Reign Recap 5/7/15: Season 2 Episode 21 “The Siege”

Reign Recap 5/7/15: Season 2 Episode 21 "The Siege"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday May 7, season 2 episode 21 called “The Siege,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Troops reach the castle in the wake of Conde’s betrayal, leading Mary [Adelaide Kane] and Francis to unite and look past their differences. Meanwhile, Catherine [Megan Follows]  teaches Narcisse [Craig Parker] not to be disloyal again; and Bash [Torrance Coombs] invites Delphine [Alexandra Ordolis] to the castle.

On the last episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) went to extremes to halt Francis (Toby Regbo) from his quest to catch Condé (Sean Teale) at any cost. Catherine (Megan Follows), jealous of Narcisse’s (Craig Parker) relationship with Lola (Anna Popplewell), asked him to do something unforgiveable to prove himself, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) crossed a line with General Renaude (guest star Vincent Nappo) and Greer (Celina Sinden) made a choice that might end her relationship with Leith (Jonathan Keltz). Torrance Coombs and Rose Williams also star. Norma Bailey directed the episode written by Doris Egan and Daniel Sinclair. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “As troops are about to descend on the castle, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) must put aside their differences to determine the extent of Condé’s (Sean Teale) betrayal. Mary also learns of a bittersweet revelation that tears her apart and makes her question everything. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) decides to teach Narcisse (Craig Parker) a lesson to prove he can never cross her again and Bash (Torrance Coombs) decides to bring Delphine (guest star Alexandra Ordolis) to the castle. Caitlin Stasey, Anna Popplewell, Celina Sinden, Jonathan Keltz and Rose Williams also star. Andy Mikita directed the episode written by Adele Lim and Lisa Randolph.”

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On #Reign, Renaude tells Mary and Francis where they’ve been tracking Conde who’s been on the loose for weeks. Francis is sure Conde is still there and sends Renaude to search a nearby forest. Mary asks why Francis thinks Conde is a threat and says he’s not vindictive. Francis says he signed the man’s death warrant and he’s a prince of the blood so he can kill Francis and take the throne. He says they’re vulnerable with the troops in Scotland. Mary says to bring back the troops but he says it will take too long. She tells him to contact King Philip in Spain and he says he will when there’s a clear threat.

Mary says she’s so sorry and Francis says her words have no meaning anymore. He walks away from her. Kenna lurks waiting on Renaude and asks if he was going to say goodbye. He says he didn’t want to wake her. He kisses her and she says Francis relies on him more and more every day and he could be his lead general soon. He kisses her and says he wants to have his way with her without worrying. He says he cares for her but she’s married. She says to leave it to her to take care of her change in status.

Leith is in the village when Greer spots him. She says it’s been weeks since they spoke. He says he’s in town with Claude and she says she’s sorry for what happened. She says business is booming and she’ll pay him back soon but he says he doesn’t need the money anymore. Claude sees them chatting and asks how the wedding plans are coming along. He ignores her and opens the carriage. She asks if the wedding will be in the whorehouse and says he must invite her.

She says she’s teasing and commands him to give her details. He says no and shuts the door on her. Bash meets Delphine in the forest and he commends her on her skills and says the court ladies are largely useless. She says for a long time she prayed her gift would be taken from her and he asks why. She says she saw a midwife being tortured after a baby was still born and she was accused of being a witch. She says that’s why she avoid people and he says she’s a gifted seer.

He asks if she knows about Nostradamus and says the court needs a new seer. He says she wouldn’t have to hide who she is and she would have him there. He asks her to come visit the castle and see if she’d be happy there. She steps closer and they kiss. He kisses back ardently. Renaude finds Conde but realizes he’s surrounded. He says he knows he’s alone and tells him to drop his sword. Renaude says they can live if he pledges to his forces.

Conde also has his son Bertrand who was captured by the English. Conde says he hates to use a man’s son as a bargaining chip but Elizabeth insisted. He says Renaude can be the general to all of France’s armies once Conde takes the throne. Renaude kneels and asks when they start. Conde says it already has. Conde sets one of Francis’ men and tells him to deliver a message – he says to tell Francis that Prince Conde is coming.

Bash brings Delphine to the castle and she asks to see his bedchamber. Kenna approaches and mistakes her for a woodsman. Delphine tells her she’s exquisite and has a radiant energy. Bash steps aside with Kenna and she says she’s happy for him and says she’s found a new man in Renaude. He asks why he should care and she says she wants an annulment. He asks if she’s sure about Renaude and he says he’ll talk to Francis. He wishes her luck and she returns the sentiment.

He tells Delphine he hopes that wasn’t uncomfortable. Delphine said she had a vision of them with their children and Bash is stunned that Delphine knows they’re destined to be together. Bash is called to see Francis who gets a report that the city of Toulouse was taken – that’s where their weapons are produced. Francis tells Mary that Conde will take his crown now. He asks why Conde would announce that he’s coming. Francis tells Bash to call Renaude and his troops back and send word to Philip.

He says they have an uprising to crush. Catherine takes Narcisse out on an hour long carriage ride. She says she brought him there to give him a present. A magnificent white horse is brought out – it’s Arion, the finest Andalusian in France that he once owned. He says he loved riding the horse and thought he was lost forever. He asks Catherine how and she says her reach is far and says it’s a gesture of her appreciation for his faithfulness. He says she doesn’t need to gift him and says he’s proven himself.

A man rides up and tells Catherine her safety may be at risk and she must come back to the castle at once. Catherine rants she should have poisoned Conde when she had the chance. Francis fills them in and Bash says the royals will be evacuated until the coup is put down. Claude tells Mary this is all her fault. Lola and the baby have to leave as well. Francis gives Lola a token for their son and says if anything should happen to tell their son that he loved him.

Catherine says she’s staying with Francis until this is over. She says the other children are abroad. Mary wants to stay as well but Francis says he can’t fail to protect her again. She agrees to do as he asks and plans to leave in the morning. Mary’s carriage is stopped by Renaude who tells her that Conde’s men are everywhere and says his men will guide her to a safe route. She agrees. They ride on and one of his men says he’ll send word to Conde that they captured the Queen.

Mary gets out of her carriage when the horses are resting. She asks if they’re sure it’s a safe route. She questions a man about where Conde is located and says this sounds inaccurate. The soldier doesn’t have answers she likes. They pull their swords on Mary’s guards and says Conde has offered her safe passage and says to tell her guards to disarm. They start fighting and Mary hops a horse and rides off while they’re distracted.

Bash cuts his hand and Delphine asks if she can help. She says she saw his face when she told him of their future and says destiny can feel like a yoke. She says it’s a likely path not the only path. He thanks her for explaining and he kisses her. He says it’s nice to think they have any path considering what’s going on now. He has to leave. She touches the cloth soaked in his blood. Lola prepares to leave with John when Narcisse comes to say goodbye.

She asks if he’s fleeing but he says he’s staying with Catherine. She asks if she should expect more drawings once Catherine finds out that he visited. She says she can’t decide what’s worse – that Catherine told him to humiliate her or that he agreed. She says he doesn’t have to be Mary’s lapdog. He says he hopes she knows he would have cherished her if he had the chance and not the man who betrayed her. He kisses her. One of the maids sees. She kisses back then he goes.

Mary arrives back at the castle and calls for Francis. She says Renaude has changed sides and serves Conde and says he tried to take her hostage. She says Renaude is close to court and can kill him. Francis says Toulouse was a ploy and Mary says they need to keep Renaude away but it’s too late. He and his troops arrive in the courtyard. Bash and his men approach Renaude. Francis is there and Bash lowers the portcullis cutting Renaude off from his men.

They attack the ones that are inside the walls. Francis pulls a sword and also fights. Renaude’s archers attack from outside. Francis calls for his archers as Renaude’s men attack the walls with grappling hooks. Claude is with Leith when the walls are breached. He tells her to run and pulls his sword. One man makes it atop the walls and Francis cuts his hands off. The archers shoot any that pop over the wall. Leith says he has to hide Claude and she says they can go into the secret passages.

She slips behind a tapestry. It’s down to bash versus Renaude. Kenna and Mary watch with interest as they duel. A man sneaks up behind Bash and Kenna calls out a warning. This allows him to strike and kill. He takes Renaude down and the General’s men call to fall back since their leader was taken. Renaude sits in the dungeon and Kenna comes to see him. He says Elizabeth had his son and turning against the crown was his only chance to save his son.

He tells her he really cares for her and Elizabeth took it from them. He says he’d like to take something from her. He says he can serve his king with his last hours on earth. Kenna finds Mary and tells her that Conde has French Protestant lords and their men on his side and says Renaude told her. They look outside the castle and see men amassing there.

Bash tells Francis that there are nearly a thousand men out there. Bash says King Philip’s troops are still days away. Conde sends a message to meet one on one with Francis. Claude hears a noise and it’s Leith. He tells her she’s safe and he needs to escort her to the ballroom. She tells him she’s sorry for being so difficult and says he saved her life today. He tells her that he’s not marrying Greer and says she told him she’d rather be a madam.

Claude says she understands Greer’s independent streak but says if she could have Leith keeping her safe every day she’d like that. Claude sees someone in the shadows and screams. Leith sends her away and goes to investigate. Narcisse comes to see Catherine and asks why she’s not with the other women in the ballroom. She says she prefers to go out with a fine meal in her belly. He takes a bite of the steak and says he needs to help prepare for the battle.

Catherine says Bash can handle it. He eats more meat and says he can help lead. Catherine asks if he misses his precious Lola. He says he thought they put that jealousy to bed and says she’s been watching him and saw him outside a brothel with Lola and says he was seen today embracing her near her grandson. He says he was saying goodbye. Catherine says he had to steal a kiss from that child. She asks if he lost his appetite.

Catherine says she worked hard to prepare him a special dinner. She says she hopes it wasn’t too gamey and says horse meat is hard to prepare on short notice. He asks if she killed Arion. He gags up his meat. Catherine says she loved him and is his equal and won’t lose him to someone less than her. They argue and she says she won’t bow to a lover and had to do it for a king. She says he’s not a king. Narcisse says he can’t accept this behavior from her. She says loving her means loyalty and sacrifice.

She says she gave him her heart and says if she feels mistreated her response will be much worse than a gristly piece of meat. She walks off and Narcisse is horrified. Catherine says she will pray for his safety in the coming conflict. Claude tells Leith she saw a demon and he says he searched and found nothing. He pulls her away. Francis heads out to meet with Conde. They ride out alone to meet each other. Mary and Catherine watch from the balustrade.

Mary tells her she wishes they could end this without bloodshed and Catherine asks which blood she’s more concerned about. Conde tells Francis to surrender and save lives. Francis says Elizabeth will demand Mary’s head. He says if Mary married him and converts, she can be safe and an ally to England. Francis says he won’t give up his kingdom and wife and tells Conde that Elizabeth is fickle. He tells Conde that he won’t end his reign without a fight.

Francis says he can’t entrust Mary’s life to Conde. He says he intercepted the message to Spain and tosses a head at Francis’ feet. He says there is no help coming and tells Francis to surrender or they attack at dawn. Delphine has a servant in her chambers and has Bash’s bloody shirt with her. She says she’s doing a binding ritual and asks him to lie down. He does and she presses the bloody shirt to him. He speaks Pagan and she says he’s not himself anymore. He looks like Bash.

She rides him while she watches in the mirror. Francis tells Mary he can’t trust Conde and says he wants a future with Mary after Francis is dead. He says he thinks he can save her but Francis says Conde won’t be able to save her from Elizabeth and says tomorrow, without a miracle, they’ll both be dead. Mary tells him that it’s not the end she dreamed for them. Using the passageway, Mary sneaks out and rides away from the castle. She comes to see Conde.

He sends his men away. She says she heard that he wants to make her his wife and she says that’s what she wants too. She says she can’t be with Francis and says if Francis wins, her fate and death are sealed. He says Francis wouldn’t do that to her. She says there is evidence of her affair that Francis can’t hide. She tells him she hasn’t slept with Francis in months and says she’s pregnant with his child. She begs him to save her. He’s shocked. She cries so convincingly…