Reign Recap 11/6/15: Season 3 Episode 4 “The Price”

Reign Recap 11/6/15: Season 3 Episode 4 "The Price"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Friday November 6, season 3 episode 4 called “The Price,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) mother sends her a pressing message to inform her of Scotland’s troubles, so Mary seeks help from Francis. (Toby Regbo)

On the last episode when King Antoine (guest star Ben Aldridge) unexpectedly returned to Court, Mary (Adelaide Kane) had to help Francis (Toby Regbo) hide his weakening condition long enough to secure his family’s future. With the Throne in jeopardy and time running out, they had turn to an unlikely ally in need of redemption. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary’s mother sends her a pressing message to inform her of Scotland’s troubles, so Mary seeks help from Francis. Meanwhile, Narcisse becomes an obstacle in Catherine’s endeavor to become the regent to Charles; and pressure mounts for Elizabeth to marry.”

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#Reign begins with a man racing on horseback across a field at break neck speed. He pulls into the castle and says he has an urgent message for Mary who is out for a walk with Francis. Mary gives Francis a dose of herbs and he thanks her for the kind care. A maid approaches and Mary reads the letter from her mother. She tells the messenger to wait outside. Francis reads of trouble in Scotland and she pulls out a cypher tool.

Her mother begs for help to defend them against the English who have blocked a supply route. He says he thinks Elizabeth knows he’s sick and is testing them. In England, Elizabeth gets word that Don Carlos from Spain is there to woo her. Her counselor is not happy that she’s refuting him and says Francis is dying and Mary could wed Don Carlos. She says to bring the Spaniard and they’ll see. Catherine sneaks up on Lola who is packing to leave for her honeymoon with Narcisse.

Catherine asks if she was the pursuer or if he was. Lola says to stop the threats and mentions the rat. Catherine says she didn’t do that and Lola mentions the message in its mouth but her husband interrupts and says it’s time to go. He pulls her away with a glare at Catherine. Lola wonders why Catherine would deny the threat and Narcisse says she’s looking for regency support and he says she has a battle ahead of her. He says no more talk of her and let’s focus on the honeymoon.

Don Carlos comes to see Elizabeth and flirts heavily. He asks if she’d consider a Catholic marriage and she says it’s all one God. He says he’d like a crown and is tired of waiting for his father’s. Dudley doesn’t like what the man is saying and walks out. Elizabeth asks Don Carlos to stay at court a while. Francis and Mary meets with the war council to talk about Marie de Guise. Charles shows up and Francis is annoyed at his tardiness. Charles reminds them about the galleon warships and Francis says to send them.

Bash chats up Greer at a tavern she runs. She offers him a drink and he says he came to caution she and her girls to be on the lookout for the killer. Greer says someone is there he should talk to – Charles is with a bad influence. Bash grabs Charles and then gets a pain in his chest. He thinks someone is burning Delphine. Charles is alarmed at his pain and the flame on his chest. Robert tells Elizabeth he doesn’t like her considering marriage to the Spaniard.

He says he can’t be apart from her but she says Amy is still an obstacle. He says don’t marry Don Carlos and he says to get her people to support her to rule alone. He says show them the Elizabeth he loves. He says to take her barge out and bond with her people. She says it’s a lovely idea but Amy knows about them and it’s a problem. She says he was behind his nomination for the French ambassadorship. She says his wife was meeting with Lionel about it.

Robert vows to protect him. Elizabeth says she loves him but their affair must end. He says no and says he will never give up on them. Lola wakes alone then Narcisse comes back after arranging their meals. She asks why his feet are muddy and he says he was setting up a vineyard tour. He flirts and she asks what he’s keeping from her. He says have faith in your husband. Robert tells Amy he’s sending her home because he knows about her meeting with Lord Lionel.

He says her meddling has damaged her reputation and so she must go home. She has no choice but to say yes. Charles practices swordsmanship while Mary, Francis and Greer watch. Francis forces Charles to practice though Charles says kings don’t have to use a sword. Greer and Mary agree that Francis seems healthier. Catherine comes out and asks Francis why he sent the warships then says the English sent them and says English navy has new ships that outflanked them.

Mary says she got that knowledge plotting against them at the English court. Francis tells Catherine she needs to work on her privy council votes. Francis says if she loses the vote, he’ll put her back in the dungeon. Charles regrets sending the ships but Francis says kings make mistakes. Mary has another idea. Nicholas comes to see Mary and she’s outraged about the attack. She offers the return of two generals in exchange for the passage to be ceded

Nicholas says his orders are to wait for Francis to die and Mary to be alone and vulnerable. She leaves and Nicholas sees the cypher tool and copies it quickly into his journal before the guard comes to kick him out. Claude talks to her mother about her trying to marry her off. She says Lord Clavell’s son is a likely prospect and Catherine needs Clavell’s vote. The man complains that his mattress is lumpy and his stay has been dreadful.

Catherine says she met all his demands and asks how can she get his vote. He says she can’t and he just came to see what lengths she’d go to. He says she visited his home long ago and she dismissed his gift. He says she crushed his daughter’s foot as she rolled away. He says that deformity ruined her chances of marriage. Catherine apologizes and says she will get his daughter a husband. He says she killed herself after a suitor rejection. Catherine takes Claude and leaves since it’s impossible.

Greer sees a man come into her tavern and watches an exchange between Nicholas and the messenger who carried Mary’s letter. Greer reports back to Francis and Mary who set up the fake letter knowing Nicholas was spying. William reports to Elizabeth about the ruse and says they lost men and control of the supply route. Elizabeth is furious. William says they can turn the tide against Mary for good if she marries Don Carlos. Elizabeth says she’ll accept the proposal.

Mary happens upon Nicholas who congratulates her on her victory. Mary asks why she shouldn’t have him hanged and he says she used him and got what he wanted. He says he will more than pay when Elizabeth brings him back to court to punish him. Lola tells Narcisse she’s happy to be away from court and says she could send for John and they could go to his estate. He says their lives are at court. A woman comes angry to confront Narcisse and says he stole property from her father.

Lola glares and asks Narcisse if he did this. He can’t lie and she stomps off. Bash has another burn on his chest. This makes the shape of a cross so he knows the church must have her. Don Carlos asks Elizabeth why she’s not married yet. She says she has to be cautious when choosing the man who will rule beside her. He says the rumor is that she’s secretly a man and shares the dirty rumor that the girl child died and was replaced with a boy. He asks to see her lady parts as proof. She’s incensed.

Don Carlos says just lift up your skirt. She comes out and tells Robert what Don said. She says someone has started a rumor that she’s a man and wonders if it’s Amy’s doing. Robert goes to confront his wife. He asks if she started the rumor and she plays dumb. She says that rumor has been around for ages then asks why she would do it. Robert says because she knows and she plays dumb some more. Robert says he loves Elizabeth and always will. She says she has other lovers and he chokes her.

He stops short of killing him. She says he’s nothing to Elizabeth but she loves him and will never leave him. Robert says he wanted to be a good husband and she begs him to get away from Elizabeth and end the obsession that’s destroying him. He says he’ll stop and swears to it. She hugs him. Lola rants to Narcisse about using their honeymoon as cover to loot the locals out of their land. He says he needed their land and says Catherine is coming for them.

He says the lands will protect their family. He says those lands plus the lands John already has will get her son a seat on the privy council that he will sit at until John comes of age. He says this means Catherine will have to back off of them. Lola says he has to pay that woman fairly for the land and he agrees. She says he could have just told him. Bash goes to see the priest and wants to know what groups burn women. The priest admits to an iron cross used on witches.

He tells him what convent does it when Bash threatens him. Charles rides with Francis and says he’s surprised they defeated the English with just a letter. Francis says you have to make the best decision you can in a moment. Francis says being King is hard and Francis says it’s about a performance. Francis rides off ahead then Charles sees him list and fall from the saddle. Mary finds Francis in bed looking weak. Francis says the physicians are useless. Charles says they should get Delphine.

He says he can’t rule and says he’s not a king but Francis says he has no choice. Charles says there must be another way and walks out. Francis asks Mary to lie beside him. She says he seemed better and Francis told her the physicians told him people often rally just before they die. He says they need to enjoy his final hours. She says they should call Catherine but he says he wants peace alone with her. She lies down with him and he says he thanks God for the time they’ve had.

Lola and Narcisse are back from their honeymoon and Catherine talks to him. He says she seems cheerful and she says she knows about the rat. She says he planted it to scare Lola into marrying him. He denies it but she says they are very alike. He says falling in love made him a better man and brought out the worst in her. She says she doesn’t like being vulnerable and then mocks him for liking the hunt then says now that he bagged his prey, he won’t want her.

She says Lola will judge him. He says he loathes her and loves Lola. She says she’s more fun and he’ll miss her soon. She walks off after getting the final word. Elizabeth tells William she will never marry anyone after he comments on Don Carlos leaving. She says she will show England she can rule alone and will make the people love her and she says she will love only them. William says she needs an heir and says that’s why Mary will succeed her because she will marry again when Francis dies.

Delphine begs the nuns to stop hurting her since she came for sanctuary. They tell her the iron cross drives out Satan. Bash bursts in and takes her away. He threatens the nuns and carries her out. Charles shows up then and says he needs Delphine so she can heal Francis. Bash says this is a bad idea and says there’s a price to be paid for the healing. Charles commands Bash to obey and so Bash must bring her along as ordered.

Mary is with Francis who is in pain as he’s in his last moments of life. His breathing is shallow and he asks Mary to talk to him. She says she wanted to give him children and he asks her to tell him about their children. He calls them lovely and says he hears them playing. He calls them Anne and James. She plays along to make him happy. He says Anne takes after her and is strong and beautiful. He says she never lets James wins. She says they chase each other around the castle.

She says he plays catch with Anne and reads to James every night. He is clearly suffering. Mary cries and says to promise to try and live. She says to fight and says she’ll give him children and says to think about the life they could have. He says it’s a beautiful dream then he falls still. Blood seeps out of his ear and Mary begs him not to leave her yet. Charles comes in with Delphine and she tells Bash that he’s gone. Mary says it’s too late.

Bash says the price is someone else’s life. Charles tells them they have to try. Bash asks if he’ll pay his life. Mary says she would pay her life and begs Delphine to help. She tells them all to step away. She goes to Francis and sits at his side. She touches his chest and Bash tells Charles to be quiet. Delphine sits back and Francis gasps back to life. Mary runs to him. His color comes back and he looks healthy. She tells him he was gone and he came back to her. Delphine collapses and Bash runs to her.

He asks if the cost was her life – she looks to be dead or in bad shape. In Scotland, Marie de Guise writes a letter to Mary and says Scotland awaits her return and says the throne is safe in her hands for now but then Marie collapses. She just dropped dead out of nowhere.