Reign Recap – The Tiger, The Witch and The Pirate: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere “Three Queens, Two Tigers”

Reign Recap - The Tiger, The Witch and The Pirate: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

Reign on the CW returns tonight with an all new Thursday October 9, season 3 premiere called “Three Queens, Two Tigers,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the third-season opener, Mary (Adelaide Kane) faces struggles in Scotland as Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) and Catherine (Megan Follows) unite against her.

On the season 2 finale, Mary (Adelaide Kane) risked everything to take down Condé (Sean Teale), even as Francis (Toby Regbo) believed she was turning against France. Catherine (Megan Follows) made a bold move and met with Queen Elizabeth (guest star Rachel Skarsten) in a stunning plot to seek revenge on Mary. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) had a secret that sealed the fate of her relationship with Bash (Torrance Coombs). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “in the third-season opener, Mary faces struggles in Scotland as Elizabeth and Catherine unite against her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth loses focus because she grows tempted by her first love; and Francis’ fate remains uncertain.”

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#Reign begins with Mary and her ladies dancing by the pond and Francis running to kiss Mary and pull her away. They are enjoying renewed intimacy in their marriage. Mary wakes to find Francis gone. He’s outside working on a boat he’s building. She finds him there and he asks if she wants to go back to bed. She says they have more important things to do besides make love and build boats. She says they have important matters to see to. He says their marriage is important and kisses her again.

In England, Lord William talks to Elizabeth about the expense of her Scottish cause. Elizabeth is annoyed and says there are reasons to back the Protestants there. They remind her even English Catholics wants Mary on the throne there. Elizabeth leaves her council and goes to her chambers. Catherine is there and Elizabeth says half of them want her gone and the men wish she was a man too. Catherine says she was no one’s first choice but is still there. Elizabeth says Catherine’s plan failed.

Catherine says they can get rid of Mary another way and Elizabeth says they can’t kill her. Catherine says they can disempower her by leaning on the Vatican. Catherine says they need to turn the Pope against Mary. Catherine has people waiting outside – nobles from the French court to bear witness to the Pope to Mary cheating with Conde. She says they can leave for Rome today to accuse Mary of adultery and this will disgrace her off the throne and out of touch for Elizabeth’s.

Narcisse shows up and says he has news about Mary’s loyalists. He says some of the hired Lords have turned and are not allowing safe passage to the troops. Mary says this conflict will turn against them soon. Narcisse says Scotland may be lost soon. Francis says their army is already stretched too thin. Mary wonders if there’s another way. She looks at Francis’s hobby boat. A pirate shows up with a tiger – Martin – though technically he’s a privateer and he checks out Greer with interest.

He tells them they need an Imaginarium for animals and says he brought the tiger as a gift for Mary. She says no thanks. He wants a hefty fee and a castle. Elizabeth tells Catherine that no one can associate her with the people giving testimony against Mary. Catherine says she has rumors perpetuating that she’s in Tuscany all upset. She has a decoy there. We see the fake Catherine shagging a monk in a tower and they trigger a giant gear that cuts off the good father’s junk.

Elizabeth greets Lord Dudley and lets him into her chamber. He asks to hold her in his arms or leave court so he’s not tormented. She says she needs him there even if she can’t touch him. He walks out. Dudley’s wife Amy is waiting in the halls and shows him a gift she made for Elizabeth. He says she shouldn’t have. Lola is intercepted by Narcisse and he says she’s been avoiding him and asks if she read his letters. She says she won’t be seduced into risking her life.

Narcisse says he risked everything for her but Lola says Catherine will punish her for his affection. Narcisse says he can protect her. She reminds him that he hurt her to please Catherine and says she’s scared of him. He says she needs a man and has only been with boys. He says he would protect her with his life and says he would never hurt her and she knows it. Lola walks away. Bash gets a report on Delphine’s possible whereabouts. He says there’s one to follow up on.

He has a rope burn mark on his wrist – Bash is somehow linked to Delphine and what happens to her happens to him. Mary and Greer talk about the pirate who is checking her out. Greer says to go ahead and engage her to him and says if he hears about her husband, they can call it off. Mary says she might have to bed him and Greer doesn’t seem to mind. Catherine asks Elizabeth about her affection for Dudley and whether they were involved. Elizabeth insists she’s still a virgin.

Catherine says she needs a husband. Catherine says if she marries a foreigner, people wouldn’t like it and marrying an Englishman would lower her standing. Catherine says she should marry her son Charles who is a boy so she doesn’t need to deal with a powerful husband. Elizabeth says Francis won’t allow it but Catherine says he would if she backs off Scotland for now. Catherine says Charles is handsome and gentle. Elizabeth says to arrange a meeting so she can see the boy.

Catherine tells Elizabeth that Charles has been sent to French court and says Mary is on the verge of Scotland and will welcome the marriage offer. Francis tells Lola that Narcisse asked to court her and he denied it. Francis asks if Lola has encouraged him. They play with their son and chat. He says he doesn’t want Narcisse near their son and she reminds him that Narcisse saved her and their son. Francis says he doesn’t want John growing up thinking Narcisse is the kind of man to be.

Francis forbids her union with Narcisse and then Francis is called to talk to Mary about Elizabeth’s proposal to marry Charles. Francis wonders why Elizabeth is suing for peace and Mary says it’s a timely offer. Mary says it’s a drain on their resources and says Elizabeth’s real war is with her and her claim to the throne. Francis says a union with his brother is dangerous. Mary says someone has to make the move towards peace. She says this alliance makes it even.

Francis says this is not even and she can’t do it. Mary asks why. Francis says he’s ill and doesn’t have long to live. He says when he’s gone, she will be just a widow and he can’t leave her unprotected. He says he is dying and holds her while she cries.
– –
Mary prays in the chapel. Francis finds her there and sits nearby. He says she will survive this and he will help her how he can. He says he already sent for Charles who doesn’t know he’ll be king soon. He says they must keep his illness quiet for as soon as possible. She says she can’t think about politics but he says he already has and says he’ll protect her and France. He says he doesn’t know how much time they have left but every moment matters. He says things between them have been good.

Mary says she loves him. Francis says the small things matter. Mary says it all makes sense now and asks about the boat. She wipes away her tears and they go to sail in it. Greer walks with Martin and he tells her she’s ravishing and charming. He says he knows she’s a madam and says he likes that she’s scrappy and can keep occupied while he’s gone 10 months out of 12. He asks if she would like to have children and she says their children might be ashamed of her.

Martin says he’ll teach the kids not to be ashamed of her if she does the same for him. He kisses her. Greer is pleased. Francis is pleased that Charles is there and they embrace warmly. Bash sees the rope mark is gone from his wrist. A guard reports they went to the town where Delphine was held. He says she slipped her bonds and got away and Bash thinks she’s near. There are dead crows on the balcony. Francis and Charles do some archery and Francis asks about his brother’s party habits.
[10:41:16 PM] Rachel Rowan: Francis says he’s the Dauphin and next in line for the throne. Francis wants to walk with his brother but then has a painful spell and has to excuse himself. Narcisse hears a sound and pulls a knife. He finds Lola bathing in his chamber. She asks if he’d like to join her. He asks if she’s changed her mind about him courting her. He says he planned to seduce her before but now he cares for her. He asks if she’s trying to seduce him and he says he already wants her. He asks if Francis changed his mind.

Lola asks why it has to be formal and why they can’t try this in secret. She says he can’t be her husband but says she’s his for the night. He says not like this and says he will marry her and it won’t be a mistake because they’re right for each other. He says he’s prepared to wait until she realizes it. He leaves her sitting in the water. Martin greets Greer and she says she heard he was leaving. He whispers about their night together and she offers him a bracelet of her hair then sees he’s wearing another.

He says he decided to go with a Dutch baron’s daughter and she calls him a scoundrel. He says he’s a pirate. Mary hears the news that Catherine’s lover bled to death and then she hanged herself because she was guilt-stricken. Mary says that can’t be true and Francis says it must be a decoy and they wonder where his mother is and what she’s up to. Narcisse meets with Francis and Mary and says some French nobles when to the Vatican to tell about Mary’s affair with Conde.

Narcisse says the people were assassinated and he says the church is interested in keeping France Catholic at all costs. Mary and Francis tell Narcisse that Catherine must be with Elizabeth and plotting against them. Francis tells her she can’t let Elizabeth marry Charles and Mary says she has to deal with her cousin directly no matter the cost. Bash lies in bed when Delphine calls to him. He can’t move and she says she drugged his wine. She says she’s innocent of the murder.

She says he must stop those who are killing and tells him to stay and stop them. She slices his arm and says that’s so he knows he wasn’t dreaming. Lola and Greer watch Martin the pirate and Greer is upset he took advantage of her. Lola says the pirate also lied to the Baron’s daughter. She says he offers proposals to get high born ladies into bed since that’s what he likes. Martin stares up at her and smiles before he rides off. Greer says she’s done with him and Lola laughs.

In England, Elizabeth decides where to set up the tent to make Mary walk to meet her. Elizabeth is surprised to see no ship on the horizon and no Mary. Elizabeth realizes they left the castle unguarded and they’re coming for Catherine. Sure enough they hogtie Catherine and drag her away. Elizabeth is furious and says Mary tricked her. William reminds her that she was planning to trick Mary too and says Elizabeth’s problem is that she has no husband.

He says take a husband and have a son and her throne would be secure. She says a husband would diminish her. William says her real objection is Dudley and says she needs to rule her heart better. Elizabeth brings Dudley to her bed and says she will protect him and her with her wrath. Amy Dudley takes a man to her bed too. She says her husband is with Elizabeth and she wants him back and she wants him to help her make it happen.

Catherine is dropped off at the feet of Mary who says she’s a traitor. Francis is there too and tells his guards to take her. She says she’s a patriot and will not be treated like an animal. They put her into a cage with the tiger for the ride back. There are bars between them but it’s close. Mary startles Catherine who backs up towards the tiger that takes a swipe at her as Catherine screams in terror.