Princess Diana Pregnant and Murdered After Car Wreck – Alleged Autopsy Cover Up?

Princess Diana Pregnant and Murdered After Car Wreck - Alleged Autopsy Cover Up?

GLOBE published a shocking story about the sad fate of Princess Diana. The story says that Princess Diana was pregnant, survived the car wreck and died after the fact – and likely not as a result of her accident injuries. GLOBE (September 14 issue) published alleged CIA documents that said Diana was extricated from the car and “was still breathing and maintaining an uninterrupted pulse.” So what happened to Princess Diana that night in Paris after she was pulled from the car?

The GLOBE article goes into the time line of the accident and says that Diana was out of the vehicle, alive and in the ambulance – yet the ambulance was held at the scene for 45 minutes. The speculation is that the delay was so her death could have been orchestrated – reportedly because she was pregnant with boyfriend Dodi Fayed’s child. The magazine cites official documents obtained by the CIA note that a post mortem examination of her body confirmed she was roughly nine weeks into the pregnancy.

A UK security source told GLOBE that arms dealers outraged at Princess Diana’s anti-landmine crusades were one of two groups that wished the ex-royal bodily harm. The other was the royal family itself, and those tied closely to it, because she was pregnant by and dating a prominent Muslim. Plus, the public maintained far more affection for Diana than for her cheating ex-husband Prince Charles or the object of his adulterous affection, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

At the official inquest into Princess Diana’s death, her tissues samples were called “biologically impossible” meaning they were tampered with, swapped out or otherwise corrupted so they could not be interpreted for officials reviewing the circumstances of her death. Reportedly, when the samples were requested to be tested again, they were found to have been destroyed. You would think that more care would have been taken handling evidence in the death of a prominent citizen of the world.

GLOBE also included a photo featured in a film about Diana’s death called ‘Unlawful Killing’ that purports to be the princess alive and well, although injured, after the accident. The film was banned in the UK but clearly states that the royal family is guilty of “orchestrating the murder of Diana.” The key here is that the car wreck, whether accidental or intentional, gave those interested in getting Diana out of the way an opportunity to let her die under plausible circumstances.

‘Unlawful Killing’ screened in Cannes back in 2011, but pressure from the royal family and threats of litigation have kept it from wide distribution. One of the issues brought forth by the film is that the inquest was run by a QC (Queen’s Counsel) – a position that swears allegiance to the Queen, not to the people, parliament or government. Therefore, according to the filmmaker, the QC is not in a position to be unbiased about the actions of the royal family. That seems reasonably believable, at least.

Whether you were a fan of Princess Diana or not, we can all agree she did good works, died too young and left behind two very sad and adored young men in Prince William and Prince Harry. And there are certainly many questions about the shady circumstances surrounding her death that will likely never be answered. If any of the allegations raised by GLOBE are true, it makes Diana’s death even more of a tragedy – and we the poorer for it.

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