Person of Interest Season 4 Finale Recap: How to Save The Machine “YHWH”

Person of Interest Season 4 Finale Recap: How to Save The Machine "YHWH"

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Tuesday May 5, season 4 finale called, “YHWH” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 4 finale, Finch [Michael Emerson] and Root [Amy Acker] race to save the Machine, which has been located by Samaritan; and Reese is caught in the middle of the final showdown between Elias and Dominic.

On the last episode, Reese and Fusco got caught in the war between the two newest POIs, rival crime bosses Elias (Enrico Colantoni) and Dominic (Winston Duke). Also, a tantalizing clue to Shaw’s whereabouts lead Finch and Root into a possible trap, and Control (Camryn Manheim) went rogue to uncover the true intentions of the Samaritan program. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Finch and Root race to save The Machine, which has been located by the rival AI, Samaritan, while Reese is caught in the middle of the final showdown between rival crime bosses Elias and Dominic.”

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#PersonOfInterest begins with Harold and Root finding a hidden phone in the bunker. They get an emergency shut down alert from the Machine. Root says they need to help the Machine and says they need to pick up things on the way. He says Reese isn’t answering his phone but Root says there’s no time to wait. Reese is still being held by Dominic and says Elias is done. He says he wants Harold to be his inside man and wants the keys to the city.

Reese says there are no keys and no arrangement. Dominic says he’s not kidding and then tells one of his crew to put a bullet in Fusco’s head. He’s still handcuffed. Harper is there and uncuffs him. The chick comes to shoot Fusco but finds him gone. Greer meets with Zachary and he says the Machine is about to lose her network. He says they have almost treed the fox. Greer says to burn down the tree. Over in DC, Control looks at a note and has Shiffman index numbers from Shelly’s datebook.

Then she says to look at threat indicators in the next couple of days. Shiffman runs them and says DC has no reports and that’s strange. But then they pop up and all look low. Control can’t believe Samaritan had a glitch. She whispers to Shiffman about the Correction taking place on May 6th but Shiffman says only the address in Columbia Heights is hot and shows her a memo about operational quarantine. Control had no clue and asks who wrote the memo – Shiffman says Control did.

The chick reports back that Fusco is gone and Dominic immediately accuses Harper. He zip ties her wrists and sits her down too. Dominic tells the others to look for Fusco and shoot him on sight. Root tells Harold the Machine is talking to her and says they need to do what she says. They head into a building and Root snags a key off the fire department guy talking to the building manager. They head up to the penthouse. A guy up there is being shown rifles by an arms dealer. Root shoots the dealers, steals the gun and they roll out.

One of the dealers shoots at the door and Root tells the Machine to get in the game if she wants them to save them. The elevator starts moving – she overrode the problem. Root says they’re in for an even wilder ride today. Root says the Machine wants them to break into Caleb’s office and borrow a few things. Root breaks in with a stolen ID and Root is happy to see outdated security. Harold disabled the cameras because they were resisting the loops. Root says no cameras means no help from the Machine.

Root turns and finds Caleb there. He’s with security and asks why she was accessing his compression algorithm. Root says she’s trying to save the world. Harold comes out of his hiding spot and tells him he’s truly proud of how far Caleb has come but says they need the algorithm. Caleb hands it over without question and puts it on a flash drive. He says anything Harold needs he can have with no explanation since he saved Caleb’s life.

Harold thanks him and Root says they also borrowed some prototype RAM chips from Project X. She thanks him and they leave. Dominic goes through their cell phones then sees Reese’s phone is hooked up to his mesh network and says he owes him. Dominic is told they lost one and they need to go. He tells Reese to unlock it and get Harold down there or Elias and Harper die. He says he won’t ask again. Reese grabs the phone to do what he wants.

Harold wonders how much time they have to save the Machine. Root says the power surges are causing the Machine problems. Root tells him to trust the process. He gets a call from Reese but it’s Dominic. He says he can’t wait to work with him and Harold asks about Reese. Dominic says if Harold cooperates, Reese keeps breathing and says he has to show up in 15 minutes or he dies. Root wants Harold to focus on the Machine but he says he has to help Reese. Root presses.

Harold says they let Sameen slip away and doesn’t want to lose Reese. Root says if they lose the Machine, the world will be terrible. She says the Machine won’t let Reese down. Root tells Harold to hop into an unmanned police car as the cops stop for coffee. Dominic tells his people to put down Harper and Elias and they’ll take Reese. An old fax machine whirs to life and they read it. It gives Reese instructions on what to do. The Machine tells him where to shoot precisely and he does.

Then Fusco shows up with backup and they have Dominic. He arrests him and calls Dominic a jackass. Control heads to Columbia Heights to the quarantine address. They kick in the door and she tells him she never issued that quarantine order. They smell ammonium nitrate and they spot signs that someone was there planning something. They see a propane tank with the lid cut off. They spot six other spots and that means six bombs and they’re on the move. It’s enough to blow up a federal building.

Fusco and Reese watch Dominic, Elias and the goons being taken away. Dominic tells Fusco not to count his chickens. Reese tells Fusco good job then says he has something else to take care of. Reese spots a guy across the street that catches his eye. Root and Harold stop for bags of ice per the Machines order. Harold asks if her talking to the Machine so much will attract the Samaritan’s attention. A car pulls up and Root shoots at them while Harold starts the car. They take off in the cop car.

News reports brownouts all over the US that are predicted to continue. Some power guys talk about the power problems. One breaks open a box they’ve been replacing for months and he says they should wonder what’s inside. His partner warns him not to look. They work for Thornhill Utilities! Control meets with Senator Garrison and asks for his phone. She puts it in a soundproof box. He sits and asks if the job is getting to her. She says they need to blind Samaritan now.

She says Greer used them and is making a power play with Samaritan as his weapon. She says a bomb will detonate tomorrow in DC. The Senator asks why Greer would do this. Control says a few pawns will get fired and says after the Vigilance attack, they gave Greer the feeds. She says this attack will put them under his thumb. She wants to go back to the Machine that never lied and never slaughtered. The Senator says she’s on an insane rant and demands his phone back. She gives him the phone.

He tells her to get a grip and leave. She cloned his phone while it was in the box! Reese asks Iris if they can talk and tells her she needs to leave town for a few days. He says like she suspected, he’s not really a cop and needs her to be out of harm’s way. He says she needs to trust him and she says to tell her what’s going on. Reese says if he makes it through this in one piece, he’ll tell her everything with no holding back. She agrees and asks if she’ll lose him. He touches her face and tells her to take care.

Reese walks off. Greer meets with Garrison but finds Control there instead. She says she told her people to be on the lookout because an attack can happen at any time. Root says the Machine told them the final location – in Brooklyn. He says in this traffic, they won’t make it. Root looks at a nearby camera and says they need help. The signal switches and they rocket away. Harold tells her to hang on because they’re going.

Root and Harold show up in Brooklyn with no clue where they are. Reese is there too and Root says the Machine is taking care of all of them. A delivery driver is there with a package of 15 laptops. Harold signs and they head inside with the packages and ice. Two cars roar up and Reese tells them to get inside then fires automatic weapons. Harold is struggling with the security and Root reads off the code the Machine gives her. He gets it open and they head inside.

It’s an electrical substation hidden in the heart of residential Brooklyn. Fusco rides with Elias and Dominic who says he’s not worried since the cops are sketchy. He says he has protection in lock up and says it won’t go well with Elias. He says he’ll see him in Rikers and Elias says he still has friends and isn’t going there. A truck crashes into the SUV and sends it tumbling. Reese sees a dozen guys outside and says he can’t hold them off indefinitely. Root is hard at work and Harold says the Machine can’t be there and Reese wonders why they are. Harold brings over the ice.

Root is plugging cards into a computer and says she’s just following orders. She tells Harold to hand her a cable with 7200 volts of electricity. He sees a Thornhill logo. He tells Reese to look outside and check the power boxes. Harold says the Machine is there and is everywhere. Harold tells Root that the Machine uploaded herself into the nation’s electrical grid. Reese asks how then can they save it and Root says she thinks they have the answer.

Greer tells Control she could have just called to see him but she says she knows about the Correction and she asks what’s the target. Greer asks if she’ll shoot him and she says he should be so lucky. She says two men will come in. One will bag his head, one will zip tie him and they will throw him in a hole so deep that even Samaritan can’t see inside. She says the last voice he’ll hear is her saying this is where he belongs. Greer says she stands to benefit from the attack.

He says after this, the Courts will approve any surveillance request. She figures out the number is a docket number for a Supreme Court hearing. She says if he takes out the justices, he can take out the court and stack it. She radios Grice and tells him the target then tells Greer the Correction has been canceled. Reese asks if the Machine is using the power grid as a giant brain. Harold explains how the Machine is using the boxes. Harold says the Machine has to run to this corner of the grid.

Reese says Samaritan is trying to corner the Machine. Zachary says they need to come out or it will go bad. Root says they’re downloading the Machine to the computer she just built – it won’t be everything – just the core heuristics. Harold says if it doesn’t work, they’ll kill the Machine. Root says they’re the Machine’s last hope and have to die trying. Harold agrees they need to get to work. Grice evacuates the Court and they start a search for the bomb.

Control tells Greer he won’t make it out of here alive and asks who put him up to it. He says he’s an idealist and says the world is made a better place by violence and says she knows that. He says you kill a few people at random, nothing changes. But kill the right people… Reese says they need to hurry and Root says there’s more than 30 of them out there and they’re running out of time. Harold runs through the theory of what will happen. He says it will be enough to rebuild it if they get out of there alive.

Reese says there’s no place he’d rather be. Elias’ guy hauls him out of the wreckage. Root says there’s a breach at the back entrance. She swaps fire with the men. Reese is outside and Root worries that he’s sacrificing himself. Reese tells the Machine to kill the lights. They go down and Reese fires off smoke grenades then he starts taking out targets. He tells Harold to do what he needs to do. They start the save process. Reese and Root are firing their guns.

Dominic crawls out of the wreckage. Grice calls and says the bomb is not at the Court. Control says she doesn’t believe it and asks Greer where it is. Greer says Samaritan would never use such gaudy tactics and says real control is surgical. He says no one will ever know when Samaritan has acted so it can’t be questioned. Dominic shoots Elias’ guy and Elias says – let’s end this. Dominic goes to shoot him but Fusco is out of the wrekced SUV and has a gun on him.

Greer says Samaritan settled on a list of corrections that were long overdue. Dominic tells Fusco this isn’t his problem and then Dominic is shot by a sniper. Elias tells Fusco to get down. It’s the guy that Reese spotted. He shot Elias too. Greer says Samaritan is taking out the disruptive outliers who have problem with authority and the disloyal. We see Shiffman and some other of her people are dead. The Machine tells Reese where to shoot and he kills efficiently.

Harold says he doesn’t know how much longer and then a flash grenade goes off in the building. The lights start to spark as the Machine works. The screen says – Father, I am sorry. I failed you. I don’t know how to win. I had to invent new rules. Harold says he never programmed her for this impossible challenge. The Machine says Harold isn’t sure she should stay alive and says if you think I lost my way, maybe I should die.

Reese says the Machine can’t help them anymore and Root says she’s dying, going offline. Harold says he can’t let his creation die and the screen says – I will not suffer if I do not survive. Thank you for creating me. The power worker is on a power pole when the boxes spark. Root says power is surging across the city. She says it’s coming for the machine. He runs to grab the briefcase and is shocked. Root screams no. Greer says today the world will be an undeniably better place.

He says she won’t be there to see it. She sees the screen that says the attack was a test of loyalties. He has her head bagged and says there is no room for disloyalty and she’ll be taken to a place she deserves. Greer asks if Samaritan is done with the test and she says not yet. Harold tells Root he thinks they have the Machine. She says they have to move and are on their own now. They take the briefcase and head out. They step outside and Root calls for Reese. There are bodies everywhere.

He gets up and Harold says he’s still alive. Reese says there’s a few more years on his pension. Root says they’ve got the machine running on double As. They hear cars speeding for them. Harold says they need to move as gunfire breaks out. Root and Reese begin firing at the vehicles. Welcome to the Machine plays in the background. Harold holds the Machine in his hand as they go.