Dmitry Sholokhov Project Runway Season 4 All-Stars Winner Interview

Dmitry Sholokhov Project Runway Season 4 All-Stars Winner Interview

Dmitry Sholokhov returned to the catwalk on Project Runway All Stars Season 4. It has been another journey filled with competition, visits to Mood, and challenges to test the creative limits of hopeful designers. The PR vets were narrowed down to a field that included season 10 winner Dmitry who took home another runway win. He was kind enough to speak with Celeb Dirty Laundry and give up some inside information, details of his win, and what happens off screen.

You already won season 10 of Project Runway, does winning All Stars feel different?

“It’s a refreshing excitement. The second time on the show felt harder because there is so much pressure having already won, but it’s all amazing. All the work keeps me busy and I’m doing so much. Tonight, I will be on QVC presenting a collection from 8-11 p.m. and I’m working with 16 designers who are graduating. It’s all been so amazing.”

If you had to pick someone else who didn’t make it past the final four, who would it be?

“Fabio. He was the runner up in my season and I have such a respect and admiration for his work.”

Are you friends with any of the other fellow contestants/designers off screen?

“We are all friendly with each other. However, we all return to our own lives after the show ends. We do get to see each other at press events and things of nature, but we are all so busy it’s hard to maintain contact. I do have my friends and I’m grateful for them.”

What are the judges like when the cameras aren’t rolling and/or you aren’t being critiqued?

“Honestly, there is no time in which the cameras aren’t there. They are the same as what you see on TV. They are professional, inspiring, and great people all the time, but there is no break from the cameras.”

Were there any challenges you felt you or any other contestants were unfairly judged as in, the panel didn’t understand or appreciate your interpretation of the challenge?

“All the judging was fair. The critiques were honest and it’s important, to me, to create something the judges like. It’s good to step outside of the challenge and think on a broader level. You have to trust your gut above all else versus the parameters of the challenge in the end.”

What challenge did you struggle with or dislike the most?

“The challenge with the swimsuits and dresses. I lost my cool. I almost quit! I was stressed, there was no time, I had no fabric, and the model was new. That fitting – it did not go well and it wasn’t a body type I was familiar with dressing. I almost moved twice, ready to tell producers – I’m done! I’m out! But I’m so glad I held on.”

If you had to sum up your style profile and work in just one word, what would it be?

“Just one word? Oh, that is hard! I could think of a hundred, but I will say ‘incredible’ sums it up well.”

Catch Dmitry on QVC tonight – February 13, 2015 – from 8-11 p.m. You can also find a 2-page spread in the current issue of Marie Claire on stands now.