Ray Donovan Recap 9/27/15: Season 3 Finale “Exsuscito”

Ray Donovan Recap 9/27/15: Season 3 Finale "Exsuscito"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new September 27, season 3 finale called, “Exsuscito.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Season 3 ends with Abby (Paula Malcomson) and Terry (Eddie Marsan) finally telling Ray the truth.

On the last episode, Mickey pushed his luck by throwing himself a goodbye party. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “season 3 ends with Abby and Terry finally telling Ray the truth about Bridget.”

Tonight’s season 3 finale looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan starts with Ray sitting in his apartment The news plays a story about Finney. Paige shows up and Avi says they took the service entrance so no one would see them. Avi says he’ll wait downstairs. Ray says she needs to stay there out of the shit show and then her PR people can come tomorrow. Paige says it’s like when OJ took the white Bronco and ran – she says they love to see the mighty fall and talks about the reporters at her dad’s house. Ray says she did the right thing. She says that’s no comfort. Ray says the keys are on the counter and she says her dad wouldn’t have killed Varick if Ray wasn’t around.

Ray says he’ll have his girl check on her in the morning. Paige asks if he can stay and he just walks out without responding. Bridget calls and says she’s by the pier and says to come and that she’s really scared. Abby goes looking for Bridget at Mr Donellen’s house. No one comes to the door. Teresa wakes Bunchy with a smack on his back and says she wants to play. She puts on her wrestling mask and tells him not to talk without her permission. He speaks and she slaps him.

She tells him to say sorry or she’ll pull his d-k off then she mounts him and chokes him while she has her way with him. She climaxes and he does too. She tells him she loves him then asks if he’s happy. He says yeah. She tells him to get up and says they’re going out. He says it’s the middle of the night but she says pants on bitch and that he won’t want to miss this. Ray comes home and asks where everyone is. Terry says Abby is out looking for Bridget and Conor is at a friend’s.

Terry tells Ray that Bridget got involved with her math teacher. Ray is incredulous. Bridget sits in a hotel room alone looking nervous. Ray asks how they knew they were the teacher’s drugs and he says he and Abby found the bottle in Bridget’s purse and it had his name on it. Ray gets out a bottle and a glass and pours a drink. Terry asks if he’s all right and Ray asks how long he’s known. He says a few days and Ray says he’s not his kids’ father then asks why he’s saying “we” about he and Abby.

Ray asks if he has a crush on his wife and says Terry is addled. Terry says he’s a disgrace and he’s cheating like their old man did. Abby comes in and tells them to stop it. Ray asks why she didn’t tell him and she says he has problems with things like this and would handle it badly. Ray tells Terry to pack his shit and get out and Abby says he’s not going anywhere and Terry is the one there helping her every day. Ray demands to know where the teacher lives. Terry tells Abby to tell him so she does.

Bridget’s phone rings and she sees it’s her dad calling. She ignores the call. She texts her mom not to worry and says she’s at Mickey’s. Ray goes to Donellen’s house and pounds on the door. No answer so he busts the lock and goes inside. Terry tells Abby he shouldn’t have talked to Ray like that but Abby says Ray needed to hear it and she’s glad he said it. Abby gets the text and tells Terry she’s at Mickey’s. Terry says he’ll go get Abby and says he doesn’t want Ray to think that they’re acting as a team.

He tells her to fix things with Ray and have a real talk. Ray takes a call from Abby who says she’s at Mickey’s. She says Terry went to get her and Ray says he’ll meet him there. Abby says not to be so hard on him and says Terry didn’t do anything wrong. She says to tell Terry that he doesn’t want him to leave. She says he’ll pack and won’t come back and asks if that’s what Ray wants. He finally says he’ll talk to Terry and he leaves the teacher’s place.

Mrs Minassian greets her grandson and says she missed him. She tells her flunky to bring Davros some food. He asks if what Vartan said about Mickey is true and says nothing is ever easy. She tastes the food and feeds her grandson a big spoon full. Darryl sleeps by the pool when his hooker GF shows up and slips the keys back in his hand. She says she’s sorry she took the car and doesn’t know why she did it. She says she’s worthless and her own mother hates her.

Mickey is upstairs with several of the hookers. They put coke on one of their butts and he giggles and says he found it then sniffs it off her tush. His phone rings and he grabs it. He sees it’s Ray and says f-k you Ray and doesn’t get it. His phone rings again and it’s Bridget who tells him she’s scared to go home and says she told her mom that she’s there. He says Ray will come right over and then she says her dad is mad because he found out about her new BF.

Donellen shows up to the hotel room and Bridget says her dad is dangerous and they need to leave LA. He says that’s insane and she says he can stay there with her. He says being in a hotel room with her won’t help anything and says they’ll go for a walk and think of something. Teresa takes Bunchy to the woods and she says this is where she lost her virginity and they used to smoke weed out there. He says he didn’t know Mexicans hiked and Teresa glares and says she’s going to pretend he didn’t say that.

Darryl answers the door to Terry’s knock. He asks where Bridget is and Darryl says he’s not there. Mickey tells Terry to come take his pants off then says Bridget isn’t there. Terry curses and calls Abby to tell him that Bridget lied. Mickey whispers that Bridget called a few minutes ago and asks him to cover for her. He says she said Ray didn’t like her new BF. Mickey says he’ll call and try to get her to meet them somewhere. He says she’ll take his call.

Ray pulls up at his dad’s apartment and sees gunmen coming into the property. He opens his trunk and pulls out a gun. The Armenians open fire on the apartment and Ray opens fire on them. He runs up to his dad’s place calling for Bridget. He busts inside calling for Bridget. Darryl holds Michelle on his lap – she’s dead and he’s crying. Terry was shot and Mickey tells him to come on. Mickey curses and Ray says they have to get him to a hospital. They left up Terry and carry him out.

The other hookers are all sobbing and Darryl cradles Michelle’s dead body and cries. Ray races to the ER and Mickey calls out for help. Ray pulls Terry out of the car and tells him to wake up. He’s still conscious. Ray tells him to keep his eyes open and Terry tells him to get him a priest. The doctor tells Ray that his brother lost most of the blood in his body. He says they’ll do transfusions during surgery to try and keep his heart beating. Ray is having trouble focusing. He says Terry will be in surgery for hours.

The doctor says they’ll check in when they know something. Ray is having an out of body experience. He goes to get some air outside and vomits over a rail. He wipes his mouth. His phone rings – it’s Avi who says two Minassians were arrested and says the Armenians have a policy of going after every family member. Ray tells him to stay at the office and he’ll call him. Abby pulls up and Ray says he’s in surgery. She says she sent Terry over there and he went for her. She says she got too close to Terry.

She asks if she’s responsible. Ray looks at Mickey in the waiting room and says she’s the last person responsible. Mickey tries to tell Abby that it was a gang turf war and they were in the wrong place. Ray says they both know who that bullet was meant for. Abby asks what that means and Ray says forget it. Mickey says the Minassians won’t stop and they need to do something. Ray tells Mickey there is no we. He walks away. Ray tells Abby he has to take care of something.

Donellen says her dad will kill him and he has to register as a sex offender because it doesn’t matter that he didn’t do anything. He says he’ll lose his job too. Bridget says it’s like a Kafka novel. A girl asks if Donellen wants to buy her a bracelet. He says that’s souvenir to remember the night her math teacher lost his job. Abby says if he’s going to take the blame for being with her, he should go ahead and be with her and she takes his hand. They walk holding hands.

Mickey goes back home and finds Darryl on the balcony. Mickey asks if he’s all right. Mickey says he didn’t even know Michelle’s last name then says it’s Kravitz. Cops are all over his place. Mickey says he needs to get some clothes. The beat cop tells him to come on inside but he can only touch what he tells him to. Mickey gets changed and asks if he can grab something to eat. The cop says 30 seconds. Mickey grabs a burger and then some ice cream from the freezer. He heads out.

Once outside, Mickey dumps the burger and opens the ice cream. It’s empty except for a snub nose pistol and a burner phone. He walks out. Ray comes to the office with a bag. He has a sawed off shotgun and another gun for Avi. Ray puts on an ankle holster and they load magazines. Teresa pulls Bunchy up to an overlook and they can see all the lights of LA. He says that’s something. Teresa asks how long he’s lived in LA and he never came up there. He says he doesn’t like the woods.

Teresa says that has to change because kids need fresh air and he put a baby in her. Bunchy is shocked and she asks if he’s not happy. He asks how it happened so quick. She says he’s fertile then gets mad at his reaction. Teresa says to say something good. She curses at him and walks off. He looks down at the lights some more. Next morning, Ray and Avi wake in the car. Avi wakes Ray and says okay when two SUVs pull up. They see Mrs Minassian go inside her place followed by Davros.

Avi says he’ll take the side door. Lena calls and says she tracked Bridget to Santa Monica. They see Mickey walk up and Avi curses and says that f-ing guy is always in the middle of everything. They see Mickey shoot the outside guard and Ray says f-k it, let’s go when they hear more gunfire. Mickey points to where the men are. Ray walks in the rom shooting and takes a shot to the gut. Mickey crawls into the room while Davros tries to reload.

Ray warns Avi when he comes in and starts shooting and Davros tackles Ray. Mrs Minassian staggers to her feet and looks around. She sees Davros is dead and says he thinks he can kill her boys and it stops. She says it will never stop and says they’re all dead. She says his children are dead. She says f-k and spits. Mickey grabs her from behind and slits her throat then says f-k you. Ray groans then gets up. Avi looks around. The three walk out. Ray must have been wearing a vest because he seems to be okay.

Ray drives with Mickey who asks if the bottle of water is old. He drinks it anyway. He offers it to Ray who ignores him and makes a call to Lena. He asks if she found her yet and she says there’s a hotel and she’s going to talk to the clerk. Donellen and Bridget come back to the room and he drinks a beer and says he’s already guilty. She drinks some too. Bridget kisses him and he kisses her back. She pulls off her shirt and he starts to unbutton his then stops.

He hands her back her shirt and asks her to put it back on. She asks why and he says to put it back on. He asks why he’s there and starts to freak out. She says it’s okay as he starts crying. He says he’s sorry. He says he just misses his wife so much. She says it’s okay. Ray meets Lena at the hotel. She says they’re in 215. He tells Lena to take Mickey to the hospital. Ray kicks in the door and starts to beat Donellen. He slaps Bridget out of the way and tells him he’ll cut his hands off if he goes near her again.

Bridget takes her shirt from her dad. He tells her to come on and she says to get away. She tells Donellen she’s sorry and tells Ray she hates her. He drags her out of the room. Mickey watches this go down. Bunchy makes it back to the truck and Teresa rants and asks if he wants to call it off. She asks why he doesn’t want to have a baby with her. He says he has no idea how to be a dad and says he’s different and is f-d up. Teresa tells him he’s not as f-d up as he thinks.

She says that stuff in the pats doesn’t touch who he is now or them. He says he doesn’t want to let her down. Teresa takes his hand and asks what his mother’s name was. He says Mary. Teresa says if it’s a girl they’ll call her Maria. She whacks him gently and says to take her to eat and kisses his cheek. He still looks shell-shocked. Ray tells Bridget the guy had it coming even if she doesn’t realize it now. Bridget says he doesn’t feel anything. She says he doesn’t love her or mom.

She says it’s like he’s not even alive inside. Ray says he’d do anything for her. She says he controls he doesn’t love and she’s suffocating and doesn’t want to be near him anymore. She gets out of the car and walks off. Ray groans and unbuttons his shirt. He checks himself and his hand comes away bloody. He gets out of the car and throws down a blood soaked rag he had there. He takes off his jacket and gets c clean shirt. He goes inside the hospital. Terry made it through surgery.

Ray groans as he sits down beside his brother’s bed. Darryl pulls up in Mickey’s Caddy and Mickey says he was worried about him. He tells Darryl they evened the score. Darryl shows him a license then asks what it says – he tells him to read his name. It’s Darryl Weisbraud. Darryl says he always hated that name because he wanted to be a Donovan so bad. He tells him Michelle came back with the car so Mickey could drive away from them. He tells Mickey to just go and screams in his face.

Terry has a breathing tube inserted in his throat and is unconscious. Ray kneels beside his bed and takes Terry’s hand in his. He tries to wake him saying his name then says what Terry said about how he treats his family was right. He tells Terry he doesn’t deserve them. Ray looks at the cross tattoo on his brother’s arm then the painting of the Virgin Mary on the wall of the Catholic hospital. He stands and walks out. Ray drives. Abby sings to Terry at his bedside. Mickey drives down the road.

Mickey drives into Nevada. Bridget packs a bag and her guitar and walks out of their house. She leaves the front door open and walks out. Abby sings her Irish song to Terry with tears in her eyes. Father Romero is playing cards with some of the men he counsels when he’s told Ray is there to see him. He excuses himself and finds Ray with his head hung over a pew in despair. Ray tells him his brother Terry needs a priest. Romero asks what happened and he says he got shot and is dying.

Romero says he’s sorry. He says Terry thinks he’s going to hell and Romero asks what he thinks. Ray says he doesn’t know anymore. Romero goes into the confessional and closes the door. Abby calls for a nurse as Terry flatlines. They run in on a code blue to try and bring him back. Abby is trapped in a corner as they shock him. Ray steps into the confessional and says it’s been 36 years since his last confession. He says he’s been violent all his life and has hurt many people.

Romero says to confess his sins. Ray says he shot Father O’Connor in the head even after the man begged for his life. He asks Ray if he’ll accept Christ into his life. Ray says he doesn’t know how then asks Romero to please make it right with God for Terry. He says he doesn’t care about himself but Romero says God cares about him. Romero asks why he did it and Ray gets angry then says O’Connor told him he was smart. Ray sniffles and says O’Connor took him places, bought him things.

Romero says no one else in his life did that. Ray breaks down and says O’Connor told him he was special and he saw something in him. He says the things he did to him, he stopped fighting after a while. Ray says it was more than that and says he cared for Father O’Connor. He says that’s why he did things with him. Ray slumps to the floor and sobs. He says he sees pictures in his head every day, every night. He says when he hugs his kids, he sees it. He chokes on tears.

Romero says O’Connor shouldn’t have done that to him and says Ray was just a boy. Ray tries to stop crying and says he doesn’t need his sympathy. Romero asks what he does need and Ray says he needs to know his brother will be all right and won’t die. He starts crying again. Romero says he can’t tell him that then says faith is the evidence of things not seen. He says he asked God for forgiveness and the rest is out of his control. He says – may God grant you pardon and peace.

He absolves Ray of his sins and then blesses him. Ray steps out of the confessional and staggers down the aisle of the church. He makes it about 10 feet then collapses. Romero runs to check on him and loads him into his car. Terry made it through the crash and his eyes blink open a bit. He whispers Abby’s name and she says his name. She tells him she’s there. He smiles and starts crying as she says she’s there. She touches him sweetly.

Romero drives with Ray in his vintage car. Ray nods off. Romero drives him down the freeway back towards LA which is seen in the distance. That’s the end of season 3. Ray Donovan has been renewed for season 4 so be sure to come back to CDL for advanced “Ray Donovan” Season 4 spoilers and live recaps when the new season begins.