Ray Donovan Recap 9/6/15: Season 3 Episode 9 “The Octopus”

Ray Donovan Recap 9/6/15: Season 3 Episode 9 "The Octopus"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new September 6, season 3 episode 9 called, “The Octopus.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode An attempt to draw Mickey (Jon Voight) out.

On the last episode, Romero appeared at the Fite Club and challenges Ray to repent for his sins. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “an attempt to draw Mickey out of hiding jeopardizes Bunchy’s wedding.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan starts with Mickey at the detective’s office. He’s ratting out the mob contact he’s met. He tells her about Toozik who runs numbers for them. She says that’s a nickname, not a name. He goes to leave but she says to sit and then Alan Freedman from the US attorney’s office and some people come in from the human trafficking cops.

They tell him the Minassians have some Russian buddies who are looking to buy girls. The detective says to set up an appointment with Mrs Minassian tomorrow. Mickey says his son is getting married tomorrow and it’s no good. He says he doesn’t do this but she says he’s a piece of shit pimp. Freeman says this is the closes they can get to Belekov.

Freedman promises protection and says they can put him away for 10 years with what they have on him. They tell him to make the call. He does. Later, Mickey is at Abby and Ray’s for a big family dinner for Bunchy and Theresa. Abby toasts them and says she knows it’s a good start to a new family and lots of children. Theresa says to slow down on that. They all toast.

Abby tells Ray to say something as best man. Ray says he loves Bunchy and says it’s been a short engagement but says they’re all very happy for him. The family kinds of stares at that lackluster toast. Abby asks him what the f-k is wrong. Abby says she likes Theresa and says she’s a badass and she loves Bunchy. She says to look at her with him and he does.

Lena scans her passports while Avi watches to make sure no one sees them. Later, Abby comes to bed and cuddles up to Ray. She says it was fun and kisses his ear. He kisses her back and rolls over on top of her. Then they hear a clatter and Terry screaming. They run to see what’s wrong. They open the door to his room and he’s beating at the windows. Ray yells at him and he snaps out of it.

Terry asks what happened and Ray says he was sleeping. Terry has peed himself and realizes and tells Abby to get out. She tells Terry it’s okay he just had to much to drink. She hugs him and tells him he’s all right. She holds him and comforts him. Ray watches her help his brother. Iris is vetting Finney’s bid for the NFL and she says Varick Strauss is a minority shareholder and they can’t find him.

Her boss says the NFL is up his ass and says to put someone extra on it and points out a guy. Holy cow it’s Hank Azaria – remember he was the FBI director Ed Cochran back in season two who ended up in deep crap thanks to Ray! He’s back! Awesome. Lena and Avi tell Ray that Theresa and her family are pretty clean except for some small time stuff and nothing at all on Theresa.

Lena tells Ray this is f-d up but he says to keep on it. Harriet shows up and tells Ray he’s an idiot for giving his short bus brother $1.4 million and says she would have embezzled it if she’d known he was going to blow it like this. She suggests waiting a couple of months but he says to look into it. Mickey lurks outside the LAPD boozing and worried.

He watches Freedman and his guys that he met with earlier then he drives away. Darryl is in bed with one of the hookers, Chelle, and she gets a text and says she needs a ride to Burbank. He says to take the day off but she says she can’t afford to. Terry and Abby are at the liquor store and he says the DJ playlist for the reception is lame. He goes to grab some beer.

Some lady says she hopes he’s not driving when she seems him staggering and Abby says – he has Parkinsons and calls her a c**t. Terry says it’s good to have a Southy b*tch on his side and she says it’s good to be one. They sing some KC and the Sunshine band. Detective Muncie is livid because Mickey is not where he’s supposed to be. She and the team roll out and she’s mad.

Ed’s clock beeps and he gets out a sandwich. There’s a sticky note on it that says – affirmations. Iris brings him a file on the missing guy Varick. He thanks her and she has to invite him to lunch when someone mentions it in front of them. He smiles sadly and waggles his sandwich. He says his affirmations to a mirror that he’s a flawed, beautiful man with a healthy attitude towards sex.

Ray walks past a hooker blowing a guy in a car outside his dad’s place and then another on the phone negotiating a trick. He goes into the apartment and tells Bunchy that Mickey sure has a nice place and tells him about the parking lot BJ. Bunchy is worried about his suit but Ray says he’s perfect then asks how he’s feeling. Bunchy says he’s not as nervous as he thought he would be.

He says he’s excited to get to see Theresa for the rest of his life. Ray says they need to talk and says normally a father would talk about his but he knows Mickey won’t. He tells Bunchy that marriage is a long time and says he hasn’t known Theresa long. Bunchy says he can trust her and Ray asks about the crew she runs with and says they’ve been in some shady shit.

Bunchy asks why he did and Ray says he ran a background check on them. Bunchy gets mad and says this is about Ray not her. He says Ray doesn’t want him making any decisions without him. The cops pound on the door looking for Mickey. Bunchy opens the door and he and Ray get down. Ray tells them not to say anything. Sheila says to bring him in and Ray asks what the charges are.

They won’t answer Ray and tell him to stay back or they’ll take him in too. Mickey is elsewhere hiding out with his gun. Ray comes to see Sheila and says his brother is not a pimp. She says he’s been working for Mickey. Ray realizes she wants Mickey. He asks if he delivers Mickey can he have Bunchy. He says he’d trade him any day of the f-ing week. She agrees. He asks to speak to Bunchy.

Ray asks Bunchy if he was pimping or selling drugs for Mickey. He says he can get years for this. He tells Ray to leave him alone and says he’ll handle it. Ray asks what’s going through his head. Bunchy says he needed a job and Ray asks what about Pizza Hut. He says you can’t trust Mickey but Bunchy says Ray he’s there because he won’t give him his money and holds it over his head.

Bunchy says he treats him like a crippled little kid. Ray says who gives a f-k about his f-ing money right now. Ray hands his head and Bunchy asks if he can get him out. Ray says he’s going to try. Bunchy says he doesn’t want Theresa to leave him. Ray leaves. Mickey hears a knock on his hotel room door. It’s Ginger and her girl. She asks why he’s acting like this.

She says she got the cash from his freezer and mattress. He says he’s going south of the border. The kid asks when he’s coming back and he says he doesn’t know. Ginger asks if he’s really got to go and she says he’s been pretty good to them and says it’s been nice knowing him. She hugs him and goes. His cell rings.

Darryl tells Chelle he wants her to quit and says he can support her. He asks if she enjoys it and she asks if he enjoys his job. She says she likes him and likes making money. Ray tries to call his dad but gets voice mail. He tells him Bunchy is in jail and he better call back. He finds Ginger at Mickey’s place and asks where he is. Audrey says Mickey moves and Ray asks where.

Ginger doesn’t want to say. Ray pulls out a stack of cash and throws some on the table. He sits and Ginger grabs the cash. She says he left this morning with $10k and a passport and that’s all she knows. She tells Audrey to come on. Ray asks if she knows Bunchy and she says she knows Darryl better and they leave. Ray calls Darryl and asks where he is. He says he’ll meet him at the church.

Mr D and Bridget are out bowling and hanging out. She touches his leg and he says not to start it. He says someone might get the wrong idea. She says she won’t tell anyone and he says there’s nothing to tell. She says he wants to take oxy and go bowling and he says yes but that’s all he wants. She says they’re drug buddies and he says he guesses. She grabs his pills and runs to the bathroom.

He says don’t but she’s gone. Ray heads to the church. Theresa says to tell Bunchy they’re in the back. He says he’s going to miss the photos. She asks what’s wrong and he says it’s fine and he’ll be there. She says they can do the photos after. Ray says everything will be fine. She goes back to getting ready. Darryl comes in with Chelle and Ray says they have to talk.

He asks where Mickey is and Darryl says he doesn’t know. He says they raided the place and took Bunchy away. Darryl says Mickey is ratting to the LAPD and he better not f-k up his one shot then asks who Mickey is ratting on. Darryl says Armenian mafia – the Minassians and says Mickey has been borrowing money from them. Darryl says Mickey is probably already gone.

Ray walks out and Darryl asks what he’s going to do. Across the street, Ray sees the Octopus Inn. Ray goes inside and the clerk says no vacancies. Ray say she’s looking for Mickey Donovan. She says sorry. He describes his dad and she says she didn’t work this morning. Ray sees the octopus note pad and realizes it was the same type that Audrey was drawing on. Ray sees someone peeking out the blinds.

He kicks in the door and finds his dad sitting there with a gun. He tells his dad to come on and Mickey says he’s not missing another of his son’s weddings. Ray says there won’t be a wedding since Sheila arrested Bunchy. Mickey says if he does what she wants, he’s dead. He holds a gun on Ray and says he can get Bunchy out like he did for Terry.

Ray says he can’t get him out unless he brings him in. Mickey holds out the gun and says to move out of his way. Ray says to do what he does, make a run for it. He steps back. Mickey stops and hangs his head. Ray comes closer and takes the gun from his dad then tells him they need to go. Bridget hands Mr D back his bottle of pills and he asks if she took any more. She says not to worry.

Her mom calls and Bridget holds the phone away from her and tells Mr D to tell her he’s attracted to her. He admits that he is and she kisses him. Bridget tells her mom she lost track of time and asks her to pick her up. Terry comes for Abby’s help buttoning his shirt sleeves. She takes care of him and Terry stares at her. She says he looks hot and he smiles.

Bunchy is released since Ray delivered Mickey. Bunchy tells Ray a terse thanks. Ray tells Bunchy he can’t work for Mickey anymore and says to promise him. Bunchy says he knows it’s dangerous. He tells Ray that he knows Theresa could take the money from him and says it’s a risk but says either way he’s not doing what Ray says any more. He says give me the money or don’t.

Abby picks up Bridget who looks drunk or high. Sheila gets Mickey’s jacket on him and he says Mrs Minassian will likely shoot him on sight. He sees a camera feed and asks where it is but she says it’s best he doesn’t know so he won’t fiddle with it. At the church, Theresa asks where Bunchy has been. He says he’s sorry he worried her. She says your f-ing socks and says she knew he’d forget.

Theresa says she brought him an extra pair then tells him to get his head on straight and gives him a kiss. Ray sees this and Bunchy tells Ray to give him a minute. Ray steps out. Mickey heads in to meet with Mrs Minassian and the Russian. She says Mickey is brave to come back here. He says he’s sorry and the actions she took were fair. He approaches the table and unzips the bag.

He says he had a good month. She checks the bag and says a very good month. He says half is her cut and he’s hoping the other half is for some goods he heard might be for sale. He says he’s looking to expand and needs more girls. She asks where he heard about the girls. Mickey says her boys don’t keep to the code of silence. He says if it’s not true, he’ll just scout the strip clubs.

The Russian turns to look at him then hands him some Polariods. Mickey flips through them. She says prices are at the bottom. He sees they are a few thousand each $5-7k. She says Ivan’s girls are the highest quality. He says they are something. The priest offers communion to Theresa and Bunchy as part of the wedding ceremony. The families go up for communion.

Terry says they can’t but Ray says it’s just a f-ing cracker. Bridget asks her brother where Mickey is and they wonder if they should text him. Later, Mickey watches Sheila take photos of the Polariods he brought out. They listen to the video including the clear shot of the Russian’s face. The priest completes the wedding prayer and they exchange rings.

They are pronounced husband and wife and they kiss. The families cheer. Ray is actually smiling for them. Now it’s time for the reception. They are at the Fite Club and Darryl toasts to Bunchy and Theresa. Darryl recognizes Ray as best man and he stands. Ray says when they were kids, Bunchy tripped and hit his head on a nail and stumbled to he and Terry.

He says he and Terry picked him up and ran him to the doctor and says Bunchy was a chunky kid. He says their mom wasn’t around so they sat with him there all day. He says a nurse called him Bunchy’s little protector because he yelled at the doctor who gave him stitches that he was killing him. He tells Bunchy he may not always be right, but Bunchy will always be his kid brother.

He says he realizes that Theresa loves Bunchy and she’s strong and a fighter. He says looking at them together, it feels right and says he knows they’ll protect each other. He toasts their happiness. Mickey lurks in the doorway. Bunchy goes to Ray and Bunchy says he didn’t know Ray remembered that. He hugs Ray. Ray says he loves him and Bunchy says he does too.

Ray hands him a check. He says it’s not his wedding present. Bunchy asks what he got him and Ray says a standing mixer. Bunchy asks what it is and Ray says it’s some kitchen shit that Abby picked out. Theresa and Bunchy have their first dance as husband and wife. Then other couples join in – Ray dances with Bridget. Ray finds Mickey lurking in the locker room.

He asks how it went and Mickey says he’s f-d and says he’s buying sex slaves off a cargo freighter in San Pedro. He tells Ray they’re going to kill him. Ray asks if he’s considered suicide. He tells Mickey to stop feeling sorry for himself. Mickey asks if he can help him and says he needs help. Then he says please. Ray tells him to go congratulate Bunchy. Mickey goes.
[9/6/15, 10:50:33 PM] Rachel Rowan: Chelle is with Darryl who’s playing deejay. Bridget sits texting. Abby asks Terry if Bridget is on drugs and he says she could be then says that Bunchy got in trouble about that age. Terry says he’ll help keep an eye on her. Abby tells Terry to come dance with her. They slow dance. Ray comes out and sees them smiling and laughing in each others arms. He looks over at Mickey with Bunchy.

Bunchy tells Mickey he’s feeling good right now and tells his dad not to ruin his night. Mickey says Theresa is a hell of a girl and congratulates him then walks out. Ray sits and watches Abby and Terry having a great time. He looks concerned but not mad – more intrigued if anything. Later, Theresa and Bunchy get in the car to drive away from the Fite Club for their wedding night. They drive off. Ray says he wishes mom could have seen this. Mickey offers to help clean up but Ray says no.

Mickey walks away and Ray watches him go. Ray makes a call to Lena and says to look into Mrs Minassian. Ed is going through the paperwork on Varcik and finds the info about Ray being a small shareholder in the deal. Ed is stunned and says f-k me.