Ray Donovan Recap 8/9/15: Season 3 Episode 5 “Handshake Deal”

Ray Donovan Recap 8/9/15: Season 3 Episode 5 "Handshake Deal"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new August 9, season 3 episode 5 called, “Handshake Deal.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray [Liev Schreiber] is tasked with securing incriminating voicemails that could bring down the governor and sink the NFL deal, but the mission drives a wedge between Finney [Ian McShane] and Paige. [Katie Holmes]

On the last episode, Terry tried to adjust to life outside of prison; Paige attempted to sell the studio to Chinese buyers; Abby went to Boston and reconnected with her Southie family; Conor cut school to throw a party; Bridget got angry with her math teacher. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Ray is tasked with securing incriminating voicemails that could bring down the governor and sink the NFL deal, but the mission drives a wedge between Finney and Paige. Meanwhile, Mickey and Daryll sell a coke-and-hooker party to a Silicon Valley start-up.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with Mickey grilling out beside the pool. Bunchy and Darryl are in the pool hanging with the hookers. Terry is there and smiling. Ray is even there and in a Hawaiian shirt that matches his dad’s and tells him it’s a great party. Mickey smiles. Mickey snaps out of it. Darryl rants at his dad and says they are in over the head with the Armenians and they are vicious.

Mickey meets with PJ the guy from Kwip to talk about the party with the girls and blow and the guy hands over a check for half. Ray has the dog in the house. Bridget comes down and finds Ray making lunch but she says mom just gives them money. He hands over some cash. She asks if he’s there until Abby gets home. Conor comes down and Ray reminds him he’s still grounded.

Bridget says she has a college advisor meeting today. Ray gets a call from Finney and says he’ll see her there then takes off. Bunchy watches the wrestler chick work out. She asks if he’s spying on her and comes into the office. She knocks the stuff off his desk and says he needs to pick it up. He bends down to get it and she puts her leg up on the desk and says to look up at her from there.

She unzips her top and pulls out her tits. He says oh god. She tells him to touch himself and he does. She says that’s good. Terry comes into the office and he asks what the f-k is going on. Bunchy tells a cover story. Terry asks about Lucha Noche and he says it’s Mexican wrestling. He says he’s managing them. Terry asks who’s paying for it and Bunchy says not to worry about it.

Ray meets Andrew near a power plant and he says his daughter wants to tear it down and build a stadium. He says he needs Ray to take care of the governor. Varick is there too. He says a former aide stole Verona’s cell phone and the woman declined an offer and they may need to escalate. Varick says not to let Paige know. Paige asks why Ray is there and her dad says he’s her guy.

Ray watches Paige and her dad talk their big money deal. Abby is still in Boston and goes to see her dad. He says she looks like her mother – hard around the eyes. She asks what’s wrong and he says he’s got heart disease. He says Dave said she showed up out of nowhere alone. He asks if Ray kicked her out. She sighs and says she wants to buy the bar.

She says it could make things easier for everyone and says Margaret told her it’s losing money. He says they don’t need Ray’s money. He says she’s a f-ing Donovan now and the place is called Kelly’s. She goes back to her sister’s with smokes and booze. She says she went to see their dad. Abby says she doesn’t know how she can stand to talk to him. Margaret says to let it go.

Abby says she asked him to buy the bar. Margaret says she was asking for whatever hell she got. Abby offers to buy it in Margaret’s name so the profits would be hers and Dave’s. The party is going lame at Kwip since the nerds are scared to talk to the girls. Darryl says it’s like a middle school dance. Mickey says let’s have a hand for PJ. Mickey sends the girls to take the guys into their offices.

Ray goes to the campus apartment. The intellectual talk seems to perplex him. He’s looking for Briana Gathright. Ted videos him until Ray snatches the phone. Ray tells Briana he doesn’t want to hurt Ted. She says she gave it to her advisor Sheldon Blackwood and says he’s at the law building. Ray walks out with Ted’s phone. Sheldon addresses him by name and says Briana called him.

He says his research assistant gave him something that wasn’t his to give. Sheldon says the phone had no identifying information and it could have been found. Ray says he’ll see him later and Sheldon threatens him with jail time for harassment. Ray goes to sit in the quad with Lena and says he has a job for her and says he needs to get a burner phone that belongs to the governor.

He says he has to take care of the kids because Abby took off. He offers her three times her usual rate to help out and she says just this once. Mickey and Darryl are happy the party is finally taking off. Mickey gets a call from Conor who is at his place and he asks how he can get in. Mickey asks Darryl to take care of it and he leaves. Michelle tells Darryl the guys have snorted all the coke.

Darryl make a call for more coke. Bunchy comes out and coaches a guy from the recovery group. He asks Bunchy about the church settlement. Teresa calls Bunchy over and complains about the gloves padding. Bunchy goes to help her and she asks what he was talking about and why the church gave him money. Terry watches them talk and gets angry. Bunchy takes her in the office.

Bunchy tells Teresa he likes her and she says to spit it out. He says a priest messed around with him as a kid. She says it’s no wonder he’s so screwed up and he says if she doesn’t want to be around him he gets it but she says she’s got no problem with it. Conor tells Mickey that his mom went back to Boston. He says his mom walked in on him jerking off. Mickey says if God didn’t want us to jerk off he’d give is shorter arms.

Ginger calls Mickey and he asks if the guys asked for more and he tells Conor to come with him. Ray is at the college meeting with Bridget. The counselor talks about her trouble zones this semester and says she has a D. Ray is stunned that she has low grades. He asks Ray if he’s read Bridget’s background statement. The guy says it’s not a great thing and says she needs a story of hardship.

Later, Bridget tells Ray she’s sorry and says she knows college isn’t his strong suit and thanks him for coming. His phone rings. Paige says to come to her dad’s house. He says he’s busy. Dave and Margaret toast Abby as the new boss and to low expectations. Abby gets a call from Bridget and she asks about the counselor. Bridget says she feels like a f-k up. She says her dad went but was lost.

She asks what her mom is doing and Abby says she’s taking time for herself. Bridget says she doesn’t have a single friend at the school and isn’t Conor’s mom. She promises to be on the next flight home. Abby tells Dave and Margaret she’s got to go and will talk to Ray and get them a check for the bar. Margaret says not to get their hopes up and then let them down.

She says she’s out in LA getting her hair highlighted and letting Ray treat her like a dog. She says Ray f-ks everything with a pulse then shuts her up with money. Lena is out in the hall of Sheldon’s classroom. She goes across the hall into his office. He comes in and finds her in their. She say she emailed about auditing his clinic. She says Indefensible the movie is the only reason she wants to go to law school.

He buys the flattery and says truth will out. She says she’s honored and gets out of there with the phone. Ray comes in and Paige and Andrew vent to her about the NFL bid. She says she needs him to get rid of the guy who made the other bid. Her dad sends her out. She leaves and Andrew says not to worry about it just to focus on the phone. Ray asks what she has on him.

Andrew says to just get the phone. Ray walks out and finds Paige in the hall lurking and she wants to know what her dad said. Lena calls and says the bug picked up a call and Verona’s rival made a deal with Blackwood and the other campaign is setting up a press conference. Ray tells Paige it’s not her concern and walks off. Mickey and Conor show up to the party. Mickey tells Darryl he’s crazy.

PJ tells them he loves them and Mickey says they ran up a lot of money. PJ says they were supposed to end the party when the shit ran out. Mickey says Darryl ran it up too high. Mickey says they’re f-d then asks where Conor is. He’s with one of the hookers upstairs. She asks how he wants it and he says regular. Ray goes to see Ted again.

He sits down to talk to Briana and says he doesn’t know why she took the phone. She says he lied to her and told her he loved her. She say she’s not coming out with the phone and the professor will destroy the phone. Ray says the professor is going public and they’re going to call her a thief and a whore. He says she’s young and made a mistake. Briana says mistakes were made.

She says she’s not the only woman on the phone and says she took it when she found him with someone else. Ray asks if she wants his help getting it back. Bridget’s tragic teacher catches up to her and asks why she missed class. She says she had counseling. He says she got an A on her test. He asks what’s wrong and she says college BS. She says it was garbage with her essay.

She says she doesn’t want to write about her murdered BF to get into some bullshit college. He says he doesn’t blame her. She asks if he felt guilty when his wife died like if there was something he could have done differently. He’s shocked she knows about that and he says they were celebrating their anniversary and she starting getting a headache and it was a blood clot. She says she has to get home.

Briana goes to Sherwood and he tells Briana that she’s doing the right thing talking to reporters. He gets the phone out of his desk. Ray follows them. He and Lena knock him down and Ray takes it and says 9/10 of the law like he said. He walks away. He asks Lena if she likes working for Lee. She says he brings in lunch every day. He asks what if he wants her back and she calls him a piece of work.

She says he let the business go to shit and is punishing Avi. She says she doesn’t like sitting behind a desk or waiting for orders and says he needs to lighten up. He says he’ll do his best. Lena laughs and says all right. Ray looks at the phone he just took. Two are from Briana and one is from Paige and it’s all about him leaning her over her desk and biting her ass. Varick calls to ask if he got the phone.

Ray says he’ll call when he’s got it. Ray then calls Paige and says they have to meet. Mickey tells Darryl to drop the girls off and meet him. Conor and Mickey go the other way. Paige asks Ray who else heard it and he says the girl and her professor. She asks if her dad has heard it and says she’s a f-ing idiot. She says they got carried away and he says she got caught up with the fat f-k Tom Verona.

Ray says he was someone who could get what she wanted. Paige dries her tears and says that too. She asks if he’s going to give the phone to her father and says he’ll leverage her out of the business. He asks what she did to him and she says the question is what he’s done to her. He says he made a deal with her dad and he helped with his brother – she says she can make a better deal.

He says he works for her father. Terry sees Bunchy talking in the office to Teresa’s brother. The guy says he needs her mind clear to perform. Bunchy hands over the envelope of cash. Terry follows the guy down the stairs and asks why he took money from him. Terry says why is he f-ing with him. They grapple and he hurts him and Bunchy comes out and asks what’s wrong with him.

Mickey and Darryl have to go see the Armenians for a further loan. She says they want 50% of his cash flow moving forward. Mickey says no and she says these are good terms and he can settle the debts with the Mexicans. She says two men are not an organization and they are his partners now. He says let’s go and she asks how old is his grandson. Mickey stops. She says he’s a beautiful boy.

Conor sits nearby playing on his phone. Mickey gets mad. Darryl tells Mickey to calm down. The woman says she’s paying a compliment. Mickey tells Mrs Minassian he wants to do right by her. She says 50/50. Ray comes to see Finney who says he took his time. Ray says the girl will keep quiet and he got rid of the phone. He says Verona will be fine.

Finney says he told him he wanted the phone and tells Ray not to be coy. Ray asks if he knows what’s on the phone. Finney asks what he thinks. Ray says he assumed as a father, he thought he’d want that buried. Finney asks if he gave his daughter the phone. Ray says no. Finney says the governor is having a party Tuesday night and says to come and bring his wife. He dismisses him.

Ray leaves and Varick asks if he got the phone. Ray walks away from him. Bunchy finds Teresa packing and she says his brother is f-ing crazy. She says they have another offer from another gym. He doesn’t want her to go and she says she has to go where Pablo goes and says they’re her family. Bunchy says to tell him what to do to keep her there. She says there’s nothing to do.

She touches his face and says she’ll miss f-ing with him. She leaves. Ray meets Paige in a parking lot. She asks if he gave the phone to her dad. He says not yet. She asks if he doesn’t like her family. He says there’s not much to like there. He asks how it got so bad between them and she says she can’t go into it. She says she tried to hard for her dad’s approval and he wanted her to need him.

He says he’ll give her the phone for 5% of her NFL deal. She says he’s crazy and he says she won’t get the deal otherwise. They haggle and settle on 3%. He says put it in writing and she gets the phone. She asks if he doesn’t trust her. She kisses him. She asks if he’s out past his depths. He says he’ll manage. She smiles and gets back in her car.

Bunchy watches Pablo, Teresa and the crew leave the gym. Terry tells Bunchy they were going to rip him off and Bunchy asks what he knows. Terry says he knows what he saw and Bunchy says they don’t all have to end up miserable. Ray comes home and finds Mickey and Conor there. He asks why the f-k Conor is there and he says he Ubered out to see him.

Ray sends Conor upstairs. Mickey says he’s a great kid and tells Ray to offer him a drink and three minutes of his time. He tells Ray that Conor is lonesome. Ray hands him a drink and asks if he’s offering parenting lessons. Mickey says he’s concerned about him and says Abby is gone and he must be hurting. Mickey says he can listen if he wants to talk. Ray asks what Mickey is up to.

He asks what he’s got going on and Mickey says he bought a two bedroom apartment and a top of the line grill. That’s all he says and he leaves. The guy from the survivor’s group asks Bunchy if he’s okay and if he wants to talk. Bunchy says no, it’s too painful. The guy says it’s hardwired from childhood and says prayer still works for him. OMG – it’s Father Romero, the guy who came to see Ezra on his deathbed…

Ray is lying on the couch with dog watching TV when Abby comes home. They stare at each other for a long serious moment.