Reign Recap – The King on His Deathbed: Season 2 Episode 18 “Reversal of Fortune”

Reign Recap - The King on His Deathbed: Season 2 Episode 18 "Reversal of Fortune"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday April 16, season 2 episode 18 called “Reversal of Fortune,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary [Adelaide Kane] rises to power as Francis [Toby Regbo] remains gravely ill, and Mary realizes she can save her homeland. Meanwhile, Catherine [Megan Follows] seeks help from Narcisse in her plot to expose Mary’s infidelity; and a vengeful Bash [Torrance Coombs] sees a face he recognizes in the village.

On the last episode, when Catherine (Megan Follows) became suspicious that Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Condé (Sean Teale) were having an affair, Mary risked Catherine discovering just how deep her betrayal went. Francis (Toby Regbo) became gravely ill after he collapsed and Bash’s (Torrance Coombs) life was in jeopardy when he left to work as the King’s Deputy. Meanwhile, things became complicated for Leith (Jonathan Keltz) when he was forced to be Claude’s (Rose Williams) personal guard after professing his love for Greer (Celina Sinden). Craig Parker, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also star. Sudz Sutherland directed the episode written by Lisa Randolph. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “while Francis’ (Toby Regbo) life hangs in the balance, Mary (Adelaide Kane) becomes the temporary leader of France, which makes her realize she can use her newfound power to save Scotland. Catherine (Megan Follows), knowing about Mary’s indiscretion with Condé (Sean Teale), enlists in Narcisse (Craig Parker) to help beat Mary at her own game. Meanwhile, Bash (Torrance Coombs), having been saved by a Woman in White and determined to send his attempted murderer to death, discovers a familiar face in the village. Rose Williams, Celina Sinden, Jonathan Keltz, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also star. Anne Wheeler directed the episode written by Drew Lindo and Wendy Riss Gatsiounis.”

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#Reign begins with Francis lying ill in bed bleeding from his ears. The healer says it’s a result from the infection and she asks what if he never stops bleeding. He says if the fever doesn’t break soon, the king will die. Catherine is horrified. Louis is in bed with Mary at a little cottage and she says she has no regrets. They’re both content and she tells him she loves him. She says he risked his life and future for her and she knows that. She says soon they’ll be together in Scotland away from her husband.

He says they should head back so they can be on their way. Lola waits outside the cottage for her and says Francis fell ill last night and collapsed with fever and is unconscious. Mary tells Louis she has to go and leaves with Lola. Bash wakes in Delphine’s house and says his wound should have killed him. She says he begged for the pain to stop. He says he wants to know what the cost will be for this healing and she says there is no way to know. He says he has to go find the man who tried to kill him.

Delphine says the man has already been caught and says a witness confirmed his guilt and the man will be hanged. Mary comes to see Francis and asks Catherine if he can hear them. She says no. Catherine says the healer needs to know how Francis was before he collapsed. Catherine says Mary doesn’t know because she’s not a good wife and says she knows about she and Louis. She says Francis lied for her and Mary says she and Francis have an agreement.

Catherine says she and Francis learned of her plan to run off to Scotland and Francis collapsed when he heard of her betrayal. She says Nostradamus always said Mary would be the death of him and Catherine storms out. Mary goes to Francis and tells him she’s sorry for the pain they’ve caused each other and wants him to live. She pleads with him to survive. Leith wakes to find Greer packing. She says she rented a townhouse not too far away. She says her business is growing.

He realizes she’s opening a brothel. She says she’s bringing in rich merchants for a party. He asks if she would leave all this behind if she could get an annulment. She says it’s not possible. Leith says he has a powerful friend that can help if he does a few tasks. She’s worried and says she wants him and loves him but doesn’t need him to do this for her. Catherine pulls Mary aside and says rumors are spreading of Francis’ health. They worry that others will come seeking power.

Mary says she can talk to the advisors and tells Catherine to go be with Francis. Kenna runs up to Mary with a hug and asks what she can do. She says to find Bash so he can say goodbye to his brother just in case it’s Francis’ final hours. Mary comes to see the advisors and says the king is out hunting and she’ll be handling matters until his return. Narcisse is there among them and approaches her. He says it was a fine performance. He says if Francis dies, Louis could marry her and be king of Scotland.

He says he’s sure that’s the furthest thing from her mind or Conde’s and walks off. Mary goes to the chapel to meet Louis and wonders if her betrayal has done this to Francis. Louis says sadness doesn’t make men bleed. Admiral Sinet comes in and says he has urgent news about Scotland. He says the Protestant rebels are mobilizing to take on Mary’s supporters and says slaughter has already slaughtered. He says at least 1,000 are among it. James sent a message but it doesn’t look good.

He says James needs some strength to deter their enemies. She says she’ll bring this to the king’s attention when he returns. She asks Louis what she should do. He says maybe they should leave now but she says they’d be sailing into civil war. Louis tells her with Francis as he is, she’s the king and can order troops to Scotland. Leith comes to see Catherine and says he needs time off from Claude but she says he can take Claude along on his errand or he can’t go at all.

Leith promises to keep Claude outside the castle walls and occupied. Kenna goes looking for Bash when her carriage driver keels over from some sort of heart attack. She leans out to check on him and is thrown into the snow. The carriage runs off wild without her and the driver’s body falls overboard. Mary talks to Louis and Lola about the available troops. Lola says she has to send support to Scotland. She says they may not have a country to go back to.

Louis says if Francis dies, she’ll lose her chance to send help. Catherine comes and asks to speak to her alone. Catherine says she knows what’s happening in Scotland. She says she can’t steal her son’s army and Mary says she’s trying to save her country. Catherine says her country is all but lost and she cant’ drag France down with her. Catherine says she will do what she must to stop her. Bash shows up as the man is about to be hung.

They ask Bash if that’s the man who tried to kill him. He confirms and they hang him. Then they bring out the witch to also hang. It’s Clarissa. She tells them she’s not a witch and begs Bash to help her. Bash asks what proof they have and they tell him to look at her face. He says she stole from the family she served but she says she was a prisoner. Bash shuts it down and says he’s taking her to face the king’s justice. Clarissa says Catherine will kill her if he takes her back to court.

She tells him he doesn’t know what it was like hidden from her own family and her own mother. She says she regrets taking the boys and won’t hurt anyone else. He says she must come with him now. Louis spars with a partner when Mary shows up. He says he wants to be ready to fight when they get to Scotland. He says to keep love, guilt, him and Francis out of this decision. She says she doesn’t want to weaken France. She says Catherine’s worry is right and wonders what other measures could be taken.

Louis says he knows about a private army run by Renault who serves Narcisse and may still. He says she’ll have to go through Narcisse. Claude asks Leith why they’re circling the village. She asks if her mother asked to keep her out of the castle. She asks if her mother is bedding Narcisse. He tells her to stay in the carriage while he runs an errand. She doesn’t stay put, of course. She asks the driver if he knows the time and asks for the last place he’d take a princess.

Leith finds a man and says he’s there to collect for the cardinal. The man begs and Leith says he owes the money and nothing can be done about it. Leith comes back and asks where Claude went. Bash takes Clarissa to Delphine and he says he had to save her and says her fate is connected to Francis in a prophecy. He says he has to go check on Francis. He asks if Clarissa can stay with her and she agrees. Mary prays when Narcisse finds her and she says he knows what’s happening and she needs an army.

He says his armies and land were taken by Francis. She says she knows he has a secret army and that’s treachery that Francis will hear about when he wakes. Narcisse says if he wakes. Mary says he will deliver Renault and tell them to answer to her because today she is king and will punish those who defy her. She tells him to remember her son and to not test her power or tempt her fury. Narcisse looks startled.

Kenna runs through the woods and sees a man making trouble and finds a horse tethered. She unties it and leads it off but is nabbed when she tries to climb on it. She says she’s on a mission to find the king’s brother. She says to just let her go and asks him not to pass her off like those common whores. He says those are his soldier’s wives and she apologizes. He asks who she is and he says he runs a private army and he’s been summoned to the castle and offers her safe escort.

She says she has to find the king’s brother but he says he can’t leave her. Bash and Mary sit by Francis’ bed and she tells him that the fever may take him and he asks when this happened and if it was in the last day. She asks if that means something but he says he was just curious. He says to keep praying and they have to try everything. Claude goes to the party at Greer’s townhouse and Greer tells Leith to get her out of her party before she runs off her best customers.

Claude hops onto the table to dance and lifts her skirts and twirls. He tries to grab her down and says she has no business in a house of ill repute. Claude is shocked that the hookers know him. Catherine says Francis may die any hour now and Narcisse says she has his loyalty and protection. He says Mary has ordered that he deliver a private army to her. Narcisse says if Francis dies, others will move against her as Regent. He says when a crown changes heads, power shifts.

He says she and her sons will need protection and the army should be for her, not Mary. She asks why he cares and he says he did. She says if he denies Mary the army, the Queen will destroy him. He says they may only need a few hours. He says if Francis survives, it will put a stop to it and if he dies, Mary will lose her power. Mary sits by the fire with Renault when a messenger arrives. He tells Kenna that Bash returned safely and he asks the messenger to escort Kenna home.

Renault is shocked that she’s married and says to enjoy her reunion with her husband. He says he’s no longer headed that way. Bash pours Clarissa a glass of wine at Dephine’s and she collapses. Delphine asks what he did. Mary apologizes to Kenna for sending her out for Bash. Louis brings a message from Renault saying that he’s further away. Mary says Narcisse has done this and says to bring him to the dungeon. Bash says Francis is on death’s door and says that there’s a prophecy.

Clarissa dies in his arms and Delphine says he saved her from much suffering in the future. Mary goes to Francis’ bedside and says she’s sending French forces to Scotland. She says it’s the only way and wishes he could hear her. She says she wants him to forgive her this choice. She takes his hand and says she’s glad she can be close to him again and hear the sound of his breath. She cries and he stirs. He sighs and Mary calls out for Catherine.

Mary tells Lola that Francis is awake and speaking. She asks Mary about Scotland and Catherine comes upon them and says Francis will decide about troop movement. Catherine says she’s told Francis all about Mary’s plans. She goes to see him and he says the doctor said he’ll be on his feet soon. Francis says he’s made a decision and it’s final. He says he’s sending 2,000 troops to sail immediately and Catherine is shocked. Francis says their enemies should observe this display of power.

He tells Catherine to leave them. Mary says she’s grateful and asks why and Francis asks does she mean why when she was planning on abandoning him and France. He says his country made hers a promise and they’re allies and are stronger when they honor their promises. He says he will use his second chance in life more wisely so he has no regrets. She asks if he regrets marrying her. He says she should leave. She asks if he means this room or France. He says it’s her choice.

Francis says not to expect a fond farewell or his trust ever again. She walks out. Claude rants to Leith about taking the long way back to the castle. Kenna says Claude must be relieved to hear that Francis is all better now then realizes she didn’t know. Claude asks when he fell ill and Kenna freaks and runs off. Claude asks Leith if he kept her away from the castle so she didn’t make a family crisis worse. She asks why they treat her like a problem and he says she should know.

Claude says she could change and says he’s a promising fellow and could be with him but he says the madam is his woman and Claude says she always choose poorly. Bash comes to check on Francis and is pleased to see he’s well. Catherine says it was a miracle and that his condition reversed itself in the middle of the night. Bash agrees that it was a miracle. Mary comes to find Louis and he says the shops have set sail for Scotland. He asks if they’re leaving but she says she can’t.

Louis asks if she can leave once he’s better but Mary says she can’t leave at all. He asks if Francis made this a condition and she says no. He asks why she’s doing this and says he loves her. Mary says she’s not her own person in this and says she’s responsible to two countries. He reminds her he’s a prince in his own right and knows this. Mary says her feelings for him are so strong she can’t see past them sometimes. She says an affair there is all she can offer along with her heart. He’s not satisfied.

Mary comes back to check on Francis and sets at his bedside. Louis throws a table and destroys his room and breaks a window.