Reign Recap 11/20/15: Season 3 Episode 6 “Fight or Flight”

Reign Recap 11/20/15: Season 3 Episode 6 "Fight or Flight"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday November 20, season 3 episode 6 called “Fight or Flight,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) must assist Catherine (Megan Follows) in her quest to become regent, even though the cost is high for Mary.

On the last episode Mary envisioned her future in France by Francis’ side as his condition improved, prompting her to contemplate signing away her claim to the throne of England. Meanwhile, Nostradamus returned with more news of Francis’ fate. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary must assist Catherine in her quest to become regent, even though the cost is high for Mary. Meanwhile, Claude sets out to help Leith marry; and Elizabeth has trouble facing the fact that she may lose Dudley.”

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#Reign begins with horses racing to the castle. Charles and Bash were out riding and it’s three weeks since the death of Francis. Lord Grenier approaches them and asks how the ride was. He offers to take Charles for a ride tomorrow and Bash says no government business until after his coronation. Grenier gifts Charles a new dog that’s a fine hunter. Bash asks Grenier about the regency and he tells him it’s none of his business as the deputy.

Greer has Francis’ things but Mary doesn’t know what to do with them so Greer says store them but Mary pulls out one jacket he wore at their wedding. Greer tells Mary she’s not fine and she’s being moved to a lesser room as if she’s not still a Queen. Mary says she is still a queen but not the queen of France. Bash comes in and tells Mary he thinks they have a problem with Catherine. Bash says something is wrong with her. Mary goes to see her.

Catherine is glum and Mary tries to get her to function. Mary tells Catherine that Francis had a future planned for her and Bash says the privvy council is meeting without her and she needs to be present at these meetings. Bash says Grenier is bribing Charles and building favor. Catherine asks why Mary cares when Catherine would pull the French troops from Scotland. Mary says she’s there fighting for Catherine’s future because she promised Francis she would fight to make her regent.

Mary says Catherine can’t lose and they have to work on this. Mary says Catherine needs to claim this for her sons. Elizabeth rants at Nicholas about Mary burning the accord that would have given up her claim to the throne. Elizabeth says with Mary a widow, she’s more of a risk. Elizabeth complains that Mary can bewitch men and a strategic marriage could benefit her greatly. Elizabeth says she’s calling the council to march troops into Mary’s birth place Linlithgow. Nicholas is shocked.

Elizabeth asks if Lord Dudley is back at court but she’s told that he’s at his family home and ignoring the summons. The page says Lord Robert is at the coast and only his wife is at home. Mary invites Amy to be Keeper of the Swans and she tells the queen that swans are awful. She asks Amy how she got Robert to come back to her and asks how she convinced him to leave court. She says she knows she can’t turn down the position Elizabeth is offering and the queen says – welcome home.

Catherine shows up at the meeting side by side with Mary. She tells them her son should be represented there and Grenier says this is an informal meeting and Mary asks why gather at all. Catherine and Mary leave later and Mary says Grenier seems too confident for a vote that’s weeks ago. Catherine says he sold a vineyard and may be bribing the council. She says the nobles have the upper hand and Francis should not have made Mary promise to help her. Mary pledges to fight the nobles on Catherine’s behalf.

Lola lies in bed with Narcisse and says he wishes he was with her at the funeral. She says she didn’t want to throw their happy marriage in Catherine’s face. He says he’s close to having enough land to have his seat on the council. Narcisse asks her if she has any fantasies. She says no then asks him the same and he says of course and says they should broaden their horizons. She says being married is excitement enough. He wants her to be the aggressor and she says that would make her feel like a working girl.

He says he works so hard dealing with nobles all day and he’s exhausted and he wants to know that she wants him as much as he wants her. She says what he’s asking is outside of her comfort zone. Mary gets the word that Elizabeth took Lithlingow. Greer asks what she will do and Mary says she can’t do anything. Greer tells her to go back to Scotland. Mary says she can’t and Greer encourages her to see a suitor to get funding to fight the battle back home.

Mary says she’s not ready to marry. Greer says she has to be. Leith comes when Claude calls and says she want to go to shrine in the village tomorrow. Her lady Alexandra is curt with him and walks out. Leith says the maid thought he had feelings for her. Claude says things are changing but he says he was a kitchen boy who lucky enough to be raised up. Claude offers to raise him up through a marriage. She says it could raise his station. She says he should reach and offers to make the introductions.

She tells him they have work to do. Mary is looking through books of accounts when Charles comes in and asks what she’s looking for. She apologizes to him and he says she needs to know something about Grenier. He says the man thinks he’s a child and is trying to buy him with gifts. He says they’re moving up the regency vote. He says it’s an emergency vote because of the Linlithgow and is running on a platform of peace. Charles says his mother is the best choice.

Charles says he needs Catherine at his side. Mary says they must stop Grenier. Mary says she’s looking at why Grenier sold his largest vineyard. They look through the records together. Dudley rants to Elizabeth about appointing his wife as Keeper of Swans and he says let them go. He says Amy knows about them and says he told her he loved the queen and she lashed out and shamed him. He says he almost killed her and had his hands at her neck.

Dudley says he can’t keep living in shame and wanting something he can’t have. He says they are over. She says he loves her and says Amy’s existence is the problem. She says they will both die miserable and alone. She kisses him. Dudley comes back to their chambers and tells Amy they must stay because the queen commands it. He says they shouldn’t discuss Elizabeth any further. Catherine sits at the harpsichord and hears moaning. She goes to look and sees servants having sex.

The woman dresses and runs off and she asks the man’s name. He says Kristoff and then he flirts with her a bit. She checks him out as he goes. Mary tells Greer that Grenier has sold five vineyards but they can’t trace where the money has gone. She asks Greer to have a woman try to get it out of her. They wonder if the Greniers may be gay and covering for each other. Amy sees a doctor who says she’s suffering from melancholia. His wife died recently and Amy seduces him.

She talks the doctor into saying she has a tumor due to excessive stress. Dudley blames himself and the doctor says they need to remove tension from his life and says she needs to see a specialist in Cornwall. Dudley says he’s on the privvy council but the doctor says he’s sure the queen will allow him to take care of his wife.

Claude coaches Leith on matters or courtliness and etiquette. He struggles with the dancing. He shows her a village dance. They are doing a cool string version of Xs and Os by Elle King.

Dudley tells Elizabeth that he must take Amy to Cornwall for treatment and says he can’t send his wife alone to die. He tells her they must be done for good now. Elizabeth says this illness could be fate and they need to wait until the illness takes her then they can be together. She says if Amy dies, he can return to her but he says that would mark his soul. The queen kisses him and cries. Dudley tells her goodbye and calls her love.

Mary tells Catherine that she found out how to bring Grenier down and says it will make Catherine feel more alive than ever. Catherine and Mary go confront Grenier about the emergency vote. He says his peers will elect him and that’s fair. Mary says he’s been selling vineyards and says they know he’s been buying mercenary armies. Mary says they know he’s been taking pay from dead soldiers and says they know he was going to trick the council into paying his secret armies.

He says Scotland needs those troops. He says they have no proof and Catherine says they do. She says it was hard to find but he will resign or be exposed as a war profiteer. Grenier tells Catherine the council despises her. Catherine calls for the guards and Grenier walks out. Mary says the will get him the votes. Catherine says the regent must bring the troops home. Catherine says if she’s regent, the troops will remain in Scotland. Mary says this could cost her the regency.

Catherine says Mary’s loyalty to Francis’s wishes has inspired her. She says she will take care of Mary the same way Mary promised Francis to take care of her mother. Mary says she will make this right even if costs her Scotland. Mary gathers the nobles and says France’s troops have protected her people but Catherine convinced her to save France further loss of life and the financial burden. Mary formally relieves France of the burden of defending Scotland. Mary signs an agreement.

Catherine is immediately surrounded by grateful nobles. They ask Charles how he would like Catherine ruling at his side and he says it’s a great comfort. Charles tells Mary that Grenier fled then asks what she will do next. Later, Mary tells Catherine she barely remembers Scotland since she’s been at home in France since she was six. She says there is nothing left but Scotland. Mary tells her to look to Don Carlos. Mary says she can’t stay and can’t wed another. Catherine says she must.

Mary tells her she loves Francis and doesn’t know what to do now. She cries and Catherine comforts her. Nicholas advises Elizabeth to do the right thing as Mary has. She says she’s not interested in this ridiculous war any more. She says she will replace him with Gideon Blackburn. He’s in the tower for being reprehensible and Elizabeth says that’s what they need to bring Mary under control. Catherine comes to Narcisse’s chambers where he’s pants-less.

Catherine says she will come after him as soon as she’s regent. He says he put a plan into play to protect himself. She grabs his junk hard when he says he’s got a seat on the council. He says he holds the casting vote and says maybe she should let go and stop threatening. He says let go or finish the job. She drops to her knees and does just that. He’s shocked and grabs the chair as he swoons. Leith and Claude talk about the girl – Juliet – then he says he knows she lied.

Claude says she wanted to spend time with him and she says they can be together. He says Charles can marry her off at any time. Claude says she’s not like Greer, she’s a princess and can follow her heart. She says Leith could break her heart too. She says to admit he wants her. He kisses her. Elizabeth comes to the tower to see Gideon who asks what she needs. She tells him he lied to her and made her care for him. He says he knows she’s in love with Dudley.

He says Bloody Mary was his queen and he had to report to her. He says the queen must always look over her shoulder for those with the power to undo her. Elizabeth says that’s why she’s there and says Mary will be looking for a husband soon and may consider Don Carlos. Gideon asks if Elizabeth is going after Mary because she’s angry that Dudley left her. Elizabeth offers to let Gideon meet his daughter Agatha if he does this. She tells him to make Mary fall in love with him.

Catherine tells her chief lady spy that she gave Narcisse the kind of pleasure he doesn’t get from Lola and has found the crack in his marriage. She says she will use him to become regent then lay waste to his happiness. Catherine then goes to the fire boy Kristoff and tells him to spark her. Lola tells Narcisse that she’s now willing to do what he wants. He says he’s tired and had a big day. He cuddles her and she asks about his day. He says it was one of unexpected surprises but won’t bore her with it.

Charles comes to see Mary and says she must seek an alliance soon. She says she’s not sure how she’ll be received in Scotland and that would give Spain the upper hand. Charles tells to court Don Carlos but stay in France and says the Valois will always protect her. He says Francis would have wanted it. She leaves her to consider. Mary packs Charles’ wedding jacket in a trunk. She calls for Bernard and asks him to find her favorite portrait and send it to Don Carlos with the message that she’s ready.