Reign Recap – Three Broken Hearts, Betrayal and Lust: Season 2 Episode 20 “Fugitive”

Reign Recap - Three Broken Hearts, Betrayal and Lust: Season 2 Episode 20 "Fugitive"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday April 30, season 2 episode 20 called “Fugitive,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Catherine [Megan Follows] grows jealous of Narcisse’s [Craig Parker] bond with Lola, so she requests a demonstration of his loyalty. Meanwhile, Mary [Adelaide Kane] takes drastic measures to stop Francis from capturing Condé; [Sean Teale]  and Greer makes a decision that jeopardizes her relationship with Leith.

On the last episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane), with the threat of England looming, aligned herself with France and thus, the ailing Francis (Toby Regbo). Condé (Sean Teale) made a bold move that would tie him to England. With all of the turmoil, Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) worked to win favor in court. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) got closer to General Renaude (guest star Vincent Nappo) as Bash (Torrance Coombs) became increasingly distant. Rose Williams, Jonathan Keltz, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also star. Deborah Chow directed the episode written by Nancy Won and Robert Doty. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) goes to extremes to halt Francis (Toby Regbo) from his quest to catch Condé (Sean Teale) at any cost. Catherine (Megan Follows), jealous of Narcisse’s (Craig Parker) relationship with Lola (Anna Popplewell), asks him to do something unforgiveable to prove himself, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) crosses a line with General Renaude (guest star Vincent Nappo) and Greer (Celina Sinden) makes a choice that might end her relationship with Leith (Jonathan Keltz). Torrance Coombs and Rose Williams also star. Norma Bailey directed the episode written by Doris Egan and Daniel Sinclair”

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#Reign starts with Kenna having a hot dream about Renaude. He asks her to tell him what she wants. She wakes alone in bed and looks at the empty space beside her. The manhunt is on for Louis. He’s on foot evading capture. Renaude promises Francis he’ll find him and wonders who set the fire to destroy the evidence of his marriage to Elizabeth. Renaude leaves and Mary tells Francis that Louis is just looking to survive and says he’s not personally ambitious.

She asks Francis if he will just banish Louis instead of killing him and says it’s her fault. Francis says Louis knowingly wed their worst enemy and says that’s treason which is punishable by death. She begs Francis. Kenna is in the courtyard when Renaude runs into her. She acts awkward and he says it’s his duty to be ambitious to raise his station in life to offer more to those he loves. She likes his talk of ambition. Leith shows up to guard Claude who says she wants to go to the hat makers.

Leith picks up the hatbox and says it’s the heaviest hat in France and he spots booze in it. He says her mom warned him that her lover Lyon is in town. Leith says her mother doesn’t approve of the man and he teases Claude. She says Lyon escaped an arranged marriage to come for hm. She says she’ll be discreet and no one will know that Leith took her there. He says he won’t risk getting on Catherine’s bad side whether Claude likes it or not.

Greer is told a high born woman is there looking for her rogue nephew. It’s Mary! Greer hugs her warmly. Catherine and Narcisse are fooling around and she says she can’t stop thinking about the threat Louis poses. Narcisse says Renaude will find him and Catherine worries Mary will interfere. She asks Narcisse to talk to Lola to get information. He asks why he would have influence over Lola and Catherine says she knows he speaks to her. He says it’s a flirtation. He says he turned Lola down.

Catherine says that’s strange and says since he’s known for his conquests, it’s odd he turned down a drunk Lola. She tells him to do something unforgivable to prove himself to her. Mary asks Greer if she will let her know if she hears any gossip about Louis. Greer says that means her girls are working for the Queen of France. Mary says she has a retainer for her and hands over a bag of gold. Leith goes to see the Cardinal about the annulment. He tells him annulments aren’t cheap.

Leith says he brought him money but the man says he has many hands to grease. He says just a few years and he’ll have what he wants. Leith asks must it take so long and the Cardinal asks for a jeweled scabbard that is hidden in the map room. He wants Leith to take it to a man who will give him money for it. Lola and Kenna walk around and notice men are checking them both out. Kenna tells her she had a dream about Renaude. Kenna says Bash thinks they’ll get an easy annulment.

Lola tells her to be careful about the choices she makes and says all her other relationships were chosen for her. She says Henry claimed her and she was forced to marry Bash. Lola has had enough and marches over to confront a staring man. He has a paper and tells her that her servant should draw her a relaxing bath. Mary is brought a message that was left at the gate for her. Francis shows up as she opens it. He says he thought about her request for clemency for Louis.

Francis says Louis may be running to Elizabeth now and says he can’t allow someone with a claim to the French throne to marry their enemy. He says it’s a matter of national security. Mary tells him she understands and Francis says she’s sorry. He asks what’s in her hand and she says it’s just an invitation. She opens it – it’s a note that says – meet me. Mary goes to the forest to meet Louis and she asks what he’s done. He says he didn’t do it to harm him. He says he’s not married.

Louis says every shred of proof is gone and the envoy abandoned him. He says it’s over and they’ll kill him. He says he just wants her forgiveness before he dies and says his heart is still her. She tells him to go to Navarre but he says Francis won’t let him get away. She thinks and says a tanner is taking a wagon load of skins out of the country. She says she can create documents of safe passage. She says Renaude is his greatest risk. She tells him where she’ll leave the papers.

She wishes him a safe life and kisses his cheek. She tells him to go and live. He walks away. Claude offers to pay Leith to take her to meet Lyon. Leith says he has other things to do and he has to get her mother’s carriage ready. He goes into the map room and sees the scabbard. Claude sees him taking it and he lies and says he was taking it to be cleaned. She says it’s her duty to turn him in for stealing. She says he may just lose a hand but more likely he’ll be cleaned.

She says they can reach an understanding. She says he can escort her to town to see who she likes and cover for her with her mother. She takes the scabbard from him and puts it back in its place. Lola goes to confront Narcisse about the sketch of her in the bath that he’s distributing. She’s furious and asks if he thought she’d forget. He says maybe she bathes in front of many men then says he made the sketch. He says he made a wager with Lord Travers that involved her picture.

He says her beauty is sublime but he lost the bet over whose paramour was more attractive. She says all the men at court think she bedded him. She reminds him he told her to protect her reputation. He says he says many things and her mistake was trusting him. He says he has no morals and she says there’s another side to him. Narcisse says just because they shared a few moments, she thinks there’s more to him. Lola says she sees quite clearly now and stalks out. He’s hurt that he had to dot hat to her.

Louis gives his false papers to a guard. Renaude is nearby. Louis gets a pass from the guard. Renaude grabs him and says tanners always have stained hands. He’s arrested. Claude tells Leith to wait outside Lyon’s rooms. She goes inside and kisses him and he undresses her. Louis tells Catherine that Louis is captured and he has to tell Mary he’s going to execute him immediately. Catherine asys Mary will be upset no matter what. 

Francis finds Mary crying in her room. He shuts the door and tells Catherine she must already know. Claude tells Lyon she’s missed him and says they have catching up to do. She says she wants to go ice skating tomorrow. He says he’s only passing through on his way to Paris. She asks when he’ll be back and she says they can win her mother’s approval. Lyon says he’s sure she has plenty of gentlemen following her and says he’d be one of them but has to be on his way. She’s hurt.

Louis is held in a tent when some men show up and untie him. He’s dragged out. He sees his captors are all dead. Lord Akers is there and says Elizabeth sent them to look out for Louis. Renaude shows up and Louis mounts up and he, Akers and the other English ride away. Renaude’s men give chase. The English evade and head for a safe house. Akers says he told Elizabeth what happened and she sent him back. He says the murder of her proxy makes her want to secure his position.

Akers says Elizabeth wants to wed a king and says Elizabeth is ready to back Louis to take the throne of France. Claude is upset that Leith wants to leave work for the day. She pouts and asks for bread, butter and wine. He says servants can help her and says he has someplace to be. Then she asks if it’s his madam girlfriend and he says yes. Claude sulks and says he can’t meet his personal life and work demands. She orders him to end the relationship with Greer.

He asks if they all must be as miserable as her. Claude threatens him and says men lie and use the word love to get what they want. He says he wanted the scabbard to bu an annulment for Greer and says he won’t stop at anything to hold her in his arms. Leith tells Claude she has plenty of time to meet her true love. He says to be careful of her temper and says it’s easy to drive true love away. She hands him earrings to sell and says to take care of his personal problems so he doesn’t have to hear her name mentioned again. He kisses her on the head and thanks her then goes. Claude cries.

Catherine tells Narcisse she heard he’s quite the artist. He says Lola will never speak to him again and Catherine says he had to prove himself to be in her inner circle. She says she knows now she can trust him. Narcisse says that’s not what it was and says she saw her husband bed every woman he wanted. He tells her not to be the first to destroy something just because she can’t believe it’s real. He says someone can know her and still love her.

Louis is preparing to leave and tells Akers it’s madness. Akers says France is vulnerable and says the Protestants will rally around him. Akers says even most Catholics hate Catherine. He says with the might of England at his back, Louis’ dynasty – the Bourbon dynasty – can be born. He tells Louis if he still wants to run away, then good luck. Renaude tells Francis and Catherine that his men guarding her were massacred plus Louis had false French papers to help him evade them.

Renaude says Louis had extensive help. Francis wonders if Mary is still helping him. Catherine says Mary is helping him either out of affection or guilt and says Mary needs to know that she’s risking his protection forever by her actions. Kenna is pleased to see Renaude at court again. He says today was not a good one and he says the good news is, the king needs him more than he needs the king. Kenna asks him to take a walk with her and he says he has a trip to meet a potential bride.

Renaude says he has to meet the woman first because he would never wed unless he heard from the woman first that she desired him. Francis comes to confront Mary about helping Louis. He asks where Louis and she says she didn’t know he escaped. Francis says Louis’ army is loyal to the Navarres and says this is the most dangerous thing she’s ever done. He says she put Louis’ safety above the nation. She says no matter what happens, she’ll never see Louis again.

Francis says he’ll always see Louis and her like she likely does – naked and in each others arms. He walks out. Leith comes to see Greer and he says he has something for her. He dumps out a sack of gold and says it’s enough for her annulment. She says it’s unbelievable. He drops to one knee and asks her to be his wife. Greer sits and says if they get married, what would their lives be. He says a little house in town, children and says he makes a reasonable salary and says he may get a better appointment.

Greer asks what if he loses his appointment and says he lost his manor house and she was thrown out of the castle. She says they need more and he sees she wants to keep the brothel. She says the brothel is independence, income and safety in a very unsafe world. She says they could invest this money in the business since the one thing you can count on is that men want sex. Leith says she’s fearful and has never believed in them. Greer says she’s made something of herself and that took courage.

Greer reminds him that she’s lost too many things and says she wants to have something that can’t be taken away. He says she can’t be married, a mother and a madam and Greer asks him not to choose. He says she must choose between him, love and respectability and this life. She says she won’t give this up and Leith says that means giving him up. He says to say she’ll marry him or it’s over. Greer tells him she’s sorry but she can’t. He walks out disgusted and hurt.

Kenna goes to Renaude’s rooms and says she knows what she wants. She says they can be good together. He says this is sudden but she says he’s been flirting since they met. She says she can’t change her past and if he wants a demure virgin he can sign that marriage contract. He tells her agrees and says they may have a promising future. She says to see how it goes. He asks if this is a test and she tells him to impress her. He takes her in his arms, picks her up and takes her to bed.

Bash tells Mary he spoke with Francis and is sorry for what they’re going through. He says maybe now she and Francis can reconcile. Mary says it doesn’t seem likely since she tried to help Louis escape. She says Francis thinks she did it out of love but she did it out of guilt. Bash asks if she feels bad for drawing in a man who was below her rank and he found himself getting deeper and deeper because of love for her. She realizes Bash is saying she did this to him too.

Mary says this is her. Bash says he walked this road. Mary says she condemns any man who she turns to. She says her rank is poison and she can only turn to a king. He tells her he’s sorry and hugs her. He calls her brave. Akers tells Louis many Protestant lords are there and says he has no idea how many are unhappy. Mary goes to Francis and says she learned they have to put this behind them as king and queen. She says they are chained together and must make peace to survive and not go mad with grief.

She asks for his forgiveness. Francis says he can’t even consider it when Louis is out there with agents of Elizabeth. He says the tinder is ready to be sparked. The other lords there call Louis the king of France. They chant his name. He nods. Louis says all the unhappy people of France need is a face to put to their movement.