Reign Season 2 Finale Recap Coups and Kidnappings: “Burn”

Reign Season 2 Finale Recap Coups and Kidnappings: "Burn"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday May 14, season 2 finale called “Burn,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the second-season finale, Mary (Adelaide Kane) stops at nothing to ruin Condé. (Sean Teale) Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) meets with Elizabeth as a part a vengeful plot against Mary; Francis doubts Mary’s loyalty to France; and Kenna holds a secret that affects her relationship with Bash.

On the last episode, as troops were about to descend on the castle, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) had to put aside their differences to determine the extent of Condé’s (Sean Teale) betrayal. Mary also learned of a bittersweet revelation that tears her apart and made her question everything. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) decided to teach Narcisse (Craig Parker) a lesson to prove he could never cross her again and Bash (Torrance Coombs) decided to bring Delphine (guest star Alexandra Ordolis) to the castle. Caitlin Stasey, Anna Popplewell, Celina Sinden, Jonathan Keltz and Rose Williams also star. Andy Mikita directed the episode written by Adele Lim and Lisa Randolph. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) risks everything to take down Condé (Sean Teale), even as Francis (Toby Regbo) believes she is turning against France. Catherine (Megan Follows) makes a bold move and meets with Queen Elizabeth (guest star Rachel Skarsten) in a stunning plot to seek revenge on Mary. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) has a secret that will seal the fate of her relationship with Bash (Torrance Coombs).”

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#Reign begins in the military camp outside the gates. Conde tells Mary he can’t deny his men their whores since they may all be dead tomorrow. She says they all may be but he says he’ll protect her and she’ll be safe with him. He says he knows she doesn’t like that Francis will die but she says not to count him out so quickly. She says Francis has cannons and they arrived two nights ago under cover of night. She begs him to leave with him but he says her only choice is to get Francis to surrender to save those she loves. He calls one of his men and says to bring forward the siege guns.

He’s told it will delay their attack by hours. He says that’s fine then tells Mary that by tomorrow night either he or Francis will be dead. Catherine tells Francis that Mary went to Conde and asks how he can be surprised. She says Mary betrayed him yet again. She tells Francis that he’s too merciful to Mary and says it almost killed him. She says she and his brothers will be killed and it will be Mary’s fault and may as well be at her hands. Catherine says she will never forgive Mary.

A serving girl brings blankets to Delphine’s room but there is almost no light. She is startled by a crow’s call then lights more candles. She sees something and screams. Claude finds Leith and says the creature from the halls attacked a maid in Delphine’s chambers. She says people are saying it maybe Delphine who can shift into something. Leith says there is an Army outside but Claude says there’s danger in the walls as well. Many of Conde’s men are sick and a woman runs screaming that it’s a blight.

It’s a hoax. Conde comes to confront Mary about this – he thinks she may have set it up and she stabs him in the stomach. He’s shocked. Conde pulls the knife out and falls to his knees. She picks up the knife and he asks if the whores set up the imaginary plague. He says she planned this all. He asks if the cannons and baby were a lie as well. She says yes. Conde says hats off to her and says she crushed the rebellion by herself. She says she didn’t want to hurt him but had to stop him. He collapses.

Bash takes Francis to the ballustrades and shows him that Conde’s army is scrambling. He tells Francis that Mary gave him a package before she left to give it to Greer. Francis wants to attack now and Bash says his men will balk but Francis says he’ll lead the charge. They attack the scattering army. Francis is with his men as they fight. He looks for Conde and tells his men to find him. He finds the royal tent and goes inside. He sees Conde’s body and Mary. She says she doesn’t if he’ll live.

Francis asks if she had all this in mind when she left last night. She says one of them would die and she couldn’t let it be Francis. She says he’s her husband and king. She says Conde is a traitor and she loves Francis and always has. Narcisse comes to see Catherine and says the coup is over and they’re safe. He sends the other women away and Catherine says the though of dying and leaving her children alone to be hunted terrified her. He hugs her and says she’s all right and so are her children.

She asks him to keep holding her and he does. She says she doesn’t want to lose him and says it’s clear to her now that she wants them to be together. Francis comes into the throne room amid cheers as the conquering hero. Mary is there and he smiles at her. He says he was so close to losing everything then got almost all of it back. He asks how she got Conde to trust him and she says she took advantage of his feelings. Greer shows up and Mary thanks her for her part in it.

She says if not for her, they would have lost their lives and Francis his crown. She says she’ll come to thank them in person. Catherine says Conde is recovering in the dungeon and he’ll survive to have his head removed with an ax. Francis tells her that Conde is worth more in one piece. He says he will exchange Conde for an exchange from his brother Antoine to give up the Bourbon claim to the throne forever. Francis says his death would martyr Conde and roust the Protestants.

He says he’s ending this war with diplomacy, not death but she’s upset he’s not taking her advice. Francis says he sent for Lola and his son and this is done. Catherine is not pleased.

Renaude is being led out and tells Kenna he’s so sorry about this mess. He says to say whatever she has to about him to protect her future. He’s lead to the gallows and says Mary bested Elizabeth today and this will cost more lives. He says there were warning about Elizabeth’s mercenaries and says she won’t give up until Mary is dead. They hang him in front of her and the drop doesn’t kill him so the grab his legs and push up then yank again to snap his neck.

Bash hears from Claude that Delphine is a shape shifting demon. He tells Marcel to tell him what happened. He says Delphine seduced him during the siege, made him lie on a bloody shirt and did some spell. He says gibberish came out of his mouth. Bash says he’ll investigate but tells them to shut up about it since they have enough. Kenna comes to see Bash and tells him she misses him and says when she saw him with Delphine she panicked and went to Renaude.

She says she saved his life during the siege not Renaude’s and says he doesn’t seem happy with Delphine. She reminds him they are still husband and wife and kisses him. He kisses back and they start undressing each other. They fall into bed and make love. Mary goes to talk to Conde who says he’ll sign away his claim and says he never wanted to be king but says Elizabeth saved him from Francis. He says he came to believe France would be better under his rule and he wanted Mary.

Conde says he still wants her after she put a knife in him. He says she saved Francis over him because she loves him more. He says he’s sorry. Francis is handed the royal blanket he gave Lola for John and it’s bloody. He goes to the dungeon and tells Mary that Conde had them kidnapped but Conde says no. He says Conde killed his son and Conde is shocked. Francis says John was killed when the kidnapping was botched and shouts that he murdered his son. Mary says that can’t be right.

Francis rants and says one of Conde’s men confessed but Conde confesses he didn’t do it. Conde says he would never harm Lola or his son and Francis tells him to shut up. Francis says his son is dead because of Conde and says he will find Lola and Conde will lose his head in the dungeon before this day is done. Conde shouts at him that he didn’t harm his son. (OMG did Catherine do this to put an end to Francis’ plans for peace? Sounds like her!)

Mary comforts Francis. He says the kidnappers took Lola and John on the way back to the castle. He says the plan was to trade them for Conde. He says John fell during the escape and his head was wounded. Mary holds him as he cries. Francis says they can’t find Lola anywhere. He says he sent them away to protect him and says he can see John’s little smiling face. Narcisse bursts in and says he cares for Lola and asks to go find her. Francis asks what he needs.

Narcisse says he thinks someone inside the castle was involved but he doesn’t want to say who to protect her life. He asks them not to tell anyone else that he’s going and Mary says to take who he needs and leaves. Bash tells Delphine about the gossip about her being a demon. He tells her the servant boy told him she performed a ritual with him. She says people are supernatural and ignorant. He says he knows what it is to be an outcast and says he’ll deal with the rumors.

He says he’s reconciled with Kenna and Delphine says with a child on the way, it’s no surprise. He says there is no child but she says Kenna has been pregnant for weeks. He goes to confront Kenna and asks if she’s pregnant with Renaude’s child. He says Delphine has the gift of sight and told him. Bash says she seduced him to believe the child was his. She says she wanted the child to be his and he says she’s pregnant with a traitor’s child and she begs him not to abandon him and to claim the child.

She says she knows the shame of being born a bastard but Bash says to stop it and says they’re finished. Narcisse finds the men who have Lola and asks one he captures who he’s working for and says he knows it’s not Conde. Narcisse finds Lola and John both alive. Someone goes to whisper to Conde in the dungeon. A servant spots blood and says the executioner and guards are dead. Mary says they have to find Conde.

He’s riding at top speed away from the castle – he was rescued! Bash goes to Mary and says the guards are after Conde. He says they found out the assassin who let him go and killed the guards was English. They wonder if Conde is headed to England or Navarre. Narcisse tells Mary he needs to speak to Francis urgently about his son. She kicks everyone out and asks what it is. She says Francis is grieving. He says Lola and John are alive. She asks if he’s sure.

She asks how and he says it was a ruse to motivate Conde’s execution. She asks if it was Catherine and he nods. He says Catherine folded too quickly to Francis. He says he has spent a lot of time with Catherine plotting to destroy Conde and says he had her followed and knows she rigged the kidnapping. Mary is furious and asks how Catherine could do this. He says she justified it as the way to get rid of Conde. She asks why he’s turning on Catherine now.

He says there’s one thing worse than being hated by Catherine – being loved by her. He says Mary can do what she wants with the information. A servant hears a terrible noise and finds Delphine with a bloody man. She runs out screaming. Mary goes to Catherine and calls her a heartless woman for putting Francis through hell and says they have proof – she says her men were caught and they have a confession. She asks why she would defy her son. She says Francis’ plan was faulty.

She is cold and says Conde had to die as soon as he became Mary’s lover. She says all this is because Mary can’t be lonely. Mary says she made mistakes but Catherine tormented her son. Catherine screams and says she did this for Francis, Mary and France. She says she did this for the good of France and Scotland. Catherine says she has helped her and that Francis doesn’t need to know and says it will destroy him. Mary asks how Catherine can justify these terrible shortcuts. Catherine says ruling requires your hands are drenched in blood.

Catherine says she’s sick of them pretending they’re better than her and says Francis killed his own father. Mary says for the rest of them, bloodshed is a gruesome last resort but Catherine goes there quickly. She tells Catherine that Francis has been notified and god save her. Delphine is held by guards and says she was trying to save the man who now lies dead in her chamber. She says she didn’t murder anyone or draw a pentagram. He says that’s the boy who said he slept with her.

Delphine begs her to save him but Bash says devil worship is against God. She begs them not to let them drown her. She’s taken out by guards. Catherine is called before Francis and he tells her not to speak. He says the one redeeming quality was her love of family and she says Lola and John were never harmed but he says they could have been killed easily. He says family is nothing more to her than a means to an end. She says he’s her life but he says she means nothing to him.

He says she’s not his mother or the queen mother and he’s stripping her of her titles, land and money. Catherine says this is all Mary’s fault and says she’ll be the death of him. Francis tells her to never come back to court and she can back to the Medicis or anywhere she wants but out of France. She is escorted out and spits in Narcisse’s face on the way out. He looks over at Lola who witnessed this. They share a moment Mary comes to stand beside Francis but he walks out of the room without her.

Mary sits with Lola, Kenna and Greer. Kenna has come up with a cover story to explain why she has to leave to have her baby and have it adopted to a couple in Sweden. She thanks Mary for making the arrangements to salvage her reputation. She says she wants to remember them as the girls they once were. She cries and says they all had such dreams. She touches their hands and hugs Lola then leaves. Mary finds Francis in her chambers and he says he wants to talk.

He says when she first asked for his forgiveness, he didn’t think he could. Mary says she can wait because she loves him. He says she has proven that and more. She says they have made brutal and difficult choices and says they can commit their hearts to each other. He says it’s not that easy and Mary admits it’s terrifying but says they can’t save each other but can love each other. She touches him and he takes her hand. He kisses her. He takes her to bed and they make love.

Kenna is preparing for her sea journey and an enthusiastic young king from near Russia rambles to her about how much he loves boats. He invites her to the coronation and she says she can’t at the moment but they could write letters and then she can come visit him in a few months. She says he’ll be a man soon and enough and he says soon. She asks if she can bring her sister’s baby when she comes to visit him and says they can get to know each other on their sea voyage.

Bash wakes to find Delphine in his bed. He says they took her away. She says she never harmed that boy but did have sex with him to bind Bash to her. She says there was something growing between them and says it worked and they are now linked. She says her spirit is in him and vice versa. She says they’re burning her. He wakes to hear the charges of witchcraft and Delphine screaming st he flames touch her. He screams and says it feels like he’s on fire.
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Delphine burns her ropes in the fire then hops down and runs away shocking the guards. Mary tells Francis she will love him for the rest of their lives. Francis talks to Nostradamus and he says he hopes she’s pregnant soon to save France. He says the herbs he gave him helped but says he’s still dying. Nostradamus confirms this.

Queen Elizabeth is announced into the throne room. Catherine is there to meet her. Elizabeth says she’s lovely when she expected sharp teeth. Elizabeth says she heard she was there for a favor and Catherine says she’s there to offer her something – the destruction of their mutual enemy – Mary Queen of Scots.