after he tells her his head his exploding. Jackie asks him to talk her through the procedure. He says to insert the needle and angle it up until she feels a pop. The woman jumps and Bernie says it’s normal. He says to slide the catheter over the needle then remove the needle and connect the bag.

He says if it fills up with blood, it’s a big mistake. It doesn’t. The surgeon comes in and Jackie says Bernie finished the procedure then stepped away because of a migraine. The surgeon is annoyed but looks and says it was a nice job. Carrie comes to see Carlson and says no flowers then asks if he told Zoey about their thing. He asks if she means their secret affair. She says it’s not a secret if he tells people. He says he saw something, wanted it, got it and now it’s over.

He says these flowers are a beautiful reminder. She says this is how it’s done in New York City. She kisses him, turns him on then walks away and says tit for tat dick smack. Jackie chases Bernie down and says he’s the best ER chief they’ve had but says he needs to remove himself from the floor. He gets angry and says she’s a nurse and doesn’t have the authority to say this to him. She says the patient could have died but he says she didn’t. The Vigilante comes and asks if she needs help.

Jackie says she doesn’t and he goes away. Jackie offers to help him then Zoey comes and asks him for a signature. She says she just needs him to sign a form and he screams and asks if she’s questioning the ability to do his job. He tells Zoey she’s fired. She says he can’t fire her then asks Jackie who the hell that was. Jackie tells Zoey that he’s sick and they have to get him off the floor. Zoey says only Gloria can do that and asks for her address. She says to keep him on paperwork and give her an hour.

Zoey tells Jackie she should bring Gloria something. Eddie tells Jackie he needs her when he finds her outside. He says he has some shit going on but she says they have to talk tonight. Zoey tells Carrie that she has to handle everything for Bernie. Carrie is on the translator phone ratting Carlson out. Carrie says she’s a good person and cares about this hospital and wants her to like her. She calls and tells her in Norwegian that she’s boffing him.

Jackie shows up to Gloria’s and says she knows she doesn’t want to see her but says they have to talk about Bernie. She tells her about his stage four cancer and says he’s got headaches, vision problems and mood swings. Gloria says that poor man. Jackie asks if she can take him off the floor. Gloria says she’ll call HR and security will remove him gently. Jackie then asks Gloria if she’s going to stay home all week. Gloria says it’s not about her and Jackie says she never meant for it to get personal.

Jackie says she knows she hurt her and didn’t want to. Jackie sees someone and Gloria says it’s her son. She says if Jackie hadn’t gotten ugly, she wouldn’t have gotten his address. She tells Jackie thank you and f-k you then slams the door. Carlson comes to Carrie and says he knows she called his wife because he dumped her. Carrie tells him to get the f-k out of his face and Vigilante Johnson pepper sprays Carlson in the face then limps away. Thor straps him to the bed.

Vigilante says cloth bands won’t hold him back. Carrie says Thor had to restrain him and he’s excited with Thor’s superhero name. Carrie thanks him for helping her. She says the pepper spray caused a psych hold and Vigilante says it’s not his first. Carrie slips a lighter into his pocket before she walks away. Vigilante gets it out and lights it. Zoey tells Jackie that HR is on the way and Bernie is still in his office. She asks if he’s dying and Jackie says he is.

Zoey tells her to use the back entrance if they have to take him outside forcibly. Jackie finds Eddie in Bernie’s office and he’s signing for samples. Bernie tells Jackie he’s not okay and it’s as bad as he’s ever been. He asks Eddie to leave his office and Jackie takes him outside. She’s livid. She takes him into the back room of the pharmacy and asks what the f-k that was. She says he’s taking advantage of a sick man and Eddie says she’s done worse.

Jackie says he’s f-ing everything up on her first day back. He says she got what she need and he’s going to be deposed in a week. He says she’s selfish and will run over everyone to get what she wants. She asks why he wants to be with her if she’s so bad and he says this is like her to cut him loose once she has what she wants. He says this won’t go well for her and stomps out. She asks what that means and chases him but then the fire alarms are going off.

Vigilante set his gurney on fire while burning his bonds off. Jackie asks where he is and curses. She heads to the roof and, sure enough, that’s where he is. Jackie asks what he’s doing and says he should be off his feet. He says he’s not crazy and says he can’t be tied down. He says he won’t go to another hospital. He says he has a job to do. Jackie says he needs to rest first and he says people need him. Jackie says she needs him and kisses him. He says she doesn’t need him and will be fine. He runs to the edge of the roof and jumps. There’s a thud and Jackie says he flew, he f-ing flew.